There’s So Much More Good Than Bad

I am a happy person.

I think life is great. Fantastic, even.

On any given day, there is crap in the world that makes me angry and pisses me off. There are so many little things that can get a person worked up. I’m thinking totally stupid things like over-crowded subways, unexpected rain (after spending 7 seemingly endless minutes under a hair dryer) and wet moccasins.

But really? Really, Ali? You’re going to complain about that?

I used to let myself get overly fired up about things — often things I had little to no control over. It drove me nuts. Eventually though, a few months ago, I realized that I simply couldn’t go through life that way.

Was I really going to let a busy, crammed sidewalk ruin my day? Silly. That’s the kind of crap that leads to needless stress and, ultimately, an out-of-control stomach. I learned that I needed to focus on the things I can control, and just do my best to deal with the things I cannot control. I also learned to always carry an umbrella.

Lately I’ve found a lot to get frustrated about. For one, I’m really, really sad the marathon is over.

Yes, of course a mention of the marathon requires a photo you have already seen.

I miss training, I miss the routine, I miss Coach Cane and I miss having — and dominating — little daily goals, whether mileage-related or speed-related.

I’m frustrated that I’ve gotten so much slower since the marathon, too. Sure my health isn’t exactly up to par, but I used to bang out an 8:15 pace on my morning runs with no problem. It was a comfortable pace for me. Now, I’m hovering around 9:10s, which is fine, but it’s significantly slower than I’m used to, and it feels like a struggle.

And then, yes, there’s that whore named Crohn’s, and her sister named colitis, and I’m not sure now which one I have, but I know I don’t particularly want to be friends with either of them.

But these problems — Are they really problems?


Because I’m going to overcome them. Immediately. Here’s how:

Wah, wah, wah, the marathon is over. Yeah, and that sucks. Boo hoo, Ali. I ran my first marathon and it was the best thing ever, and now I will never get to run my first marathon again. But I will have the memories from that experience for a long time, or at least until all that boxed wine I drank in college really catches up with me and starts killing off my brain cells.

See? I have photos for when my memory goes to shit.

I’m not marathon training anymore, but I already have races lined up for the future, and I fully intend to crush them. My big winter race is going to be the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in December. I’m so excited and honored to be traveling out there with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation — they’re hooking me up big-time as a thank you for raising money during the Run For The Rabbit competition — and I would really like to train hard and attempt a PR on that fabulously flat course.

Oh boo, sad Ali, you’re not fast anymore? Well, OK, yeah. Apparently marathon training has been known to slow runners down a bit. I’m pretty sure the cure for that is diligent speedwork and interval training. So I’ll get right on that, and ka-pow! I will be fast again.

Poor Ali, you have bathroom problems! Yes, Crohn’s and/or colitis, whatever we’re addressing here — these are serious diseases, and I’ve been putting up with their crap (nope, not funny) for a long time now. Since I was 7 years old, in fact. Getting a flare-up is debilitating and inconvenient. But I’m on Steroids now, and I know they’re going to work. I know that at this time next week, this flare-up will be behind me. So I just need to suck it up and deal for the time being, and be glad I have so many caring, understanding people in my life who are making this easier to deal with.

Brian, for example. He’s a nice boy. And while I have no problems sharing all the gory details of my mid-run bathroom experiences on my blog, I’m still not totally comfortable talking to him about them. It’s not because I’m shy. I am absolutely not shy, not even a little bit.

This is Brian. I believe you've all been introduced.

But who does want to get into these kinds of details with their significant other? We already shack up regularly in one of our small NYC apartments, and there’s not exactly a lot of space and you hear everything and it’s just…awkward. I hate it.

This morning I woke up at Brian’s. Usually I choose to power walk home, wasting 10–15 minutes of my morning, and then I change into running clothes, do my…business…and then go for a run in the park.

Waste of time.

It’s so much easier to just run from his place, conveniently located very close to Central Park.

So I tried to quietly get ready this morning and urged him to keep sleeping and not wake up with me. But then he was all, “Can I come run with you?” and I was like, “Shit. OK.”

