Thankful Things Thursday: Sleep, Sweat Shirts & Marathon Movies

Hi. Good morning.

I have a lot to be thankful for today so let’s not waste any time.

I’m thankful for sleep. One of my marathon taper goals was to get more sleep. Apparently I decided to get all of it last night. I went to bed at 9:30 pm and woke up this morning right around 8 am. Oops. But it felt really good.

I’m thankful for a delicious dinner. Scallops, spinach, broccoli and sweet potato fries. All homemade by someone else. Fantastic.

This was so delicious. Every single bite made me happy.

I’m thankful Mrs. Coach Cane is coming to the Hamptons Marathon! By now you are probably well aware of my love for Coach Cane’s wife. She is super cool and very nice and also happens to be seven months pregnant.

Here we are after the Mini 10K in June. She was pregnant then and still ran with me. I love her.

She wrote this in an email to me yesterday: “Will do my best to PR rather than run a lap short in the pregnancy race.” She makes me laugh.

Mrs. Coach Cane let me know that she will, in fact, be in the Hamptons for the race, which for some reason makes me feel more relaxed about the whole thing. She also gave me some coach-y advice: “You don’t have anything to worry about. You’ve done everything your coach asked. And remember that you are supposed to be nervous. That’s par for the course. It’s exciting though. Don’t forget that part.”

I’m thankful I’m racing pressure-free this weekend. As much as I would love to race my little heart out at Saturday’s Fitness 4-Mile race, I do love knowing that there’s absolutely no pressure on me to PR or break records. You know, because normally I win these things.

With the marathon a week away, this race is purely for fun. I’m excited to run with my coworker and be there for her when she crosses her very first finish line.

I’m thankful your Sweat shirts are on their way. I spent a few hours addressing envelopes the other night, and yesterday the wonderful ladies at JackRabbit Sports packed them up and shipped them out.

Emily & Molly, shirt shipping experts.

I’m thankful more Sweat shirts are coming! Yup. I’m ordering more. Here’s a bit more information about the next round of shirt orders:

  • Women’s shirts will be available in Aqua, Purple & Coral.
  • Men’s shirts are available in Dark Blue!
  • Shipping will take 3–4 weeks.
  • We are still not offering international shipping because of the high cost of shipping, but if you’re an international awesome person and you really want one, email me and we’ll see what we can do. Because I like you.
  • Shirts will only be available online. They will not be in stores.
  • There is no charge for shipping. You’re welcome.
  • You are required to send me a photo of yourself wearing the shirt. Bonus points if you get your photo posted on wearing the shirt.
  • All the shirts need to be sold by September 24. That’s my fundraising deadline.
  • I like you very much.

I’m thankful for your movie recommendations. Yesterday I asked this:

I demand responses.

Not surprisingly, I got tons of great recommendations, so thank you!

I think the last suggestion is my favorite.

I currently have Saint Ralph and Spirit of the Marathon in my possession and I plan to watch them immediately. Thanks for your help, friends!

I’m thankful for Starburst FaveReds. I love Starburst. I used to buy big packages of them but I only eat the reds and pinks, so the sad little oranges and yellows would go to waste…or to unlucky coworkers. I refuse to share my good flavors.

But now Starburst makes these handy little all-red packages, which is great. The flavors include watermelon, cherry, strawberry and fruit punch. My mom recently sent me three boxes of them. Obviously necessary pre-marathon fuel.

I’m thankful for foam rolling. I will do it today. Promise.

I’m thankful for 10-day weather forecasts. With race-day on the horizon, I can officially start stalking the weather reports. So far so good!

Perfect. Please don't change. Mother Nature, I beg you not to be a whore.

I’m thankful for colorful markers. Thank you, Pentel, for making the very best ones that I have been using since second grade.

I’m thankful for apples. It’s officially apple-picking season. I better make it up to New Hampshire to visit my favorite place in the world, or else I will become Pissed Off Fall Ali very quickly.

That is pretty.

Apple picking is my favorite fall activity and Gould Hill Orchard in Hopkinton, NH, is my favorite place in the world.

That’s my somewhat-short-and-sweet list of thankful thoughts for today.

NOW TELL ME YOURS: What’s got you all giddy and grateful at the moment?



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  1. I am thankful that becoming a runner has rendered the Curves curcuit as being completely lame. I decided to try it for a week (its free), and didn’t even break a sweat. Now I’m in seek of big girl cross training. Annnnd… new running shoes came in today!!!! 😀 P.S….Saint Ralph is awesome. My favorite get-off-my-butt inspirational movie is Bend It Like Beckham (followed by Center Stage, as it were). It’s soccer, but there’s lots of Indian food to be drooled over.

  2. I am so happy that I just finished my first week in the Aphasia Clinic working with adults (ages 56-80) that have had strokes several years ago and are continuing to recover. My heart is so happy to be helping these people and their families! I’m also thankful that someone mentioned Remember the Titans as an inspirational movie because seriously, it’s my all time fav movie, ever!

  3. Apparently I will be investing another 70 dollars in I <3 sweat shirts. I hope you're happy that my budget for your fundraising apparel exceeds my grocery bill this month. #worthit

  4. fact: i love starburst and it was my favorite candy when i was a kid. i still love it, but mr. mean-stomach does not. i still eat it every once in awhile anyway.

    today i’m thankful for the fact that i am now home, even though i ditched a friend (or two) in favor of rest. boo hiss. oh, and that tomorrow is friday. that is permanently on my thankful thursday list!

