I Wish…

Today is 11/11/11 and that makes me giddy and hopeful.

I’m a pretty practical person most of the time. To quote The Office: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” But growing up, I always made a wish on the first star I saw every night. You know the phrase: “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.”

Cheesy? Absolutely.

Guess what, though?

(This story is not embarrassing at all.)

Those nights my mom would drive me home from dance, I would find a star in that big, open New Hampshire sky, and I would see that first star and wish to grow boobs. I really had my priorities straight growing up. World peace? An end to worldwide hunger? Nah. I wanted boobs.

And then one day in ninth grade, bam! I woke up and had some boobs. I don’t credit my genes or my diet — they grew because I wished for them. Obviously.

Totally rational, I know.

(Mom, I’m really sorry that you’re now finding out that while you were being a great parent and driving me around, I was in the backseat wishing for bigger boobs. I never claimed to be a normal kid.)

I don’t see many stars anymore because I live in a brightly-lit city. The only lights I see are the ones in Times Square, and I won’t waste my time wishing on those.

I still make a wish whenever I see 11:11 on the clock, though. It’s a habit I can’t break. And while I don’t wish for boobs these days, I have plenty of other wishes constantly floating around my head. Some are silly and some may be impossible.

I know the saying is that if you say a wish out loud it won’t come true, but writing it on a blog doesn’t technically count as “out loud,” right?

So today, in honor of 11/11/11 (my alarm is set to go off at 11:11 so I can really make these wishes count), here are a few things I wish…

…I took better care of my skin.

…I could run faster.

…I knew that a sub-4:00 marathon was in my near future.

…for a PR in Las Vegas.

…that I could wake up one morning and get through a day without having a stomachache.

…I knew what it feels like to go through life without Crohn’s disease.

…there was a cure for Crohn’s disease.

…I didn’t always avoid confrontation with people I care about. Sometimes I need to be more honest and speak my mind, even if it means a potential fight.

…I knew if my family resented me for moving away and not going home to visit enough.

I love you guys. I promise to try and see you more in 2012.

…that in May, my sister-in-law gives birth to a happy, healthy baby.

…that flying wasn’t so damn expensive.

…that doing 200 crunches every day actually gave me visible abs.

…that eating 200 pieces of chocolate every day gave me visible abs.

No? This won't give me a six-pack?

…I could do a handstand.

…people were more open-minded.

…that there were no hangovers.

Drink up now, regret it in the morning. I wish this did not happen.

…that I bothered to take time to stretch after I run.

…cigarette smoking would be made illegal, at least on city sidewalks. Or at least in my presence.

…there were no wars. Lofty wish, I understand.

…my parents didn’t dislike NYC so much. I wish they wanted to visit me more often and that they saw the appeal of city life…even if it does mean being broke most of the time.

NYC: What's not to love?

…my kitchen sink were bigger.

…I could still dance…without the aid of alcohol.

…I didn’t take some things so personally.

…this never-ending Crohn’s flare-up would just go away already.

…a good doctor would find me, instead of me trying to find him or her.

…Brooks Adrenalines came in lime green.

…I were more confident in the kitchen and actually bothered to attempt making things.

…I had a front porch. With a rocking chair.

This is a view I could get used to...

…there was no such thing as “dry clean only.”

…I had better posture.

…I knew if Coach Cane was secretly disappointed in my marathon time.

…I had more money. Shallow but true.

…I could learn how not to take my stress out on my loved ones.

…Brian knew how lucky I feel to know him.

I am lucky. I know that. I am just not great at telling people that.

…I knew how to say no.

…I could ever get out of Target without spending more than $100.

…that someday I will change someone’s life.

…my friends believed me when I tell them I run because I love it, not because I’m “trying to lose weight.”

A marathon photo?! How'd that get in there?! Weird.

…that someday my maternal instincts will kick in and I’ll raise an awesome family. Not anytime soon. Not even a little bit soon. But someday.

…that all the people I love lived closer to me.

I will continue to post this colorful photo until these two girls arrive in NYC, ready to make it a permanent home.

…that everyone I love will always be happy and healthy. Is that too much to ask?

And then there are some I won’t share. Sorry.

ANY WISHES FOR YOU? Happy 11/11/11, everyone! Care to share your wishes today? I’d love to hear ’em!



