Dance Parties Are The Cure

Yesterday was maybe not the best day.

Or at least yesterday afternoon wasn’t so great.

I got an email that frustrated the heck out of me and that drove me to do three things:

  1. Pick up the phone to call Mr. Nice Boyfriend, hoping to vent to him. Upon hearing his voice, promptly hang up to avoid crying. Oops.
  2. Proceed to weep a little bit at my desk. Luckily no one saw.
  3. Kick the lonely exercise ball that lives underneath my desk.

Not a huge deal. I have just been stressed lately, and as soon as I think I have a solid handle on things, someone comes along making no sense and making my life difficult.

It’s cool.

Because that nice boyfriend sent me this picture, and it made me smile:

The file name is "puppy-happy-for-ali" so I liked that.

And then I had some dance parties.

People, I am telling you, you need to get on board with solo dance parties. They will make your life so much better.

Last night I accompanied that boyfriend to H&H Bagels so he could pick up some goodies for his coworkers. Nice man. I happened to like the soundtrack at H&H and so I danced around like a maniac.

And then Mr. H&H Worker gave me a free muffin and said, “You are so happy!”

Yup. I was. Because I was bopping around. And bopping people are happy people.

I also danced around this morning, in part because of this:

Oh what do you know. Apparently I'm going to start my morning with Cooper Nielsen and Jody Sawyer with a little side of Bulemic Maureen.

What’s better than watching the Today show? Oh right. Watching the best movie ever made.

This is hanging on my wall in my office, so you know I'm serious about my Center Stage love.

I watched my favorite movie while I got ready and then cued up some old-school Backstreet Boys and Gloria Estefan on my iPod and rocked out on the commute.

Judge me all you want. But today is a good day.

Why? Why is today so lovely? Allow me to share…

Well first, today is good because of the nice people in the world. That would be you. I was a bit overwhelmed by the response to yesterday’s “You’re hot if you’re strong and it’s OK if you’re not super skinny because runway models don’t run marathons” post. I loved every single comment and was smiling all day knowing that so many people can relate to each other. High five, friends.

Today is good because I finally went to the dentist. I hate it there. I think that the dental hygienist’s life plan is to torture and kill me with sharp laser teeth tools. My bottom teeth are super-sensitive and she doesn’t seem to care.

But I’ve had some rough pain in my upper-left gum area, so after a year and a half of avoiding El Dentisto (that’s most likely Spanish for “The Dentist” but it’s hard to say for sure), I finally went yesterday for a cleaning and some X-rays.

And now, after squirming in the chair for 30 minutes with my iPod on full-blast, we know that the pain is due to a friendly little visitor who I shall name Wizzy.

Apparently I have a wisdom tooth growing in. I believe the dentisty term they used was “impacted.” Wizzy, AKA Top Left Wisdom Tooth, will be joining me for my marathon next week. We’re planning to have a great time together.

And I’m glad I don’t have to go to the dentist again for another six months. That place sucks.

Today is good because I have a delicious, nutritious lunch to look forward to. Hummus, some apples (yeah, more than one, stop judging me, Swan), some pita fun and baby carrots.

What's not to like? Hummus? Good. Carrots? Good. Beef? GOOOOD.

I brought this yesterday thinking it wouldn’t fill me up and I’d need to run out for a handful of sandwiches after. But fun fact, it left me happy and satisfied and that’s what she said. My lunchtime treats are so fancy, I know.

Life is good in Sweat-land, so let’s talk about that. Yesterday I filed all the paperwork to officially have the “I Heart Sweat” logo trademarked!

This is all mine. So you can't do it, too. Or you have to pay me!

So Lululemon, if you want to make this shirt, you have to go through me first, OK? We can discuss the very high rate at which you may buy the trademark from me. I will settle for something like one million dollars. That’s obviously what it’s worth.

Really though, I’m still riding high off the successful shirt sales. I can’t believe so many people wanted them and you know what that means…

More are on the way!

I own two. I want more.

