I’m Excited About Not Feeling Sick Anymore

I’m all hopped up on running this week!

This morning I set out for six miles and they were glorious. It was raining. It was dark. It was bathroom-stop-free. That’s my fourth great run in a row!

I'm dancing! I'm dancing in the leaves!

I know this is so lame, but I can’t get over how good it feels to leave my apartment, run, and then be done. I really think I forgot that this is how it’s supposed to be. You’re not supposed to have to stop every mile to, you know, do stuff. It’s like this giant, painful, pissy weight has been lifted and I could not be happier.

Life is good.

My plan for today’s run was just to run. I wanted to get some time on my feet and I wanted to keep my pace consistently around 8:20-8:30, which I did. My legs were a little shot after last night’s Chisel class (too many squats and lunges, always too many squats and lunges), but I was so freakin’ excited to be running that I just powered through.

Looking back on this seemingly never-ending Crohn’s flare-up (or colitis, or whichever disease my doctor tells me I have on any given day), I know that I’m lucky it happened when it did. I didn’t get sick until after the marathon…

OMG LOOK! A marathon photo that you have definitely not already seen!

…and now, if I continue on this happy little road I’m on, I should feel just fine in time for the Las Vegas Half Marathon in two weeks, which is right around when I’ll be totally off the Steroids. I like that plan a lot.

I’ve got Vegas on my mind in a big way.

This is not NYC. It's Vegas. Just so that's clear.

So excuse my “OMG LIFE IS SO GREAT” mood today. And I apologize — this excitement may continue all week…and then forever after. I felt so shitty for so long, and now I feel good.

Tomorrow I’ll be home in New Hampshire with my family, and then on Thursday morning I’ll Turkey Trot my little heart out before shoving ladle-fuls of stuffing and gravy into my belly. And then I will do nothing until Sunday. I’ll probably sleep a lot. And go to aerobics with my mom. It’s going to be awesome.

Everything is awesome.

I feel drunk. Drunk on anti-Crohn’s.

Cheers to that.



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  1. Wow this post could have almost made it as a thankful things Tuesday!
    Sooo glad you’re feeling better! Pretty convenient too… between your marathon and half-marathon, but not during either. Way to feel better!

  2. Yaaay!!!! Ali feels better! I’ve never met you but I’m genuinely happy to hear this. 🙂 Congrats on your stretch of good runs and lack of bathroom breaks! Go Ali!

  3. Happy you are feeling so great!!!! You’ll do amazing at the Vegas Half. I still can’t believe you enjoy running in the cold rain. Ha. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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