I Met Coach Cane’s Baby & I Went Running

I got a text yesterday at 4:50 pm from Molly at JackRabbit’s Union Square store alerting me that there was a special visitor at the store.

I immediately grabbed my bag and ran out of the office.

I’m sure my boss would understand.

Yesterday I got to meet the amazing little Simon Dylan Cane.


Simon, the product of Coach Cane and Mrs. Coach Cane, turned 11 days old yesterday, and he’s clocking in at a whopping 6 pounds 11 ounces. He spends his days sleeping and growing and stuff, but he was great and woke up for me yesterday. I didn’t want to give him back.

Mrs. Coach Cane looks insanely amazing for having just had a baby. Damn her.

Honestly, look at her arms. She is insane. And her baby is cute as Hell.

I did inquire about how she already looks so good, but she didn’t give me any tips. She was just modest and asked how I was doing. Selfless and already a wonderful mom. She is my hero.

And Coach Cane was the proudest dad I have ever seen.

Proud dad!

Simon Cane, you are so loved and so adorable. And also really small. I’m glad I didn’t drop you or break you. I think we’re going to be great friends. Let me know when you’re ready to hit the Bridle Path.

I wanted to steal him so badly. Next time.

I had a rough stomach night last night. I woke up around 4 am in a nice amount of pain and then tossed and turned for a while, eventually waking up and starting the day around 7. It took a while to get out the door, but once I got slapped in the face with the fantastic fall air, I was excited to run.

Like, dance-party-style excited.

Do you not dance it out while waiting for your Garmin to get a satellite? Oh. Weird.
Rock out with your leg warmers out!

The plan for today was to run 12 miles. I told Brian I wanted to do a one mile warm-up, six miles slower than an 8:00 pace and the final miles faster than 8:00 if possible. My goal is to get fast so that when I steal Simon out of Mrs. Coach Cane’s arms, those speedy parents won’t be able to catch me as I run away. I think that’s normal motivation.

I felt fantastic at first. Central Park was packed, but the weather was perfect and my stomach had finally chilled out. Brian wore the Garmin again, so I just tagged along, hoping he wasn’t leading me into too-fast or too-slow terrain.

Turns out, we did OK.


Coach Cane, is that negative splitting? It looks like it to me!

There was one point around mile 7 when I screamed some choice words at Brian because he managed to take us on all the uphills in Central Park. I don’t know why he wants to ruin my life, but my glutes were screaming and I was not thrilled. So I threw some F-bombs his way and he may have suggested that I “be quiet” and we carried on and at the end we were both happy.

Today was Brian’s longest run ever! I’m very proud. Even though he just started running and is already faster than me.

I told Brian to show me his "I did it" pose, and he did...this.

And it wasn’t my longest run ever, but it felt dang good.

The run ended by playing with my neighbor puppy, Bailey. Bailey liked licking my sweat. He also told me he, too, thinks leg warmers are a cool accessory.

I wanted to steal him, too, but I didn't. I'm so nice.

So my run is done, I played with a cute kid last night and a cute puppy this morning. Not a bad start to the weekend. Now I’m off to play tourist! My best friend Becky is in town with her mom and sister-in-law. It’s a perfect day for sightseeing and taking lots of foliage-filled photos.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. love the energy you bring to the blog. And seriously, I’ve come back to that photo of Mrs. Coach Cane a few times and it inspiring.

  2. Ali–your readers are the most positive and sweetest people. I come here to feel better about myself:) Thanks for all the kind words. And for those of you who think Simon is small, you know what they say, “The camera subtracts weight.” That’s what they say, right?
    I’ll write a post in the next week about workouts that I did during the pregnancy. And not that I need to add this, but the lot of you remain impressive in your focus and dedication. Continue to go out there, enjoy the fellowship, and the power of sweat. I heart sweat!! xo, MCC

  3. oh my goshhhh simon cane is ADORABLE! i especially love the name simon. so cute!
    also, i am kind of obsessed with that pink shirt – i have been stalking the lululemon site but i can’t seem to find it.. that’s awesome you and brian run together ! whenever my boyfriend and i would run together i would get so mad bc it would be so much easier for him than me, and he barely ever runs..

  4. amazing! I’m a dancer and yet never thought to wear my leg-warmers running… but you look awesome so I think I have to now follow you in your fashion prowess and whip them out for my next run!!! Thanks!

  5. as always i love the legwarmers.

    i wish i looked as good as mrs coach cane NOW let alone right after having a gorgeous baby like simon. a girl can dream right??

  6. Wow!! Is that lulu ls run swift in currant?? Love your outfit!!
    I went back to your old post and you are getting so speedy!! Share secrets!!!

    1. It’s an old Lululemon shirt that I bought last year in L.A. I haven’t been able to find the same one online or in NYC, which sucks because I love it. So warm!

      As for tips on getting faster: speedwork! Run faster to get faster!

  7. O wow, baby Simon is so cute! And I LOVE that he was 11 days old on 11/11/11 and weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces! Awesome, especially after your post yesterday. Which, by the way I meant to comment on because I loved it (and I’m an 11:11 wisher and a star wisher too). I love reading all of your posts honestly but am just not so great at commenting like I *wish* I was. Will try to be better about that!
    Anyway, also your run today ROCKED and it is my firm belief that of you can rock that pace on a training run you can certainly PR in Vegas!!!

  8. I saw Jess’s comment and was thinking the same thing! LOVE the legwarmers!! so cute, must get some. your legs are looking rockin too, btw! Nicely done! I wish I had your mojo to run more outside when it’s cold out. I’m a wuss. Hoping to get out there tomorrow! And that baby is adorable. And Coach Cane’s wife did NOT just birth that child, she looks phenomenal!

    1. Had i not witnessed it, I would agree. But I promise you she birthed him. She looked pretty awesome before she got knocked up, and remained active throughout the pregnancy. She’s only 2-3 pounds above her pre-pregnancy weight already. Go figure.

  9. Just FYI in case you (or anyone else) are wondering: when you read this post in Google Reader and use the page down key to scroll, and then you get to the dance pictures, you can use page up/page down to flip between the two and it looks like one of those flip books, so it actually looks like you are dancing. And I would term that move “the bicep curl.” Pretty hot stuff.

  10. Hi Ali! I just found your blog, and I need to know where you find your leg warmers? I’m pretty sure I need some ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for your kind words. As I told you, I am a very lucky man. The baby is more amazing than I can explain, and MCC is wonderful with him. And I’ve never heard a new mom called a “skinny bitch” so much. (Don’t worry – that’s mostly from my family.)

    Nice job with the run today. You’re continuing to progress nicely. You have many PRs ahead.

    Come visit Simon any time.

  12. Um seriously – Coach Cane’s wife?? Freakin’ amazing!! Oh yeah, and their little one is adorable too 😉

    PS. I just commented to my husband how cute your legwarmers are and that I must get some…he doesn’t get it, but they are a total running necessity this fall, yes??

  13. I totally saw you a few times this am and was going to try to stop you to tell you how much I enjoy your blog but you and your BF were BOOKING it so I didn’t want to interrupt. However, if you saw a girl in a grey Lulu shirt with a pal seeming to smile brightly at you and pointing, that was me! Congrats on your splits!

  14. Rock out with your leg warmers out! It never occurred to me to dance while waiting for my Garmin. I might have to try that….sure beats standing still and being cold!!

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