I am getting ready to place a third order of shirts. They will be available online, just like before. A few things to know about the next round of shirt orders:

  • Gray is no longer an option. Brooks doesn’t have any more gray shirts. Sorry!
  • There are more color options! Aqua, purple and coral. Sound good? I think so. Sign me up.
  • When online ordering goes live, I will Tweet the link and post it on the Ali Run For The Rabbit Facebook page. So follow me or become a fan and you’ll be the first to know when you can get your hands on a Sweat shirt.
  • Shipping may take 3–4 weeks. Just a heads up. I’ll do my best to get them out as quickly as possible, but if you’ve got a particular event coming up that you need/want a shirt for, I can’t necessarily guarantee your shirt will arrive in time.

With that all cleared up, there’s good news for the people who already ordered shirts: They’re getting shipped out today!

I spent several hours last night addressing envelopes. Yes, I probably could have printed them on labels and made my life earlier. But I bought a pretty 10-pack of multicolored Sharpies and I wanted to use them, dang it.

Three boxes of envelopes — that's 150 envelopes — signed and ready to be delivered. Almost.

I addressed about four of them with nice, pretty handwriting, then gave up and scribbled. So sorry if your envelope is scribbly. Thanks for shopping.

Today is filled with good times because I kicked it off with a great run. I never thought I’d say that 4.5 miles at a slower-than-ever pace makes me a super star, but this morning Coach Cane wanted me to run two laps of the Central Park Reservoir, and he wanted me to do them very slowly. So that’s what I did. I refuse to mess with my training at this point and am following my taper plan extremely closely.

It was a beautiful morning to be out running.

It was dark when I got to the park. I LOVE WRITING POETRY.

Very humid, but the breeze off the Reservoir was perfect.

Check out the moon!
Oh this is nice. Hi, pink sky. SEE? MORE POETRY. KA-POW!

My miles were slow, steady and sweaty, and I feel like my body is really starting to recover leading up to race day.

I’m kind of enjoying my taper. Everyone thought I’d go nuts, but guess what everyone? I’m doing just fine. I love having more free time and it’s been kind of nice not carrying a massive gym bag/weapon on the subway with me every morning. Tonight I’m planning to clean out my closet. Taper = Productive Ali.

I like my outfit. Not a lot. But I like it.

Black and white and red on top.

That’s all I have to say about that. The skirt is J.Crew (outlet) and the top is from Express circa 1997.

For my next trick, I will attempt to dance around my office all day to hang onto this happy mood. Luckily I work in the dance industry…so I don’t foresee that being too much of a problem.

TELL ME YOUR TRICKS: As you’ve just learned, when I’m in a bad mood or I’m stressed or I’m frustrated or I’m seriously contemplating putting my fist through someone’s face, a simple dance party or karaoke-fest quickly cures my anger. What’s your “get me out of this pissy funk” go-to move?



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  1. Hey Ali– Quick Q. Are the shirts technical shirts or cotton? I really want to get one but wanted to find out before ordering– nervous to get sick running in cotton now that its getting cold out! (I hate winter)

  2. Your blog is so funny and cheerful. It cheers me up everyday! I love the shirts. 🙂

    I usually go for a walk or run if I’m really angry about something. When that’s not possible–like if I’m chained to my desk during work, I’ll open a blank Word document and just write out everything that I’m thinking/feeling/emoting, read it and delete it. OR I call my mom and scream. I take karate classes now and it’s the best anger/stress management ever. Controlled punching, yes please!

    Thank your for your upbeat and honest take on things. And your outfits are awesome and usually inspire me or give me an idea for the next day. I can never match your speeds but I’m guilty of an occasional outfit copy. Is that weird?

  3. I can’t believe how many shirts you sold! …. actually, I shouldn’t be surprised… I’d question the sanity and morals and judge the heck out of anyone that wouldn’t.

    The poetry comment made me laugh out loud. 🙂 The park does look pretty at that time!