Honestly, my plan was to sneak out and go to the Starbucks on the corner before I really started running. That wasn’t going to work with him in tow. That would be weird, I thought. I finally had to be all, “Brian, here’s the deal. Here’s why I avoid running with you in the morning. Cool?”


Anyway. We ran to the park together and I loved it! I had to stop twice due to a bouncy, irritated stomach, and he never minded, and I never went into detail about it. It was the first time we ran together on a weekday, and we ended up covering 7 miles.

Confession: He ran 6.5 miles. I ran 7. I am a competitive little witch.

The sunrise this morning was incredible.

Why yes, I DO think this is worth waking up at 5 am for. Thank you for asking.

Plus, the miles sped by since we were chatting most of the time.

And I finally busted out my shiny new coral Sweat shirt.

Central Park Reservoir, you complete me. And also sweat.

The run was not my fastest. The run was not my best. My stomach is still unhappy. But last night I returned to my beloved Chisel class, and this morning I ran. I’m not recovered, but I’m barreling down the road there.

I’m coming back with a vengeance. A ton of it. Seriously. So much vengeance, coming right at you.

And because you know I enjoy lists very much, here are five more things that are wonderful and that outweigh anything bad going on in life right now:

1. My family is great. I’m still smiling after spending a long weekend with them. Ryan is a loyal blog reader (Hi Ry Guy!) and he was sad that on his birthday I only included “bad” photos of him getting eye drops, and not “cute ones from when we were little.” So, Ryan, here you go:

We are small and it is fall. Writing poetry is one of my gifts.

2. The weather is perfect for running now. OK, minus the rain and stuff coming out of the sky. But the temperature this morning was incredible. I love fall running.

3. I’m going to Turks & Caicos. That’s the trip I got for getting second place in the Run For The Rabbit competition! I don’t have too many details yet, but I was pretty pumped to get that email yesterday. Two free trips this winter? I’ll take it. I feel incredibly lucky. Big time.

4. Work has calmed down. It’s still busy and crazy and I don’t have time during the day to do spontaneous jazz hands as often as I’d like, but this week is far more manageable than the past few weeks.

5. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Yes, I am aware that this holiday is about more than food. In fact, it’s not really about food at all. Pilgrims and Indians and stuff. Excellent. But also turkey. And gravy. And stuffing. And desserts.

WANT TO PLAY? I bet you can come up with five things today that are way more important than a crappy commute or an angry stomach. Go ahead. Try it.



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  1. Oh Ali, I totally dig you! If you need a travel partner, I’m more than happy to escort you to Turks & Caicos 😉
    I remember feeling exactly the same way as I approached my first marathon and then right after.. all this training is slowing me down, no more first marathon, etc… But then I signed up for my next race (which was less than a month after the marathon. ouch.) and moved on. Love that you found a supportive, awesome (and hot) boyfriend to rock your world! So much to be grateful for. Here are mine:
    1- Business is taking over my life, which is a good thing because it means I’m busy and I own it. Yay me!
    2- Incredible manfriend G who showed me that there are incredible, loving, sensitive, awesome, understanding, trustworthy guys out there! So freakin lucky to have him in my life 🙂
    3- I can run again! Injury sucked but happy to be back out there
    4- My manicure has lasted over a week. Yes, this IS something for which to be grateful
    5- NYCM is days away… although I had to drop out, I get to cheer on G and tons of friends and I couldn’t be more excited

    XO hot stuff!

  2. 1. I am ready for my 1/2 marathon and I still have 2 weeks!! Im gonna pone!!
    2. I woke up this morning on teh RIGHT side of bed and for the first time in a long time I feel alive!
    3. After-effects of a great party (good after-effects!! 😉 )
    4. christmas is COMING!!! (slowly…)
    5. I look good today!! 😛

    We will never tire of your marathon pix!!!

  3. WOW the skyline of New York before sunrise looks so amazing!

    1. The upcoming fall run this afternoon
    2. Dinner with my boyfriend tonight
    3. Only two more days until weekend
    4. My upcoming wellness weekend and trip to Tyrol
    5. Todays sunshine!

