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It took me a long time to work up the courage to start blogging. I forget how I even came across the whole “Healthy Living Blog” community, but once I found one or two blogs I liked, I was hooked. Soon I was devoting tons of time every day to reading, learning and, admittedly, obsessing.

I have always loved writing — I’m a writer and editor during the 9 to 5 hours — and I thought it could be fun to create my own blog. I never really thought about people actually reading what I would write. (Mom, I knew you’d read it. You’re a nice lady.) I have no expertise in any real subjects, but I wanted somewhere to document my workouts and just write freely, about things other than dance competitions and sequins (that’s the 9 to 5 job, and I am not complaining because sequins, fringe and leg warmers rule).

Me and some of my work friends. Nigel, Mia and Adam.

At the time, about a year ago, the big thing on my mind was running.

I had run a few half marathons but had only done three or four races. Racing was a pretty foreign idea to me. I just liked running. But suddenly it seemed everywhere I turned, some blogger was training for a marathon. I didn’t really realize that was an option. I thought running a marathon was only for crazy people.

Look! I'm sleep-running! HOW AM I DOING THAT?!

And maybe it is.

Call me crazy. (Really, go ahead. Everyone else does. It’s fine.)

So I eventually started Ali On The Run. I liked blogging from the start. I liked having somewhere to “go” to jot down what I had done that day, and I especially like it now that I can look back and remember exactly what I did a year ago on this day.

And that’s what I did this morning, randomly.

I looked up my post from October 25, 2010. And I was like, “Oh, Ali. You have changed.”

When I started blogging, I quickly fell into the trap of “doing what everyone else was doing.” I blogged twice a day, because other people blogged twice a day. In the morning I wrote about my morning run and at night I’d recap my day a bit and write about whatever gym workout I had done.

I’m pretty sure I stopped actually living life for a while and I was only writing about it and going through the motions. I promise you, life is not as much fun that way. So don’t fall into that trap like I did, mmmk?

I now only blog once a day, which I’m much happier with. It takes less time and, frankly, I don’t have that much to say most days. I can only write so much about Crohn’s disease at a time before I want to hit myself. I’m sure you understand.

I’m always wanting to make Ali On The Run better (Super-Shameless Plug: If you’re a fan, feel free to head over to Shape to vote for me in the Blogger Awards!), but blogging for me has become much more than writing down workouts or documenting my training.

I’ve learned a lot about myself both by writing my own blog and by reading other blogs. I read stuff I like and I read stuff I don’t like. Ultimately it helps shape who I am, and it helps shape what I’m doing here.

So what’s my point? I have one in here somewhere…

Reading that post from a year ago kind of shocked me. I don’t think you ever really realize when you’re changing, whether it’s for better or for worse. I am in a far better place on October 25, 2011, than I was on October 25, 2010.

But one year ago on this day, I thought I was the happiest girl alive.

I was eating oats and pumpkin stuff. I was doing what I saw “everyone else” doing, so I figured it must be good. Nothing wrong with oats and pumpkin, but I can think of things I enjoy more.

Like Entenmann’s “granola bars” and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Part of growing up and growing wiser is being independent and figuring out who you are and who you want to be and, of course, finding all the ways to make those things happen. I never want to follow the crowd and “just be like everyone else.” If I have things in common with other people, that’s great, but otherwise, you can find me doing my own thing…while wearing leg warmers and doing jazz hands.

Here I am. Pretty standard Ali.

Over the past year of blogging, I’ve questioned myself plenty of times, especially all those times I’ve seemed to be doing the exact opposite of what many others seemed to be doing. And to that, I say it’s OK. In fact, I say it’s great. You don’t have to be like everyone else. I think we all learned that on “Sesame Street” back in the day, but it’s still pretty relevant.

There are tons of trends and fads and things “everyone is doing” in the blogging world, depending on what you’re reading. But I’m OK with not doing those things. Examples?

