Making Good Decisions

I often hate making decisions. At work, I have no problem making on-the-spot calls and being quickly decisive. We function on a constant deadline, after all.

But in my own life? I can be very indecisive. I over-think things and analyze them and go back and forth about the most ridiculous issues.

Like yesterday, right around 5:15 pm, when I sat at my desk seriously weighing the pros and cons of whether or not I should go take a yoga class.

Major life decision? Not even a little bit. And yet I went back and forth about it a million times. The class didn’t start until 6:15, and if I went it meant I wouldn’t get home until 7:40, and I had a lot to do and I could really use that hour to be more productive…but I also wanted a good stretch and I haven’t been to a yoga class in roughly 19 years, and ohmyAliwhocares???

Verdict: I went to yoga. And I’m glad I did.

So this morning I was thinking a lot about some of the decisions I’ve made lately, and I’m happy to say that I’ve made some good ones. For once.

Good decision: Going to yoga last night. Hey fun fact, training for a marathon will strip you of any flexibility you ever thought you had. It’s hilarious to me that I was a dancer for 18 years because last night I could hardly touch my toes, let alone get into a split. But it felt really good to do some stretching and to zone out. And I held crow pose for 10 seconds!

Good decision: Eating better all week. As you may know, I’ve been battling what seems like a never-ending Crohn’s flare-up since a few weeks after the marathon. It hasn’t been fun. During most of this time, I have also been eating a lot of crap. Crap = food that is delicious but not necessarily helpful in the “feel better soon” department.

If eating this is wrong, I don't really want to be right at all.

I was slacking on the fruits and vegetables and nutritious stuff, and most of my meals were cheese-based. That’s a smart no-Crohn’s strategy, Ali. Good thinking.

When Brian suggested I look into the Alkaline Diet, I considered punching him in the throat. Anything with the word “Diet” in it doesn’t appeal to me. Take away my brownies and I’ll take away your air.

The thought of a chocolate-free life makes me angry, clearly. I’m sorry.

He told me that he’d done some research about Crohn’s when we started dating (Who is this kid?) and that there were a lot of studies indicating that following an Alkaline Diet — which is all about balancing Alkaline and acid-based foods — has really helped a lot of people with the disease.

My initial reaction was, “No way.” But then — good decision time — I actually thought about why I was saying no so instinctively. I didn’t want to be deprived of the foods I love: the trail mixes (90% M&Ms, 10% cereal/almonds/peanuts/raisins), the desserts, the delicious giant pasta bowls. But I do want to feel better. I’m tired of being sick, and I hate relying on tons of medicine in order to get healthy. So I told Brian that if he was willing to help (i.e. cook all my meals for me) and if we could do it together, I’d try it out for 10 days.

We kicked off this little experiment on Monday, and I’m happy to say that after five days I feel really good. My stomach isn’t fixed, that’s for sure, but I appreciate that I’ve eaten more fruits, vegetables and nutrient-filled foods in the past few days than I normally do in a month. Last night I even helped cook!

Check out my sweet knife skills.
I was all, "BRIAN LOOK AT MY KITCHEN MOVES!" And he was probably all, "You still haven't changed out of your gym clothes?"
This is some sort of bruschetta concoction on sprouted wheat toast.

This isn’t something I plan to stick with for very long because it is pretty restricting, and if eating 16 Handles means my stomach will hurt, that’s a price I’m sometimes willing to pay. But I’m glad I’m being open-minded and giving it a shot. And I’m eating lots of good stuff in the process!

And we ate it all...

The ultimate goal is to keep this going for five more days and then see how I feel. Stay tuned.

Good decision: Not running at 4:30 am. Last night I started stressing over when I was going to do my long run this weekend. Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the New York City Marathon Expo starting at 7:30 am, and then I’ll be playing with two fantastic friends all afternoon. Sunday is the marathon, and I’m taking spectating pretty seriously this year.

