Ali On Wheels

Yesterday I went roller skating.

Today I am somehow alive to tell about it.

I'm skaaaating!

But let’s backtrack, because before I went roller skating, I stuffed my face with cupcakes.

You see, I didn’t have to work yesterday due to the aftermath of Lady Irene, the Hurricane Ho. While she didn’t cause much tragedy in NYC, she did screw up plenty of other towns, especially in Vermont. So Vermonters, I’m thinking of you and wishing your wonderful towns speedy recoveries from the storm. As a New Hampshire-er (that doesn’t make sense — what are cool people from NH called?), I’m honored to sit alongside you on the U.S. map.


My office was closed yesterday, which meant I spent the day being a bit productive, a bit sweaty and a lot playful.

Lucky me: that boyfriend of mine didn’t go into the office either.

First we trucked down to Union Square, where we got free samples from the farmer’s market, and I may have dragged him into Lululemon so I could stock up on shorts. It’s becoming gross how often I’m willing to re-wear things without washing them, so an extra pair of shorts added into the rotation can’t hurt, right? I mean, it hurts my wallet. But it’s good for my smelliness.

Next stop: wandering through the West Village, where we stumbled upon Molly’s Cupcakes.

Now I know people can get kind of aggressive when it comes to “the best cupcakes in NYC.”

I am not one of those people.

Crumbs Cupcakes are overwhelming to me, and beyond that I haven’t experimented much. But Molly’s seems pretty unbeatable to me.

Cupcake #1: Peanut butter and chocolate delight something

We ordered two cupcakes to share: peanut butter chocolate something and cookie dough something.

The way we split them was to cut them down the middle, and then I eat most of both. I think that’s fair.

This one was filled with ACTUAL cookie dough

They were so freakin’ good. It’s a good thing I live nowhere near this little heavenly spot. Also, it has a bar area and the seats at the bar are swings. They have board games, too, for patrons to play while they smear their faces with frosting.

You want me to take the first bite? OK. Here goes...

We devoured the cupcakes in about two seconds.

Sad. No more cupcakes.

And then I licked the forks clean. And scraped every last crumb off the plates. You would have done the same thing, so please don’t judge me.

More, more!
No, I do not want to share these crumbs with you. Now give me your fork.

With my sweet tooth sufficiently satisfied, it was time to keep walking.

We ventured through the West Village and enjoyed a celebrity sighting: Pete Hornberger (Scott Adsit) from “30 Rock!” He was just wandering around like we were. Pretty cool. I smiled. I don’t think he noticed.

Then we walked the High Line, which is one of my favorite things to do in NYC.

The Standard Hotel straddling the High Line. Skank.

If you’re unfamiliar: the High Line park was developed on an old set of raised train tracks in Chelsea. It runs from 14th Street all the way to 30th Street and it is delightful.

I wanted to prop myself up into this door
And so I did!

Lately the High Line has been super packed, but last night it was surprisingly mellow and un-crowded. Success!

Crazy buildings. I like them. Kind of.

At the north end of the High Line they’ve built a roller skating “rink” of sorts. It’s basically just a paved circle that you can go around and around and around.

I don’t really remember the last time I went roller skating, but I also don’t remember it ever being something I was particularly good at.

But this boyfriend I’ve acquired used to be a skater. Like, he brought his own roller blades…and did tricks and stuff.

So he thought it would be fun if we went skating together and I was all, “Yeah, totally, sure. How hard can it be?”

Lacing up, fearless

Fact: roller skating is not easy. In fact, it feels incredibly unnatural and awkward.

At first I was afraid.

Ahhhhh here I gooooo

I was petrified.

Look down and you won't fall? Maybe?

Kept thinking I was going to die and fall and not be able to run my marathon…

I was totally out of control here. Going slow, but way too fast for my liking

But then I sucked it up and I tried going really fast…

Wheeee! I'm skating!!!

…and then I crashed…

Crash #1 (of several)

…yeah I crashed into the wall!

Crash #2, even more dramatic

That’s my catchy “Ali On Wheels” song and I hope you like it. Thank goodness for those little railings. Also, to all the children who were out skating yesterday, I’m so sorry for all those times I came barreling toward you and almost crushed you. I’m also sorry I scared your parents all those times.

