On Mondays, I Make Lists


Sometimes I wake up on a Monday morning and I’m all, “The weekend is over and I feel sad and life is soooo hard.” Today I woke up and thought, “It’s going to be an exceptional week.”

I’ll tell you why, in the form of some lists.

5 Reasons This Weekend Was Great:

1. I finally made my way downtown and saw the 9/11 memorial. It’s really breathtaking and I highly recommend going to see it at night when everything is lit up. It’s pretty spectacular.

This photo doesn't do it much justice, so just go see it yourself.

2. Becky was visiting! She came up from North Carolina for the weekend and it was nice having some quality time together. We ate about 500 quality meals, did the touristy thing for a while on Saturday and went running in Central Park yesterday. Her request, I swear. I didn’t make her do it.

Becky at the Reservoir!

My plan for yesterday was to do four gentle recovery miles at a very slow pace. We ended up doing five miles at a slightly more aggressive pace, but it was a gorgeous day so I went with it. Oops.

3. My long run was awesome. Brian and I ran 12 miles on Saturday. It felt great. The pace was quick by my standards and I felt pretty good.

Jump around, jump around... Mrs. Doubtfire anyone?

Post-run jumping photos aren’t always a good idea. Not my best look.

4. I woke up way too early on Sunday and made the best of it. My stomach kicked my ass both nights this weekend, so I wasn’t too shocked that I was wide awake at 6:30 am yesterday. The Steroids don’t really let me sleep much anymore, and I’m uncomfortable trying to lay still. So I cleaned my apartment. Success.

5. I spent a relaxing Sunday evening at the movies. I don’t go to the movies very often, and yesterday Brian and I saw Like Crazy. I cried during the previews at some movie about 9/11 and then I cried throughout most of the movie. I’m pathetic. Despite the massive amounts of tears I shed, I really did enjoy the movie. I recommend it. And I promise you probably won’t cry as much as I did.

4 Reasons Today Will Be Great:

1. I’m doing a photo shoot for work with Brynn Jinnett, mastermind behind the Refine Method. I met Brynn last year and have been a huge fan of hers ever since. I’m excited to be able to feature her in the magazine. Plus, photo shoot days are always fun. It’s nice to get out of the office for a bit.

2. I’m pretty caught up at work. Finally. Stress, you can go away now!

3. Chisel at the gym tonight. I love a little strength training in my life.

4. I’m wearing a shirt that says I Heart Guacamole. I don’t have photographic evidence, but I wouldn’t lie to you about such a serious matter.

3 Reasons I’m Psyched About This Week:

1. I have a dinner date tomorrow with two runner friends. I can’t wait to pick their brains about how to run fast.

2. I’m seeing the Rockettes on Wednesday night. Thank you, job perks.

See them kick!

3. I’m getting Remicade on Thursday. I’m really hoping this will help kick the Crohn’s flare to the curb, because I’m pretty much over it. Pissy stomach, time for you to move on.

2 Things I’m Looking Forward To Right Now:

1. Thanksgiving. I get that this holiday isn’t technically about food, but in my mind it kind of is, so that’s what I’ll be celebrating next week: stuffing, turkey and several bowls of gravy. Plus I miss my family and I’m excited to be going home to see them.

2. Las Vegas! The trip is all booked, now I just need to get out there and run the Hell out of those 13.1 miles.

1 Big Goal For This Week: Eat well. Run hard. Get sleep. That all counts as one goal.

And there’s the countdown. Game on, week! Let’s do this.

NATURALLY I WANT YOU TO CHIME IN: Tell me something great about your weekend, something fantastic about today, something you’re psyched about this week, what you’re looking forward to and any sort of goal you have for the week. Go!



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  1. Thanks for an optimistic Monday post! I needed it! 🙂

    This weekend: I had a great long run!
    Today: Tried new coffee and it was outrageously good! Hey…it’s the little things! 🙂
    This week: I’m going on a field trip with my students.
    Looking forward to: my first half marathon next weekend!
    My goal for the week: Keep reminding myself of these things and being positive!

  2. My Sunday night ritual is making lists while watching desperate housewives. Is that lame? My list involves like sending things, worky things, figuring out what is wrong with my leg things.

    Anyways, umm, you forgot to mention the sweat squad mini reunion in Union Square. We should’ve planned a flash mob or something. Gahhh.

    I’m sure you know the Rockette routine. You know the part where they are toy soldiers? Yeah, I used to do that part all the time while watching some tape recording I had of the Rockettes. I wanted to be a Rockette, but then I realized I wouldn’t be tall enough so I quit tap,

  3. This weekend I went to a wine and beer festival with the backdrop being a ski resort 🙂 Good times and good friends. Today: I SWEAT for the first time in sooo long 🙂 🙂 🙂 – went spinning- hopefully my ankle/foot doesn’t hate me later- already have iced and inhaled ibuprofen. This week- I am looking forward to “friendsgiving” saturday with my circle of local friends

  4. Love your lists, Ali! I am looking forward to working hard at work, meeting girlfriends almost every night this week and then enjoying an early Thanksgiving with my family!

