Not My Best Run

Imagine this: It’s a perfect fall evening. You work all day then at 6:45 pm you lace up your Brooks Adrenalines and head for Central Park, where you join your running coach and one of his badass, race-winning triathletes for a jaunt. The air is crisp, your legs finally feel loose again after your marathon, your stomach isn’t giving you any trouble and the world is a happy, shiny place. You cover 8 or so miles, feeling on top of the world, and then you return home, take a hot shower and eat a delicious dinner.

Sounds good, right?

Take the opposite of all that.

And now you have my Thursday night.


I’m going to give you more detail, and it’s going to involve some (translation: a ton of) bathroom talk. Happy Friday, right?

I’ve been feeling really good lately. Tired and stressed, of course, but in the weeks leading up to the marathon, and especially during the race, everything has been top notch. Crohn’s disease, you little whore, you have nothing on me.

Mr. Police Officer and I both believe that Crohn’s disease should die. And yes, this is yet another Hamptons Marathon photo. Sorry.

Over the past week things have started to rumble a bit. Every morning I woke up with nasty stomach pains, but I chalked it up to “whatever” and didn’t think much of it.

Yesterday, I hit up the Whole Foods hot bar for lunch. I do this all the time, because it’s delicious, albeit wildly expensive. I picked out all the usual suspects for my lunchtime concoction: sweet potato something, steamed vegetables and some macaroni and cheese (I really can’t resist). I also threw in some couscous, because I wanted to try it, and a little piece of basil chicken, which is odd because I hate chicken. I don’t know what came over me.

I ate my lunch and halfway in I found myself bolting for the bathroom. It was a really lovely and pleasant experience. You’re welcome, coworkers.

Something didn’t feel right, and my stomach never quite settled all afternoon.

But I had plans last night — big, ambitious plans. Coach Cane invited me to join his Thursday night running group, and I was finally feeling up for the challenge. These people are speedy and over the next few months leading up to the Las Vegas Half Marathon, I want to run with faster people so that I, too, will become a faster person.

Coach Cane, you stud.

I left the office around 6:30 to meet the group at JackRabbit’s Upper West Side store. I used the bathroom one last time before heading out, and my stomach felt OK. Not great, but OK enough to power through a few miles.

The group wasn’t much of a group last night, since all the runners are off dominating the Chicago and Steamtown marathons this weekend. It was just Coach Cane, one of his runner girls and me. Said “runner girl’s” name is Bridget, and when I asked her if she was “just” a runner or also a triathlete, she said she was a runner. Then Coach Cane politely interjected to let me know she recently did the NYC Sprint Triathlon, you know, “for fun,” and she came in second place.


These are Coach Cane’s people. Bridget is on the bottom right. She is awesome.

The plan, since I’m still technically recovering and I’m racing the Army 10-Miler on Sunday, was to just run together keeping a casual pace. Perfect.

We got one mile in and I knew things weren’t going to go well for me.

My stomach was like, “Um, Ali, hey, it’s me, your stomach. I’m here to attack you now. I know you want me to be chill, but I’m rude and I’m going to ignore your quests.”

Not cool.

As we approached Engineer’s Gate, I interrupted Coach Cane in the middle of a story he was telling (I’m sure it was a great story, Coach, so I’m sorry) and yelled, “I need a bathroom now! Where is the closest one?!”

This is Engineer’s Gate. Except last night, it was dark. Obviously.

Yes, I run in the park every day. Yes, I think I know where all the bathrooms are. But secretly I hoped they would know about some hidden gem right around the corner.

They didn’t.

So I picked up my pace big time (at least in my mind I did) and headed toward my beloved Bridle Path/tennis court bathrooms. These bathrooms never fail me. They are open at 5 am and they’re always empty.

Last night they were empty, too.

Because they were locked.

I tried to open the door and I’m pretty sure I turned around at Coach Cane and Bridget with a look of panic on my face. “Now what?”

We crossed over to the West Side — I had to walk at this point — and I found a nice doorman standing outside a very fancy apartment building on Central Park West.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, can you please let me use your bathroom? Please?” [Insert innocent/desperate smile here.]

He clearly felt bad for me and gave me a key to the basement bathroom. Good man.

