I Heart Sweat Shirts For Sale!

Guess what’s in these boxes?!

Boxes filled with...Sweat shirts perhaps?

When I was raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation through the Run For The Rabbit campaign, I knew that if I wanted to be the competition’s top fundraiser, I’d either need some super rich friends and contacts, or just one really good idea.

This was the idea, though I didn't know it was good at the time.

While my friends and family were ridiculously supportive and made donations that blew my mind, it was those “I Heart Sweat” T-shirts that helped rake in a good chunk of the $20,000 I raised.

The shirts, which had the CCFA logo on the sleeve, were sold through the campaign with all of the proceeds going to the charity. The first round of shirts sold out in one night at JackRabbit Sports. It was incredible.

I get it. You guys like sweat. So do I.

Then, after a second round of ordering — this time with more colors — we offered the shirts online, and again people snapped them up like a bunch of crazies. I was shocked and thrilled, and in the end I became the second highest Run For The Rabbit fundraiser, and the seventh highest fundraiser in the country for CCFA.

This is me accepting my VIP Porta Potty pass at the Team Challenge pasta party in Las Vegas.

Now, after lots of emails and Tweets, I’m very excited to let you all know that I finally have more shirts for sale!

So bright and colorful!

Look at all the colors!

Click here to shop the I Heart Sweat online store!

(You may recognize some familiar faces on the home page. Thanks for being my sweat models, friends. Those mimosas look fantastic with your shirts.)

Before you place your order, here’s what you should know about these shirts:

  • They are Dry-Fit material, made by Brooks. Perfect for sopping up all that sexy sweat.
  • Women’s shirts run small!
  • Short-sleeved shirts are $35.
  • Long-sleeved shirts (women’s only) are $45.
  • Shipping is a flat fee of $3.95, so whether you order one shirt or 10 shirts, I’m only charging one shipping price.
  • The back of the shirts have the JackRabbit Sports logo (you know, that cute little bunny), the CCFA logo and “Team Ali” printed in small type. That CCFA logo means a portion of all shirt sales is still going to charity!
  • The shirts are only available online. They will not be for sale at any of the JackRabbit locations.
  • Orders placed by December 11 will arrive in time for Hanukkah. Orders placed by December 13 will arrive in time for Christmas.
  • The shirts are only available to be shipped within the United States. Sorry, International friends! I still love you.
  • Payment is via PayPal.
  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges, so please please please check the Brooks sizing chart if you’re not sure which size to order. (Click here, and then click on “Size & Fit Guide.”)

Thank you all so much for your continued support of my fundraising efforts. It’ll be sweet if those smart scientists and doctors out there can use this money to find a cure for Crohn’s disease while I’m still on the planet.

In other news, last night I went to a yoga class and learned that I can hold crow pose for a while but can hardly touch my toes with straight legs. And then I was planning to go to spinning this morning, but apparently slept right through that alarm. Oops.

Have a great Friday, everyone!



96 Responses

  1. Totally wished you shipped internationally the name of my blog is sweat it out so it would be perfect! If there’s anyway to ship internationally please let me know (I swear I’d buy a bunch!!!!)

  2. WOW! Sold out already?! Not that I could have had one anyway 🙁 will you ever ship internationally? Or does someone in the US want to buy some and ship internationally? puh-leaaaze!

  3. Another “I *heart* Sweat” fan that is late to the party. Bummer that it’s all sold out.
    I would be very interested in some bracelets or keychains as well.

    So happy your fundraising is kicking ass! Hit while the iron is hot, my friend!

  4. I <3 my sweat shirt!! Seriously best purchase of the Summer (omg was it really that long ago?!).
    Also, I met someone at a party last night that reads your blog (she has Crohn's and apparently her mom has been emailing you?). Anyway, I felt super cool because we hang out "in person". Internet friends for lyfe.

  5. I am SO SAD: was slammed at work yesterday & only now catching up with blogs… only to find that you posted AND sold out of the shirts! Sad trombone. 🙁

  6. Woohoo, I got one this time! So excited! The day got away from me yesterday so I didn’t get around the purchasing until this morning, and unfortunately the men’s gray was sold out, but I snagged my second choice with the blue (I get freaked out worrying about women’s cut shirts fitting, so I go with a small guys’ shirt…plus I love gray and blue!).

    The real trick will be getting my parents to mail it to me in London in a timely manner!

  7. THEY ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT?!?!? Good lord! I mean that’s great for you but sad for us haha. I ran the jingle bell jog this morning otherwise I would have gotten to see them sooner! More please?

  8. Ali pleaseeeee ship to Canada!!!! Because I LOVE SWEAT among other things like supporting your fundraising and running and getting sweaty … I would love to wear an I love sweat shirt WHILE getting sweaty 😉

  9. OMG– I read your blog faithfully every dat at work around 930 or 10.!! I was off today because my parents are down visiting me and here it is 930 pm and I check your blog and SHIRTS are onsale and SOLD OUT!!! AWESOME JOB… but sad because i wanted one. Guess, i will have to order a mens size…

  10. Ahhhhh, I can’t believe they sold out!!!! When I went to get them via the link in your blog this morning I was all ready to buy a few of them, the day got away from me and now they’re all sold out! I hope you’re ordering more! 🙂 CONGRATS!