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  1. Hey Ali,
    I’ve been meaning to comment on a post for awhile now, to tell you how much I love reading your blog! I found my way here from Carrots N Cake a few weeks ago, and your blog has quickly become my favorite. As soon as I found your blog, I went back to your first post and read them all sequentially. Wow that sounds creepy! Unintentional. Anyway, I have never done that with the other blogs I read, something about yours just really connected with me.
    As a runner myself, I find your blog so motivating and inspirational. I ran my third 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago and in the hours before the race was thinking “yeah! running is fun!” mainly thanks to your blog. I never never never thought I would want to run a full marathon, but after reading your posts I find myself with the desire to do a full!
    Your style of writing and way of sharing stories is the best I have come across in blog-world. This particular post is the perfect example, and I guess what made me finally speak up and comment!

    Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS for blogging I really enjoy reading it!

  2. I wish for others;
    All who are separated either through service, work, rift, illness, misunderstanding that as we stop in remebrance they might all find resolution, reunion and peace.

    I wish for myself;
    My teenage Daughter who blames me in in this present for pain that was accidentaly brought upon her from the past will talk to me and that we might have that miraculous relationship we had when I was her first and last port of call in any storm. The lights in the window Molly.

    I wish for you:
    All your heartfelt wishes come true.

  3. Great wishes…I can relate to some!
    A few things I wish: I could run further (without hurting myself), I was guaranteed A’s on the two exams I have this week, I had hair that didn’t frizz, I could eat a jar of peanut butter every day with no consequences!

    But then I remember how many great things are in my life & suddenly it doesn’t matter so much that I don’t have these things 🙂

  4. I’m a teacher, and today I stopped class at 11:11 so that my students and I could make our wishes. (It’s a habit I can’t break either, and I couldn’t pass up making a wish today of all days!)

    I wish:
    *that I knew what the next two years were going to bring me. The times, they are a’changin’.
    *that the people I love could be happy and healthy.
    *that everything will just “work out.”

  5. I wish …

    . . . that some day you’ll have puppies as cute as mine (and maybe a little less crazy than mine)
    . . . that the weather would hold out so I can be outside more before the snow flies and the sidewalks and walking paths are covered in ice.
    . . . that someday I’ll be able to run (you give me inspiration daily to do that so maybe your changing someone’s life wish DID come true)
    . . . that there would be a cure for Crohn’s
    . . . that until there is a cure for Crohn’s that there would be doctors with a much better bed side manner

  6. I read your blog all the time, and because of it, I’m inspired to have a positive attitude and live life to the fullest and make the most of every day! Never underestimate the power you are having on other people’s lives 🙂 I have a crap day, read your blog and instantly feel better, and I’m sure many, many people feel the same. I hope I don’t sound creepy, but I’m also 25 (although living in New Zealand, not NYC) and going through similar things as you… and I admire you so much for the way you deal with everything. Never stop being you! 🙂

  7. When I was younger I also wished for big boobs, but I never got that wish! (though now I’m thankful for some of the benefits of a smaller chest!)
    When I was younger my two best friends and I had a constant contest on who was taller. We were pretty adamant in our desire to be the tallest, and as it turned out I’m 5’10, my friend is 6’1 and the other is 5’6. I always think I ended up so tall because I wished it so much when I was younger!

    In honor of 11/11 today, I ran 11 miles starting at 11 am.

    And today I wish for…
    -to be perfectly happy with my body
    -to make a difference with life
    -to learn how to whistle

  8. I wish that I didn’t need to be on a medication that makes me unable to run as fast as I would like.
    I wish I could wake up one day and not have this nasty chronic headache
    I wish that it could snow while it was warm so I didn’t have to deal with cold weather
    I wish that I could run a marathon… or even a half marathon
    I wish that I could be a professional dancer like the people on dancing with the stars!
    I wish I was as close to my friends from college as I would like to be…and to talk more then we do!
    I wish that my brother will be safe during his life in the military
    I wish that my future children will happy, safe, and healthy

  9. I wish there was a cure for Crohn’s and type 1 diabetes!
    I wish you knew how helpful your site is to all of us out here!
    My 13-year-old son was diagnosed this week with Crohn’s. He already has type 1 diabetes.
    He’ll start Remicade next week.
    The fun never seems to end. Looking for bathrooms is an adventure? Who knew?!
    Thanks for helping to keep so many of us smiling.