  • I am a runner but I’m not on DailyMile
  • I do not have a dog (damnit)
  • I don’t always believe in running “3 or 6 easy miles” (not always easy, no matter the number of miles)
  • I have never had overnight oats or oats in a jar and those things confuse me because I always thought oatmeal was supposed to be served hot
  • Dessert for me will never be a square or “disc” of dark chocolate — it will be a brownie, or a pan of brownies, or a cup of brownie batter dough, and I will like it and probably eat it with ice cream
  • Peanut butter is the only nut butter I know, unless Nutella counts
  • I feel weird taking pictures of my food when I go out with friends
Food pictures are not a bad thing. Mmmmm ice cream.

I questioned these things for a while in my early blogging days, but I’m far from over them now. What works for others does not work for me. I respect the sunflower-butter-eaters of the world, and power to you if you’re happy without eating dessert after every meal. That’s discipline, my friends, and I just don’t have it.

If on October 25, 2012, I’m still blogging, and my posts then are filled with pictures of me cooking healthy, oat-y dishes, that’ll be fine.

It won’t be fine, though, if on October 25, 2012, I still look like this:

Those are my feet. I'm sorry.

Womp womp.

Last night I did some big-time foot icing. Translation: Brian wrapped up my foot into a cast-like thing with an ice pack and ace bandage and I whimpered the entire time about it being “too cold.” I am the ultimate wimp.

No running again today. That makes my heart feel sad.

But in excellent news, I feel the Steroids working a bit more every day and I’m pleased to say that I think in one week, this Crohn’s flare-up will be a silly, distant memory. And I’ll be running by then. Because my foot is fine. Really. I haven’t self-diagnosed myself with any life-altering injuries…like a stress fracture…or a broken leg…or cholera.

With that, I am off to tackle the day. I am feeling energized and productive. I love fall.

One last thing: Thank you for reading Ali On The Run. You are nice and I love the daily comments, messages and interactions. I wonder all the time if I’ll still be blogging in six months or in a year, mostly because I wonder if the Internet is really going to stick around or if soon everyone will just interact through telepathy or something. Science is crazy.

Have a nice day!



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  1. I meant to comment on this post when I read it, but I forgot…
    I am a runner but I’m not on DailyMile- DITTO
    I do not have a dog (damnit)- DITTO (no damnit tho, oops)
    I don’t always believe in running “3 or 6 easy miles” (not always easy, no matter the number of miles) Running 3 or 6 miles is always a challenge for me so I don’t always get the EASY part.
    I have never had overnight oats or oats in a jar and those things confuse me because I always thought oatmeal was supposed to be served hot
    -I don’t even like oatmeal : )
    Dessert for me will never be a square or “disc” of dark chocolate — it will be a brownie, or a pan of brownies, or a cup of brownie batter dough, and I will like it and probably eat it with ice cream
    Peanut butter is the only nut butter I know, unless Nutella counts
    – AGREED. Only the only nut butter I really like is White Chocolate PB : )
    I feel weird taking pictures of my food when I go out with friends
    -DITTO, so I don’t often do it- not worth it!

  2. WHAT?! I honestly just turned into one of those squeely little anime girls when I saw Nigel (you’re welcome, dude). I’m obsessed with SYTYCD. I read this blog mostly because I love running (but suck at it) and like to run vicariously through your marathon photos. If you could pack Adam Shankman up in a box and ship him to me wearing a Sweat shirt, I will knit you 27 pairs of legwarmers. Thanks.

  3. LOVE love LOVE this post. When I first started my blog, I was planning on making it something similar to other healthy living blogs. Then I realized that just wouldn’t work for me. Heck, I didn’t even bother try to make it work…documenting how I eat/exercise/have fun/live each day is just not something I want to be writing about. I like posting random things instead, sometimes healthy-living related, sometimes not, but so much more me!

  4. This subject always intrigues me 🙂 I cannot believe how much blogging is a part of my life now! I was a journalism major, but didn’t want to work in news anymore when I graduated. I thought I was done writing for good. Little did I know I could write (and publish!) my writing every day, most days multiple times a day! It’s enriched my life.