  4. I love your random Friends/Saved by the Bell references/quotes you throw into your posts.

    I never expect them, but I always catch them. It’s like my own, personal game of I Spy 🙂

  5. Center Stage is cinematic gold. I wanted to marry Charlie back in the day – or have him teach me ballet. Or both.

    Hmm, to get out of a bad mood? Things that make me happy are anything involving endorphins, mindless TV, getting my nails done, or something involving sugar and butter. My babysitting “kids” always put me in a great mood, too. For example, one of them asked me “Meggie, when you were my age, did you like mac and cheese as much as I do?” I answered “Mac and cheese is good at any age.” They are the cutest!

  6. You’re the coolest runner ever! Your post yesterday made me feel way better about my ginormous calves, so thanks! I may be kicking some booty myself these days.
    Long beach marathon in 24 days! Can you make it?

  7. I am so sad that there are no more gray shirts! I’ve been waiting and waiting for one (I don’t ff twitter) and even went by the JackRabbit on 86th but they had no more mediums=( Will the store be getting anymore in or are our only options online now?

  8. Dance party! What a great idea. I haven’t done any sort of dancing in a long time but it always makes me happy. So do your subtle Friends references. Can we have a Friends marathon wathching party sometime? You’d have to bring your own snacks because KELLY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD. haha. just kidding.

  9. I wear the most fabulous outfit I can, do my hair better than ever, and ensure that a nice glass of wine is waiting for me at the end of the day (Which had to happen quite a lot in the past week because work is STRESS-FILLED!!!)

  10. 1.) Dance parties are awesome. I have them by myself all the time. Although more recently, I try to get the pup to dance along with me. Unfortunately, even HE thinks I’m crazy.

    2.) I’m excited more I (heart) sweat shirts are coming in but I’m kind of bummed there’s no more grey. I really liked the grey one. Guess it’s my own fault for not ordering quickly enough. BUT – can I maybe get brown as an option?? Or is that just for the men who heart sweat? On a related note – congrats on getting it trademarked! That’s awesome.

    3.) Glad you’re enjoying the taper. I’m getting super excited for you.

    4.) Center Stage is a great movie. It made me wish I had actually stuck with dance. But the sad fact of the matter is that I was never quite coordinated enough. …and I made a pretty pudgy little ballerina (details, details).

    5.) I’m glad today was a better day for you. Hope tomorrow is great too!

  11. I love how short lived the bad mood seemed to be! I might have to invest in one of those aqua shirts.. I have been waiting cause as a college kid I’m broke as a joke but they’re just too darn cute.

    That outfit is awesome!!

  12. It’s actually “el dentista” but you were pretty close! Either way they are evil evil people so call them whatever you want! I always wonder why people even want to be dentists… everyone hates you…
    Also, how do they get away with completely disregarding appointment times and making me wait for like an hour to then torture me? As you can see, I’m a huge fan of my dentist…

    But anyway, I really really want an I <3 Sweat shirt in Coral! Can't wait until those are on sale. I hope that I can get to them before they sell out!

  13. Dance parties….love those! Also dancing in the car and pretty much anywhere allowed. It’s also fun when you can get the coworkers to groove with you! Just turn up the music in the office & go to town! I call it my “creative” time…cuz multi-tasking helps u be more productive overall. 😉

  14. LOVE the Friends reference! This is a great post, but I have to say I laughed at that part the most 🙂 Can’t wait for the next round of shirts!

  15. I can’t wait to get a shirt! I love your blog Ali 🙂

    Now how do I get out of a “pissy funk” as you call it haha, I have done the dance party moves before and I think sometimes I just need to chill out and hope that everything gets better. It helps a lot if I can make my husband laugh, usually at aforementioned dance party moves, because then I laugh too!

  16. YAY for shirts!! I’m thinking purple for me. 🙂

    I tend to head to the gym when I’m in a bad mood. I run…and I pray at the same time…and it is awesome.

  17. I am all over a I <3 Sweat shirt in purple. Will be watching for the link and buying the INSTANT it is available.

    And yes – Center Stage is the awesome. Even though the dance sequences for the whole Cooper ballet are totally ridiculous. I just can't help but love the Canned Heat section.

    Getting me out of a dark mood…I don't think I have a good way, to be honest. I wallow a bit, then bitch at anyone who happens to be in reach. I think I need a good way to deal. I love to dance, so I might just steal that idea.