  10. I wish that I could cure Crohn’s. While I’m not a doctor or have much background in research, why can’t this be possible?!? I also wish I didn’t have Crohn’s, could turn back time, could run longer distances, and have the courage to move to NYC! I love that city! Love today’s post 🙂

  11. I wish like you, people took more time to find a star or something to wish upon.
    I also wish for smaller boobs. (Damned if you do, damned if you don’t 🙂
    Great post Ali. Thanks, JO*

  12. Argh I missed 11:11am … at least I have another chance!

    That totally was my wish when I was younger too (didn’t work too well).
    I wish to see my friends from college more
    I wish to be able to travel more
    I wish to hear back (positively!) on some big news
    I wish that chocolate lead to abs & perfect blood sugars ….fro-yo too.
    I wish that I was given $100 to Target ….because I could make use of it quickly!
    I wish future generations to be empowered with the ability and confidence to make healthy decisions.
    I wish my blood sugars would get their act together.

    Setting my alarm for 11:11pm now …

  13. I actually made a wish at 11:11am – to be happy and healthy in 2012. I know that sounds so generic, but I struggle with the sadz a lot of the time and would be so grateful to not feel that way.

    also, a raise. because mo’ $$, does not mean mo’ problems in my book.

    love your post! seriously…one of the best i’ve read this week.

  14. hhmmmm. good wishes!! they are not all lame like: “world peace and that all bad things will stop” so everyone thinks hwo great you are. they are interesting and funny! I approve 😉
    i have so many wishes that theres not enough room to put them all here:
    here’s some:
    1. I will be able to run a 18 minute 5K
    2. I will get a scholarship to college! 🙂
    3. I will get a good grade on the spanish AP this year 😛
    4. I will get to do my life plan with my bestie
    5. Christmas will bring lots of fun ( it usually does but just in case..)
    6. Certain people will get to come with our family on our annual christmas trip to macy’s 😉
    ok i will stop there!! 🙂

  15. i wish my garmin watch would magically find the darn GPS satellites within seconds instead of searching for 10 minutes while i’m out in the cold ready to start my run…. not that i’m bitter about this today or anything 🙂

  16. Ahhhhh comment thread with both Coach Cane and Ali’s mom saying sweet, encouraging things? OMG, I’m going to cry now.


    I also wish Adrenalines came in lime green (though have you seen the purple ones on Zappos? Pret-ty sweet.)
    I wish I could trust my body to not get injured right at the moment I’m thinking “Hey, this running thing and I, we’re getting along!”
    I wish I had more confidence. Like, just in general.
    I wish I spent less time wondering if I’m Doing It Wrong. It doesn’t matter what “It” is in this situation, because at one point or another, I have probably thought I was doing it wrong.
    And I wish I could ride a bike!

  17. I still wish make a wish on 11:11 on the clocks too – old habits, die hard, I guess! I wish that I am able to stay healthy enough and injury-free to be able to run half and full marathons for many, many years to come 🙂

  18. Alison:
    By now you should know me well enough to realize that I am not bashful, nor am I big on subtext or subtlety. In other words I speak my mind. When I told you that I was proud of you and that I was not disappointed with your time, that’s exactly what I meant. Don’t get me wrong – I think you’re capable of running faster in future marathons, but for your first effort at that distance I was happy with the results. You did everything I asked and you should be proud of your race.

  19. I always wished for boobs too! And then I wished to be shorter and have no boobs so I could be a better gymnast. Which is a good segway to tell you I am happy to help with your handstand wish! Right now, I’m wishing for my IT band to get better so I can run again. related: I miss you!

  20. Here’s some for me:

    I wish that some of my close friends loved running as much as I do, because I know that they get sick of me talking about it all the time.
    I wish that dogs were allowed to go everywhere because it would make life so much easier.
    I wish for a sub 1:30 15K this Sunday.
    I wish that the little bit of my overuse injury that remains would go away forever.

  21. Super cute post! I love all of these wishes. I used to wish for boobs, too! 🙂 And I think the only way to see if your wish about knowing if you can run a sub-4 hour marathon will come true is if you try!!!

  22. I wish my tendinitis would go away once and for all so I could know I can train for all my 2012 races without breaks or pain. I wish I were capable of walking into a drugstore without buying a new bottle of nail polish. I wish Goldfish crackers and pizza had nutritional value. I wish the whole scandal at Penn State and similar events had never happened and would never happy again. I wish no one my age had even a shot in hell of getting a terminal disease or traumatic injury. I wish there were 36 hours in a day so I could get more done and sleep more.

    Great post!!

  23. Piece of evidence #517 we’re a #packagedeal : I almost wrote an I Wish post today. Only mine was just going to say “I could run now”. You’re clearly a woman of many more layers than myself.