Holding on for dear life while my boyfriend did flips and tricks and nonsense. Showoff.

Eventually I decided that skating just wasn’t my thing, so I did some dance moves.

Look! I'm on my skate toes!
Look! I have jazz hands!
Look! I think I pulled something!

And then I was done. No more skating for Ali.

I think that if I could have spent a few hours on the wheels, I would have gotten more comfortable. But the entire time I was out there dodging small children, I kept fearing that I was going to fall, bust my knee and not be able to run the marathon.

Which, by the way, is in 24 days. Hot damn.

Dinner last night was stellar: taco night, finally!

I helped by setting the "table" and putting the toppings in tiny bowls
Oh Whole Foods, you make the second best salsa. Really, you do. But not as good as my brother's, sorry.

Fun fact: I put on Hannah Montana: The Movie while we were eating dinner. I saw the movie in theaters and, confession, I cried and I loved it.

I thought Mr. Boyfriend Man would argue, but he just kind of let it happen.

And then, when I went to turn the movie off for bedtime, he said, “I want to know what happens at the end.”

Keeper? I think so. He likes tacos and Hannah Montana. I don’t really know what more I should be looking for in a man.

Of course, all is not totally perfect in the world, as evidenced by my miserable little run this morning.

From Coach Cane:

  • Warm-up
  • 1K repeats at 5K pace with .25 mile cool-downs in between
  • Cool-down

Sounds easy enough right?

My first pickup happened at something insane, like a 7:07 pace. Too fast? Yup. Felt awesome? Totally.

My next two were both right around 7:38s, which I was happy with.

And then, my stomach said, “ALI I HATE YOU SO MUCH” and we got in a huge fight. It was tragic.

The fourth little sprint session was rough.

Then I had to make a pit stop. You know, to do ladylike things.

Then the fifth one was super fast because at this point it was past 7 am and I was going to be late for work.

Semi-successful run I guess. I ended up covering 6.5 miles, and I’ve got a few more badass runs planned for the week leading up to Saturday’s 20 miler! Woo!

And now I will do work all morning before heading to the hospital this afternoon. It’s Remicade Day. Woo hoo. That means I get an afternoon nap!

WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT SOMETHING NOW: What’s your perfect day off? Yesterday was pretty close to an ideal day since it involved a stellar spinning class, productivity, cupcakes, tacos and laughing. But ideally mine would involve a long run to start the day, followed by a massage and lots of walking around NYC. Also food. I love food.



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  1. roller skating! i haven’t done that in years…aaaand i broke my wrist when i did it last. still, your photos make me smile.

    ideal day off at this point would involve sitting still. i feel like i haven’t had any time to myself in so long!

  2. Roller skating is one of my favorite past times! We would always have “skate parties” and it was the perfect time to hold hands for the first time with a boy you liked during couple skate! Ha! I don’t know that I could still do it, but it sure sounds fun to go out and try!
    P.S. That cookie dough cupcake seems like Heaven.
    P.P.S. Your marathon is so close! Yay! It will seriously be one of the best feelings of your life!

  3. What a cute date day!! And those cupcakes looked amazing…PB + Chocolate = lurve!

    Also, Hannah Montana – definitely a keeper! My husband has been known (top secret like) to watch a Lifetime movie now and then!!

  4. I just discovered Molly’s Cupcakes a few weeks ago. And I live right around the corner. Which is wonderful and terrible all at the same time. As for ideal days, I think mine wouldn’t be too far off from yours. A good morning run, coffee and a long walk with my pup, brunch, throwing a frisbee around in gorgeous weather, happy hour, and an awesome dinner. Followed by chocolatey goodness.

    Unrelated – super excited that Union Square is getting I Heart Sweat shirts this week! Looking forward to getting one of my own. =)

  5. I LOVE Molly’s Cupcakes! We have one here in Chicago, too. You must try “The Ron Bennington.” Although, it sounds strikingly similar to the peanut butter/chocolate one you had, so maybe you’ve already been there, done that.