  18. Ali,
    Your blog is so inspiring- I’m running the Hamptons half and the Chicago marathon a few weeks later. I’m definitely starting to get the jitters though that I haven’t trained hard enough- your posts are calming me down (as is my I heart sweat shirt which will get mailed today apparently!:)!

  19. My sister and I have dance routines for certain songs (yes, we are old, but we don’t care)…BSB’s Everybody Rock Your Body being one of them….we even broke it out at my wedding reception 🙂 Everyone was VERY impressed 🙂 Nothing better than a dance party – they always bring a smile. Singing like a lunatic to 80’s rock…that’s another go-to for me.

  20. Purple! But can you get them made in tank versions? And yes, runway models definitely DON’T run marathons and I never thought of it that way before! I also had a really great run this morning in the park. Such a nice start to the day. I hope everything is OK from yesterday…

    I have a few things I like to do, one being resting in bed, another being illegal, a third involving alcohol.

  21. Dance parties do cure all! My bf has production quality music equipment right in our tiny ass bedroom. I don’t mind it when I need to bust it out. My fav song right now is ONE by Yeasayer.
    I also love Center Stage. <3 Charlie!
    Your posts also always brighten my mood. Especially Thankful Thursday (which is tomorrow already!) Have a great day : )

  22. So excited for the next round of shirts! My go-tos are taking a Starbucks break, looking at puppy pictures, looking at the vacation pics I keep on my desk or turning on the Glee soundtrack on my I Pod and tuning the whole office out!

  23. Hey Ali,
    I read somewhere that you won’t accept orders from outside US or Canada, but I love the shirts and I guess many other non-americans do too. I understand the problems with the costs, but isnt it possible to just pay the shipping fee extra?
    Greetings from Denmark 🙂

    1. Nina, I’m so glad you like the shirts! We aren’t opening up worldwide shipping due to costs, but email me when the new shirt link is posted and I’ll see what I can do for you 😉

  24. BIG fan of the dance party as a de-funk-ifying (is that a word?) strategy. Also, tapering is amazing. It’s definitely a shock to the system, but nothing better than having time to get things done, sleep, and, of course, eat lots of tasty carbolicious food!

  25. BTW, Slater (Mario Lopez) was near my office yesterday filming something for Extra. He’s super cute. I took some pictures with my phone. He has only gotten better looking over the years.

  26. Does that picture underneath the Center Stage photo read, “Anything that is unrelated to elephants is irrelevant”?! If so ………………. whoever drew it is my hero. Forever.

    I think you should ask for a higher sum from lulu. If they agree to one million, turn around and act confused and say, “I think I said TEN million, sir.” And prance away til they agree. Then you can celebrate by getting H&H bagels for every loyal follower of Ali On The Run.

    Can you tell I have an extremely active imagination?

  27. Are the shirts going to be available at Jack Rabbit, again. I stopped by the UES store yesterday, but didn’t see a shirt in sight. Do I have to order one on-line? I just hate paying for shipping for something when I can just buy it in a store.

    I was kind of in a funk all week, a little tired of marathon training (took some time off, probably not the best idea, but was just not in the mood to run and a few days with so many weeks left shouldn’t really hurt), but today I woke up better and was just singing out loud to my 80’s playlist.

    1. They have very few shirts at JackRabbit. The good news about ordering online is that you DON’T have to pay shipping. The cost is included! The shirts are $35 in-store and online. No extra charges. Especially not for you 🙂

  28. DanceWorks Boston dance rehearsal for sure. Especially after a whole day of classes, seminars and moody professors, a little dance therapy is exactly what I need!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  29. SO excited to get my shirt! I’m a little sad, though, that purple is going to be an option. Maybe I’ll just have to order it in purple as well.

    Center Stage is one of my favorite movies. I originally bought it on VHS(circa 2000) and I still have a VCR, mostly for that purpose!

  30. Oh man, dance party for the win! There’s not much that works as well as cranking up a good song and just going to town with the dance moves.