So I get down there and I can’t get the key to work. I see a man approaching (first thought: he’s a murderer, naturally) and ask him for help. “I’ll help you, but I need to use the bathroom first,” he said. I assured him that, no, I was going in, and then he asked, “Do you even live here?” At which point I thanked him for his help and locked the door behind me.

And then he stood right outside the door and knocked no fewer than twice.

The nerve.

Dude, if you live there, can’t you use your own bathroom?

(I just realized that I’m writing a lot about my bathroom experiences on the Internet. I can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or not, so I’ll just keep going.)

I left the apartment building, profusely thanked the doorman, and re-joined Coach Cane and Bridget, who were super understanding. They even advocated “going in the woods” and reassured me that they had each “been there.”

Runners are the coolest. They get it, Crohn’s or no Crohn’s.

But as soon as we started running again, I knew I had to call it a night. I ran down the west side with them, sweating way more than I should have been because I was in panic-mode. Finally returning to the store, where I had left my bag and where there is a fantastically clean bathroom, gave me a huge sigh of relief.

I ended up running just under 5 miles last night. I was miserable for four of them.

This was not the “grand return” I had hoped to show my coach. Even though Coach Cane and Bridget were really cool about it and refused to leave me and run ahead, I was still pretty horrified and embarrassed. So much so that I kind of broke down on the way back to my apartment.

I got home and as I walked in the building I saw my apartment super.

Now you may remember that I haven’t had consistently hot water since before the marathon. It has not been fun.

“Is the hot water back on?” I asked him.

“Yes. Yes. Is on,” he told me confidently.

Fact: He lied straight to my face.

Or we have different definitions of the word “hot.”

I dragged my sorry self into the shower, which got fantastically hot at first. I stood there for about two minutes, putting off actually doing anything like, you know, using soap or shampoo. And then, just as I was starting to get productive, boom, the water goes from lovely to frigid.

There was no lukewarm. No in between. Just sudden cold.

This did not help my mood.

I got out, put on my huge robe and called the super immediately. He came by and said, “Water is on,” and I said, “OK, well my shower was cold,” and then he left. It was really effective.

At this point I was frustrated by both the cold shower and the stomach bitchiness, so I bundled up in many layers and went to bed. I couldn’t stomach anything for dinner. That never happens. I didn’t even have Oreos.

This morning I got up early and tested the water — still not hot.

So I packed my crap and went to the gym for a spinning class. I’d say I gave 75% effort during the class. My stomach felt crappy (that’s not funny) still this morning, and I know you’re all going to say “You need rest,” but I assure you working out is not what’s making me sick. And I’m resting tomorrow.

And the water at the gym is always hot.

Now you know all about my bathroom experiences over the past 24 hours or so. You can go on with your day now. You’re welcome for the details.

I’M ALIVE! LIFE IS GOOD! Also, just another Hamptons Marathon photo. And not even a new one. A blatant repeat.

Seriously though, I’m a little worried something is actually going on with my stomach. Stomachaches are normal for me, but this just feels a little off. I’m going to see how it holds up over the weekend and hope this is merely a result of poisoned basil chicken. (Dumb move, Ali, what were you thinking? Chicken? You hate chicken!)

I feel like we all just got a little closer. I also hope my nice friend Brian chose not to read this post today.

The end.



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  1. So I’m pretty sure I saw you running ATM this morning! I saw some I <3 Sweat t-shirts running by, and by the time I realized it I just had a second to process, but it definitely looked like it could have been you. Hope the race went well!

  2. Ali–So glad you got to run with Cane and Bridget. I really wanted to go, but my back was locking up yesterday. No biggie, just annoying. I should tell you how sorry I am about your flare up, but I was laughing so hard about your recount of the situation–your slipping in and locking the door. We’ve all been there–Beads of sweat dripping as you pray not to crap in your pants. One bad day does NOT predict the next day. Just go out there this week for enjoyment before picking up the training again.
    BTW, the coolest thing about the City Coachers is how humble they are. Notice I said they and not we. I’ve self-promoted before. That said, let me tell you a little about Bridget–top swimmer at Providence College, record holder and 2-time winner of the Hamptons Half, fierce competitor, awesome, and funny person. (And she learned how to clip into her pedals and stay upright on the bike 2 weeks before racing the tri.) You’re with like-minded people. See you soon. xo

  3. Forgive me for laughing throughout this post, but it’s because I’ve experienced the same damn thing far too many times. Soon, your friends will know you as that girl who always HAS TO GO NOW (i.e. me), but it’s cool. GIRLS WHO HAVE TO GO NOW UNITE!

