Thankful Things Thursday: On Getting Better, Dang It

Greetings from my cozy reclining chair at Roosevelt Hospital.

It’s Remicade Day! Finally!

I am so, so happy to be in this chair getting pumped full of drugs. I’m ready to feel better. I’m ready to get back to normal life, not life that revolves around finding bathrooms.

And with that I bring you the latest installment of Thankful Things Thursday!

I’m thankful for treatment. I’m feeling really hopeful today. I’ve been sick now for a solid month and a half, and while part of me was starting to accept that “this could just be my life now,” a bigger part of me knows that’s not going to be the case. I really wanted to be able to kick this thing by eating differently and being more aware of what I’m putting into my body, but ultimately, at this point, I don’t want to keep experimenting — I just want to get healthy. Now. So here I am today, about to get stuck with an IV and then I’ll wake up three hours later filled with anti-Crohnsy goodness.

Remicade, do your thing. Let’s kick this flare-up.

I’m thankful for the Rockettes! Last night Brian and I went to the opening night of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Radio City, you're so beautiful. Good job.

Thanks to having a job in the dance industry, this has become an annual tradition of mine, but Brian hadn’t been since he was a kid. He claims the show has “really changed.” You are correct, Brian. There were no 3D glasses required the last time you saw the show.

I would live at Radio City if I could, and I would hang out with the Christmas Spectacular camels all day. I would feed them a lot and try to make them crap onstage. Sorry, that's just what I would do. I'm being honest.

I’m always apprehensive about seeing the show so early in the season, but that’s when they offer up press tickets, so I go for it. And every year I leave Radio City singing “Let Christmas shiiiiine!” at the top of my lungs (Brian can attest to that — I wasn’t embarrassing at all last night on the way home) and feeling excited about the holiday season. Maybe it’s too soon, but whatever. It puts me in a good mood.


Plus, I love a little high kicking in my life. It brings me back to my glory days.

That's me, the crotch shot in the middle. "Crotch shot" is actually a term we use pretty frequently at work. It's not offensive. It's a real thing. Also called "over-exposure." Also called "let's not print this photo in the magazine."

I’m thankful for a great run this morning. It happened! That good run I was waiting for! I mean, it kind of happened, if we’re being totally honest. I had to make three bathroom stops. That was not impressive. It was downright frustrating, especially since none of my “standby” Central Park bathrooms were open this morning. (Thank you, nearby Starbucks, for being an excellent backup.)

However, I did run more miles than I had planned, and I ran them faster than I had hoped.

I covered eight miles (I was planning for six) and I kept the actual miles (excluding the warm-up mile and two cool-down miles) paced right around 8:10 (and I was hoping for 8:30).

Today's splits.

During mile three I had a little freakout about the bathroom I needed being closed, so I ran out of the park to a Starbucks and forgot to stop my watch while waiting for all the traffic lights to change. That annoys me, because I know that when I was running, I was cruising. I had a destination. That mile looks weird though.

At mile six I found Brian in the park and we ran together. Apparently I run faster when we’re chatting.

So despite the stomach issues, today’s run was one I needed. My pace was where I wanted it to be and it never felt particularly challenging. I felt good. I felt strong. I feel ready to kick Crohn’s to the curb so I can race the heck out of Las Vegas.

I’m thankful I live so close to Central Park. Sometimes I think I’ll want to move downtown, but then I think about the fact that from my door to Engineer’s Gate is exactly .66 miles, and from my door to the southern entrance of the Reservoir is exactly one mile. It’s glorious. I love the park.

I’m thankful for cupcakes. They may not always agree with my stomach, but hot damn they’re delicious.

These are all for me. Sorry, friends. I never learned how to share. ALI DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

I’m thankful for leg warmers. You knew this already. But lately I’ve been wearing them with everything — not just when I’m running.

Leg warmers are especially great when they have stirrups.

I wear them running with short shorts, I wear them home from the gym to stay warm and today I’m wearing them over my jeans, under my boots. It’s warm and cozy but also stylish. Right? It’s stylish, right???