    Take good care!
    Greatings from Vieanna, Austria

  4. You have such a good attitude! The sunrise picture is ridiculous- looks so amazing! And yay for all of your upcoming trips!!

    1. I dominated my goal in my half marathon on sat, despite the freakish wind and hills along the entire course
    2. Had an awesome dinner at my fav french place last night
    3. FALL!
    4. I’m visiting my bff in nyc in only 10 days!
    5. Slept ten hours last night and it was wonderful 🙂

  5. Hey Ali!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now, and love it! I have been meaning to ask you about your morning solo runs… I actually live in your area, but am usually afraid to run when its dark out (morning or evening), so come this time of year have already switched to the treadmill ( I work during a lot of the daylight). I would love to go back out, but even on a morning like today, I look out my window and just get nervous. Do you have any advice? Do you run all the way to the park or walk until you get where it will be more crowded? Do you wear reflection gear? Listen to an ipod?

    I’m so sorry for the thousands of questions. I’ve been here for so long, but have always been too nervous to take my runs outside in the dark, and you are beginning to inspire me to try it again. I figure if I’m up before the sun,maybe it would be nice to catch the sunrise rather than VH1 jump start on my morning run…

    1. Thanks for commenting, Molly! A few answers for you, in list form, because that’s how my brain functions:
      1. Yes, it can be scary to run in the morning when it’s dark. I will never run before 5 am.
      2. I run all the way to the park and I stay on my street, which is very well lit. There are lots of nice doormen out washing the streets in front of their buildings, and they’re friendly, not scary. They make me feel protected in a weird way.
      3. I wear brightly colored tops, ALWAYS. Don’t run in dark clothes.
      4. I usually listen to music, but on mornings that it’s particularly dark or quiet, I’ll pop my headphones out of my ears to be more alert.
      5. Stay on the main roads if you’re in Central Park. Avoid the paths. The Reservoir is very well lit and usually filled with people, and you’ll never find yourself alone on the main running road either. The Bridle Path isn’t well lit in the morning though, so watch out for that.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Awww y’all are such a beautiful couple. And how amazing is he for WANTING to run with you!?!???

    A few words about pooping in front of your boyfriend: start talking about it in a 3rd person sense (“Dr Oz was talking about poop today and he said the shape of it can tell us a lot about our health!”). Then, see how he responds. My bf was super willing to dish about poop, including his own. I continued by saying “Poop is great! It shows that our digestive systems are healthy and working.” Then, you might say, “Don’t you ever poop? I’ve never seen you do it around me.” and see how he responds. Then, talk about how shy you’ve been about it around him.

    You won’t loose attraction to eachother. Instead, it will bond you – STRANGE I KNOW… It shows that y’all are comfortable around eachother.

    Cheers to poop talk, Ali!


  7. I also need to remember that there are things in life that are out of my control…more now than ever.

    BTW, I love the picture you took of sunrise…so beautiful!

  8. 1) Getting to spend every day with my two adorable sons, 16 months and 3 1/2.
    2) It’s almost Halloween–my favorite holiday!
    3) I love the running weather in the fall–cool and dry and no humidity.
    4) Tonight I had the best macaroni and cheese for dinner.
    5) Seeing the beautiful colors of the fall foliage in my neighborhood.

  9. I adore your positivity. And the fact that you refer to Crohn’s as a whore (I often refer to annoyances as whores in my head). Basically I already love reading your blog, even though I just discovered in a few days ago. Time to catch up!

  10. 5 good things today:
    1. I finally dare to write a comment on a blog I love (ie yours now!)
    2. I bought new running shoes (yay!)
    3. I’m going to Canada & the US in November (I live in France)
    4. Work has calmed down (I work in the fashion world…fashion week is over, thank God!)
    5. Christmas is -almost- right around the corner 🙂

    Thank you for an amazing post as usual!!