  6. This boyfriend of yours seems like quite the man. Takes you on fun dates, makes you food all the time, AND is willing to take a ton of pictures for you? Jealous. I want to see him 😉

  7. Oh man! I’m from Chicago, home of Molly’s Cupcakes, and you got the BEST two cupcakes they have! The Ron Bennington, aka the peanut butter and chocolate something, one is my favorite! So rich! So chocolatey! So amazing!

    And the picture of you propped in the door? Damn, girl! You’ve got some killer leg muscles! I actually may be a little afraid…and by a little, I mean a lot.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. I am totally in your camp when it comes to roller skating. While I actually do love it, I knwo the only thing I’d think about is “marathon injury.”

    Look at those bad ass calves in the one pic! Dang gina!! 🙂

  9. Running, Nails, Eating, Eating Dessert, Shopping, Walking Around, Bumping into some celebrities and freaking out, Ending night with trashy TV.

    Umm Hannah Montana movie is amazing. Please tell me you know the hoedown throwdown. If not, there’s a Miley and Mandy episode on youtube to demonstrate it. Music video?

    Jan Vilcek is beaming right now at the mention of Remicade – hope they got your vein in one stick!

  10. What an amazing day – sounds fantastic. The best is when those days happen during the week. It makes me think about what life would be like if we always had 3 day weekends.
    Hmmm…I love how your blog makes me think. My Favorites page is inspired by your 100 happy things list. Yeah, I’ve thought about this quite a bit as evidenced by the specifics 🙂
    -Starts outside of the city – either Maine, Vermont, or Martha’s Vineyard
    -Long run followed by a dip in a pool
    -Breakfast with the hubby and pooch
    -Day at the beach with hubby, pooch, and trashy magazines
    -Late day shower – I love showers when I wait all day to take them. Kind of gross, but they feel more satisying that way 🙂
    -Dinner out and in bed by 11PM

    Sorry about your tummy troubles, but congrats for getting through it!

  11. What a fun day!! I have not been roller skating in forever. And I am not the biggest cupcake person, but the cookie dough one sounds incredible. I’m pretty sure my ideal day would involve being outside doing things I don’t normally do – things that involve no thinking and just playing 🙂 And, of course, it would involve amazing food. So glad you had a nice day with the boyfriend and that you’re so happy!

  12. i am no snob when it comes to cupcakes shop, i say all of them deserve a fair chance and if i must, i’ll just try every single cupcake at every single shop. crumbs can definitely be daunting, and will become MUCH more daunting to me in the near future, as one is opening literally on the corner of my street. its unsafe. very very unsafe.
    soooo jealous of your day off! but i too, would be so worried about pre-marathon injury that i probably would not give it my all at roller skating!

  13. Let’s see, my perfect day would also begin with a long run (which I would run at an incredibly fast pace), then I would eat some brunch outside at a restaurant (and I could eat whatever I wanted cause I ran that morning, remember). Then I would go shopping and buy an obscene amount of clothes that would all fit in my huge walk in closet (can I do that in this scenario?). Then it would end with dinner and drinks with friends (and the next morning I wouldn’t wake up with a huge hangover). Yes, that sounds like a good day. 🙂

  14. Sounds like a great off day! I haven’t been roller skating in forever but I remember it being a lot more awkward to do tricks on than figure skates. Good luck with the Remicade and hope your stomach stays good! The big race day is almost here!! Exciting! 🙂

  15. Ohhh i loved the high line! and i saw everyone roller skating and was a wee bit jealous! i did stop at the beer garden though – yum! and i wish my gentleman friend would watch girly things with me – instead it’s red sox, patriots, bruins and man movies. LAME!

    my perfect day off would be a swim/bike/run at the beach, followed by some cold cocktails (perhaps some john dalys), some oysters and ceveche, and more cocktails! and making out. and snuggling.

