Noteworthy Numbers

I’ve got numbers on the brain today.

For example, 10:30.

That’s what time I left the office last night. I wasn’t thrilled, but I can’t complain too much. My job rarely requires me to stay at the office past 5:30ish, so one late night isn’t the end of the world. (And 6 is the number of times my smoke alarm went off after I got home last night. Not sure what that was about but it scared the crap out of me each time.)

Speaking of my job, how about the number 4?

Tomorrow marks my 4-year anniversary at my company.

My "cover wall" at my old office.

To say “time flies” is both a cliche and an understatement.

I started working at Dance Spirit magazine as an intern the summer before my senior year of college. The internship was amazing and when it ended I was asked to continue freelancing for the magazine while I was finishing up school.

Then, out of sheer luck, I got a call from the company’s editorial director the summer after I graduated. I had spent months feeling frustrated that I hadn’t found my post-college dream job, and then it basically fell into my lap.

I was hired as a web editor and started working in NYC on September 10, 2007.

Hard at work in perhaps my least-professional outfit ever. Well done, Ali.

I’ve moved through several roles at Dance Spirit and each one has brought new challenges and new triumphs.

There are things I love — working with young dancers, seeing countless show, photo shoots and trips.

On set at Fiorello H. Laguardia High School in NYC — the "Fame" school!
Me with "Puck" — Mark Salling — backstage at Radio City Music Hall
The boys of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 7 checking out the latest issue of Dance Spirit backstage at the "SYTYCD" tour
Me on the far right, Savion Glover on the far left. Amazing.
Yes I will travel to Orlando every summer. Sure. No problem.

And of course there are things I don’t always love, like deadlines. I suck at meeting my deadlines.

Hence why it was a late night last night.

Other numbers on my mind?


That’s how many T-shirts we sold within the first 20 hours of the “I Heart Sweat” shirt site being launched.

Amazing. And overwhelming.

Do you want this shirt? You can buy it online!

I was blown away by the immediate response as soon as I posted the shirt link on Twitter. The women’s gray shirts sold out fast, but there are still plenty of women’s shirts in the new aqua color!

Questions I keep getting, answered for you:

  • YES there will be more shirts at the JackRabbit Union Square and Upper East Side stores. If you want a gray women’s shirt, you can get them there starting next week.
  • NO we are not offering international shipping. Sorry, but it’s too expensive. Still love you though, abroad friends.
  • YES I plan to post a photo of the aqua shirts, I just haven’t seen them in person yet! I’m picking them up today though, so that’ll happen soon.

So if you want a shirt, click here and make it happen. And thank you to everyone who has purchased one already. I hope your shirt brings you many fun, sweat-filled adventures!

More fundraising numbers:

$634. That’s how much money was raised from in-store sales the night of my trivia event. JackRabbit Sports donated 15% of all sales made that night to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Not bad.

$528. That’s how much money was made in shirt sales the night of the event. We’ve since sold a ton more shirts, but nearly 70 were snatched up in one night.

$826. That’s how much cash was donated so people could play trivia and win prizes. Wow. Though really, you can’t put a price on knowing the answer to the question, “What was the number of Zack and Kelly’s song on the jukebox at The Maxx?”

$950. Apparently lots of people wanted that necklace, because the Erica Sara Designs giveaway brought in a ton of donations!

$420. When you buy a shirt online, you have the option of adding an additional donation to your purchase, all of which goes directly to my CCFA fundraising. Yesterday, $420 in additional donations were made through the site.

I am completely blown away. From the very bottom of my ever-growing heart, thank you for supporting me, both my marathon training and my fundraising.

I could not have done any of this without the incredible motivation, inspiration and kind words from all of you. You have made this such a rewarding experience.

I have currently raised more than $8,000 for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. My fundraising deadline is September 24 — race day. To finish the marathon and come in first place in the fundraising competition would be a dream come true. But even if I don’t win, I’ve still raised thousands of dollars, with your help, for a cause I’m so passionate about.

It seems like forever ago that I got picked as a Run For The Rabbit contestant.

At my screen test!

I have loved (almost) every minute since that first day.

Here I am running. Running is fun. Running on camera is awkward.
This is me being pensive. I'm obviously thinking about how to cure Crohn's Disease, or possibly thinking about a sandwich.
Oh I'm so happy. Marathon running is HILARIOUS.

How about 10? That’s the number of miles I have to run tomorrow. It seems like nothing. Tapering isn’t my favorite, but so far so good.

And a final number: 15.

That’s how many days remain until the Hamptons Marathon.

Holy crap.

Oh, and Zack and Kelly’s song was A-12. You’re welcome for that bit of very useful trivia knowledge.




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  1. Love all these numbers, especially because they are so positive and EXCITING! Congrats on 4 years at your job, and still enjoying it nonetheless. And WOW I can’t believe Hamptons is so soon! I am so excited for you to rock it and become a marathoner, kicking ass and raising $$$ for charity along the way. I need to get an aqua shirt, because I <3 sweat and like to do it in multiple colors.

    Number on my mind….does 6:50 count? It's the pace I need to run to break 3:00 in NYC and I'm getting really doubtful I'll be able to do it.

  2. 14 – the number of miles I’ll run tomorrow, which will be my longest run ever! $1777 – funds I need to raise by October 15th for the NYC Marathon. 57 – days until I run 26.2. 2 – times I’ve tried to buy an I Heart Sweat Shirt and missed out. Next time, I’m sure of it.

    Congrats on the wildly impressive fundraising numbers, and hope the 10-miler went well!