  11. Agreeing with commenter immediately above… blah day turned around! Thank you for that 🙂

    my five: my kids are healthy, my kids are amazing people, Dolvett is now following me on Twitter (squeeeeee!!!!), Dolvett replied to Tweet inviting him to run with us in Vegas, and…. VEGAS is coming, baby!!!! How much fun will THAT be? 🙂

  12. did you realize that you wrote..can I run with you…”shit.ok.” after telling us you get your #2 on before run? I love hilarious, unintended jokes.

    I am thankful for my beautiful children, my awesome hubster, and pumpkin cream cheese.

  13. Ali, you’re kind of awesome. Just throwing it out there.

    My five things:
    1. It hasn’t rained in nearly a week here in MD. In fact, the weather has been PERFECTION. I know it won’t last, but it’s great while it does.
    2. I have the day off on Friday. This is a big deal, as I currently need a day off more than I need a million dollars (Lies. I totally need a million $. But I’ll take the day off).
    3. I got personally invited to write curriculum for the state of Maryland yesterday. This is a big deal for me professionally, and though it’ll be a ton of work, I’m excited to have the experience (and resume boost)!
    4. I’m Skyping with my long distance boyfriend tonight. Skype makes long distance relationships suck so. much. less.
    5. I made pumpkin date bread the other night, brought it into work, and no one really ate it (they’re all chocolate lovers—not so much pumpkin lovers). This = more pumpkin date bread for me. WINNER.

    Seriously—you’re crazy inspiring. Keep kicking ass.

  14. Oh gosh Ali I needed this soo bad…ok here we go
    1) I am happy i am not in law school anymore and worked hard to land an awesome job
    2) I am happy i have an amazing PT who helps me trains and writes my plans on the backs of scraps of paper and lets me volunteer for his organization Christmas in the City
    3) I am happy for bloggers who agree to run with me and carry all my crap during hte marathon
    4) I am happy for my husband who puts up with all my crap including taping up my blistered feet
    5) i am happy my new compression socks came in because the box i bought was missing a sock that happened to be on the manequin

    can’t wait to see you in Vegas sooo fun. feel better. you have the best attitude ever. thanks for the perspective.

  15. You and Brian are super cute and I love that pink dress! 5 happy things:
    1) My grad school friends are hilarious and super fun.
    2) The routine I am choreographing is really coming together and will look beautiful on stage.
    3) I am hosting pumpkin carving night at my house on Friday with my friends and have a kickass carving idea.
    4) I have my 3rd 5K on Sunday and will be dressed in a Batman tshirt
    5) My boyfriend is the best guy I’ve ever known.

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  16. I hear ya on not wanting to tell the bf the gory details, but you know he’ll be a-okay with everything, because the boy adores you regardless of your whore-ish stomach! Somehow those walls have crumbled in my relationship and the topic of farting is far too prevalent. sheesh!

  17. Getting my workout done in Orlando was great. Not too hard to get your sweat on here. At one point, I thought it was raining, but really it was just my sweat.

    You’re not even a month out from the ol’ marathon, right? Its taken me about a month to feel back to normal both times I’ve run a marathon when I’ve come back to running (although Ive taken 2 weeks off both times after). It takes a long time, from what I’ve read, from your muscles, their metabolism, and other body systems to recover from the beating of a 26.2 mile race. So, don’t beat yourself up so much for being “slower.”

  18. Definitely needed this post! I finished my first half marathon last two Sundays–and have literally been upset every day since. A solid week, just because I don’t have a plan to stick to or a goal to work towards. So the “wah wah wah the (half) marathon is over” will totally be a kick in the butt for me, because wah wah I finished a half marthon! So five things for me are:
    1. Trader Joes….he owns me.
    2. My saucony’s. They’ll be there to lace up whenever I want, training plan or no training plan.
    3. Cupcakes. No need for explanation.
    4. Nuun. I swore by this during training for hydration and now can’t bring myself not to drink it on a daily basis, run or no run.
    5. Pictures of my half marathon…because I know it’s “just” a half, but it’s already jumped up to one of the best things I’ve worked really hard for and done in my life…and I have the pics to prove it.

    1. “Just” a half?! Take it back! A half marathon is huge! Don’t downplay that distance at all. Congratulations on dominating 13.1 miles. Frame every single one of those photos!

