Today I Will Rest & Recharge

My office is open today — apparently dancers don’t need to celebrate the fantastic Mr. Columbus — but I’m not at work.

I didn’t get back to the city until very late last night. Thank you, northern-bound traffic on the highway. I walked into my apartment and kept my eyes open for about 8 seconds before I passed out.

Apparently 10 miles of running and a day spent in the bathroom can really wear a girl out.

Jackie, Eric and me after the Army 10-Miler yesterday

I woke up a few times during the night because my stomach was uncomfortable, but I mostly slept fine.

Then my alarm went off at 6 am, and I just couldn’t fathom going to work. My stomach was dancing, my whole body ached and everything just hurt and felt tired.

Thank goodness for sick days.

I fell back asleep and didn’t get out of bed until 11 am.

I’m still not totally convinced that I’m battling Crohn’s right now. I think the stress from the marathon, and from everything else in life, is just exhausting me. Today the plan is to tackle my emails, clean my apartment, watch plenty of “Modern Family” and, if my stomach lets me leave the house, do some grocery shopping.

Pajamas are necessary.

Workout clothes are not.

I promised Brian I wouldn’t work out today. I know a total rest day is for the best. I know I need it. I also know that I really love that 5:15 pm Chisel class downtown. But, no! I will not go. I will stay strong, I will rest, and tomorrow I will feel better.

Now it’s on the Internet, so I have to stick with it.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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  1. I think its great you listened to your body and rested!!! ALSO, I ran the Chicago marathon and saw someone wearing and “I Love Sweat” shirt! It made me smile for a minute!

  2. Ain’t no shame in staying in bed all day and watching TV. I do that somedays even when I’m not sick. You know what’s kind of sick? Real Housewives of NJ – but I can’t stop watching. You know who’s sick at making drugs? Jan. You know how needs to make Felletron ASAP? Jan.

  3. So impressed you did another race on the heels of Hamptons! I haven’t run close to 10 since that (terrible for me) day. Rest up, it is supposed to be a holiday too.

  4. Oh man…rest days really are hard for me to take too…great job for sticking with it and resting up – sounds like your body needs it. 😉 Nice to not go right into work either, but I’m sorry it’s b/c you’re not feeling well. 🙁 Here’s to a rested day that brings you a new run that just blows you away with how great it feels. Enjoy the best show ever! 😀

  5. Feeeeel bettttter Ali! I had a friend run that race… I’m so bummed I didn’t get to do it becasue of work!!!! Happy Columbus day from my office.

    Can I also note just for the sake of someone feeling bad for me, that I worked ALL day sat and again sunday… and when I left last night at 5:30- my boss told me to have a great weekend. Oh right I’ll get right on that from 5-7. Sorry, rant.

    1. sorry you had no true weekend- bosses are the worst sometimes!

      Ali– I LOVE modern family. i just wish it was an hour long 🙂 enjoy your rest day& do just that- rest!

  6. That’s how I feel about today! I’m beaaat, for some reason (I, personally, did NOT run a race this wkend). Rest up and don’t even look at the clock, and before you know it’ll be tomorrow and you can get your legs moving. Have some chicken soup with rice.. it might make you feel a little better if it’s just a little stomach bug or something.

  7. Ali, it’s on the Internet, so you HAVE TO stay home and relax today — no Chisel. If anyone who reads your blog sees you in Chisel, I hope they drag you out (probably kicking and screaming). You can’t break your promise to Brian, especially since it’s public now! 🙂

    Stay home and watch Modern Family. At the end of Season 2, Cam gets sick and Mitchel has to take care of him. There’s a cute GaGa aspect. Did you see the Halloween episode from last season, yet? That has got to be my all time favorite episode.

    Feel better. There’s a lot of bugs going around, you may have caught one of those bugs. I hope it’s not Crohn’s related and I hope you’ll be back on your feet after today’s rest. Enjoy the day off.

  8. Rest! If you MUST excercise, just take a walk. When I’m feeling sick, and can manage to get out of bed, taking a walk, outside if possible, helps get the blood flowing (which helps with healing) and gets you some fresh air. And it gives my body the impression that I’m “working out” without any of the muscle fatigue or sick feelings that running might give me.
    Seriously though, feel better!

  9. Enjoy your rest day, resist the urge to work out this evening even though I know it will be hard to do. I work at a college that doesn’t recognize any Monday holidays so I am at work today. The one plus side to a holiday is that my morning commute wasn’t as hectic as it usually is.

    1. I can relate to that though, most of my “sick” days were used when I had a lot of grad school homework to do. I never really got to relish in the relaxation part of a sick day. If I’m actually sick though I don’t do anything except what you listed.

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