Three In A Row

This morning I ran five perfect miles.

The miles weren’t particularly speedy. It was a recovery run of sorts, and I averaged a 9:20 pace.

The weather was nothing special, either. It wasn’t raining, but it wasn’t sunny, and the sky was dark from start to finish.

There was no wild energy in Central Park. In fact, there weren’t that many runners out at all. It was peaceful and quiet.

I can’t even say I went out in some cool outfit, either. I washed all my workout clothes last night, and I sometimes have a hard time dirtying them up again (I have weird issues, I know that), so I went with ratty shorts and an old shirt and, of course, some leg warmers. Nothing compared to yesterday’s Ninja-style-black-with-some-bright-pink-accessories getup.

The good outfits get saved for race days.

So if the weather was forgettable and the miles weren’t my fastest and I got completely soaked by a car speeding through a puddle on Park Avenue, then what made today’s run one of my favorites?

It was the third run in a row where I felt awesome.

Dare I go ahead and say that with the trusty help of my friend Remicade, this Crohn’s flare-up is actually, officially, really on the way out? Did I finally kick this thing?

This is me kicking leaves, but also kicking Crohn's. It's a metaphor.

It was so nice to wake up this morning feeling fine. I slept through the night and never woke up because my stomach was flipping out. My stomach was all chill and relax-y. Excellent job, stomach. I’m proud of you.

I got out of bed and was excited to run. I went to the bathroom twice, like a normal human (that’s normal, right?), and then I was out the door.

And then I ran.

I didn’t pick my route based on the proximity of open bathrooms at 6 am.

I just ran where I wanted to run. I was like, “Legs, where do you want to go today?” Because for the past nearly two months, my stomach has been calling all the shots. Every day it was, “OK, stomach, where do you want to run? You want to be near the tennis court bathrooms? Alright. Let’s head that way. Oh, stomach, today you prefer the Boathouse? You’re so picky, but OK then. Let’s hope those ones are open.”

Today I ran the lower loop of Central Park, and as I passed those Boathouse bathrooms — which were locked — I just smiled. I didn’t need them. I felt fantastic.

And when I finished running the lower loop and headed back north up Cat Hill, I passed the bathrooms again. They were still locked. And I still didn’t need them.

I spent the entire run forcing myself to remember and hang on to this feeling: how good it feels to feel good.

A happy stomach and a fresh PR. This is how life should be.

Maybe I’m speaking too soon and I shouldn’t get too excited. Maybe the Remicade is working its way through my system and then I’m just going to get sick again. I guess that’s part of having this lame-ass disease — you never really know.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy every single second I can without obsessing over my stomach. It’s been an exhausting month and a half. My body has been working hard, and I’m really hoping this flare-up is done for a while.

I’m ready to snag a few more PRs while I’m feeling healthy.

I’m ready to go to Las Vegas to celebrate Brian’s birthday, see some great friends and run a killer race down the Strip.

Hey Strip, get ready. Me and my Adrenalines are coming to pound you. That's not dirty. It just means I'm going to run on you for 13.1 miles in my Brooks shoes.

All I have thought about every single day lately is my stomach. How it’s feeling at the moment, how it’s going to feel later, how every single thing I eat will affect it…

I’m ready to not live that way for a while.

Hot Chocolate is delicious when you don't have Crohn's.

So Crohn’s, I’m not going to throw nasty words your way. We’ve played that game and I fear that will just make you angry again. Instead, I will thank you for laying low and giving me three days in a row of beautiful, pain-free running.

I have loved remembering what it feels like to go for a run and not have to stop. I loved lacing up and going out this morning and having my run take exactly as long as I had planned. I loved not having to factor in additional stopping time.

And that’s the story of today’s perfect run.

Also, here is another picture of Simon Cane, the world’s coolest baby:

His legs are long and skinny. And I got to pick out his outfit yesterday. I like that it had mountain goats on it.

Happy Due Date Day, Simon! I’m glad you came into the world early so I could hang out with you yesterday. Keep growing. You’re really good at it.