  3. I have a number…I just caught up on your last FOUR posts!
    I wish grad school would help me budget time for blog reading. Come on, don’t they know that’s important?! Congrats on 4 years at your company!! It’s really obvious how passionate you are about your job. You are so lucky to have a job that interests you and lets you do so many wonderful things, and of course they are very lucky to have you.
    Loved your thankful post this week…those are usually my favorite of yours.
    Oh and another number — I will be seeing you in about 10.5 hours 🙂

  4. oh I am so sad! Don’t check blogs til every night and I missed the boat on the gray, med ladies shirts. Sad in DC 🙁 More please! More! (I was going to buy 4!!!)

    Have a great taper!

  5. You are totally amazing Ali!!! I want to buy an aqua one but just waiting to see the color. Will u post it on your site?? Is it wickening or whatever, I know I have seen pictures where u r working out in it…

  6. Very inspiring fundraising story, Ali. I have to admit, I’ve always been intimidated to race as a fundraiser…it’s hard to do but you’ve done an amazing job. I seriously can’t wait to read your marathon recap when the day comes. You’ll be running on my birthday so I’ll send you good vibes 🙂 Thanks for checking out my running/gymnastics post too!

  7. I’m so excited that your marathon is sooo close! You have done a ridiculously amazing job at fundraising, and you should be so darn proud of yourself!
    Don’t you love taper?!

  8. Wow!! The amount of money you have raised is so so so awesome! Watching your whole journey has been such an inspiration. I am so excited for your marathon!

    Number on my mind would be 18. The number of miles I hope to do this weekend. Running has been rough since coming back to the states. 7.5 felt like an eternity yesterday and that usually feels so easy!!

  9. I feel like we’ve had some life parallels – undergrad in Central CT, moving to NYC and starting our first jobs in September 2007…I only wish we had met sooner!

    Hmm, numbers in my head…5-6 (hours of sleep i’ve been getting lately i.e. not enough) and 7 (my ideal goal pace for next weekend’s half….ahhhh, can i do it?).

    Have a lovely weekend! If you end up going out on the town on Saturday night…Iet me know, I’ll be hitting the Boston bars with a bachelorette party. A penis pinata will be involved.

  10. Oh my goodness. Today I thought, “I will be a productive human and not check Google Reader first thing in the morning.” And then I missed the men’s shirts! Sorry, husband, you don’t get a shirt because I was trying to be a productive person. I will never make that mistake again. I did manage to snag an aqua one for myself – hooray!

    Numbers on my mind?
    30: The number of minutes until my staff meeting at work
    603: dollars raised for CCFA so far as part of Team Challenge
    1: day until date night


  11. Numbers – 0 – the number of miles I am running tomorrow. Wah. I am pushing my 11 to Sunday because I’ve developed some nasty pain in my butt-hip (a new muscle) … and will cross tomorrow to give it some extra time.

    1 – The number of aqua shirts I purchased. 🙂

  12. 15- the long run mile total I need to run this weekend and 5- the amount of races I have coming up including my 4th half marathon! Woo hoo!

  13. Ali – you’re so awesome! I stumbled upon your blog recently and I think that your dedication to running is fantastic. Also, I’m a former dancer (18 years) and the transition from dancing to running was tough! I now love running (I’m not nearly as fast as you), though I add in spin and weights as well. Anyway, just wanted to tell you great job on the fundraising!!

  14. OMG, $8,000 is amazing! Congrats on being such a fundraising superstar and having tons of supporters! the number I’m thinking of right now is 6: hopefully the number of hours I have left in the office until the weekend. But then there’s also numbers 4-5, or the time I’ll likely spend studying on Sat/Sun for the first time since May. waahhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. My number is kind of sad, it’s 6361- my grandparent’s address. We’re packing up their house this weekend because it finally sold after almost a year. They lived there for all 63 years of their marriage so there’s a lot of memories to go through.

    Your numbers are way happier. Let’s stick with yours.

  16. Congrats Ali!!! Those numbers are awesome, and sooo exciting. Just bought the aqua shirt last night and am hoping to pop into JackRabbit and pick up the grey one too. Obsessed. 🙂

  17. 16 – The number of days before I do my first 70.3! 17 – The number of days until I go back to being a RUNNER and start training for Houston Marathon!

  18. This post just made me smile 🙂 Because all of these numbers were such POSITIVE numbers. I LOVE that you are at your dream job. You give me hope, because I’m still working towards my dream job (which is actually in the publishing industry so we should talk haha).

    Anyway, I’m obsessed with my I Heart Sweat tshirt, especially because I kind of sweat like a beast and actually used to say I Hate Sweat. But, when I wear your tshirt, and the sweat shows very clearly (since it’s gray), I kind of feel like I’m learnin’ to luv the sweat. Thanks girl!

    Congrats on all your success! You really are an inspiration to me 🙂

    My number is 2. That’s how many miles I ran today. And they were 2 very good miles! Can’t wait ’til I’m back into running more and can tack a 0 on the end of that!

  19. WOW!!! Reading about the fundraising efforts and how generous and kind this fitbloggin’ community is brought chills to my skin. How unreal, Ali! So amazing and inspiring your journey has been that so many of us want to support you and your cause. I love love love this. I also love your job, and am slightly jealous (ok really jealous). That is all. Happy weekend!

  20. The number I am thinking of is 7. The number of miles I hope to run this weekend as a test to see if I can survive my half while you are running your full.

    Oh, another number- 1000. The number of days it’s been since I’ve seen you in spin class.

  21. “I was hired as a web editor and started working in NYC on September 10, 2007.” – That is the same day I started working at Merrill Lynch!!! How funny. That job was the most amazing work experience of my life.

    I can attest to the fact that running on camera is so awkward. I cringe when I see that part of my Bing video.

    Isn’t it so funny how 10 seems short. The weekend after this I have 11 and I’m like “Yeah! Short run!” Insane.

    You are doing so amazing with your fundraising!

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