  5. Well this is a fun game!!

    This weekend I got to celebrate the birth of my best friend, see my other best friend who now lives in NYC but is home in Boston, and got to introduce said best friend to a cute boy I know. Today was amazing because I started my new job/career and loved every second of it. Especially the part that involved working from home. This weekend I’m excited to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in CT with above cute boy.

    Monday, I don’t hate you 🙂

  6. 1. My weekend was awesome because I coach with Girls on the Run and paced three of my girls to set 5k PRs!
    2. I always like Mondays, they are my catch up and drink iced coffee days
    3. I’m psyched about this week because I’m running my first marathon on Sunday!!!
    4. Looking forward to the marathon and Thanksgiving!
    5. Goal: cross the finish line and enjoy every minute of my race!

  7. I’m obscenely excited about Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday, so I feel like that’s forgivable!

    And the fact that the Rockettes are a job perk of yours makes me sad that I’m a teacher. Where are my Rockettes tickets, dammit?!

  8. I’d really love to see the 9/11 memorial. I’ve always thought it looked beautiful on TV.
    1. Something great about my weekend: I PR’d in the 5k Turkey Trot that I ran!
    2. Something fantastic about today: I’m stuck at work because of a tornado warning. Yay?
    3. Something I’m excited for: An entire week of extra work commitments. I’m excited about this not because I don’t love my time in the evenings, but because I love what I do.
    4. A Goal for the week: SLEEP

  9. I love all your lists. They are so much fun and never cease to inspire me…
    1) Something great about my weekend: I nailed my “mid-term stances” exam at yoga teacher training (yay me!)
    2) Something fantastic about today: It’s sunny, and I’m wearing my new cowboy boots, which I love.
    3) Something I’m psyched about this week: A double header of racing on Saturday ~ cyclocross followed by cross-country. All sorts of “cross-y” goodness. It will be muddy. It will be cold, but it will be so much fun.
    4) A goal for the week: Write a blog post. It’s been too long. (Ooops)

  10. Great post, Ali! I PR’d at the RnR San Antonio this weekend with a 2:02! I’m pretty stocked. Sending you some good vibes for RnR Las Vegas! You will rock it!

  11. Ali, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and love it! I’m a fellow NYC runner. Anyway, I was doing a long run in the park this weekend and I passed you and your friend. I had no idea where I knew you from, but I knew I knew you – I never forget a face! After about a mile I realized it was you! Haha, glad to hear you had such a great weekend.

  12. Awesome long run on Saturday! Super speedy – if you tacked on another mile it would almost be a 13.1 PR, right?? Or close. Which leads me to believe good things will happen to you in Vegas. I’m excited about our random run-in yesterday. I’m looking forward to another week of recovery, although I’m getting jazzed about trying a run maybe this weekend. Maybe. Yayy lists!

  13. This past weekend: I ran 18 miles yesterday morning and felt awesome! This is the most I’ve EVER run and had a not so great 15 mile run last weekend so this helped reinforce the “OK, maybe you CAN run a marathon…” (training for the Diseny Marathon in January!)
    Something fantastic about today: Getting to see a friend I havent in a while for Yoga tonight– catching up and stretching out!
    Something I’m psyched about this week: My schedule is much more stress free and open than most recent weeks
    Looking forward to: A weekend of no traveling!! I love going everywhere to see fam and friends but sometimes it is so nice to have a plan-free, fly by the seat of your pants type weekend 🙂
    Goal for the week: Get in all my planned runs BEFORE work (aka 4am runs, very early but the endorphins I get for the day are worth it!)

  14. Sounds pretty awesome to me! I am excited about getting some work done on my wellness event in january and having a kickass run with the running buddy. I am happy that my husband came home from CA this morning and showed up to give me hugs at work this morning. I am happy to take trip to Whole Foods with a friend for lunch today. I am already excited for the weekend, taht next week is a short week followed by VEGAS!! Ahhh sooo exciting….remember us there at the back of the pack while you speed by lady. you are going to rock it!

  15. Saturday I totally ninja kicked my schedule for the day starting with a 5AM run, CPR training, grocery shopping, and a birthday party. Today I’m psyched for lunch-time Body Pump, a pie bake off this afternoon at work, and Monday Night Football. GO PACK! My goals for the week are to finish the book I’m reading, foam roll every night, at least 2 strength training sessions, and clean my disgusting bathroom.

  16. I am super excited for Friday because I am taking the day off, visiting a friend, shopping, eating and going to the premiere of Breaking Dawn! So what if we will be among some of the oldest people there? hahaha!

  17. Something great/not so great about weekend was that i took a complete break from life. I didn’t run or do school work. I just watched Grey’s. I know that the show has way outlived its life, but I still have bouts of grey’s anatomy watching that gets me through half a season in one weekend.

    Goal: To run more this week.

  18. Something great about my weekend: I bought my wedding dress!!!

    Something fantastic about today: I am all caught up at work!

    Something I’m psyched about this week: A day trip to Milwaukee next Sunday!

    What I’m looking forward to: I’m excited to go to the gym tonight. I just joined a new one, I am loving it!

    Goals for the week: 4 days of cardio, 2 days of weights, write down what I eat M-F and drink more water!