I’VE TALKED ABOUT MYSELF ENOUGH, NOW TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOU: What was the highlight of your weekend? Did you run a marathon? Or an ultramarathon? Or a Race to Deliver? Or did you eat breakfast in bed? Or did you play with Simon Cane? Or did you, too, tell your Crohn’s disease to F-off so you could PR in Las Vegas? Share with me. I’d love to know.



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  1. Cheers to awesome races on Sunday! And cheers to being steroids & flare-up free by December! Thanks for all the support, Ali. Philly was a blast-3:56 and a beautiful day!

  2. What a great post, glad to hear you are kicking Crohns, my friend also starting to feel better with hers which is awesome too! I ran a half marathon this weekend and it was my longest run in 6 months and it felt AWESOME! So glad to have found your blog!

  3. What a lovely, happy post! I’m so glad you’re kicking crohns in the ass – it should know better than to mess with you surely 😛
    I ran my 5th half marathon of the year and had the best race ever – smashed 4 minutes off my PB and ran without pain for the first time since my first marathon last month! Boom!

  4. i ran my first marathon this weekend! it was great! yesterday walking anything but super slow was a challenge, but today i’m feeling better and i’m already itching to get running again! thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great race – so glad you are feeling better. Simon Cane is the cutest baby ever.

    This weekend, I had my last long run of marathon training. I went into it not knowing if I’d make all 20 miles but it turned out much better than expected. I am excited for my 3rd marathon in a few weeks.

    On an unrelated note, I have been wearing my I <3 SWEAT shirt while training and have gotten multiple "I need one of those" comments. Will be sending them your way to purchase their own.

  6. Awesome job on the race, and I’m so happy you enjoyed your recovery run. I love your ninja outfit. Recovery runs are so nice after races; you get to relax and feel accomplished (and, if you’re like me, relive the race).

    I ran the Van Cortlandt Park XC championships this weekend. My god those hills were brutal. But on the plus side, there’s now a picture of me on the NYRR website! Craziness. And I scored a 20:51, good enough for 3rd in AG, which is pretty okay–keep telling myself I can’t compare road 5k time to XC time…

  7. The highlight of my weekend was deciding I want to run my first marathon! Columbus next October! I have said for so long “I would never run a full marathon. That’s crazy!” Well I am crazy and ready to run!

    Glad you had an awesome run this AM!

  8. “All I have thought about every single day lately is my stomach. How it’s feeling at the moment, how it’s going to feel later, how every single thing I eat will affect it…”

    I don’t have Crohn’s but I have GI flare-ups now and then and that’s my mindset too. What I also found that helps is yoga and my weekly Qi Gong classes (It’s like tai chi.). Anything that focuses on deep breathing and meditation can help so yoga, pilates, Qi Gong and tai chi will be great for you. Try it!

  9. I’m glad you are feeling better!

    This weekend I was glad to walk 2 miles with my husband and our dog. But today, I was happier when I ran .5 miles on the treadmill! It’s the first time I’ve run in 8 days after being injured. I still have some pain so I’m going to chill, no running at least, until after Thanksgiving but this gives me hope.

  10. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better!!! I am also training for the Las Vegas half with Team Challenge and I am getting very excited for the whole weekend. Although, I am also a little nervous because I had to skip my very first (and last) long run this past weekend because I can feel a flare up coming on. YUCK! I am going to stay positive though, I have heard so many good things about this race. 🙂 Are you going to be at the Team Challenge pasta party the night before?

    1. I’m not going to the pasta party, but I’ll be out there Sunday running in my Team Challenge gear! GOOD LUCK in Vegas — hopefully we’ll cross paths! And don’t be nervous about skipping your long run. It’s so much more important to take care of yourself. Flare-ups are lame. Stay positive, get rest and get ready to crush Vegas!

      1. Thank you so much for the kind words! It would be awesome to run into you. 🙂 I am starting to feel so much better, I think the 12 hours of rest the last two nights helped! Have you ever talked to your doctor about Humira? I have found that it is much easier on me than Remicade! Here’s to hoping for a day 5!