    Also, AMEN to dessert not being a square of dark chocolate..or worse…a supplement!

  5. I really love this post. I see how easy it can be to fall into the trap of what other bloggers are doing. I am so glad that you have such an individual voice and approach to your blog. That’s why I read it!

  6. I love your blog! You are for sure one of my favs! I really relate to your stomach issues while mine are not nearly like yours, you inspire me to get up and do something when mines killing me. For that, thank you!!!!!

  7. Great post and being different makes it even more interesting! I love reading your blog 🙂

    LOVE the pic with the “So you think you can dance” judges. LOVE THE SHOW!! Made me curious about your job! Maybe you can write more about that?

  8. There definitely is a very typical healthy living blogger way to do things. I feel frustrated when people say “5 easy miles”- it sort of slaps you in the face if you do less and/or it’s difficult. I wish people would quit saying it. I’ve never made overnight oats or oats in a jar either, although I have to admit- I’m a bit intrigued. I’m a huge fan of oatmeal, so it might be good to eat. However, I also don’t consume enough PB to have overnight oats more then once or twice a year. Don’t EVEN get me started on dessert being 1 tiny square of chocolate. That is a small taste, NOT dessert.

    There are some weird behaviors amongst healthy living bloggers.

  9. This is such a cute, genuine post. The reason I keep coming back to your blog every day (since the first time I visited) is because I do feel like you have your own voice and you’re not just doing what everyone else out there is doing.

    I’m also jealous of people who can have one square of chocolate for dessert. That’s barely a warm up before dessert for me (she says, as she eats her giant cinnamon roll for breakfast).

    Hope you had a lovely day!

  10. Agreed with all of the above! Your writing is great, honest, and inspiring. A trap with some “healthy living blogs” is that it is easy for readers to feel bad about themselves – whether it be for not working out 2x everyday, eating dessert, or just enjoying life. You never make your readers feel this way, and we are all cheering you on because of that! Sending healing vibes to your foot!

  11. I love this post! I hope I feel the same way when I have been blogging for a year! And I agree with the above comment-you look and sound blissfully happy!!!

  12. FINALLY!!!! Another blogger who doesn’t like over night oats – I tried them (my husband loves them) and just gross. Gross. Cold mushy oatmeal? No bueno.

    Your blog is one of my favorites – long time reader, not so often commenter but I think you’re fabulous 🙂 🙂

  13. I love this post for all of the same reasons I read your posts every day: it’s honest, yet heartfelt evaluation of your life and why you do what you do! The fact that you don’t love nut butters or own a dog make you a million times awesome.

    Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that you’ve rubbed elbows with Nigel, Mia, and Adam, either. Pretty awesome!

  14. What keeps me reading your blog is how much your sense of humor comes through. And the occasional SYTYCD photo, not gonna lie. But seriously — I think one of the coolest things about blogging is being able to look back months or years and have proof of the people we thought we were then. (And, if we’re lucky, be so much happier to be the people we are now!)

  15. Just wanted to say I love your blog and the fact you’re not just like everyone else. I like oatmeal now and then, but I can only handle so many photos of a bowl of oatmeal a day. In fact, I could live with never looking at a photo of oatmeal ever again.

    Keep being awesome!

  16. I’m now counting Nutella as a nut butter. Thank you for that idea.

    One of the main reasons I added you to my Google reader was because you “broke the mold” in a lot of ways, and I loved it (and was inspired by it). Keep doing it, because you’re good at it!

  17. As long as you are happy keep doing what you are doing!

    I definitely have changed a lot over the past year and running has been part of the reason. I just started blogging so I haven’t changed too much in that regard but I’m sure next year at this time I will have the same reaction as you!

  18. Well, I’m glad that I found your blog, because it is nice to know that there are nice people out there who also like the same things I do and who also does not know what nut butter or overnights oats are. I’m good with the old Quaker in a pound with boiling water.
    I always wonder, too, if I will continue blogging. My answer to myself is always yes, as long as it continues to make me happy!

