Thankful Things Thursday: On Good Food, Central Park Running & Living Alone

Happy Thursday!

Today I present to you another round of being all giddy and thankful for the great things in life we don’t always acknowledge. It’s Thankful Things Thursday, and it’s a holiday because I say so. Onward!

I’m thankful I got outside last night. I’ve brought lunch to work most days this week, which is excellent, but it also means I never leave my desk. Sunshine? What’s that? I had every intention of going to spinning last night, but by 5:30 I didn’t want to just transition from a dimly-lit office to a super-dark spin studio, and then to a dark commute home. So I ditched my spin plans and went for a walk instead.

“Went for a walk” roughly translates to “went shopping and over-spent and am now suffering from buyer’s guilt.” But I do enjoy this polka-dotted top I got at Madewell, so I don’t feel too guilty about that.

Hey look! A happy morning bathroom photo!

And it was nice to get some fresh air. Note to self: Take more midday walks.

I’m thankful it’s pay day. This one needs no explanation. Yay income. Yay paying rent. Yay new monthly MetroCard. Thank you, necessary expenses, for all falling during the same week. I appreciate that.

I’m thankful Brian likes to cook, and I’m extra thankful he’s good at it. If you’ve been reading this blog for more than one day, you know that I don’t cook. It’s not because I can’t. I have made plenty of things and I can follow a recipe just fine. But I don’t really enjoy cooking. I hate how long it takes and I hate all the prep and I’d much rather just eat a bowl of pasta than spend time marinating and chopping things. I am also afraid of knives, so I have no chopping skills.

I feel very fortunate to be dating someone who feels the exact opposite about cooking. Brian thinks it’s “fun” and he likes to “make stuff.” Dinners this week have included broccoli soup (from scratch — I didn’t really realize you could make soup from scratch…I thought it all came from Hale & Hearty) with roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes…

We eat on plastic plates because we're classy.

…and last night we had green peppers stuffed with brown rice and tomatoes and mushrooms with a side of garlic spinach.

Last night we got really fancy and used real plates.

I prefer to just clean up afterward. I think that’s a fair trade.

Brian has been on a roll this week making delicious, nutritious, healthy meals, and I have reaped all the benefits. I’m feeling very spoiled and I am fine with that.

I’m thankful I’m still amazed and surprised by New York City every single day. I always feel grateful to live in NYC, and I’m glad that after being here for four years I’m still not immune to the city’s craziness. I still get googly-eyed whenever I see the skyline, and yesterday I saw a guy walking with a cat on his shoulder and I was like, “Hey, that’s weird and gross, but OK.”

The guy walking next to me took a picture, too. And then we laughed about it together. Inside jokes with strangers in NYC are fun.

I’m thankful I ran some miles today. I’m not thankful for how crappy I felt during those miles. My quads felt shredded the entire time. Every time I came to a hill, I felt like I just wasn’t going to make it. I was pissed. I had to stop twice for bathroom needs, which I’m pretty tired of documenting, but I also just felt like my legs were sleepy. The weather was perfect, though, and I got through 7.5 miles, which I’m pleased with. I also got to run through all the New York City Marathon stuff.

Approaching the finish! Woo!!!
Actually, I'm not. But I will be next year. So fine.
Isn't she lovely?

I wish I were running the marathon on Sunday. Yes, I’m jealous of all you runners who get to do that this year.

I’m thankful that the weather has been incredible this week. Fall, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stick around forever.

I’m thankful for leg warmers. But you knew that already. Earlier this week, one of the fashion editors at work escorted me to her wondrous closet and gifted me with seven new pairs of leg warmers.

See that pair on the far right? I'm extra excited about that one.

I’m going to need a bigger apartment for my ever-expanding collection.

I’m thankful I gave up on watching “Sister Wives.” This show is wacky. Brian and I discovered it the other night and we got super into it and were completely fascinated by it. But last night we decided that we shouldn’t watch it anymore. There’s better stuff out there…like sleep.

I’m thankful I slept great last night. My stomach has been keeping me up a lot at night lately, but last night I slept like a rock. I don’t think I moved until the alarm went off. I needed that.

I’m thankful that I’m learning how to balance work and play. This morning I was thinking about Ali from a few months ago…before Run For The Rabbit, before marathon training, before lots of life changes went down. I was always stressed out. I slept, at most, five hours every night, and I was constantly on the go. Something was always worrying me, something always had to be done immediately — now I look back and see that I had a really hard time relaxing at all, ever. I still go through those phases, but I’m definitely getting better. Thank goodness. Stressy Ali sucks. She’s no fun.