    Hope your stomach feels better and you get some hot water ASAP!

  4. Whenever I pass Engineer’s Gate I think there should be a bathroom there…but no, there is not. It makes me sad.

    I hope your stomach settles down soon…and you will recover from the marathon before you know it, and rock Vegas!

  5. Stomach issues are the worst — you are such a good sport about it! I really don’t think I would be able to have as positive an attitude that you do about it if I had stomach pains so frequently. The fact that you’re still able to run through them really speaks to your pain tolerance and your good attitude! I hope they start to subside soon!
    Also, I still post my marathon pictures…you’re allowed to keep on reliving that amazing day as long as you want 🙂

  6. I used to run in a wooded park next to our old apartment, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the morning, lingered in the bathroom for about 15 minutes to make sure I don’t have to “go” before my run, and no more than 10 minutes after leaving the apartment I’d be hunkered down in a thick patch of woods somewhere cursing my temperamental stomach and praying no one (people OR animals) came along! It’s the worst!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  7. Hi Ali,

    I love that you shared all this, I don’t love that you have to experience it, but I have had some similar experiences, so when other people unabashedly share, it makes me feel SO-MUCH-BETTER. I have colitis, not crohns but I think there are many similarities. Also, on the rest thing, when my stomach is being mean, I find that being active and working out (excluding jump squats and sit-ups) actually really HELPS, and that if I just lay around my intestines just seem like they will never give it up. So, if rest doesn’t feel right, keep moving!

    Also, this might not help, but here in Chicago, if you submit a maintenance request they have 14 days to fulfill it or you can a) put your rent into escrow (sp?) or b) call a repair service yourself and deduct it from your rent.

    Or course, in my own experience, it is sometimes better to wait out a maintenance nightmare than be on thin ice with your landlord thereafter…

    My gym has adjustable high pressure dual action shower heads…I rarely shower at home any more.


  8. I am glad the doorman was nice. I mean, when people don’t let me use a bathroom when I’m clearly dying, I’m like “WHERE IS YOUR EMPATHY?!?” I don’t know of any other bathrooms besides the boathouse and tennis courts…so I’m not much help there.

    Jan is still not happy that his Remicade is not working.

  9. Oh girl, I feel for you. I’m so so sorry. I remember that feeling not-so-fondly and it was the absolute WORST in the world. People who don’t have IBD / live with that fear every day just do NOT get it.

    And I wrote a 10-post novel about my bathroom experiences (basically), so clearly I don’t judge.

    Hope your gut takes it easier on you this weekend!

  10. I feel your pain! I have IBS, and while it’s not as severe as Crohns, it still sucks. Mostly because my stomach is so unpredictable. I can’t use the whole “I just won’t eat that today because I know it’ll hurt me later” reasoning because I could eat something on Tuesday and be fine but if I eat it on Saturday, my stomach goes crazy.

    I hope whatever is going on with your stomach gets better. I’ve noticed that until someone has actually experienced chronic stomach pains/diarrhea, not many people really, truly understand how much it sucks.

    Good luck!

  11. I feel for you, because I have been there. 🙁 During the half marathon last weekend, no less. (And fyi, refusing to stop and use the bathroom, while it may result in a PR, may also result in… other… things).

    Running is ALWAYS hard on the stomach. I find that around a long run I basically have to avoid any fruit but bananas and most vegetables, full stop. And by ‘I find,’ I mean ‘I just found out, the hard way.’

    But I’m SURe they understood, and I’m sure you’ll have a chance to run with them again. Just take it easy and eat bland foods for a few days. Whatever those are. To be honest, I can’t figure it out. I’m kind of in the mood for bread and pancakes, but are those really stomach-settling? Or do they break down into sugar too quickly? Yeah, I have less advice and more commiseration, but anyway, thank you for your honesty and openness. You are not alone.

  12. UGH. I am so sorry, Ali. That sounds so miserable. i’ve been there, but not to the extent that you have, obvi. If anyone can beat the crap (oh, punny) out of Crohn’s, you can! I hope you’re feeling better for the race this weekend. I will bake you cookies when you get back if you can stomach them! And, if you ever need hot water, I actually have it. Also the occasional mouse, but I guess I’d rather have the hot water?