  5. I too am thankful you told us about the red starburst… why have i not seen these yet? i’m a pig and do usually eat all the starburst, even the yuckies, but a package with just reds? i might be drooling right now.

    i’m excited about the purple i heart sweat shirts… i’ll be scooping one up for sure.

  6. Ooh, apple picking is the best! We’re moving out of apple season (so sad) but I’m giddy and grateful about the warmer weather and strawberries coming into season! (I’m in Australia).

    And on that note (the being in Australia one, not the strawberry one) I’ve sent you an email re international shipping of your Sweat shirts. I love them!!

  7. I’m thankful that you told us about the all red starburst packages!!! Seriously, that made my day!!! My go to motivational movie is Rocky. There is nothing better than a good musical montage to get you going!!!

  8. St. Ralph is probably one of the best movies and Spirit of the Marathon is great as a pump up movie because you see so many big named runners as well as regular people all jumbled in one. I’ve been meaning to write a review about them to promote both movies but I hope you end up watching them soon! St. Ralph is probably one of my favorites and is a tear jerker – keep the tissues out!

  9. I’m one of those awesome international people that would like to have a shirt shipped to Ireland… (I know you don’t know me, but trust me on that :)). In order to convince you (not bribe or anything), I’d order 1 more for my BFF that happens to be in Montana. I can haz it, pliiz? Deal? Yes? Thank you!

    P.S. Drooling over here looking at your dinner! Your Handsome Friend doesn’t happen to have any culinary-talented relatives in Ireland, does he?

  10. Oh I want to watch St. Ralph! Can I borrow when you’re done and inspired?? I own Spirit of the Marathon and love it. You will to. Even though I’ve lived in NY State and/or New England my whole life, I’ve never been apple picking. I guess I’m deprived. I’ve also never see E.T., which some people think is very odd.

  11. I really need to watch Spirit of the Marathon. Always hear amazing things. I’m the same way with the Starburst, I didn’t know this new thing existed! There must have been quite the demand!

  12. 1) I love apple picking in New Hampshire and fall in New Hampshire! It’s so beautiful. Brings back memories of the good old college days. I can’t believe my 5 year reunion is next year!
    2) I used to do the same thing with Starburst. How did I not know they have packages of only reds now? Thanks!
    3) Am excited to go to 16 Handles with some running bloggers tonight. Yum!

  13. Fave Reds are AWESOME. Although Pinks are still the best.. even in that combo!

    I am giddy to go dress shopping this weekend. Super giddy. Even though we are going to Westchester county. (I hate driving far places. BOO GAS PRICES).

  14. -I’m thankful for everyone’s responses. They make me happy- I’ll likely stop back here a few more times today for some pick me ups. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    -I’m thankful I stood up for myself yesterday. I’m a
    pretty good sharer, but if you start communication with me with “where are the cookies?” you won’t get any. Do you know my name? Start with that. Heck, just Say hi first. But “what did you make me” or “where are my cookies” are not nice ways to start a conversation. No nice equals no brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies for you, more for the nice people. I told a few people that last night and was glad I held my own.

    -I’m thankful for my fabulous kickball season. I love my team and our craziness. The final game rocked, as did our celebration.

  15. I’m super pumped to head off to my best friend’s wedding this weekend – the Maid of Honor (me!) is ready to take her role! And I’ll get to see my whole family – parents & sis, for the first time since December. I think. Crazy! And YAY for purple I <3 Sweat shirts!

  16. LOVE apple picking!! We usually go up to the lake in Maine for the day to pick apples and I’m DYING to get there to do it. I love eating a fresh picked apple off the tree, yummy crisp and warm from the sun! Perfection 🙂

    I am thankful today for a moonlit run this morning with my husband, it was kind of neat running entirely in the dark this morning. Even if we almost tripped and bit it hard a couple of times, we caught ourselves and carried on 😉

  17. I am buying the purple I Heart Sweat shirt. Was super sad to hear there will be no more gray but I envisioned the purple and I really like it 🙂 Also, very cool to hear you trademarked that phrase…I mean, that could lead to big things!!! Oh — and giddy and grateful? Well, this morning it was my blueberry bagel double toasted with strawberry cream cheese. Ahh, the simple things.

  18. I’ve never been apple picking. I feel like I’ve missed out. I love fall. Where I’m from (TN), the fall is awesome – football season, foliage that looks like an LL Bean Catalog — its the best. I’m thankful I’m from there and am probably going home one weekend in Oct for it.

    I am thankful for my nails and to be racing this weekend!

  19. I’m thankful and giddy because I’m going down to my awesome alma mater, U of IL, to tailgate and watch football this weekend with old friends!

    And you will love Spirit of the Marathon. I watch it before any “big” race!

  20. Not gonna lie, I feel like a major ball of grump today because instead of getting BETTER after taking a million mg of vitamin C and sleeping every second I have, I feel worse. And that makes me feel very ungrateful and bratty.

    But I guess I am grateful that my boss has been understanding about my need to “leave early” to get some rest today. “Early” probably means I can get out of the office at 4pm vs. 7pm. Woooweeee!

    Please watch Cool Runnings again. The Jamaican Bobsled Team makes me feel so awesome afterwards, always.

  21. I literally JUST posted about the 10 day weather forecast. Let the stalking begin! I am so excited to read about how you do in the Hamptons – I know you’re going to be great. 🙂

  22. Run Fat Boy Run! is excellent comedy and really help with some motivation. Plus I love Simon Pegg. I also Love Chariots of Fire but that because I always hear the music [in my head] when I run long races…

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