Thankful Things Thursday: Because A Sucky Stomach Can’t Bring Me Down

I woke up this morning and felt wide-awake when my alarm screamed at 5:00. The Steroids will do that to you — you don’t need to sleep much. My first thought was, “Yay! It’s already Thursday! Time to run!”

But then, right around my fourth miserable trip to the bathroom, I cursed myself for thinking that Thankful Things Thursday was a good idea. I was pissed at Crohn’s disease, annoyed that my stomach refused to cooperate, yet again, and I was definitely embarrassed that this was all happening in front of my boyfriend. Lovely.

A few hours later, though, and I’m ready to be thankful. That’s what this day is all about, and despite a sucky commute on the downtown 4/5 train (Seriously, what was going on this morning?) and a few necessary bathroom stops during this morning’s run, I still have plenty to be psyched about.

I’m thankful fall is actually happening in New York City! I was worried the entire season had passed us by. For a while there was no brisk breeze, no fantastic foliage and no “it’s the perfect temperature for a sweater but I also don’t need a jacket.” But now? Oh, fall is here. This week has been shockingly warm for early November, but the leaves have changed color in Central Park and every morning the colors have taken my breath away. Actually, running has taken my breath away. The scenery has just made me smile.

Fall is my favorite. I like bright colors.
Thank you, Brian, for taking photos of the park while I was in the bathroom...for the second time.

I’m thankful for good food. Brian continues to cook most of my meals and I continue to eat them. He says he enjoys cooking, so I won’t argue that. This week’s meals have included butternut squash soup, baked sweet potatoes and awesome garlicky broccoli.

This was delicious AND colorful.
Butternut squash soup = perfect fall dish

Then, in a weird twist, last night Brian made salad.

This is a salad, and I actually ate it. Who am I?

I had to remind him that I don’t like salad, especially not a salad covered in beets. Who eats beets, other than Dwight Schrute? But he was all, “You can’t say you don’t like them if you’ve never tried them,” and so I gave them a shot and dang him, they were kind of good. Also goat cheese. I love goat cheese.

Then he was like, “I also made dessert,” and it was good, but I consider it a fourth course, because it was baked pears with some honey and spices and cranberries and almonds, and that, to me, is not dessert.

It was good, but without ice cream or chocolate I just don't see how this qualifies as a "dessert."

Where was the chocolate, Brian? Where was it??? It was good though, so I won’t argue too much.

I’m thankful that despite this nasty flare-up, I’m still able to run. It’s not pretty, but I make it happen. It takes a while to get moving, and once I’m out the door I almost always have to stop at least once. It’s not ideal, but I’m still managing to train and run throughout the stomach issues. That makes me happy.

This morning, Brian and I ran 6.25 miles together. The plan was to do a warm-up mile followed by four consistent miles around half marathon goal pace, and then a cool-down mile.

Today's splits. I like them.


Brian wore the Garmin, I tagged along, and other than the two stops all was right with the world. The Reservoir was a happy place to be, and my legs are still a little fatigued from Tuesday’s little speed challenge, but overall I maintained the pace no problem.

Long sleeves were unnecessary today. So much sweat. Good thing I love sweat.

I didn’t even bother asking Brian what our mileage or pace was throughout the run because I knew he wouldn’t divulge such confidential information. So I just zoned out, stuck with him and ran. Good stuff.

I’m thankful I’m going home soon. I talked to my mom on the phone for a while last night and I’m really excited to see my parents at Thanksgiving. There will also be Turkey Trotting, outlet shopping and hopefully a haircut in there somewhere. Big plans, people, big, exciting plans.

I’m thankful I have plenty of time to decide whether or not I want to run a spring marathon. I’m still pretty torn, especially since my bank account is sad and my stomach is even sadder. I don’t have to decide today, or even this week. Thank you for all of your input on yesterday’s post. You all gave me a lot to think about!

These girls seem to think I can run two marathons next year, but I'm not convinced quite yet.

Don’t worry, Emily. I’ll give you an answer soon. Be nice to me in the meantime or I’ll take those leg warmers back.

I’m thankful that this week has been wildly productive. I feel like I’m finally catching up on work projects and regaining some semblance of sanity. I’m sure it won’t last long, but I’m enjoying it for now.

I’m thankful for leg warmers and puppies and apple cider. Always.

I’m thankful my apartment has stayed clean this week. I’ve washed dishes and even put them away afterward. Huge accomplishment? I think so. Next step: cleaning out my closet and getting rid of all the crap I haven’t worn in three years.

I’m thankful for my shoe drawer at work. I will never commute in heels. I don’t understand those chic women in NYC who do that. I would trip, fall, stab strangers with my heels and probably cause many scenes. My coordination skills are lacking. Comfy commuting is the way to go.

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

AND NOW YOU DO IT, TOO: What are you thankful for today?