My goal, even though I have no real training plan right now, was to get in an 11-miler this weekend. So last night before bed, I set my alarm for 4:30 am, thinking I’d bang out 11 miles before work. But when my alarm went off, I was like, “Oh Hell no.” I just didn’t want to get up. That hour is insane. I don’t need to run 11 miles that badly. So I slept another hour, ran 6 surprisingly fast miles instead, and felt great.

I’d still like to get in a long run at some point this weekend if it works out, but today’s good decision was acknowledging that an extra hour of sleep is more important than running sometimes. Sometimes.

Also, Central Park is incredible right now. The energy is insane.

This is Engineer's Gate, where the marathoners will enter the park on Sunday!

NYC Marathon runners, you are so lucky.

Good decision: Giving up on watching TV shows I no longer enjoy. Sorry, “Glee.” You were fun, but I’m over you. “The Office?” Not loving it this season. “Sister Wives?” Well. Yeah. Not sure why I got into that one in the first place. I’ve never been a huge TV person, but I did spend time watching shows I only half-liked. Now I have some more free time and don’t feel stressed by a too-full DVR. Big problem, right?

Another good decision? RSVPing yes to lunch with Apolo Ohno today. More on that later. I already told Brian that I’m going to try to kiss him on the cheek, and he said that’s OK. He understands.

YOUR TURN! What’s one good decision you’ve made this week?



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  1. I’m totally going crazy with the comments right now but maybe you should give Sister Wives another chance. The teenagers have been dating and things are heating up.
    4:30 is still nighttime.

  2. Haha I’m always over-ambitious with my alarm clock the night before as well…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but what can you do. I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know how much I’m loving your blog! Your writing style is so fun to read. Also, I love running, so it’s great to get some inspiration from other runners, and my mom has Crohn’s, so I am familiar with that aspect of things! Thanks for blogging!

  3. Great post! It’s nice to be reminded to kind of celebrate the good decisions, as I tend to mostly focus on the bad ones (eating waaay to much choccie, going to bed too late etc.). And what good decisions you make 🙂

    The good decision I’ve made are (among other things):
    – Continuing to run 14 K yesterday even though my running buddy said stop after 10
    – Saying no thank you to sleeping over at the dinner party we were at last night, even though it meant driving home at 1.30 AM across country borders. I looove waking up in my own bed!
    – Getting take-away for dinner on Wednesday when I was simply too knackered to cook. I very rarely buy take-away as I feel obligated to cook a healthy meal at home if it is even the slightest possible, but sometimes you just gotta say stop

  4. Hi Ali! My good decision is the same as yours – yoga! I’m pretty new to yoga and decided to take a level 1 vinyasa class instead of a level 2 like I have the past couple of weeks. It felt so much better and was still challenging! I even did crow pose for the first time, and now I’m obsessed with it ha. So jealous you’re spectating the NY marathon! I want to run it SOOOO bad next year!!

  5. You’re on a good decision roll! Nice work! One motto that’s been helping me lately is, “You never regret a workout.” It’s so true and has been helping me make those good decisions – keep up the good work!

  6. I think it’s really smart to try this new way of eating. I know what you mean about the word “diet” being offputting, but hopefully it will give you some information on whether certain dietary changes could really make a difference in how well you feel everyday. I think it’s so sweet that Brian is doing this for and with you! Enjoy watching the marathon tomorrow, Ali!

  7. Good for you!! sounds like a good week! My good decision was not running on this injury….even went to a 5k today and was the official finish line banner holder…wish I was out there running but a good decision for my foot!!

  8. Glee stinks now. I can’t wait to return to yoga!!! Since I fell off the yoga wagon when school started again, I made a “good decision” to hold off until the marathon is over. I was scared of tearing a muscle/hurting myself because my mileage got upped!!! Yea for good decisions!

  9. Good decision: Choosing to spend tonight alone on my couch. It’s been a long week, and I’ve felt sick for the last week and a half. I need a low key life, with no one talking at me, and some really good sleep!