I’m thankful that at this time next week, I will be home with my parents. I can’t wait to see them. I don’t know if my mom is mad I made her sign up for the Turkey Trot or if she’s excited, but I know we’re both excited about outlet shopping and eating lots of stuffing and gravy.

Wake up, Mom! It's time to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner!

I’m thankful that I figured out what that weird smell was in my apartment, and I’m really pumped I took care of it. Apparently flowers eventually die and you have to throw them out. I was convinced something else had died, like a human, and it was hiding in a cabinet somewhere in my tiny apartment. But this morning I got one whiff of the flowers I’ve been hanging on to for too long and realized they were the stink-makers. So I got sad and threw them out, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate that decision when I get home tonight and my apartment doesn’t smell like rotted plants.

I’m thankful that I have people in my life who care about me. I probably use this one every week, but it’s really true. Sometimes I think really beautiful thoughts like, “What would happen if I got killed or kidnapped while I was out running alone one morning?” And then I’m like, “Someone would notice…eventually. Probably Brian. Or my mom. Or Emily when I’m not on GChat or sending her emails at 5:50 am.”

I’m thankful the Benadryl is kicking in… The nurse gives me Benadryl when I get Remicade, and it always, without fail, knocks me out cold. I think my droopy eyes are a sign that it’s time to de-board this Thankful train and take my Remicade nap.

In other news, today is Puppy Day in the infusion suite. Shamrock is here visiting all the patients! I hope he crawls on my lap while I’m snoozing.

This is Shamrock. He is a little terrier and I love him.

WHILE I’M SLEEPING: Tell me what you’re thankful for today! When I wake up, I’m pretty sure my Crohn’s will be gone. Mwa ha ha evil laugh.



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  1. Hi! New to your blog but just wanted to tell you that I never share my cupcakes and your idea of wearing leg warmers for running is genius! I need some. Now. 🙂

    Also, I hope the treatments help with your Crohns.

  2. First, let me say what I’m jealous of: your free Rockettes tickets. As a former dancer, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never seen them. It’s embarrassing, really!

    I’m thankful for having a great week at work. I’m a teacher, and this year has been particularly stressful. But for the last two days, my kids have been “on,” we’ve all had fun, they’ve learned a lot, and I’ve felt like I’m kicking serious educational ass. Days like these keep me going during those very miserable, very stressful weeks that are sure to reappear.

  3. Oh my, holy cow, this post has me happy for so many reasons.
    1. JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD! (Friends is my favorite of all time.)
    2. I would LOVE to go see the Rockettes, and a Christmas show would be fabulous!
    3. That dance video was awesome! You guys rocked that routine. I’ve never been an actual dancer, but I wish I was. And I wish a kick line was an accepted clubbing dance move. (I’d probably knock someone out.)
    4. Great things to be thankful for. I’m thankful for a full day of volunteer work, a husband who’s soon to be on his way home from work, and cranberry apple juice. It’s yummy and the cranberries keep my healthy.
    5. Last night, my blog views broke my previous record. Woo hoo! I don’t have as many readers as you, but, I’m thankful for every one!

  4. I’m thankful that I live life to the fullest. I suffer from hypertension and kidney disease at the young age of 30! Love your inspiration! You’ll kick Crohn’s butt one day!

    Can you send this Texan some leg warmers! I can’t seem to find any in the Lonestar State! 🙂

  5. I’m thankful for my fiance! He got up and worked out this morning so after work he can cook me dinner while I go to the gym! We usually go together after work, but I am extra tired today and knew I would want to go to bed! Such a small thing but SO sweet and I am so thankful!

  6. I would have much rather been at the Rockettes with you than working last night – so sad I missed it but thank you again for the invite 🙂 Nice running!! I knew you’d have a good one.

    When I finally get my bulldog, I want him to be a visiting hospital doggy. It’s so important! I hope he’d be able to do it despite all of his germy drool.

