Scenes From Irene

I’m happy (and lucky) to report that Hurricane Irene managed to swerve her little path around the Upper East Side for the most part.

I was awake for plenty of torrential downpouring and some pretty heavy winds, but that was the worst of it where I am.

This isn't so bad!
OK, so the wind was KIND OF intense

After yesterday’s 16-miler, I was happy to slip into yoga pants and be as lazy as possible all weekend.

I camped out at an apartment that isn’t mine — it’s much better — and braved the storm by eating (a lot — nachos are delicious), drinking (a lot — Riesling, you are my friend) and sleeping (a lot).

We did venture out for a walk around 7 pm yesterday, before the storm got too bad, and found ourselves at a cute wine bar for a while. The bartender was very generous with her pours, which we took advantage of.

This morning I didn’t wake up until almost 10 am.

Thank you, Irene, for giving me an excuse to sleep in guilt-free.

It was a relief to wake up, go for a walk and see that the Upper East Side survived OK.


See? I am happy, so I am doing a bell kick.

After eating all day (mmmm homemade sweet potato fries) and taking a glorious 2-hour afternoon nap, I finally got moving to get in a 4.25 mile run, per Coach Cane’s plan.

I ran (very slowly) over by the East River, then ventured up to Central Park.

The winds were strong and there were lots of little branches everywhere, plus a few big trees taking naps on the ground.


Carl Schurz Park flooding
Tree down! Tree down!
Who wants to go swimming?

Central Park was technically closed, but I snuck my way in.

I ninja kicked this sign down and broke in. Or I just walked past it. I forget exactly what happened.

So did roughly 1 million other people.

Lots o' people, checking out the Reservoir
Blue skies have returned!
Lots of sticks. Lots of leaves.

For my next trick, I will eat more. And then sleep more.

And then sleep in again.

Office closed tomorrow? Fine by me!

TELL ME: Were you affected by Irene the Hurricane Ho? I hope not!



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  1. We had a few leaks in my apt but overall we were good to go! I’m glad! I’ll take a leak over no power and a broken roof anyday! And now I’m off for a run!

  2. I love your hurricane survival plan, any excuse for eating all day and staying in your PJs is fine by me! Glad your apartment didn’t flood as well!!

  3. omg, please make one of those umbrella photos your new FB picture! all of your weekend eats sound fab (reisling and nachos? yes please!). i’m headed to PA for a few days…but when i come back…i’m gonna plan an excursion to CP. i miss sweat squad!!

  4. Power went out yesterday @10:30 AM; when I left this morning it was still out. It’s really creepy how dark it can be without lights. Cross fingers it’s back by the time I get home!

  5. The NE burbs of Philly got away fairly unscathed. It was by far the worst hurricane to ever hit up here, but then again they’re usually tropical storms around these parts.

  6. Thank you so much for the Central Park update! Was debating whether I should run today/tomorrow but was afraid of falling trees.

  7. Totally love the umbrella pics! I live in the pacific northwest so I’m definitely not experiencing any Irene weather. Glad that your apartment survived and that the weather died down so you could get your run in!

  8. w/o being to creepy; your legs look awesome in the “bell kick” picture.

    No effects of Irene here. Well, it was a little windy on Saturday, but I’m all the way on the west coast of FL, so I Can’t see how that wind would be related to Irene. But my Husband says that it is..whatever.

    Glad your apartment survived.

  9. Didn’t get too bad up in Boston, in fact the dang grocery sack that has been in the tree outside of my apartment for the last 6 months is still there! Seriously, it’s like that 30 Rock episode. I wasn’t impressed by Irene.

  10. um, that picture of you doing a bell kick is amazing. that’s all. and oh, not fair that you have off from work! the MTA is back and running at 6AM tomorrow! lucky lady! enjoy it 🙂

  11. Thankfully, no damage over here either! I am VERY glad I got in 6 pre-Irene miles though after being cooped up. You know what I’m not happy about right now – its getting darker earlier – NO!!!! Anyways, glad to know others breached CP and its not all flooded because I may be headed there tmw!

  12. I am LOVING the umbrella pictures, and the polka dots. How cute! You’re so lucky your office is closed tomorrow..we’re open as of now, and I am not looking forward to the commute if the subways are back up by then. I headed out for 7 in Riverside Park and along the Hudson River Path and there were SO many people out, we’ve all got cabin fever! I was too scared to head over to Central Park, but I’ll try tomorrow!

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