  19. Miss Ali, it’s ok that you are slower! Stop beating yourself up about it, i still don’t think you are accepting the fact that your body needs some rest after the marathon. It hasn’t even been a whole month yet and many recommend you take the month after your marathon to rest and build back up again. You’ll be banging out those 8:15 miles in no time 😉

  20. awesome photos!! glad you’re getting your groove back

    1. my friends
    2. skinny vanilla lattes
    3. having to wear a sweatshirt for the first time today
    4. being a beast in running class today
    5. riding my bike. i love it so much. even if it’s just 5 minutes to class, it’s so fun.

  21. thanks for the motivating post, ali! i especially love the sunset pic :o)

    things i’m thankful for:
    – pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING (lattes, soup, ravioli…..)
    – upcoming trip to jamaica / washington dc
    – thinking about the next marathon (yes, like you i face post-marathon blues! i ran chicago two weekends ago)
    – margaritas with girlfriends last night (yay for great friends!)
    – having more free time since i recently passed my CPA and no longer have to study

    keep the positive vibes flowing, girl!

  22. Turks and Caicos! How fun! Also,I love the pink I <3 Sweat tshirt!
    Things I am thankful for:
    1. This amazing fall weather!
    2. Some upcoming weekend trips to New England
    3. Thanksgiving is coming up-my favorite holiday of the year
    4. Being able to go back to school to finally do something I really enjoy
    5. Being a mom. It took me a while but I've finally got the hang of it and it's becoming so much more fun!

  23. Your brother is adorable…..also, coincidence that this new outlook on life and priorities started shortly after you started dating Brian? I think not…..

  24. Oh wow, such pretty pictures. I love fall running too!

    Five things:
    1. I’m going to see my boyfriend tonight, I haven’t seen him since Wednesday. 2. I am going to clean my apartment this weekend. I’m seriously excited about it since I have had no time to clean for the past three weeks. 3. There is the Grub Street food festival this weekend 4. Now that my half marathon is over, I finally have time for yoga. 5. I have lots of fun brunch plans this weekend.

  25. 1. I’m heading to DC in a week and a half to see my amazing friends, see the sights, and take a 26.2 mile tour of DC known as the Marine Corps Marathon.
    2. My husband destroyed his finger playing rugby on Saturday and will likely be having surgery in the next week so he doesn’t lose use of it. BUT – we still have each other.
    3. My puppy dog is finally 99% potty trained!
    4. I bought a new pair of TOMS with a groupon and I can’t wait to rock them.
    5. ALMOST CHRISTMAS DECORATING SEASON! I am getting so many ideas from Pinterest.

  26. My list…
    1) I am thankful for my incredibly supportive family.
    2) I am lucky to have a great group of friends at WeightWatchers.
    3) I’m doing my first 9K this Sunday. I’m excited and nervous (also because my wicked bitchy Crohn’s is acting up a little as well)
    4) I’m thankful that 9 years ago today I became an Aunt for the first time.
    5) I am thankful that I have two super cute doggies who are happy to see me.

  27. Awesome post! I love your positive attitude 🙂 And I only JUST started reading your blog but I knew right away your b/f wouldn’t mind, he seems great! Just wait until you’ve been together 5+ years! My fiance and I fart in front of one another all. the. time. Heh 😉

  28. Ali, this boy sounds like a keeper. The first time I broke down and told my (then) boyfriend (now—husband!) all of the details of IBS, and the many times I cried thereafter and told him I understood if he wanted out—he didn’t. And it sounds like you have one just like that 😉

  29. Things that I am loving…
    1) Loving this weather! Fall is the best!
    2) Just a 18 days until the NYC marathon! There is nothing like that race…
    3) I am obsessed with the new color at Lululemon “Black Swan.”
    4) My family and friends are amazing.
    5) Going boot shopping with my friend soon. Because I really need to buy some shoes that aren’t running shoes…haha