  11. I can’t believe they are gone! I put a couple in my cart right away but I wanted to ask my husband what color he wanted…and then I sign on tonight to order and they are gone 🙁

    1. ps- have you thought of expanding the product offerings?? bracelets/wristbands? sweatpants? postcards? I see e-commerce in your future! 🙂

  12. OH MY WORD WHAT HAPPENED???? I take a few hours to decide if I want short or long sleeved, and then if I want red or aqua and then they’re GONE?????? More please? More please??? More please??

  13. I came to alert you that the short sleeved ones aren’t showing up in the shop, until I read these comments are realized that must mean you’re OUT. Holy cow! How am I always too late?!?!?! Hope you do another set sometime and hope I can get in early enough. Sucks for me, awesome for you!!!

  14. Wow! That is totally insane how fast these shirts are going! I’m glad I obsessively check your blog! I was able to get a short sleeve and long sleeve! Of course being someone who has run with Team Challenge and also has Crohn’s, I kind of wish I thought of this awesome idea! Happy to donate to a great cause!

    1. And even that sold out from the time I added it to my chart and before I could actually pay for it. Wow talk about demand. Congrats on doing a great job but I wish I saw this earlier today! I ended up ordering a Men’s small in blue. Hopefully that fits.

  15. I was pretty excited to buy one today but turns out no international shipping (I’m in Canada). Pretty pretty please say there will be international shipping next time!! You are such an inspiration to me, you rock!!

  16. Hey Ali, I’m really really bummed you can only ship these to the US 🙁
    That’s not fair to us Canadians! Is there any way you think it might happen in the future? I would really love to show my support for sweat over here too 🙂

  17. Yowza! For once I am glad my big ol’ boobies require me to order XL shirts in womens sizes, there was only XL left! Can’t wait to get it!!!

    I have a feeling you might being doing another round of ordering/selling. These shirts are awesome.

  18. I ordered a long sleeve for a Christmas gift but let us know if you get more short sleeves. I love the one I have and would love more!

  19. Yay, I got one finally! I didn’t order one when you had them available before because I was convinced I’d stay pregnant forever and never fit into women’s clothing again. Thanks so much for being awesome and selling these girl! 🙂

  20. Ali this is awesome!!! I love the picture of three of my favorite bloggers, too! I’m ordering mine ASAP…short and long sleeved. I still have my original grey one, which I love, and I always secretly hope that someone will stop me on the trails around DC and say “hey – do you read Ali’s blog?!”

  21. Holy cow, these are selling like crazy! No more mediums left in the short-sleeved shirts I wanted, so I’m asking my brother to get me a long sleeve on for Christmas asap! Haha.

    Any chance there will be more short-sleeved ones available?

      1. SO glad to know there will be more coming in 2012. I actually had (3) T-shirts in my cart, but apparently took too long deciding if I wanted to buy more because the next time I checked my cart, they were gone. Time limit exceeded, I guess & by then there were no more smalls or mediums. I still got a long-sleeved one, but I now know for the next time you sell them to not let them linger in my cart & check out fast! These sold faster than a Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus concert, girl! You obviously came up with an absolutely brilliant idea for an incredibly worthy cause! 🙂

  22. I’ve wanted one of these shirts ever since I started reading your blog — so excited I’ll finally have one! I went with carrot for something different from all the white, blue, and pink in my running gear drawer. Thanks for the heads up on sizing — I went with a large since I tend to feel uncomfortable in tight running shirts.

  23. I’d love to buy one (or two!) and support a fellow IBD-er…..but you don’t ship to Canada. Know that if I was in the US – I’d be ordering a few!

  24. Just placed my order – two for me and one for my favorite instructor at the gym (yes, I’m a dork). Thank you thank you thank you for doing another round of shirts – I can’t wait to get mine and rock them EVERYWHERE! Keep up the awesome blog/fundraising, Ali!

  25. Love the shirts! And love that they go for a good cause. My husband also has Chron’s and just recently had his second bowel resection surgery. We need to find a cure for this disease fast! Thanks for all you do to raise money for this charity. 🙂

  26. LOVE this!! I need a long sleeved pink one, like whoa. Totally buying some!!! 🙂 (maybe even for my fabulous sister, if she’s nice to me hehe)

  27. Ali, awesome cause, awesome idea, awesome shirts!!! I tried to click on the link in your blog but it doesn’t take me to the website. Can you provide the URL? Thanks! Happy Friday!!

      1. Oh Brian. Saving time is overrated when you have handwriting like yours. Plus — and this is just a guess — I’m betting that you secretly get a little exhilarated seeing all the little adorable labels all nicely printed by your own hand.

        (I completely understand. I’m the same.)

  28. Yay! I’m going to order one now – but when you say the women’s shirts run small, how small? I typically wear a small or medium depending on the manufacturer…should I go up to a large or go with a medium?

  29. Hi Ali! What portion exactly of the sales is going to charity, and are the rest of the proceeds just staying with you?

    1. Hi Kate! Good question: I’m actually going to wait to see how sales go. As long as I break even from shirt sales (which I hope will happen!), the majority of proceeds will be going to CCFA. A few thousand dollars more and I’ll be able to say I raised $30,000 for the charity, which is pretty cool.

      I can definitely update you once the site has been up for a while and I figure out the exact breakdown.

      1. Thank you! I’m on such a budget right now and would love to buy a shirt, which I can justify if it’s for charity. 🙂

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