  7. I’m thinking that in honor of Shamrock, you should run the Shamrock Marathon or Half Marathon in VA Beach in March. The day after St. Patrick’s day. Shamrock would totally want you to, in exchange for sitting on your lap to keep you company.

  8. Joey doesn’t share food! 😀

    Love your Friends references and I’m glad you’re getting better! Hopefully you had some sweet dreams of Shamrock when your were knocked out!

    Happy Thursday!

  9. I’m thankful that I get to see you in Vegas! Will you be at the VIP Cocktail reception on Friday night? I’m going with my teammate who raised $7500. 🙂 Oh yes. I found a way there even though I didn’t raise enough myself. 🙂

  10. Let’s see…

    Today I am thankful for a job that lets me wear jeans every day. I am thankful for two doggies who wag their tails when I come home. I am thankful for bubble gum. I am thankful for the Adele station on Pandora.

    Hope you feel great when you wake up!

  11. I’m thankful that it’s almost a nice long weekend for Thanksgiving, and even MORE thankful that I have a nice 7 day trip to Puerto Rico coming up first week in December with my boyfriend. Goodbye, work stress, helloooooooo rum, beach, and relaxing!

  12. I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog and I always look forward to thankful things Thursday (apparently I have no life). But seriously, hope you feel better soon and get your kicking-ass-and-taking-names mojo back.

  13. yay for fast runs and treatment all in the same day!

    im thankful for date night this weekend. im also thankful that i do not have my own babies, but that i can go play with my friends babies and then turn them back in when they start to cry or poop.

  14. Treatment–HUZZAH! Glad you’re doing well.
    I’m thankful that I’ll be with my family this time next week, too! My parents visited my college in early October, which feels like it was just days ago…so weird that it was over a month!
    I’m also extra thankful that in one week I’ll be stuffing my face with sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Oh, Thanksgiving. Mmmm.

  15. I am thankful that I get to start class tonight!! Still have somethings to take care of but it is looking up!! So happy!!!

  16. I hope you get to cuddle with that little guy 🙂

    I’m thankful to be going out with my friends on saturday to drink bloody marys (and lots and lots of beers), tell hilarious jokes and laugh….. all while cheering the illini football team on to victory. But the illini will probably lose, and in which case, I will be thankful for more buckets’o’beer. I am also thankful that I have single friends to go trolling for dudes with on football saturdays. ha.

  17. OMG I WANT SHAMROCK!!! I would really like to curl up and nap with him right now. That sounds AWESOME. Today I’m thankful for being a part of the amazing blogging community because there are some seriously supportive people out there and it’s amazing how many smiles they can put on your face! Oh, and I’m thankful for Pinterest giving me awesome Thanksgiving treat ideas!

  18. I’m thankful for your blog. Honestly – you always have this great spirit that makes me raise mine as well. Plus I fully heart your leg warmers.

    I’m thankful for a good run this morning, although I couldn’t feel my legs. Too cold! Why does 55 feel so different from 50? I think it was a weird thing, though, that instead of heating up as it got later, it cooled down?

    I’m thankful for the fact that I got out last night and went to a meeting about volunteer opportunities. It is a starting step and I have a friend that will probably do a lot of the same volunteer activities, so it’ll be extra fun.

    I’m thankful for mental toughness that gets me out the door when I would rather stay at home wrapped in blankets. (Hate period! Haaaattteeeee!)

    I’m thankful for my sweet cats, even though they vomit next to the bed at 3 AM.

    I’m thankful for the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation. I can’t wait to see all of my family – mostly my nieces and nephews. So fun!

    I’m thankful that the weather has been pretty good. Well, maybe just okay. Definitely could be worse.

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to run through wet leaves as a practice for keeping on my toes when running through wet paper cups at races.

    I’m thankful for the upcoming weekend, which will be started with a fun girls’ night tomorrow! Chinese food and lots of laughter = awesomeness.