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  1. wow! with so many followers I wonder if you’ll notice me here but I wanted to let you know I am thankful I found your blog today. It 5:15am here in Gloucester in the UK. I am up with an upset stomach and as I read through your blog I realised how fortunate I am to be able to run most days without the difficulty you have to suffer. I really admire you for not giving in and to see life as untold possibilities and beauty. I also love the meals too, marry that guy! 🙂
    I’ll be back to follow more. I hope you have a really beautiful day.

  2. Your Thankful Things Thursday posts make me way happy.

    I am thankful tomorrow is Friday. And that my boyfriend cooked buffalo chicken burgers for dinner tonight. And for pumpkin ice cream. The simple things, you know?

  3. So, I didn’t have time to comment yesterday, but I definitely read your post and I MOST definitely think you should run a spring marathon. I don’t have any reasoning for it other than that the feeling of finishing is awesome…and I plan on running a spring marathon, and your training posts always inspired me for my training runs!!! Selfish? Maybe. Okay, yes…but it works! 🙂
    I am thankful fight now for this glass of wine sitting next to me and my pretty puppy dog on my lap…and for you blog that, even when you aren’t feeling your best, can always put me in a better mood!

  4. Ah, so many things I’m feeling thankful for today: My space heater, my fun new necklace i wore to work this week, getting to see a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, and my blogging friends!

  5. Butternut squash soup–YESSSSS. I just had it for the first time yesterday, actually. Granted, it was from a campus dining hall, but it was still super tasty…I had it for lunch AND dinner!
    I’m also really grateful to be going home soon for Thanksgiving break. My semester is coming to an end in the next few weeks, which means I have A LOT going on…stressful! I need a break..and some pumpkin pie!

  6. Whenever I see those girls who are commuting in their heels, I always wonder how much they spend on shoes a year, because you know how the city messes up heels, and those women always are wearing expensive heels.

  7. Just catching up on your last few posts…loved them all!! Looks like you had an awesome time watching the marathon, and I think you are totally ready for a spring marathon next year! I think you really underestimate your ability to “coach” yourself. I know you loved having Coach Caine, and I’m sure it was super helpful to have a coach for your first marathon, but you are so motivated, Ali and I bet if you get a good training plan with mileage and workouts that make sense for you, you will have no problem following it. And you have plenty of running and blogging buddies to bounce ideas off of and keep you in check 🙂
    I’m really sorry you haven’t been feeling well and I hope this passes very soon…your attitude is amazing, as always!

  8. I am thankful that running and I are getting along at the moment, that I have a giiiiant bag of CSA produce in my fridge waiting to be turned into delicious meals (and there’s going to be some garlicky broccoli made, thank you — er, Brian — for the inspiration), and that it is LIGHT WHEN I GET OUT OF BED AGAIN. Sorry, all you people who get annoyed by falling back. I lurrrveeee it!

  9. Wow, nice meals Brian!! 😉 M makes really good soups too. Last night we had carrot soup. SO GOOD. I’m thankful that it’s almost Friday, that this weekend marks 6 months since my sis and I started the barre n9ne challenge and that I feel like I’m hitting my ‘happy weight’ finally.

  10. i used to take steroids when i was younger to control my asthma. i remember very well bouncing off the walls and very little sleep!

    i thankful for starbucks red cups and that i have 2 races over the next 2 weekends 🙂

  11. I’m not going to lie. I’m still a little bummed that Brian didn’t cook for us last weekend. I GUESS I can forgive him since he brought us cupcakes and all, but still. Those meals look delicious. Next time, Brian, okay??

    I don’t get to go home for Thanksgiving this year (boo) BUT I’m going home this weekend instead. I’m thankful that I get to celebrate my Dad’s bday with the rest of my family.

  12. I’m pretty sure its national sucky train commute day. The train was already full when I got on, and I live way out with the cows. BUT, I am thankful that we bought a house so close to the train so I can just walk there in the mornings.

    I’m thankful that it’s the Marine Corps birthday and that I met so many awesome people because of marrying one of those dudes in uniform.

    I’m thankful for the text that I recieved while typing this: “Your dogs woke me up by fighting on my face.” I’m also thankful that I wasn’t there to hear the curse words.

  13. Who eats beets beside Dwight Schrute? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you you for the laugh!

    I’m thankful for only slightly cool San Diego winters and than the tendonitis in my ankle is getting better!

    1. Haha I’ll see what I can do about renting Brian to the masses. I’ll warn you: He doesn’t do dishes.

      As for leg warmers, I rely on dance-specific sites like Lots of colors!

  14. LOVE that youre thankful for running even in the “not the best of health” times. sometimes i complain too much about my running (didnt hit my pace, my goals, dont feel like it, its hard, blah blah) instead of simply being grateful for the opportunity to run. great reminder.

  15. I’m absolutely thankful for my family. Some major health problems with my mom have made me cherish them even more than usual.

    I’m thankful that I have a job a love, an amazing boyfriend, and awesome friends.

    I’m also thankful that the office tea supply got restocked. And so did the pita chip stash!