I’m thankful I live alone. It’s tough financially. But I always wanted to live alone, and ever since I got my own place back in April, my life has improved drastically. I’ve had some great roommates over the years (Hi Dee! Hi Lone! Hi Dana! Hi Conroy!), but being independent and having an apartment that I can call mine is a very empowering (ew, I hate that word but couldn’t think of another one, sorry) and freeing feeling. I love coming home every day and knowing that everything is exactly how I left it. And I especially love not sharing food. I hate sharing food.

There’s my list!

NOW SHARE YOURS: What are you thankful for today?



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  1. No pressure or anything, but MARRY THAT GUY (if you’re into marrying, or just keep him around forever, that’s also a good route) I married the one who loves to cook for me and it was the best decision ever, definitely something I’m thankful for on a regular basis, he’ll even cook meat for me on occasion, and he’s a vegetarian!
    I also was thankful for the year that I lived alone before moving in with the now husband. So much freedom!
    Currently I’m thankful to be in my home and not traveling today, looking forward to the weekend.

    Have fun at the marathon this Sunday, spectating can be so inspiring and fun!

  2. I was just saying to a work friend today that I am also thankful to live alone. No one touching my sh!t, no one leaving messes that I need to clean up, no one judging me for watching awful reality TV. It’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Hahaha New York City never ceases to amaze me, either. One day over the summer when I was heading home after my internship, I passed by a shirtless man chilling outside the library with a rat on his shoulder. And the rat was dyed blue. A week or so later, I saw him again. And again. Guess he and his rat hang out there often!

  4. I am thankful I live alone too. Everyone in a while I get a little shocked at my rent check, but it’s such a great experience living alone.

    This week I’m also thankful for the NYCM. I’m so excited for it and I’m not even running.

  5. LOVE that top! I’m thankful for successful marathon recovery after Marine Corps! And finally a sub 4 hour finish!

    Very lucky you are to have a boo that cooks for u often! I need me one of those 🙂

  6. I’m thankful I start half marathon training tonight! And that it’s Thursday and I don’t work till next Tuesday!
    I love the leg warmers. I need to get some.

  7. JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD. hehe. I hate it too and love that about living alone!! Brian’s meals look delicious this week. I’m sad I missed you this morning – I stuck to the rez and was very slow.

    I’m thankful I have tomorrow and monday off work so I can properly freak out about the race. AHHHH.

  8. God I’m so jealous of the NYCM runners too. I REALLY HOPE I GET SELECTED NEXT YEAR!

    Also – you are so right. Living alone sucks when you have to pay the rent by yourself, but having the whole place to yourself is the best! You can do cool things, liiiiike come home on a Wed night after skipping spin class and having 4 glasses of wine at happy hour (whoops?), make a pizza and set of the smoke alarm (again, whoops?) and no one can get mad at you for being loud, drunk and stupid. And yes, that’s exactly what I did last night. 🙂

  9. I hear you on the living alone front. I lived alone for the 2.5 years and now I live in a more expensive location so I’m forced to have roommates. My roommates are awesome but I REALLY miss living alone!! Cleaning takes 5x longer because I’m the cleanest one in the house and end up cleaning up after them, which they do NOT realize. GRRRR! You definitely touched on a sensitive subject in my life right now. 🙂 I’m thankful for getting outside and enjoying sunshine! YAY

  10. I’m thankful that I ran outside when it was light out today and avoided any and all pothole incidents compared to Tuesday when I got my foot stuck in one and fell. Oh well. Along with my past history as a dancer went my coordination.

    I’m also thankful for Newport. (long story.)

    Finally I’m thankful that just now when I looked down it was 11:11. I made a wish, so I’m thankful it will come true, right?

  11. I’ve never watched a marathon on TV before. I’ve never cared to. But I will be watching Saturday. And I am pretty sure that I am going to want to run a marathon after I watch it.

    And I am thankful for chocolate and peanut butter. They are the best comfort foods ever.

    I am also thankful I have power so my entire family has a place to stay warm. 6 days without power. 42* house. Not cool. (okay. .very cool.. like in cold.)

  12. I am thankful for the weather today in Ohio.. turned out a lot better than expected. I am so thankful for treadmills, when the weather is not so hot in Ohio its nice to job on one of those!

  13. First: Don’t tell anyone you use plastic dishes, no one would know cause it looks like a nice glass one. 😉
    I’m thankful for my almost Cancun holiday. Three more work days (yes, I work this Saturday) and we are off to a week of vacation and 20°C weather (living in the Prairies is nice but we are down to like 5°C).