  19. Ali I love your blog!!! Don’t change because it is so real and too funny that’s why I love it so much!
    Trust me you will be around the blogging world for a very long time!
    Its funny because as I am reading all my other fav blogs I often wonder…why don’t I crave pumpkin like a mad woman? Why does the sound of soggy oats in a jar make me wanna hurl?

  20. There’s a reason I don’t blog everyday. It’s because I’m lazy – I mean…because I don’t really have new and exciting stuff to share. I’d rather read blogs that are filled with fresh content and personality than the same old cookie cutter style post. When I first started blogging, I tried to fit more into the “healthy living” blog mode. I didn’t take pictures of my food and all that, but I did try to blog about food, recipes, different forms of exercise, etc. Now I read those old posts and cringe a little bit. Yeah, I love health, but blogging that way is just not me. I’d rather babble on and on about running. And I find that the blogs I’m reading these days are the same way. I know my blog will continue to grow and change as I do, but I’m really happy that I’ve been able to find my voice.

    I’m really sorry about your foot! I hope it just needs a little bit of rest to feel better!

  21. Awesome post Ali! I love reading how you are doing and you always seem to have something interesting to say!! I am sorry about your foot, use that cold frozen waterbottle. but i think it just needs rest, as do you. i am going to vote now again :). btw I am coming to NYCM to spectate…are you spectating, want to meet up or have any good advice for spectating NYCM?

  22. I love your blog and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! I just started my own blog as part of a school project…it’s nothing compared to yours but I hope that I can get there with it and turn it into something great. Happy Tuesday 🙂

  23. This is why I dig your blog – you blog for you, in your own voice and style. I try so hard to do the same, not falling victim to “doing it the way everyone else does” – because blogging is SO personal, why try to be “like everyone else”? Why would I want to read the same blog 45 times, right?? Go Ali, go 🙂

    PS. I think you ought to give oats in a jar a try, that’s one thing I picked up from blogging that I am OBSESSED WITH. So effing god. For what it’s worth, hehe

  24. Your blog is seriously becoming one of my favorites. I love your honesty and genuine writing. I feel like you are a real and approachable person which is not easy to always convey via a blog. So keep writing and keep running. I love reading!

  25. I love your blog because I can relate to you. I am horrified by almond butter. I used to dance and figure skate. I have run races in leg warmers.

    Foot suggestion – Last year I thought I had a stress fracture in my foot but the Xray didn’t show anything. The doc said I was OK to roll it out on a golf ball so I rolled the metaphorical crap out of my foot. Turns out it was likely a cramp in a teeny muscle in there that was trying to ruin my life.

  26. i love this post, ali! i agree with you, while blogs dedicated to healthy living can be inspiring, sometimes they can be intimidating for people who don’t necessarily have that much self-control and really, really, really love desserts. i prefer reading about people who love to eat wonderful things and can’t wait to sweat it off later :o)

  27. Dear Ali,

    You were my first blog I ever read and still my favorite. I feel like I know you better now than I did when we were actually friends in college (sorry if that creeps you out).

    Please keep blogging forever!

    Thank you 🙂

  28. I love this post. Before last year’s NYC marathon, the only running blog I read regularly was Runner’s Kitchen. When I was looking to find others, a friend e-mailed me a list of so-called healthy living blogs…the kind I steer clear from today. I’m inspired by bloggers who actually focus on running itself and getting stronger and who don’t make excuses…not the ones with too much emphasis on food, losing weight, becoming a better “yogi,” and buying up all kinds of “stuff” to look cute while you run. I heart the Sweat Squad blogs. 🙂

  29. I read your blog because:

    * You are always full of joy.
    * You have the best smile.
    * You wear the best leg warmers. Seriously. I want them.

    And you are effortless energetic and strong. Go Ali!

  30. LIke many people have said, I read your blog because it is different! That’s the best part.
    Also, I only started blogging a few months ago and I already cringe when I read the old posts. My, how things can change.