  11. i’m glad you’re feeling better! i can’t wait to hear about vegas in a few weeks 🙂
    this weekend i ran around washington dc during a long weekend away from the coldness in chicago. it was great to run with some different scenery!

  12. Yay, so glad you’re getting to feel better!!! Some of Brian’s delicious cooking has to be helping too…can he freeze and ship them to me?! Ha!

    I ran my first marathon yesterday in Tulsa, OK! It was so amazing, I still can’t believe it really happened!!! They offer a ‘Detour to the Center of the Universe’ which adds .3 miles to the route, but there’s a landmark there where you can stand in a circle and talk and hear your echo, but no one else can hear it. So I guess I ran a mini-ultra, but I’m just calling it a marathon! Already signed up for #2 in March!!!

  13. I ran 12.9 confidence-boosting miles, and I climbed a really hard (for me) rock climbing route that made me grin for three hours, and then my husband and I cleaned our whole entire apartment. It looks like some other, extremely neat people live there now, which is pretty awesome.

    Also, that little Simon Cane has the cutest dang baby face I have ever seen. More Simon Cane, please!

  14. You did awesome!! I ran Race to Deliver also and had ran my longest run ever the day before, 10 miles. I automatically PR’d because it was my 1st official race! 37:50 and my goal was to sub 40 🙂 Those hills seriously killed me.. I will definitely be running them more often to get used to it!!

  15. Hey Ali! I stumbled across your blog a few weeks back and love reading it every day!

    I’m on the Team Challenge National Team, and gearing up for Vegas as well. I had to have a major pep talk with my stomach for yesterday’s long run, well basically with every run this past month. It went along the same lines as you said, “F-Off so I can PR in Vegas!”

    Glad Remicade is kicking in for you…let’s hope Humira does the same for me!

    Go Team Challenge!

  16. I did a nine mile run with a running group and got to do the first half with a Jack Russell Terrier named Pete. He regularly does 10 mile runs with his owner! We only ran the first half together because I had to drop back my pace. He was a very happy puppy!

  17. This weekend at CrossFit I did 40 kettlebell swings with the 35 pound kettlebell. It felt awesome.
    Any more details on the return of I <3 Sweat shirts? I missed out last time and I really want one!

  18. That baby is so adorable!!! And the highlights of my weekend included: Saturday night dinner party with my parents and Boyfriend’s parents and running a great race on Sunday morning (I actually ENJOYED IT!!)

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  19. I ran my first half marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday in my berry-colored “I Heart Sweat” shirt. Every time someone in the crowd yelled “I love sweat too!” I smiled and waved. 🙂 Good shirt, good race!

  20. I ran my first half marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday in my berry-colored “I Heart Sweat” shirt. Every time someone in the crowd yelled “I love sweat too!” I smiled and waved. 🙂 Good shirt.

  21. Hey Ali! I just started reading your blog last week and am now addicted to it. I’m also a runner and former dancer living in NYC, so I identify with a lot of what you write. Congrats on your first marathon this year! I did my first recently, too, and there’s absolutely no feeling like it in the world!

    I spent the weekend running the Philly Half Marathon in perfect weather. I wasn’t feeling great and think I’d trained well enough, but I still had an awesome race and ended up PRing! We celebrated with Dim Sum and brownies, so I was a happy girl.

    I’m also running the Turkey Trot in Bow, NH with my boyfriend’s fam, so I’ll keep an eye out for you and your leg warmers!

  22. Yay for having a bunch of great runs! I hope this trend continues!!! I’ve been doing more circuit training lately for my workouts – so I did that on Saturday and a short run Sunday with some lifting. I also spent lots of money at the mall and think that late last night, I made some major progress in convincing Justin to get a dog. He was on a puppy adoption site. SCORE

  23. CHEERS to hopefully overcoming the flare up! You do kick ass, girl!
    I’m fresh off a PR in a 5K, only one week after running the half at RnR SA. I went in to this run after reading your goals on Friday thinking, I’m not out for a PR but just for a good run! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. This weekend I power walked 1/2 a mile, before the shin splints kicked in and I moved in to working on my abs. Because if I can’t run, I am going to have flat abs. Damnit!