  10. I was with you for the whole “4:30 is an insane hour of the morning”, but you lost me at the “I slept one more hour and felt GREAT”. I’ve lived on the East Coast my whole life, but I’m pretty sure my internal clock is set to Pacific time.

  11. dude, NOT waking up at 4:30am is always a good decision (unless you need to catch an early flight to somewhere tropical…)

    i know this weekend is going to be busy, but friends + sleep + taking care of yourself is more important than a long run in the end. and you can always fit in some extra miles on monday if need be!

    hope to see you on Sunday!!!! are you bringing the mimosas? 😉

  12. A couple of things…
    1. I just found your blog this week (love it btw!)
    2. I literally wrote almost the exact same opening in my post from yesterday (really, it’s eery)
    3. I’m super jealous you’re meeting Apolo, I had a huge crush on him way back when
    4. One good decision this week? 3 words: pumpkin rosemary knots. So good!

  13. Cooking: good decision.
    That cupcake: VERY good decision.

    Also, I’m RIGHT WITH YA about no longer watching “Glee”. I put on this season’s premiere, watched 10 minutes, and closed my computer. I can’t do it anymore. And, yes, “The Office” hasn’t been as good this season now that Michael’s gone, but I’m still holding out on that one. There’s hope yet, I say!

  14. Best decision: running along the water before work yesterday! My “early” is nowhere near the early I see on lots of blogs (yo, if I’m out of bed by 7 a.m., it’s a miracle), but I still made it onto a train by 7:15, dumped my work stuff in a gym locker, and ran along the bay for 45 minutes while watching the sun come up. It was awesome. And by the time I left work it was cold and cloudy, so score one for getting to celebrate possibly the last morning of San Francisco “summer.”

  15. Look at you chopping those vegetables! A natural, I tell you. I’m really interested to see how the diet works for you and have been doing some research too! We’ll talk…

    Good decision: taking the day off work today to run errands and relax a little! Also, having breakfast with Deena Kastor wasn’t too bad either. Can’t wait to see you at some point this weekend!!

  16. three cheers for yoga, cupcakes and home-cooking – all of which marked my day yesterday. i’ll have my (cup)cake and eat it too, so long as i do good things like yoga and make nutritious meals. holler.

    my good decision this week? not making (as many) post-work plans and savoring ME time. ’twas grand. back to the craziness next week!

    and yes, i will bring dip-able things to your next party, so long as i get to see drunk ali.

  17. Good decison – getting up early each morning to get chores done so I can relax the rest of the day. Not easy but makes me more tired at night so I sleep better!

  18. Oh my goodness – it is like you are in my head! I am running my first half in a few weeks and I’m so bad ‎at turning the smallest decisions into mountains! It is like the devil and angel going back and forth ‎about something as silly as a 4 mile run. I’m glad I’m not the only one!‎

    I really love your blog!

  19. My good decision of the day was walking past the donut shop on my way to work… all those chocolate bars and maple bars looked delicious.

    Running has completely killed my flexbility. I will get my splits back! Its the dang quads, I tell ya.

  20. Totally agree about Glee! I just “let it go” too. Having a full DVR stresses me out as well and I am not ashamed to admit it. Have a great time spectating this weekend!!

  21. I’m happy I decided to schedule a 90 min post marathon massage tomorrow morning…so looking fwd to it! 🙂
    So glad u made it to yoga! And the bruschetta looks delish! Have fun this weekend…I’m sure the energy at the NYC Marathon will be amazing!

  22. I think our workout brains are on the same page… I skipped spin on Wednesday night and debated all afternoon about going to yoga yesterday. I ended up going to yoga (even though I’d rather have gone home to my sweatpants and couch bc it was cold, sick and rainy here) and was so glad I did. My hip flexors also thank me. 🙂

    Have so much fun spectating the race this weekend!!!!!!!!!

  23. Apollo? Didn’t he win “Dancing with the Stars”. I think you guys should have a post-lunch dance off! Sharks vs Jets style! (snapping fingers). 🙂 (This will only make sense if you were forced to see see “West Side Story” during freshman year of hs).