  24. This was such a great post! I wish I could run without feeling like I’m going to throw up (ew, I know), I wish I could already have my master’s degree and a job, I wish I was still a size 2 (there’s my shallow one), I wish for the day i am a size 2 again (that one is shallow too), I wish vets today feel appreciated, I wish i knew if I will survive next semester with a full course load and 3 routines to choreograph. I wish i could see my Grammy and Grampy one more time.

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  25. I wish that abuse would never happen again
    I wish that everyone would have the motivation to try to be as healthy as possible
    I wish that communication could always be clear, and that fights were always done fairly
    I wish that everyone could understand and implement healthy boundaries
    I wish that frozen yogurt had no dairy and no calories
    I wish divorce never existed and that marriages could always be happy and healthy

    Agh… so many things to wish for in life. So many good things.

  26. Love every single bit of this post and the comments!
    I wish I was skinnier, had me a man and for peace and happiness for all (honestly, not just b/c the other 2 were superficial 🙂 )

  27. My maternal instincts never kicked in. We made a head decision that we wanted children and were so nervous about it until the minute I found out I was pregnant and all of a sudden, wham…I was a mother and was consumed by love!!! So don’t worry if they never kick in until the big moment!!!

    I wish…
    My parents didn’t live in England whilst we live in California
    I had legs like yours, Ali
    I knew what I should do with my life when I go back to work
    My boobs were the same size
    I didn’t have that overhang due to my c-section

    But despite all the above, life is amazing, God is good and I wish I never forget how blessed I am!!

  28. I wish I was a little more proactive about finding someone to share my life with.
    I wish I didn’t have arthritis. It’s not bad now, but I fear for the future.
    I wish I wasn’t so clumsy.
    I wish I was 5 inches taller.
    I wish that all clothes manufacturers made all pants in petite sizes. I hate finding cute pants but they are too long!
    I wish I was as dedicated to good habits as I should be.
    I wish I had good follow through on things I want to do.
    I wish I would not promise to go somewhere and then get nervous and back out.
    I wish my shoulder would stop hurting today.
    I wish Breaking Dawn wasn’t as stupid as it was. (Renesmee?)
    I wish I could polish my nails and have it stay.

  29. I wish my daughter was not so hard on herself
    I wish both my kids did not have to feel the pain and discomfort of Crohn’s
    I wish my kids and family lived closer so we could see each other more often
    I wish my daughter knew that as soon as she holds her new niece or nephew those maternal instincts will kick in and she will one day make a fantastic/cool mom
    I wish my daughter knew I did not hate NYC; I just wish it were easier to get there
    I HOPE both my kids know how much I love them and how very proud I am of them

  30. One of those wishes has already come true, you’ve changed my life!! I sometimes think about how different my life would be if I hadn’t gone off to Proctor, but knowing that even me leaving for high school and now almost 10 years later I still call you my best friend, that’s awesome and means so much. You are such an amazing woman and I don’t ever want to think about my life without you a part of it!

    As for my wishes, I still believe they have to be secret to come true, so sorry not reveling here!

  31. I just found out I’m going to a really nice dinner with my fiance’s office tonight so here are my new wishes for the day: I wish I had bothered to shower this morning instead of thinking “f it, it’s Friday and I work in a lab so my rats probably won’t care if my hair isn’t clean,” I wish I wasn’t wearing a pair of jeans that’s way too big and have started unraveling on the bottom, I wish I was wearing something nicer than a t-shirt and fleece (although it does proudly display the fact that I ran my first marathon 2 weeks ago), and I wish I had shaved my legs anytime recently so if I do miraculously find time to run out and buy a dress for dinner during the day I wouldn’t also need to find either a pair of leggings or nylons to cover up those hairy beasts. Whoops!

  32. I wish Crohn’s and Colitis had a cure and/or didn’t exist too. I sometimes find it hard to tell those I love that I care, but I too wish to do more of that.
    And I wish I had a glass of wine in my hand right now…even though it’s 10:30 am 😉
    (and I wish I could run faster too…like you! Speedy!)

  33. I got weirdly emotional reading this post, but I love it and your blog in general
    I wish I knew what I wanted from my career.
    I wish I was less crazy before my upcoming marathon.
    I wish chocolate cake counted as pre-run fuel.
    And I wish I was not at work right now, becuase I really need a day off!

  34. I love this post. It’s amazing how a list of short sentences can give so much insight into who you are. I also wish I took things less personally (it hurts me most at my job and with my friends) and that there wasn’t so much social injustice in the world. I also wish everyone I love could be closeby — and Boston and NY could be about 3 hours closer together 🙂
    Oh and please don’t ever stop wishing…losing that sense of hope that we all have as kids is one of the saddest things about adulthood. <3 this and <3 you!