  31. I did the same thing when I started reading (obsessing?) over new blogs! Some things I found I did like (steel cut oats), and others not (I bought a whole jar of almond butter because everyone seems to love it, and I have eaten a total of one scoop. PB for me, please). I love your blog- its sassy, honest, and inspiring 🙂

  32. i think blogs that are just like everyone else’s blog are boring! who cares what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?! and i also like quality over quantity, i’d rather see less posts then the same old 2-a-day (template) posts.

  33. i think blogs that are just like everyone else’s blog are boring! who cares what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?! and i also like quality over quantity, i’d rather see less posts then the same old 2-a-day (template) posts.

  34. One of the reasons that I love your blog so much is that you do YOU. You are not a robot (although you’d make a nice one, I am sure) .. and aren’t caught up in some of the “it things” that the blog world casts upon us.

    I must admit.. I feel like my blog first tried to put me in a mold. I wanted to do what other people did. I took pictures of all of my food. I used chick peas to make a dessert (gross).. I blogged at least twice a day.. and reading this post made me realize that I was conforming my life ot something.. that wasn’t my life at all! I think I am slowly blogging more about me. And I want to continue on that trend.

  35. YOU HAVE A PICTURE WITH MIA MICHAELS!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t even been able to read the rest of the post yet because I am too in awe over this picture!!!! She is my favorite favorite favorite! I would do just about anything for an opportunity to take class from her! Okay…now to finish the actual reading 🙂

  36. One of the reasons I love your blog is because you keep it real and are true to YOU. You never take yourself too seriously — although there are plenty of things you *do* take seriously: your health, your friends and family, your fitness. All so important! I’m glad you don’t feel the need to conform to the ways that other people blog. I think it makes you lots more interesting! Frankly, I don’t really need to see what people ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I could live the rest of my life without ever reading the phrase “in the mix” again and be a very, very happy girl.

  37. I love your humor, Ali! Your blog definitely stands out from others. I feel like I can actually relate to you even though I’ve never met you, I don’t have Chron’s, and I’ve never lived in a big city. Keep on keepin’ it real!

  38. Great post, Ali! Thank you for your honesty and for reminding us that blogging should be FUN and a reflection of who we really are. I love reading your posts and hope your foot feels better soon!

  39. I find your blog refreshing and inspiring. I love that you are doing what works for you as opposed what you think you should be doing! Thank you for this reminder as I am in the midst of an “identity crisis” within my blog where I am living a bigger life that includes makeup, working out and facing a few fears in the process.

    I look forward to continue to be inspired by reading your blog. Maybe one day I will run a 5k but first I will learn how to walk in heels.

  40. Hi Ali! This blog post hit home with me today. I sometimes have this inner struggle as my blog is definitely different from others and it’s a lifestyle blog which covers a variety of topcis. I should be happy and confident in who I am and I’m happiest when I’m being true to myself.

  41. Ali – Today’s is likely my favorite post ever! And you know what, that shouldn’t even matter to you… That’s the whole point. You are writing about your life, thoughts, feelings, goals, mishaps, etc. As a brand new blogger, I respect your commitment to your blog, but mostly your commitment to yourself and being the best you can be. I came to your fundraising a few months ago because I wanted to meet the girl behind the words. And after meeting you there and at Bklyn 10 miler, I confirmed that you really are good people. That is why I continue to look forward to your daily musings. So, thank YOU for sharing with us for another day or another year.

  42. I love your blog! When I first read the title of this post I was scared for a second because I thought you were going to say you were not going to blog anymore – like my friend was breaking up with me or something. As one of your loyal (daily) readers, I always look forward to what you are going to write about on any given day, and I personally LOVE the fact that you are not all about the endless variety of nut butters.

    Your writing style, candidness and overall attitude on life is exactly why you kicked a$$ in your fundraising. Keep up the good work Ali – your readers love you!

  43. I was thinking about this very topic this morning and how it relates to my blog (so maybe telepathy is the future?). I also have felt pressure to blog about things that other healthy living bloggers talk about and pressure to blog daily, but it has felt forced and ultimately I think readers can tell when something isn’t authentic. One of the things that I like so much about your blog is that it’s original and has lots of personality.