  19. Hahaha I always love the friends references.
    Hope remicade makes you feel better ASAP!

    I’m thankful that a week from today i’ll be hanging with my family, watching the parade, eating doughnuts, cheering for the lions and basking in a new 10k pr glow (hopefully!! Eek…)

    I’m thankful that I got to watch two close friends get married (to each other) this week And reunite with many others.

    I’m thankful that things could always be worse.

  20. Aww Shamrock is so cute!

    I’m thankful that it is finals week at the college I work at so I get to, for the most part, just sit around and read books while students take their exams. Sucks to be them, but I was still in their shoes last year!

    I’m thankful for vacation next week and going to see my grandmother on Thanksgiving. We only get to see her once a year, maybe twice if special things are happening, so it is nice to spend time with her.

    I’m thankful that my husband is willing to run long distances with me. When I asked him this morning if he would rather get faster or run farther, he said that if it was just him he would want to get faster. Then he said but since he knows that I don’t like short distances, he will do both! He’s a good guy.

    I’m, hopefully, going to be thankful that my injury will go away soon so that I can get back to running again. I have a 5K coming up on December 10th and I want to break 30 minutes!

  21. Yeah treatment!!

    I saw the Radio City Show a while ago with my family and an ex. It was a fun night that we all spent out together! I bought everyone tickets for Christmas!!

    I am thankful for the chocolate I decided to throw in my purse today. It tastes really good right now.

    I am also thankful I am getting my hair done this weekend. It is long over due.

  22. I am thankful that in less than a week I will be home with my family.
    I am thankful for coffee.
    I am thankful that it’s the middle of November and I can wear a skirt without tights and not freeze.
    I am thankful for all the awesome blogs I read on a daily basis.

  23. The number on your bracelet is probably your health record number. So anyone who works at the hospital you are visiting could look at your electronic patient file. You may want to take that down.

    Feel better!

  24. I’m thankful for your posts in the morning…I love reading them while drinking my coffee & prepping for the day here at work 🙂 And great job on the 8 miles! I was thinking of you when I was up this morning at 5:30 for spin class…I was like “I’m sure Ali is up and running in NY so dammit, I’m gonna get up and work out too!” haha…have a great day and praying for your health!

  25. So jealous of your proximity to the reservoir. I also love living one mile from the park, but I live far from the reservoir. Hope you feel better after today! You are such a fast runner.

    Thankful for….
    FInishing a marathon a week after DNFing a different marathon!!!!!!
    Finishing a marathon much faster than I expected.
    Finishing a marathon and feeling great the entire time (see a pattern here?).
    Weekends. (Pattern aborted)
    Learning that I like Richmond, VA.
    Really nice, amazingly supportive people — both friends and strangers — who left me comments and emails and shared my blog post among the intertubes.
    My grandma.
    My brother and sister-in-law.

  26. I’m thankful I had a pretty awesome workout last night at the gym, although now I know I kind of let everything slide a little too much when I was prepping for marathon training and marathon training.
    I was thinking that you need to wear leg warmers with sequence on them as you prepare for your half- marathon in Las Vegas.

  27. I’m thankful that you posted. I get sad if you don’t have a post up by 9:00am and find myself checking every 10 minutes and wasting precious work time. Oops.
    I’m thankful that I ran 10 glorious miles today as opposed to yesterday’s 5 from hell.
    I’m thankful for Pancake. I’m always thankful for him, but especially today.
    I’m thankful I’m going to Dave Matthews on Saturday even though the tickets were outrageous. My bank account is not thankful.
    I’m thankful that I’m 100% happier, more fulfilled, and enjoying life more than I was at this time last year.
    So finally, I’m thankful for time. Because I think it heals all things. Even Chrons disease. (Well maybe not, but it sounded nice)

  28. I hope Crohn’s goes away after today. And I admire your ability to knock out a run in the morning.

    Reading your blog makes me want to live in the city and run in central park. And also work for a dance magazine. I’ve never been to watch an actual dance show in my life. I’ve always wanted to watch the Rockettes and ballet, but tickets are a little out of budget for a college kid.

    I am thankful though that Thanksgiving is near! Good food and shopping. Yay!

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