  14. I’m thankful that I decided not to work out today because that means I didn’t have to haul my huge gym bag to work which means I get to wear my awesome high heeled boots. I know I would not do well with a huge gym bag with these puppies.

    I’m thankful for free lunch Thursday and that it’s Indian. Yummy, yummy Indian.

    I’m thankful that I found out what my raise was yesterday. It was pretty darn good. Not going to change how I live my life, but pretty darn good.

    I’m thankful I work in an office with fun people. It’s a small office and because of that when we do our free lunches together we feel that much closer.

    I’m thankful that even though I broke one nail I’m not biting the others. Could I finally have broken the habit for good? And I’ve been flossing my teeth too. Am I an adult now?

    I’m thankful for sunny days.

    I’m thankful my mom got her power back after being out since Saturday. I was having panicky visions of her laying on the floor with a broken hip while her dog gnaws on her. Why having the power out convinced me that she would suddenly turn frail when she is not I have no idea. She’s happy her power is back and so am I.

    I’m happy I’ve been doing some great exercise this week. I doubled up on Monday and Wednesday, which is why today is rest day. I’d like to actually not be sore for the weekend.

  15. Soo when I was in vegas a few weeks ago I met christine from sister wives! I was oddly super pumped and semi star struck, but as I was at a conference that was about 98 percent alpha males, no one got my excitement. Bummer. But ya, I’d take sleep over it, too…

    I’m thankful that I live here. Seeing the skyline and the bridges all lit up as I run the east river path never fails to pump me up.

    I’m also thankful for living alone. I’m glad you like it. It rocks.

    I’m thankful I have friends who understand I needed to run last night and kindly took my bag filled with cookies to kickball for me so I could run there. Maybe they just wanted to guarantee they’d get cookies though…hmmmm…

    I’m thankful I’ve learned to really enjoy running. If you had told me when I first started working that running would turn out to be my de-stressor of choice before big work events, I would have died of laughter.

  16. I don’t own leg warmers. I think I need to change that… Very cute collection you have there!

    Today I’m thankful for:

    1. Housemates! I used to live alone for 3 years, but I’m happy for the change. Sure, living alone was empowering, but it also meant that I got sloppy since no one would see. Also, we don’t share food, except when someone got to much (like this time my housemate begged me to eat some of her sticky toffee pudding, I couldn’t say no, could I?).
    2. Boots and a huge golf umbrella I got from my office. It’s Dublin. It’s raining. I’m sucking it up.
    3. Sandwich + any coffee deal for €5 (< $7). I got a huge chicken + stuffing sandwich & dark chocolate mocha. This is very cheap for lunch in Dublin. And yes, I am saving on lunch to spend it on drinks afterwards.

  17. I am thankful to be headed to NYC tonight to run on Sunday! For serious. I’ll also be thankful if I don’t cry picking up my bib. Looking at that finish line picture up there made me choke up a bit!

  18. I’m thankful that I was able to run last night for the first time in a week and a half (yay overuse injury is 99% gone!) I’m thankful for new shoes, Saucony Kinvara 2s and Mirages. I’m thankful that it is Thursday, which means that it is almost Friday!

    That cat is so well-behaved! My cats would definitely not do that, they would be gone in an instant!

  19. I’m thankful that I’m going to be able to afford to live alone next year! Also: for bagels, google reader, green tea, celebrity sightings (highlights of this morning – I saw Brooke Shields while buying said bagel), and the 9+1 program so I can run NYCM 2012!

  20. I’m (still) thankful that I ran my first European Half Marathon last month! I ran in the Amsterdam one and it was SO amazing… 5 weeks later, the paint is still on the roads so each day I’m still basking in it 🙂

  21. I’m thankful that Friday always comes, no matter how terrible the week has been. And I’m thankful for blue skies, 50 degrees, and changing leaves, because fall running makes everything feel great.

  22. I am thankful that I am leaving this comment from the line to get into the NYC Marathon Expo!!!!!! And I am extremely thankful my body handled training so well and didn’t fall apart. Was a nice surprise!

  23. I’m thankful it’s November. I’m thankful Sporting KC won their playoff game last night and that my feet and fingers didn’t freeze while standing in the cold rain for 3 hour to watch it. I’m also thankful for a new volunteer position I found planning a Christmas party for kiddos. And for freelancing work that helps put money in the bank. Yay.
    My longer list is here, if interested:
    P.S. LOVE the shirt. Don’t feel guilty for awesomeness.

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