  24. good decision: convincing emily to crutch to NYC.
    great decision: stock piling leg warmers for the occasion.
    best decision: buying a one way bus ticket.

    I mean…I didn’t do that.

  25. Good decision: Getting out of bed every day when my husband gets out of the shower even though I have no where to go. Those few minutes are special to me for some reason.

    Good decision: Running 2 short, fast miles every day this week…I don’t know why my body is so sore, but I’m glad I’m not punishing it.

    Good decision: Going to play soccer last night with Hubs and the boys…I’m still pretty terrible, but I love having that time in his world. Plus, I’m getting better, really I am.

    (Great idea for a post. I may steal it for my own blog. Hope you don’t mind! Don’t worry, I’ll tell them it was all your idea!)

  26. I’m pretty sure the best decision you made all week was that you were going to try to kiss Apolo Ohno on the check. squeeeee! LOVE him! Good luck w/ that mission, I hope you succeed!!

    Good luck on that whole diet thing too, I hope it gives you some relief from this chrons junk.

  27. Making the decision to come to NYC!

    Also – if we somehow have time to do it, I will run 11 miles with you!! Please be warned that I have not run one step since the marathon, but I think (hope) my legs will hold up for that long.

    Oh, and I hate to admit that I’m not loving The Office this season either. Disappointing. (Parks & Rec, on the other hand, is still amazing) And I stopped watching Glee this season too. Sometimes in life we just have to move on.

    See you soon 🙂

  28. I made 3 good decisions this week so far! 1) Soda free for 30 days. I drink too much diet coke so I want to see how I feel. 2) Alcohol free til Thanksgiving. Only 21 more days! But seriously, this is a good idea for me. I’ve poured a few too many glasses of red wine on a weeknight lately. 3) Gym. I mean, of course. But I did a killer workout on Tuesday and I’m STILL feeling it!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

    PS – Apolo Ohno… omg i’m so jealous, i love him!

  29. Um, yum. Can I have that recipe please??

    I love your decision NOT to get up at 4:30 to run, in the pitch black. NOT fun.
    I also am kinda with you on the training “plan” thing — i have a longer run planned for tomorrow but no idea how far to go, or if I should just get out there and see what I have in me? Stumped.

    One good decision this week…hm. To find something positive in my day, even if things like ridiculous commutes, jobs I don’t love and not enough time with my husband threaten to ruin my mood. It hasn’t been a perfect week, but hey, I’m trying, and that counts for something right?

  30. I really enjoyed this post! I will do a little of my own.

    Good decision: moving in with my fiance last week so I can see him every day!
    Bad decision: not getting enough sleep because I was way too excited to see him every day!
    Good decision: cooking at home every day this week! Good on my body, good on my wallet!
    Bad decision:not running since my marathon almost a month ago and signing up for a 5K in the morning? We will see!

  31. Brian is so sweet for researching Crohn’s when you started dating! I like that you are being more careful about food (something I plan to do after my marathon) — and it explains your super-healthy all-vegetable dinner the other night that I was wondering about! Hope you feel better soon. Your hair looks perfect for post-yoga, seriously. Also glad you did not run at 4:30, that is absurd! So where will you be on Sunday, I’d love a burst of Ali motivation during the race.

  32. one good decision i made this week… buying the protein bistro box from Starbucks instead of the banana walnut bread… small victories.

  33. Not watching shows you don’t like anymore…ME TOO! I barely watch anything except Food Network these days – haha. I just feel like now that M and I are living together, the time at night I do have, I’d rather spend with him or doing other things, and half-watching tv. I am totally an overthinker too, totally get this 😉

  34. You should see if he’ll let you touch his thigh. I bet it’s ROCK HARD. Ok, I’ll get out of my fantasy land and get back to the point. 4:30 am?!?!?!??!? I’d have thrown the alarm clock across the room had I not had a BABY wake me up at 4 this morning. What was THAT about? Needy. Also? you should still touch his thigh.

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