  30. I love this post! And the picture of you and your brother is adorable.
    1. I am going to Orlando to meet my new nephew next weekend
    2. I spent Sunday in a corn maze with my best friends and it was amazing.
    3. The weather is that perfect mix when i can wear my boots and not feel guilty but its still not too cold.
    4. I discovered pumpkin butter this weekend and my life will never be the same
    5. I have multiple episodes of Boardwalk Empire waiting on my DVR to be watched

  31. I love that picture of you and your brother- your expressions are identical and so cute!
    5 things to be happy about today:
    1) I’m going to Boston this weekend for the first time to visit friends, also making a side trip to Salem, MA 🙂
    2) Because of Boston, I am taking Friday off- short week!
    3) Fleece sheets. Enough said.
    4) Thanksgiving is indeed so close, which means I get to fly to Denver to see my parents, sister & her husband, my 2-year-old nephew, and my brand new nephew who is due on Nov. 12!!!
    5) I have a pumpkin to carve, and 3 scary movies en route from Netflix. 🙂

  32. Turks & Caicos! Ahh that sounds wonderful right now. I am glad you are feeling better and coming back with a vengeance. You are gonna kick butt in Vegas!!!
    Things I’m digging for today.
    1) I made my friend’s early spin class at the gym before work! (It’s cross train day) It’s been a while since I’ve been to spin and I LOVED it!
    2) Coffee, clearly something to be happy about
    3) I put chocolate in my oatmeal this morning. Pretty amazing stuff.
    4) I have a fun night planned with my girls!
    5) Marine Corps Marathon in 1.5 weeks! Hello DC!

  33. Turks & Caicos is amazing! I went there on my honeymoon!
    Hope your steroids start kicking in fast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Things important right now: free lunch at work, going to Chicago to see my sis this weekend, running 20 miles on Saturday, my chihuahua, and freshly picked apples!

  34. That sunrise pic is amazing! I always think of you when I pretend im going to run before work… sunrise on lake mich is just as amazing as your NYC pics…. too bad I haven’t woken up in time to see it in like 6 months 🙂

    5 good,happy things:
    1) the L was puling up to the station as soon as i got to the platform. good start to the morning.
    2) I get to see my little 4th grader, rashaad (who is a DOLL) at tutoring tonight
    3) I got new pants from lulu (they have talls!) and they do alterations for free… which = awesome.
    4) there is a lulu approx 1 block from my apt…. which = awesome AND dangerous
    5) I have 2 monitors at work and i minimize all the windows on one screen so I can see the picture of my nephew on my desktop all day long 🙂

  35. Wow Turks and Caicos, that will be so fun!

    1. I love my little family! Me, my husband and our five pets (one dog, two cats and two birds).
    2. Even though it is cold out, the sun is shining which makes it all better.
    3. Free “appreciation” breakfast food at work today.
    4. I will be running my first half marathon this weekend!
    5. It is going to be Thanksgiving soon, which means I get to see my parents, brother and grandmother!

  36. Love this 🙂
    1. Its almost halloween!! This means lots of candy corn, candy, and perhaps the buying into the Mean Girls rule on costumes…
    2. The best night of the year, “fall back” is also approaching. Free hour of sleep?! Awesome.
    3.The last episode of glee showed redhead supremacists. They were nuts and extreme, but yay for sticking up for the ginger kids 🙂
    4. Belting out songs along with acapella groups on the singoff is always a reason to smile. Awesome activity. You’re welcome, neighbors!
    5. The sun will come out tomorrow. When in doubt, always reach for annie. Girl never fails. (Another reason for point #3!)

  37. Ahh! Turks and Caicos! So much fun!! Incredibly jealous. And you will rock the Vegas half for sure! Five good things.. hmm:
    1. We had an incredible engagement shoot done yesterday.
    2. My family has been an amazing support through my races and in planning for our wedding. (Although if my dad doesn’t stop buying things off our registry, there will benothing left for guests. I have banned him.)
    3. I am getting serious about lifting and strength training again and today I am hurting SO GOOD!
    4. Iam still feeling pretty good about my PR this past weekend 🙂
    5. Chocolate is good. Very good. And I have a huge stash.