  13. Ok- I just thought of your silver lining here: if there is an issue and you do have to go to the doctor, aren’t you overdo for shoving that shiny race metal in his face and saying “take that!”?! (Wasn’t that the plan?)

  14. heyo, so you probably already know this? but theres also public bathrooms on the outskirts of the park along 5th, just past the MET…they are sort of in the middle of a childrens playground and i sometimes feel super awkward being the only adult without kid-in-tow in the vacinity, but hey–gotta go when you gotta go!

  15. Much to my EXTREME embarrassment, my sister is a huge advocate of the “public toilet.” As in, the whole world is her toilet. She, too, has suffered intestinal problems (they’ve ruled out Crohn’s, but they considered it) and she basically always carries wet wipes with her (but she calls them “butt wipes,” as she has no shame). I’m going to stop short of saying that you should embrace her same attitude – remember her using someone’s front yard as a bathroom one time in Bryn Mawr, PA, is one of my least favorite memories. But…

  16. hey Ali- hope that you are feeling better now!! i don’t knwo what that’s like but i have gotten stuff less worse than all that and it’s horrible…so i know hwat youa re going through (kinda…not really)…anyway don’t stop running! know that we are all rooting for you! 🙂

  17. Oh no, Ali! That sucks. I have been there. Just last week I had to quit my morning run after about 2 miles….and catch a cab home because of my own stomach issues. I am so sorry that you had to deal with that yesterday but what a trooper you are for still getting in five whole miles last night. For some people, that is as far as they could run on their best day.

  18. So sorry your stomach was acting up again! Boo! Hopefully it was just the chicken and not anything long term. The other day I had Indian food, which I normally can eat with no problems, but I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains.

    Good luck with getting hot water in your apartment and good luck on your race!! 🙂

  19. I have colitis rather than crohn’s and the hardest thing for me besides the actual flares is having the flares out of my control. I can make things better through meds and diet and stress management but I can’t stop it altogether. It’s hard having something chronic that will never be completely healed. Gah!!!

    That being said, call your doc – you know your body and you know if things are different. I put off seeing the doc for my last flare and it really got out of control fast. Stay ahead of that crazy crohn’s!!!!

  20. Ok, I am new to your blog-and love it!-but as a patient with ulcerative colitis, a runner AND a nurse practitioner, it seems you may be headed for a little flare. You know best and I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad, but it seems like you might need a little rest? A marathon is so incredibly hard on the body and with GI issues, you can have delayed responses to it as you heal. Just my thoughts and my current experience, having completed my marathon on Sunday. I know my body isn’t up to par yet, but I know we are all different.

    I hope your weekend gets better, and hope the run goes well! Good luck and take care of yourself!

  21. This totally sucks! Sorry about your stomach. Hopefully, it’s gotten better over the course of the day. I have to say I’m impressed the doorman let you in. I’ve always wondered if they would in dire situations

  22. Stomach issues are some of the absolute worst I think.. often you can’t be sure what caused it, and it’s so freakin’ embarrassing to hav e to experience or mention in other people’s presence.. And the guy knocking- really?! I never understand those kinds of people.. I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated it if he was in YOUR shoes.

    Btw, the not enough rest thing- I think someone else said this too, but you just have to know your own body. That’s all that matters, not anyone else’s opinions. I am a runner who gets injured all the flippin’ time despite doing “everything” right, and have been told numerous times by folks to stop running, or to not to workout/do yoga/whatever because of this, that, or the other thing. All you have to do is trust your gut and keep smiling, and everyone else can mind their own beeswax. I mean, unless you suddenly take up a crack habit or something and are blogging about it, in which case the thoughts and mediation of others is encouraged. 😉

  23. Ugh.. so sorry. My stomach has destroyed a few runs and I know how much it sucks, although I never had to look for a bathroom. Call that doctor whose info I sent you last month… she seems wonderful.

  24. Ali, this comment is not for you. It’s for your Crohn’s. I don’t know if your Crohn’s is literate or not, so read it to that nasty bitch if you must.

