Driving The Hamptons Marathon Course

Well hello.

I’m currently blogging from a hotel bed, where I just ate multiple delicious chocolate muffins for breakfast.

Breakfast in bed?

Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do on Labor Day?


After banging out a little 20-miler Saturday morning, I boarded the Hamptons Jitney for a weekend getaway.

I’m running the Hamptons Marathon on September 24, and yet I had never been anywhere near the Hamptons.

A long weekend seemed like a fitting time to check this place out. Apparently it’s pretty nice.

Saturday was spent stuffing my face with every food imaginable at a BBQ. I then drank several glasses of wine, debated karaoke but fell asleep instead.

Yesterday I slept in gloriously late. Tons of air conditioning and a hotel bed? I can think of no reason to set an alarm or wake up early. It was amazing.

And then, because Coach Cane said to, I ran five miles.

I look happy because I hadn't started running yet.

Um, running five miles the day after you run 20 miles? Not so easy. My legs took a full three miles to loosen up.

But then I felt good.

And now, it’s time to taper.

Jumping photos are ALWAYS relevant. And fun.

After the running fun, it was off to scope out the marathon course.

We took a ferry to get there. Shelter Island is cool. And ferry riding is fun.

You jump I jump, right?

About the marathon course: I think I’ll be able to manage it.

There are some hills. Some small rollies at the beginning (“rollies” sounds gentler than “big rolling hills” I think) and two or three big hills, including a beast around mile 18. That should be fun.

It’s also not a super fun-looking course. There will be plenty of shade because the course runs mostly through back roads. But I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t actually run through the awesome East Hampton streets or past massive, scenic houses.

This is not part of the marathon course. But I think it should be.

Instead, the course is mostly this:


With a bit of this:

Pretty. But not very exciting.

The marathon starts and finishes at a local school, so I got out of the car and let the school know I would see it soon.

See you soon, schooly!

The school had no response.

Also necessary: a pit stop for a little walk on the beach.

This is a little beach. I went there.
See? That's me on the beach.

And then, magically, while driving away from the course, something amazing happened. This came out of nowhere:


My one post-marathon request was a cookie from Levain Bakery. I had no idea there would be a location right near the finish line. Holy perfection. Sign me up. I can’t wait.

Also added to my post-marathon request list: some wine tasting.

I like vineyards because of all the straight lines

Yesterday that Handsome Friend of mine took me to Wolffer Estate for a little wine tasting. Who knew Long Island is filled with awesome vineyards and wineries?

The pretty vineyard
Mmmm wine

I wanted food, too. Some cheese with my wine, please.

Hello, dinner

What is it about drinking wine at the vineyard that makes it taste so much better? We ended up buying a few bottles. I plan to drink both of them myself upon finishing the marathon. That should go really well for me.

Today I want to rent a bike and ride around. Someone is currently making calls to try and make that happen. Stay tuned.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend!



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  1. I had a dream about the Hamptons last night after reading this blog post. Your blog boasts such influence on my subconscious!

    Also, I love that skirt. How do you manage to be so stylish in running clothes and also not? I’m pretty sure the majority of my wardrobe is Brooks and Nike, not Anthropologie or J.Crew. Le sigh.

  2. I think the rollies will actually be good. The NJ Marathon I ran in May was literally pretty much all flat (except going up and down highway overpasses – that was the extent of the hills – which weren’t really hills) and after a while, the running motion felt so monotonous and boring — so I think a hill or two will be good!

  3. I am so envious of the jumping picture. I so wish I could get mine to turn out like that. It looks like you have a great long weekend with time to sleep in….nothing can really top that can it?

  4. No matter how many times I try.. my jumping pictures are never good. Yours is amazing. Jealous of your getaway weekend.. I was busy running around to wedding venues and barely got a chance to breath.. but we booked a date so it is worth it 🙂

  5. The course may not be that “exciting” but it sure does look beautiful!! You are going to do so great! I am so excited for you! Cookies and wine at the finish. That is definitely a win.

  6. You are going to do AWESOME on this course!! Remember, you PRed at the National Half Marathon with a lot of “rollies” there too! 🙂 You got this!

  7. Congrats on prepping for your marathon!! Long Island is great. Your photos make me want to go back. I wrote a blog about a little town there, Sag Harbor. If you get a chance to pass through, go to Murf’s for a good time or a drink.

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