  25. I qualified for Boston at the Philly Marathon this weekend! Everything that could have went wrong did and my pace was way slower than all of my long training runs…however, it felt even better BQ-ing despite all of my race day obstacles!

  26. I ran the Philly marathon and I PR’d- not as much as I would have liked, but hey, a PR is a PR! I also, strangely wore almost the EXACT same outfit you did. Ninja on top, pink compression socks. I will have the brightrooms to prove it shortly (I hope that’s not too single white female…). 🙂

  27. I ran 20 miles for the first time EVER! First marathon is in 47 days and despite having injuries along the way thanks to running (knees and ankles) still so excited and feeling more ready now that I’ve gotten into the 20’s. (Still terrified also but I’ll deal with that later) 🙂

  28. Hi Ali! So I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, I really love it! I’m injured so I feel as though I am living vicariously through you 🙂 I decided today is the day to comment for two reasons: 1) to tell you I’m so glad you are feeling better and wish you lots of great training runs before Las Vegas, and 2) to tell you I saw on the Rue La La NYC page that there is a deal for 16 Handles:

    I thought you would enjoy that if you haven’t seen it already, haha. Have a good day!

  29. so glad to hear you had a wonderfully fantastic weekend of running and all other fun things!

    the highlight of my weekend was running against the wind along the charles river on saturday, and following it up with some new clothes from anthropologie and date night!

  30. I didn’t do any of those things. I did however hit a killer kettlebell class with the Bloggers Playdate. And I went to the Pirate Ship park with my kids which was fun. And I didn’t hang with Simon Cane, but I did get my baby fix with my nephew Oliver and my neighbor’s baby.

  31. I ran 12.4 miles yesterday in my first trail race! Wow, it was an amazing experience. Only one fall and bruised knees and shins today to complete the bad a** effect.

  32. This weekend I ran 9 miles for the first time ever. The weather was so pretty and I ran along a new path, and at the end I was able to say that I ran 9 miles which is something that 2 months ago I never thought I would say. Awesome weekend!

  33. So glad you’re finally feeling better Ali, I can’t imagine how frustrating the past few months have been. Congrats again on your PR this weekend!

    This weekend I relished the last run-free weekend for a few months since I’m launching into Spring-PR mode! Finally recovered from my marathon and last weekend’s half, so I’m ready to run my little heart out again 🙂

  34. I got to spend a girls’ night with my two cousins! We ate way too much, played games, and laughed ourselves silly. We were together from Friday night into Saturday night, and it was ALL KINDS OF AWESOME.

  35. I went to NYC to hang out with some college frineds on Sat. I ran a raffle race on Sun. and didn’t win anything.

  36. My highlight of the weekend was doing nothing. Yes, I should have gone for a run since I’m racing a 10k on Thursday. I could have done a bunch of other things, too. But other than pick out a cute outfit to wear at home this weekend, I slept and watched tv an read many many blogs on my reader. Lame? Probably. Needed? Most definitely.

  37. I FINALLY broke the 2 hour half marathon mark this weekend! Cut it as close as you can, 1:59:59, but it was awesome! So glad your stomach is behaving!!

  38. Since I’m still sidelined I got to CHEER on lots of friends during their race. We even spotted an I <3 SWEAT shirt! We cheered I LOVE SWEAT at her and totally creeped her out. Awesome.

  39. So happy you are feeling better! Highlight of my weekend was really just relaxing on both the couch and the bed. It was lovely. I need to start running again.

  40. I RAN! After a week without running, and my knee felt a LOT better which made this girl very, very, VERY happy!

    I also got lots of niece snuggles yesterday when little Ms. Isabel was over for a visit. I love that little munchkin so much!! Being an auntie is awesome, if I haven’t told you this before 🙂

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