    Also, I don’t do overnight oats and oatmeal things either, but this might be because I love bagels and cream cheese too much!

  44. The healthy living blog world is spewing pumpkin everywhere across cyberspace. I’m glad you are not. And I think it’s really weird, not to mention boring, when people post on their blog everything they eat. I hope that foot is better again soon!

  45. I am a new consistent reader of your blog…and one of the things I love most about you is that you keep it real and just do you! I am definitely voting on the website again today! Enjoy your day!

  46. I’ve been thinking a lot of these same thoughts for a while now. I get so frustrated reading blogs because most of them are the same thing day in & day out. I would really rather read about your chron’s flare-ups and how many times you had to use the bathroom than see another freakin’ bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin in it next to a cup of coffee.

    I also ADORE grilled cheese – I had 2 for dinner on Sunday when I was having my own set of tummy trouble. OMG cheeeeezeeee!! – When I was a kid, my Dad used to sprinkle sugar in the butter and then cook the sandwich. delish. I do this now.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better (chrons/colitis wise) – now if you can just get that foot back to normal you’ll be golden!

  47. I love how you posted it on a day I had somewhat similar thoughts going through my head! I don’t blog (at least not yet ;)) but I’ve been following ‘healthy living ‘ blogs for months now, and it kinda struck me today how my eating habits changed because of it. I was thinking that while eating oatmeal with chia seeds and peanut butter ;). Six months ago I didn’t even know how to make oatmeal, I was eating cereal + soy milk nearly everyday for the past 5 years (and still love it!), so I guess I branched out a little. I had no idea what chia seeds were or quinoa or kale, and now I have all of them in my pantry! Still, I will never be that girl that has a dark chocolate disc as a dessert, and smoothie will never be a meal for me (liquid = not a meal!).

    BTW, I wanted to tell you that the main reason your blog is one of my favorites is that all of your posts have a well-thought out content. I hate it when you can tell a blogger has nothing to blog about (but they need to get 3 posts per day to generate revenue), so they either recycle a post of ‘In case you missed…’, post a flashback of an event they’ve attended months before but ‘saved’, or just link a YT video. I mean, if you have nothing to blog about, just don’t blog!

  48. Everything you mentioned above is why I LOVE your blog!

    I’m glad your Crohn’s flareup is beginning to subside too. Although the fact that you frequently point out new bathrooms in the park has saved me on more then one occasions.

  49. Awesome post! I was also very nervous to enter the blogging world, but quickly found it comforting and enjoyable to read about so many other like minded people. That said, it is very easy to fall into the trap of “what everyone else is doing” and I think it’s important to, not so much go out of your way to set yourself apart, but just be yourself. Because that’s exactly what will set you apart. (I think those sentences make sense?). Love the part when you mentioned not eating one square of chocolate. I don’t get that either!

  50. First time commenting. This post just made me want to write that I think you’re great and I echo all the sentiments of the comments above, because you actually recognize your strengths and use those to your advantage rather than conforming to the healthy blogging “trends” like random nut butters, chia seeds, and most importantly: overnight oats in a jar! I still don’t get them. Thanks for keeping it real, and I hope the foot heals soon!

  51. all of the reasons why you’re ok with not doing what everyone else is doing are the reasons why I love your blog and go back to it consistently. you are so down to earth and real! i will admit that some of the other blogs i love do go on about overnight oats and nut butters galore, but there are only so many i can take! which is why i come to yours. so, thanks for being true to yourself!

  52. I like your blog because it’s not like the other “healthy living” blogs. It kinda weirds me out that people document everything they eat. Does anyone really care about that? I always try and picture what it would be like if I was out to dinner with friends and one of them was like “don’t touch that, I need a pic first!” Individuality is always best – I think that’s why everyone here reads your blog. Also you’re quite funny. Keep up the good work!

  53. I could have written this — just not as well 🙂

    I think that when we all started blogging, it was so new that we needed to follow each others’ leads, and that was cool! I liked feeling like I was in the club. But now that so many of us have been doing it for so long, I love seeing individual personalities, and I find that I’m much more interested in reading the different voices; not the same old stuff.