  19. Love this positive post on a Monday morning! I did my 20-mile loooong run yesterday and it went really well, so now I’m looking forward to tapering for the RnR Las Vegas full (my first). Hopefully I’ll see ya there!

  20. I ran 13.5 combined miles this weekend. Today … not sure what will be fantastic. I’m either heading to the local running store for a 6mi group run or going to the gym. This week … hmm … might do a Turkey Trot 5K on Saturday.

  21. This weekend was my first weekend back home in Florida in six months, so that was nice. Yay warm weather!

    Today was my first official workout day of training for my first ever 5k! I signed up for one in January and I’m so excited!

    This week I’m psyched about starting the process to go back to school, having a job interview and getting my hair cut. Getting back into the routine of normal life back home.

    And my goals for the next week are to finish unpacking everything and follow the workout schedule I made for myself!

  22. Weird, you forgot the best part where we ran into you in Union Square! That was certainly the highlight of my weekend. And I hope it happens again soon 😉 Start planning that Secret Santa, I am readyyyyy!

    My goal for the week: do laundry and pack sometime today before leaving tomorrow for a 12 day trip to AZ and CA! Yikes!

  23. It was a great weekend because I got to nap with my husband, my toddler son and my cat in one big bed.

    Today, I’m going to start work on my abs because they are in a sorry state.

    This week, I’m psyched about my son’s second birthday on Sunday and his big party on Saturday. I’m excited and slightly freaked out about everything I have to do in preparation.

    And my goal for the weak is to run 5 miles and to lose 2 lbs so I look vaguely hot on Saturday! It’s going to be a great week!!!

  24. Okay first of all, I love that you referenced Mrs doubtfire w jump around bc I said to someone recently that song reminds me of the movie and they looked at me like I was crazy pants.

    Love all your lists and Congrats on a mostly successful running and tummy weekend.

    Good thing from weekend- having nothing at all on my docket yesterday
    Today- having someone say a post helped them
    This week- sushi date with gal pals and goal for the week- kicking junk food aside and embracing more fruits and veggies!

    Have a fabulous day!

  25. This past Weekend -I ran my first 15K on Sunday!! Other than getting a big blister, I felt great!!
    This Week: tennis, yoga & a few runs
    Next Sat: I am going to NYC to have lunch with some old old friends!!http://www..pescatorerestaurant.com – heard of it?
    Next Sun – one hour raffle race

    Enjoy your week! I love reading your blog!

  26. Awesome! Sounds like you have a fun week planned too! Enjoy the Rockettes!

    Something great about my wknd: I ran 13 miles w/ my running group Saturday. First long run since Marine Corps. It was fantastic & I was happy to be running w/ good running buddies again.

    I woke up early this morning, made it to Starbucks and at work before 9 am (CST). I’m on fire today!

    I am looking fwd to meeting my boyfriend’s family for the first time for Thanksgiving in Georgia.

    This week I plan on fitting some more strength training in on top of my runs & cardio!

  27. Love the Brynn news!!! I will have to buy your magazine when that comes out, keep me updated!

    Great about weekend? That would be finishing the SunTrust Richmond Marathon. AMAZING. I loved the course, the organization of the race, the spectators, all the extras. It was so much fun and so gorgeous. I also went to my first football game and our team won. So yeah, a pretty great weekend.

  28. My goal for the week is to get back to the gym and take some of my favorite classes and possibly add yoga. I pretty much abandoned my gym classes while I was marathon training for fear I’d get hurt in a class and that would be the end of my marathon dreams.
    I know exactly which 9/11 movie preview you saw – the one with the little boy who lost his father. The movie is based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer – “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” The book came out about 5 years after 9/11 and it wasn’t evident from
    the blurb that there was a 9/11 tie-in. I think I cried a bit when I read the book. It was the first of many of what I call “September 11 sneak attacks” around that time. I don’t know if I’ll go I that movie. I would have probably only given ye book a 6 out of 10. I love Tom Hanks, though.

  29. Best Monday post ever. I love all your perky lists!

    My weekend was amazing because I got to spend time with two new fabulous friends, both who happen to have IBD. There’s so much comfort for me in that, and I adore them both to bits and pieces. I’m looking forward to LAS VEGAS! PRs, here we come, baby!

  30. Great list of things to look forward to! I had Friendsgiving this weekend and it was so much fun, one of those things we do each year and I SO look forward to it! Nice job on the 12 miles!!

  31. I am taking care of hopefully the last few steps so I can get back to school. classes start on Wednesday so I have a LOT to do, I have five classes for my MBA left and I need to be done by May so this will be huge.

  32. Great lists!
    Let’s see…
    1. It was a good weekend because we were able to attend a friend that moved away’s 40th birthday party.
    2. Something great about today… I pulled myself out of bed to make my husband’s favorite breakfast. I’m glad I could bless him like that so early in the morning.
    3. I’m psyched I won free tickets to a fun Christmas play this Saturday. Score!
    4. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, too! Yum!
    5. I want to run farther this week, finish some projects I started last week, and keep our apartment clean! (3 goals are okay…right?)

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