    Dear Ali’s Crohn’s disease,
    Please go the hell away. Ali is busy kicking ass and recovering from a marathon. She does not have time for your ridiculous antics and will not tolerate them. I would think that you would have learned that by now. I realize you’re probably upset that Ali just raised a whole bunch of people study you so they can kill you, but I mean, that’s life. You suck and we don’t want you around anymore.
    Peace out,

  25. Hi Ali, I’ve been a reader for a while, though have never commented. I felt compelled to today as I feel your pain. I had my gall bladder removed in 2010 and since then, my stomach is still sensitive to everything. I’ve had to run to the bathroom during countless training runs and even during races. It isn’t fun and makes running a challenge sometimes. Most of the time, I try to bargain with my stomach saying, “just let me get through these miles”. Hopefully your tummy issues clear up soon and the positive is, when you run and don’t have any, you’ll feel that much stronger.

  26. Ugh. I’m so sorry your stomach has been acting up. I hope it wasn’t the Whole Foods chicken, but if it was, that would be an easy answer to what’s going on. Your building kind of sucks. You should just go and shower at the gym when there’s no hot water, although they should fix that in your building. I would definitely call your management company and then if the problem persists call 311 and see if you can make a formal complaint. One location of Equinox I used to go to regularly (19th and Broadway) was constantly losing hot water and it was always after I had worked out, so I would have to suffer a cold shower.

    If you’re by Engineer’s Gate and need to use the bathroom and it is between 10AM and 8PM on a weekday that is not a holiday, you can run over to NYRR (9 East 89th St. between Madison and 5th — really closer to 5th) and use their bathrooms. There are, I think, four on the first floor open for public use. You just go in past the stairs, past the section where they usually have the tables set up to give out shirts when there’s an upcoming race, and there are individual bathrooms to the left and the right. The bathrooms are clean.

    Coach Cane is right. It happens. I have had some very unpleasant “bathroom” experiences and I put bathroom in quotes because a couple of times, I didn’t quite find a bathroom in time. 😮

    Feell better.

    1. Oh Linda, you are always so freakin’ helpful. THANK YOU! I was right next to the NYRR offices at the time and didn’t even think of going there! I debated barging into the Guggenheim though!

      And I saw you last night in the park! I waved and smiled but you kept on running. And then I told Coach Cane all about the fabulousness that is Linda Chan.

      1. Hahaha. I thought I might see you, but I was trying to do my intervals, which totally got screwed up because I went to pick up my swag for the Staten Island Half-Marathon and there was this big bag that was part of it. The original plan was to put the shirt and bib in the pocket of my running vest, which it was still too warm to run in, but that big bag screwed that up. AND my Garmin died (I didn’t charge it), so it would be really hard to figure out if I was making any target paces. I just sped up and slowed down occassionally as I ran back downtown — modified intervals?

        I was wondering why Coach Cane friend requested me on Facebook.

  27. Ali,
    That exact experience has definitely happened to me- there are certain doormen who literally KNOW me, and I’ve hit up just about every Starbucks and whole foods. Not fun at all! Also, you should totally try Barry’s Bootcamp- it just opened in Manhattan and it is REALLY fun- think you’d enjoy it a lot, and the Kardashians are occasionally there so it’s a win-win. 🙂 Feel better!

  28. Sorry about your stomache problems Ali! 🙁 And two, that is SO ruuuude (insert Stephanie Tanner impression here) about that guy who kept on knocking. I hope you didn’t use any air freshner in there after you left. Serves him right! I’m also doing the Army 10-Miler this Sunday! Maybe I’ll spot you in the mass of 30,000 people! 🙂 Good luck and I know for a fact there will be porta potties!

  29. Oh my god, Ali! That sounds so awful. You described last night in such perfect detail that I started to feel insanely frustrated just sitting at my desk and reading about it. I’m so sorry, and I can’t believe that you didn’t throw a temper tantrum and scream and cry and throw your fists on your bedspread. (Actually, I can believe it, as you seem to be far calmer and even-keeled than I can be at times, ha!)

    I hope today is a lot better and that you are also looking forward to the weekend. Feel better!

  30. I agree with the whole “my crohn’s is a bitch and its not because I’m running!” my parents swear all my flare-ups are due to my running but I think it actually helps (less stress = less crohns!) i hope you feel better. i know the panic of not having a bathroom from experience. good luck with the army 10 miler this weekend!