    Looking back is fun, and even when I cringe at old posts of mine, I can’t hate on them. They were just part of the process.

  54. Thank goodness for you’re blogging, Ali! I get so excited to read what you have to say every morning! It’s really great that you have made your blog your own and I think that’s why I love reading it so much! About your foot, I had a similar pain to what you are describing last year after a race and I rolled my foot out on a tennis ball (sounds weird, feels awesome) and stretched out my arches diligently for several weeks. Eventually the pain went away. Not sure if that will help, but it’s at least an idea!

  55. Amen!! I sometimes feel like some of the ‘healthy living’ blogs I read do fall into that sometimes…and not even purposely, as it sounds like you didn’t do it purposely either, and then what, we have a lot of cookie cutter blogs? No fun. I’d rather read words from the heart, funny pics and honesty that EVERY RUN IS NOT GOING TO BE AWESOME. Just not gonna. Even if you are superhuman (like sometimes I am convinced you are hehe!). Love this post Ali!

  56. Love this. Cue “seasons of love” – It is fun to reflect on how much things can change in a year, and I can see how the blog helps, too. Thanks for letting us be a part 🙂

  57. I absolutely love your blog. It always makes me laugh and lightens up the morning. But I struggled with the same things when I first started blogging. I felt like I had to do what everyone else does. Now, I’ve realized that I just blog about whatever I’m interested in and what I want my family and friends to know about my life.

    Plus, I love the point you made about blogging about life but not living it. I felt like I was sharing so many things that were so unnecessary. Rather than worrying about doing fun things and making great recipes and having a great workout everyday, I realized it’s more important sometimes to eat cereal for dinner and watch TV with my husband all night. Those are the really important things sometimes.

    Great post Ali!

  58. I read you because you aren’t “typical” and have proper grammar and spelling.

    You can have a play date with my two puppies anytime you want to, there very cute and cuddly. 5 pounds and 8 pounds respectively of puppy fluff!

    I hope your foot feels better asap!

  59. I love this post – you are definitely set apart from the “typical” bloggers, and your content is always interesting. I have to admit how it’s hard to not fall in to that trap – feeling like I agreed with the way a lot of those “healthy bloggers” lived their lives was the reason I wanted to be a part of the community in the first place, but I don’t think I’ve changed because of it!

    1. Thanks, Claire! It’s easy to conform and do what everyone else is doing, but I think what makes any sort of community a little more exciting and, of course diverse, is when there’s more variety. Keeps it fun!

  60. 1. WTF is Daily Mile. Clearly, I’m behind, since I just figured out people blogged as full time jobs and stuff.
    2. Jan is pissed and now Zuckerman down at HJD (bone people) is pissed, too. In addition to bathrooms in Central Park, nyu doctors are going to install an alter-G in the park for all of the sweat squad to use.
    3. I kind of want a picture of the sweat squad in sweat shirts. Your shirts not actual sweat shirts.
    4. I hope you keep blogging because I like reading!
    5. Love myself a sequin. Thougts on sequins ON legwarmers? Possible in the shape of an S for sweat?

  61. I hate sunflower butter… haha. But I hope your foot heals soon! I got tendonitis in mine a couple weeks back and was put on prednisone to reduce the swelling – but obviously that wouldn’t be your solution ;).

  62. It really is crazy how much we change in a year. I don’t recognize my own blog posts from when I started at ALL. I love that you are so much happier with your life now.

    Oats in a jar is hot by the way. The purpose is to pour your cooked oatmeal into an almost empty nut butter jar to melt the PB that sticks on the sides and get it all gooey melty into your oatmeal. At least that’s how I’ve done it!

  63. You’ve changed so much in the past year, and your blog totally reflects that and how blissfully happy you are now! It’s been fun watching your blog grow and become so you. It’s totally inspired me to become a better blogger, runner and person. I hope you blog forever 🙂

    And Bailey wants you to know that you can come over and play whenever you want.

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