  35. First, that photo of you and Brian at 16 Handles is great. You should have that one printed and framed. Second, how can your parents not LOVE New York? I know it’s not for everyone, but stil. Third, Target — I don’t think anyone spends under $100 there, I prepare myself if I know I’m going. Fourth, there’s no way Coach Cane was anything but pleased with your marathon performance — you’re silly Ali.
    My wishes:
    – politicians weren’t such idiots and actually accomplished things
    – I can stick to my plan for increased fitness and smash my NYC Marathon time, so that I at least get in the NY Times next year
    – a cure or at least more effective treatment was discovered for Crohn’s/Colitis because it’s sad to hear about all the pain you’re going through
    – oh, and more money would be nice. 🙂

  36. I used to wish for bigger boobs too, I would lay in bed and wish that they would at least fill out to the size of my hand cup (that sounds really weird), now I wish I had never wished that and that they would shrink. Darn it.
    I wish all those things for you too.
    I wish…
    …I could find fulfillment at my job.
    …I could conquer the fear and resentment and worry that eats at me from being in a long-distance relationship.
    …I could find the balance between loving my body and losing weight instead of flip-flopping between the two.
    …I wish I could live life with confidence instead of 2nd guessing myself.
    …everyone could feel loved everyday.

  37. I love love love these!!! I may or may not have an alarm set for 11:10 (so I can be ready)

    Before 11:11 but on 11/11/11 I wish…
    – for a creative outlet
    -that my friends and family realize how much I love them
    -that I get into the NYC half marathon
    -that I train well and injury free and finish said half marathon with a smile on my face (and don’t get kicked off the course…)
    -that I was faster
    -that i didn’t order take out so often

    Ps- if you ever figure out the secret to getting out of target without spending $100 please share!!!

  38. I wish I saw my family more.
    I wish I had a dishwasher in my apartment.
    I wish I always saw the clock at 11:11 so I could make a wish.

    I also still wish on eyelashes and when the clasp of my necklace slips down. I may wish too much.

  39. Heyy I def wished for bigger boobs all the time when I was younger…you got both of ours?! Love all the wishes 🙂 and even though I don’t know you at all I can tell that tons of them are going to come true and that so many are not things you have to wait to come true- just do

  40. When I was little I wished on stars too…only I wished for “two makeups”, as in two makeup kits. Why I though I needed TWO, I do not know…but I did.

    I also wish for a sub-4 marathon (for you and for me!). But today I mostly am wishing for a safe trip to Europe…I leave tonight! 🙂

  41. bahaha, love the boobwish. when i was a kid, i always wished that i would finally have my first kiss. let’s just say i had to wish for a looooong time to make that wish come true. oy. thank god adolescence is over.

    here’s my wish list of entirely self-focused things:
    i wish i could magically arrive at where i want to be professionally… like, now, and not in 6 years.
    i wish i could run as often and fast as i used to without hurting my body.
    i wish i were home in bed watching TV right about now.

    yep. good stuff.

  42. Mimosas in a thermos!? That is pretty amazing. I wish I had one of those right about now…

    I wish that you would have no more flare ups! BOO Crohns and/or Colitis.

    Oh and that sub 4…is going to happen. I wish that for you.

  43. I wish that my family didnt live so far away (14+ hours by flight!!!)

    I wish to someday run a full marathon

    I wish to find the career path that fulfills, challenges and inspires me.

    I wish to see as many friends as I can my visit back to the States these holidays!

  44. So funny, earlier this morning I tweeted that if you make a wish on 11:11, surely all wishes come true on 11.11.11. Love these wishes!

    I wish- froyo + toppings were calorie-free
    That there was perfect running weather year round
    That I could own a million puppies.

    And a serious one: that somehow there would be enough jobs, food, and housing for people in the US

  45. I can help you with the handstand. That’s for sure. I cannot help you with getting out of Target without spending $100. I just don’t know if that’s possible. Also, seriously doubt Coach Cane is disappointed in your marathon time. It was your first marathon! You finished! It was hilly and humid! I think first marathons are all about the experience and finishing, nothing more. You did AH-MAZING.

    I wish I could heal my IT band/SI Joint quickly, for me to be able to eat ice cream sandwiches every day and get a six pack, and for someone to bring me coffee every morning instead of me getting it.

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