  31. Ali, I am so sorry for the troubles. You continue to amaze me. I don’t know how you kicked out 5 miles lady and then go to the gym this morning. You are truly amazing. Can’t say it enough!! Ugh on the hot water. I would say if he does not fix it, ask one more time, in writing. threaten to call the city if it is not fixed haha. not realy kidding though. it usually does the trick

  32. Ah that’s too bad to hear! I absolutely hate when I step out the door and know my stomach is going to be upset that day– try having the worst stomach problems (to put it kindly) on your first day back at school and rushing across campus trying to find your classes, yet more importantly… bathrooms. Oh and ps, no apologies needed for the everyday photos of your marathon- anyone who complains is just bitterly jealous 🙂

  33. most of us do not give ourselves time to recover and end up injured (eh hem says experience) 🙂 Truly you have to realize how much it took for your body to do that race and right now just be gentle with yourself doing yoga and walks and not pushing for runs, it really will come back 🙂

    sorry the stomach has decided to act up, but I would be that too is your body just working back towards balance.

  34. Oh Ali! I am so sorry about the run and the hot water.

    Two things:

    1) Have you called your management company to your apt? Your going on what 3 weeks of no hot water? That’s a violation of the landlord/tenant law of New York, they should really be a little more scared about you NOT having hot water. If you want more info, send me an email.

    2) I am not going to tell you to rest, I know everyone has their own opinions and suggestions etc. But, sweating = sanity for me and sometimes thats more important then getting appropriate rest. I have run 4 Marathons, and am gearing up for number 5. I have only been injured 1 from being in the wrong shoes and had to take 4 weeks off running with a stress fracture in my foot. Moral of the story, you know your body, you know your mental health, you know if you need to rest or not. So no need to say “sorry” for doing what you need to do.

    Happy Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you for the great comment. I was thinking this morning at spinning, where I barely put resistance on the bike, that it’s definitely more mental than physical for me right now. I’m not really training for anything, so I’m not pushing the workouts, but breaking a sweat keeps me sane and it’s a nice release before or after a very stressful day.

      And I haven’t called my management company, but clearly I should stop being lazy and do that. Thanks!

      1. For serious, they should be scared. When I moved into my first post-grad apartment in New York, the landlords went on vacation without giving us new tenants their contact info. A storm knocked the power out and the fix was flipping a switch in the circuit box…which was in their basement. ConEd and the police wouldn’t break in because it didn’t constitute an “emergency.” When they got back a WEEK later, we got them to knock 25% off our next rent check. (We were month-to-month, so there was nothing stopping us from packing up and leaving in the middle of the night!)

      2. Not lazy, if you need help figuring out your management company let me know, sometimes they hide them. Its not lazy, your super should handle it, but if its on going managements good to call and stick up for getting money back or at least having them pay water if you pay for that.

        Mental always wins for me. I rarely rest, easy yes, rest not so much. Mentally I am bad at resting. So I will always stick up for your need to sweat for sanity haha.

  35. Hope today is a better day for you!! And good luck with sunday’s race!! I had a cold shower this morning, too! Not pleasant at all, but it sure woke me up and got me moving quickly!!

  36. UGH! Hopefully its just nasty chicken and you will feel better as today goes on. Fingers crossed Sunday is a great race for you. Even if not your super fastest if your tum tum is calm, the weather will be nice, and you’ll see Sweaty friends it’ll be a success

  37. I’m sorry your stomach is giving you so much trouble! While I don’t have Crohn’s, I know that there is nothing worse while running than having to go to the bathroom but not having an immediate bathroom stop ahead. Hope you feel better soon!!

  38. That’s awful but I hope everything turns out alright!

    I have to point out that this:
    [I got out, put on my huge robe and called the super immediately. He came by and said, “Water is on,” and I said, “OK, well my shower was cold,” and then he left. It was really effective.]
    That made me literally laugh out loud.

  39. Ali, I’m sorry that your stomach wasn’t in top shape yesterday! That sucks! I haven’t quite been there where I needed a bathroom during a run, but sometimes right after. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I had Crohn’s or something like that.

    I like chicken (other than turkey it’s the only meat I eat), but hopefully you are right and it was just because you ate something that your body isn’t really used to eating.

    Feel better!

  40. I’m so sorry, Ali. Stomach problems during runs are such a bitch. I can’t wait to get back into training post-pregnancy, but I’m SO worried about how my stomach will handle it. Damn all GI issues. Feel better!

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