  16. i’m ALSO thankful for a shoe drawer at work. there is nothing better than being able to wear really clunky warm & waterproof boots to work and change into very cute heels to walk around the office. bliss.

  17. I’m thankful for my new job! Same company, just moving into a position that I’ve been eying for a long time.

    I’m thankful for creating a non-training buildup plan that I am actually sticking with! Mostly because I set a goal for November of 100 miles (highest mileage month EVAR).

    I’m thankful for non-cold days, although the rain is not the best. Why aren’t I at home in my pajamas cuddled with kitties, eating ramen?

    I’m thankful for Thanksgiving coming so I can see my family – most importantly my nieces and nephews!

    I’m thankful for my family, period.

  18. Ok, so after seeing your mile splits the last week or so, I’m thinking I need to get a boyfriend so that I have someone to make me run faster than the 8:30-9 min pace I’ve been stuck at for like a year. Does Brian have any single friends in Chicago who want to date/pace a crazy cat lady? No?! Dang.

    And I’m thankful for our Veterans ,not only for keeping us safe for years and years, but because I get the day off to tomorrow to celebrate them… meaning tomorrow I will sleep in, run some miles along the lake, shop with my friends (who in town visiting! yay!) on Mich Ave and then drink lots of wine with aforementioned friends.

    And I’m loving the fall pics in Central Park… Lincoln Park is almost as cool. I love fall foliage… mostly because I just like to use the word foliage.

  19. Garlicky broccoli. yum! the food Brian cooks always looks soooo delicious!

    I am also thankful i made the smart decision (for me!) not to run the nyc marathon. Now i do not have to deal with recovery for a race I was not ready for physically or mentally…

    This weather is also awesome!

  20. I’m thankful that I just ran my first marathon! And for my health, family, friends and Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’m thinking a spring marathon as well, not sure where though. On a side note, I overslept and am totally jelly of everyone in the NY area who ran this morning, it was gorgeous out!!

  21. I’m thankful for apples! My school dining hall hosts “apple week” every year and that’s pretty much what I eat all week. They have braeburns! And honeycrisps! It’s a fiesta! Yesterday I snook a total of 14 apples out of the dining hall in my backpack (technically we’re not allowed to take food out…) I may or may not have just eaten apples for dinner yesterday also, with some cheddar cheese and peanut butter thrown in. It’s totally a real thing.

  22. I am thankful Fall is also finally here in Boston…we had a few days here and there but this week has been so beautiful! It makes running so much more fun!

    I am also thankful that next week I will be running my 1st marathon! Any newbie tips would be greatly appreciated 😉

  23. I am thankful for mochi ice cream.
    And for my health because despite all the yoga I’ve been putting myself through, I’m still holding up pretty well.


  24. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little crushed…how are you not thankful that I am sitting in Charlottle airport right now waiting on my delayed flight up to NYC??

    Can’t wait to see you!!!! Hope you are feeling better!!

  25. I also did not need my long sleeve this morning. Sweat!
    It is hard for me to be thankful this week as I am sure you understand. But that said…

    I am thankful I got to experience the NYC Marathon, even if I didn’t get to cross the finish line. The first nine miles were the most fun time of my life and I just got the official Brightroom photo to prove it. It is true what they say about this race and I am happy I got to experience some of it firsthand.

    I am thankful for being so lucky to have a boyfriend who was so perfectly supportive of me when I left the race. He could not have acted any better than he did.

    I am especially thankful for the many blog comments and emails I got this week that made me feel SO much better. Strangers who never even read my blog before left messages of encouragement and support and I have had so many people be so nice to me all at once.

  26. Im with you on the no commuting in heals- I can barely wear them to begin with!

    I’m thankful that today is my Friday because I’m traveling tomorrow.

    I’m thankful that the dress I’m wearing this weekend still fits/may even be slightly loose!

    I’m thankful for the generosity an thoughtfulness of my friends. Last night I was so moved by their kind gesture that I almost cried. But I was in a bar, and that would be bad form, so I held strong and ate my cupcake instead.

  27. I love reading your Thankful Things Thursdays! It’s great to find joy in the little things.

    And that boy of yours is quite the cook. You get fancy meals cooked for you all the time. What a guy 🙂

  28. Your meal looks so good. Is it normal that my main meat source is lunch meat and my veggies are the piece of lettuce in my lunch sandwich?

    I am thankful that I can go to my bf’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Because flying to Cali for four days is a waste. And spending Thanksgiving alone at school wouldn’t be fun at all.

    I am also thankful that I am contemplating going for a tempo run. Although it’s scary, at least I have legs and can possibly think about doing a tempo run.

  29. I’m thankful for my husband and our pets, as always! I’m also thankful that I will be going “home” soon. Not technically my parents’ house but my grandmother’s house is just as good! I’m thankful that tomorrow is 11/11/11 and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is being nice and giving a $20 discount on most of its races. Which means that my husband and I are going to sign up for one, most likely Chicago!

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