    I just found your blog and I love it! I wish I’d known you when I lived in New York because I always wanted to go running in Central Park but never made it happen. I did run in Riverside Park though.

  31. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Its on TV now? What frigging channel? (not that it matters, I’ve owned the dvd for 10 years.) It made me hate myself for quitting dance…still havent gotten over it.

  32. I just watched Center Stage this past weekend! I love that movie it was just what I needed to see to get me reved up for my performance tomorrow.

    I am a dance break girl. At first I thought it was silly why am I dancing in the middle of class (I attended the School of Womanly Arts- where dance breaks are a must) and then I saw the difference. I even wrote a blog about it as one of my go to self-care tools. Here is the post:

  33. Hahaha! I was literally just talking to a friend 2 days ago about how Centerstage is the best movie in the world, despite the fact that the acting is abominable…. er… leaves something to be desired. 😉 And hello– look at Miss Zoe Saldana now!
    Was great running into you in the usual spot on Tues! 🙂 Let’s do it again soon!

  34. I cannot wait to get a shirt! My go-to move to get out of a funky situation is to go for a run! There is nothing like a run for stress relief! 🙂

  35. Let’s just say, my college roommates and I watched Center Stage almost every weekend sophomore year just because. And whenever I heard “The Way You Make Me Feel” — I have flashbacks!

  36. I can’t wait to see the shirt in person! I try to go on a walk when I’m frustrated. Sometimes getting away from the situation helps me think more clearly.

  37. Hello miss “I have a trademark”!!!! That is the COOLEST! Wow! One day when nike and lululemon and adidas are all paying you the big bucks I can say “I knew her when”! Congrats! Seriously this is amazing. Amazing!

    Also, I totally appreciate the love for pretty sharpie packs. Back in college I had a 24 pack and it was my prized possession. Even though I am the most unartistic person ever I just loved them.

    I’m with you on the dance party makes happy movement. My other tricks include taking a quick walk around the block, getting a 10min massage at a nail place or a manicure (time permitting- yes, I subscribe to the legally blonde crisis solving method), reading blog posts, and singing (when noones around).

  38. Do you feel safe running around the reservoir when it’s still dark? Are there other people out there? That’s my go-to running route and I woke up this morning around 6 and thought about going, but was a little apprehensive about the dark and ended up waiting until 7…

    1. Yes, I feel safe. The Reservoir is very well-lit, and I was out there around 6:15 this morning and there were tons of other runners. I never felt scared. Plenty of people out and about!

  39. ohhh my pissy funk go-to move is drinking a glass of wine – while i can’t do that at work, i resort to coffee, and looking at pictures of cute puppies!! im definitely in a funk today and the puppy picture made my day!

  40. So, I’ve definitely been in a funk lately, but every time I read your blog I catch myself smiling out-loud (is this possible). Even when you have a bad day, your happiness is contagious, my dear…thank you for that. I agree that impromptu dance parties are a great way to cheer up…ESPECIALLY if accompanied by the Backstreet Boys…oh Brian, AJ, Howie, and Nick…..yes.

  41. I literally laughed out loud at the poetry comment. Also, I like your outfit! It makes me wish that sometimes I didn’t wear scrubs to work…..although that would probably get old very quickly.

    And dance parties are awesome. I have them quite randomly, sometimes in my apartment, sometimes while running….so if you ever see me randomly flailing, it’s not a seizure, it’s a dance party.


  42. I’m in such a funk today and the only thing that perks me up lately is bloggy friends like you. Thanks dear, your blog did the trick this morning. The funk will be gone soon…I hope 😉

  43. I hope my label has a heart on it.

    Also, I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the full sized movie posted that I stole from the rental place in 2000 when Center Stage came out STILL hanging on my bedroom wall. LP was impressed/horrified.

    Most important question ever: How have we hung out multiple times without watching Center Stage?

    Must remedy ASAP.

    1. We haven’t watched Center Stage because we’re too busy lingering outside the Church of Scientology.

      It is crucial to acknowledge that while we haven’t watched The Genius That Is Jody Sawyer together, we HAVE played Apples to Apples while listening to Celine Dion.

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