  16. It sounds like yesterday was awesome. I’m jealous. And I’m now going to Molly’s. Thanks. Oh, and my family has always said that we’re New Hampshire-ites! I’m not sure how cool that is, but at least I had an answer, right? 🙂

  17. Aww! I love this! And love that you are officially calling him your boyfriend 🙂 More details please!! Sounds like he makes you uber happy which is so great. I can see the smile on your face! And nice legs girl, damn! 🙂

  18. Just to start, I’m so envious of your leg muscles.. okay, now that that awkward comment is out of the way, roller blading sounds super fun! I’m terrible at it but I consider it successful if I walk away with nothing broken! A perfect day off includes some, if not all, of the following (in no particular order): the beach, shopping with no limit (fantasy..), boyfriend, cupcakes, making dinner, red wine, chips & salsa, a long bike ride, preferably on the beach, running with a super cool breeze, iced coffee, girlfriends, a good movie, a better book and my huge bed complete with my down comforter!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  19. Your Mr. Boyfriend Man seems to be amazing! You guys have been doing so many fun things together! And watching Hannah Montana with you… thats a sign! Something special right there!!!

    My perfect day off must include beautiful weather – and friends – and outdoors – and good food, laughter.. and some sort of physcial activity – something fun like rock climbing or roller skating!

  20. It’s New Hampshir-ite silly! Also, after our amazing skating classes as kids I really thought you would be a natural on roller skates! Although, to be honest, John and I bought some roller blades a while back and I suck too haha. So glad you had a nice day off!

  21. Wow – I mean, wow I wouldn’t think of roller skating, your perfect day off would work for me!

    Since this is NYC, I’d change it just a bit. I’d make it during the winter, when t here’s some snow on the ground and christmas lights are up. Then, I’d do something really cheesy – ice skating in Rockefeller. We’d follow it up with cupcakes from Magnolia nearby and then of course, hot chocolate at Serendipity with a drive-by of Dylan’s Candy Bar. I’d end the day at my fave hole-in-the wall bar in the West Village…with a nice cold beer 😉

  22. My friend used to work at the original mollys in chicago and always talked about the swings(and the cupcakes ofcourse)!! As I am known by my friends and colleagues as the cupcake connoisseur (no joke, but atleast it sounds prettier than resident fat face…) I need to finally try it!!!

    I loved your little song. In my head it went to “I will survive” -did I just imagine that?! Although I was waiting for you to “grow strong, and learn how to get along (on skates)” or “used to cry but now hold your head up high”

    My perfect day off involves sleeping, a run, food, drinks, fun activity (massage is bonus) and some down time – I think I need another vacation!

  23. Oh goodness. My perfect day. Here goes.
    Sleeping in. Just until 9 or so. Late enough to feel oh-so-good but not so late that the day feels wasted. A nice little run at a leisurely pace. A class at the gym — maybe spin or barbell strength. Swimming in a lake or laying by the pool. Crossing things off the to-do list. Relaxation: a massage and maybe a pedicure, too. Strawberry Shortcake from Cheesecake Factory. Also, frozen yogurt from yumz. (Who says you can’t have both in one day.) Skillet queso from Chili’s. And maybe winding down with a bonfire at night. Ahhhh. Now I want a day off so I can have all that. (Although it sounds like a REALLY long day.)

  24. Yea for taco and a lululemon trip. Sounds like heaven with a side of frosting!!

    What lulu shorts do you wear. I am a speed short addict

      1. Reverse Groove shorts are AWESOME!! Sometimes I buy the $17 knock offs from Target. Also, sometimes I do not wash them enough. Today, I was like hmm…what is that mildew-sweat stank? OH RIGHT, it is me. And my shorts. Whoops.

        Love the roller skating photos – and I want to go to that cupcake place!!

  25. Your rollerskating story reminds me of the time Missy and I tried rollerblading in Central Park. We lost control as we rolled down a very steep hill as I screamed “MELISSAAAAAAAA” and then I had to really think about which type of fence would hurt less to crash into — because crashing was he only way I could imagine stopping. The wooden fence on my left or the metal fence on my right. Luckily it leveled out, and then we stupidly tried skating again and this time almost skated directly into a group of very young children on some sort of trip, and also a woman with a baby carriage who ran out of my way. We sat on a bench after leveling off again, took off our skates, and walked home.

    I love Sprinkles cupcakes on 61 and Lex. Also, the tiny Baked by Melissas have so much flavor in a tiny little cupcake.

    YAY for taco night. Best idea ever!

  26. True story: My brother, yes, my brother, also watched the Hannah Montana movie last night. He creepily loves Hannah Montana. Not Miley Cyrus, just Hannah Montana. Yup, he’s an odd one.

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