  38. I love this post! You’re right – there IS so much more good than bad. Sometimes I let crappy commutes piss me off more than they should and it’s STUPID. Here are my five things:
    1. my IT band is feeling better and I’m glad I have an ART doc to go to that helps me
    2. I got my hairs cut and I like it
    3. The running weather IS fabulous
    4. My mom and sister are coming in for the marathon
    5. I think I aced my first vitamins and minerals test last night.

    I’m boring 🙂 After a test run tomorrow, I’ll let you know about the rest of the week? I hope to be back out there!

  39. Beautiful sunrise run with a cute boy? Perfect. Glad you were able to go even though you had to uh…go? 😉 And Turks and Caicos! So jealous!! I am dying to go there, but much much much deserved!! As for being sad marathon training is over…I am sure it feels WEIRD to not be training right now, but I hope you embrace it a bit and get back to good health and enjoy the runs for what they are. Fall running is the best!!

  40. Great pic at the reservoir! Five good things — 1. I have two awesome kids. 2. I have a job. 3. I have an amazing sister and little baby nephew. 4. I am back in the gym even if it’s on the elliptical (for now) 5. I know that things have to get better.

  41. 1. Though I’m totally bummed out a lot because I’m a writer with no job in a new city where I know no one, I have a husband who is at work right now while I eat my bagel on the couch. He is wonderful to provide this home for us while I’m still looking for a job. And it’s great that we are newlyweds so I still get to brag about him all the time and people still think it’s cute and not annoying. I’ll still do it after they get tired of it, but at least for now, it’s “allowed.”
    2. There are still 11 chocolate cupcakes left from the batch I made on Saturday and they are delicious. I can’t wait to eat another 1, or 3, tonight with my Hubs.
    3. There are awesome sidewalks by our apartment where I can run. I’m not in the shape I was a year ago at this time when I was training for my half marathon, but I’m proud I run everyday, even if it’s only 2 or 3 miles.
    4. Even though it’s cold outside right now and I am tempted to turn on our heat, I have comfy warm pants and my Hubs’s hoodie, and a blanket to keep me company today.
    5. My main job these days is cooking for my husband and myself in our tiny apartment kitchen. It frustrates me that I make a huge mess no matter what I cook (I need to clean up after breakfast!), because we have very little work space, but I have so enjoyed having this creative outlet to make delicious food for my new little family.

    Thanks for that look on the bright side. I feel a little less sad about being out of work, and a lot more happy about this new place in life I’m in right now!

  42. Here’s hoping the steroids kick in fast and you get into a new doctor that can help you minimize the flareups ASAP. The speed will come back, you’ll be able to crush your pr in the half in no time. Turks and Caicos is so much fun. I went there in 2009 and absolutely loved it.

  43. Ali! We’re twins today. I totally busted out my new sweat shirt for work this morning. I get all excited about new clothes and have to wear them immediately.

    Five Good Things:
    1. I just got interviewed for a local magazine. I’ll be honest and admit I love the attention, but I also LOVE that they wanted to talk about my ulcerative colitis. Raising awareness about these devil diseases makes me happy.
    2. We are nearing our $4000 fundraising goal and I want to keep going and crush it. I’m getting a little competitive about fundraising. This is new for me. It makes me happy.
    3. Team Challenge people rock and I have new BFFs now. (Huh. apparently there is a theme to these.)
    4. Glee just came on my Pandora station.
    5. I get to see you in Vegas in December!

  44. Totally understand how icky and sucky CD is o a day-to-day basis.You’re not alone. I’ve had to stop in the woods plenty of times during runs. My family is sooo understanding. And all my friends have been, too. Brian will be, too. Cheers.

  45. First, that is the best sunrise photo! LOVE it and wish I could have seen that myself! Second, you look exactly the same as when you were tiny! Adorable photo of you and Ryan. Lastly, of course Brian is understanding and awesome about your situation. Any good guy would be! And I assume he reads this blog every day anyway and already knows. It got to a point for me where I just said, “Andy, read my Blisstree article” and I felt relieved that he knew without me actually SAYING it.

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