Thankful Things Thursday: New Sneakers, Thick Thighs & I Really Love Food


Today is Thursday. This week has been speedy. Probably because I was gallivanting around Fire Island on Monday and Tuesday instead of working.

My feet are covered in bug bites. I’m not very excited about that. They’re itchy and swollen and keeping me up at night. I’d rather be sleeping than enduring a scratch-fest at 2 am.

I’ve also been finding it very difficult to get out of bed the past two mornings. I laid in bed for a full 30 minutes this morning before I finally dragged myself to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face in an attempt to get moving.

But, despite itchy stumpy feet and my recent bout of morning laziness, there’s a whole lot of great stuff happening right now, and I’m thankful for it.

Let’s get on with the show.

I’m thankful for people who know me, accept my flaws and love me anyway. It’s so important to have people like this in your life, and I’m lucky that I have a wonderful family, some kickass friends and a pretty awesome boyfriend.

That’s right. I said boyfriend. I’m pumped about that little title there.

But seriously.

Things were going great yesterday. I was productive all day, things were running smoothly and life was good. Then, right around 4 pm, things went south, I got a few annoying emails and an even more frustrating phone call. Calm –> Storm.

Naturally I acted like a psychobitch in reaction to all this. That Handsome Boyfriend I’ve talked about so fondly? Poor guy got the brunt of it over the phone as I went on a wild tirade about how people can be stupid and I don’t have time for them in my life.

None of it was work related. I should make that clear. Work = Good.

He was very nice and talked me off a ledge and made me feel better.

I feel very blessed to be surrounded with so many kind, wonderful, understanding people. More specifically, people who put up with me when I take a little trip to CrazyTown and still love me afterward.

Becky has been my best friend since we were very small people. She's still small. And she doesn't judge me. She's a great friend.
Lauren has seen me at my finest moments, specifically very drunk many times in college and very hysterical after a certain breakup. She's still nice to me and invites me to spend holidays with her family.
Emily knows that I need carbohydrates in order to live, and she feeds them to me. She doesn't question or judge me when I go back for seconds and thirds, then beg for dessert.

I’m thankful for spinning with Matt Pestorius at Crunch. Honestly, why haven’t you all gone to take his class? I have guest passes. Won’t you come join me? Few things in life can cheer me up and drag me out of a funk like Matt’s class. Every single thing he says is so motivating and I’m always grinning and sweating when the 45 minutes is up.

Oh Matt. You are so nice.

Matt, please make your class an hour long. I need more of you.

I’m thankful for cute interns who give parting gifts in the form of chocolate. Yesterday was our great intern’s last day. Usually we give gifts to the interns — and we kind of did…we took her to lunch. Mmmm pad thai. But before lovely Amy left the office yesterday, she gave me this:

Delicious? Yes. Nutritious? Who cares?

Very thoughtful. Very delicious. Very happy Ali.

I’m thankful for homemade pizza with broccoli on top. It took me about two seconds to whip up this dinner last night, and it was yummy and filling and cheesy. Just the way I like it.

Easy, awesome

I’m thankful for new sneakers. I love my Brooks Adrenalines and enjoyed cruising around Central Park in them this morning. They’re so white and bright and pretty, which they won’t be for long. They’re cushiony and wonderful and I want to wear them all the time.

So new! So fresh! So clean! So not-yet-smelly!

I’m thankful for an awesome run this morning. Coach Cane had me on some hilly terrain today: three clockwise Harlem Hill loops, including a sprint (meh, a sub-8:00 pace, which felt like sprinting to me) across the 102nd Street Transverse.

If you’re not familiar with Central Park running, that probably made no sense to you. Allow me to translate: Coach Cane wanted me to run a total of 7 miles, most of which was on hills, some of which involved a pickup pace, all of which I dominated.

Yes, that’s right. I ate those hills for breakfast.

I was surprised that I kept a solid pace throughout the run and that the hills didn’t kill me too much. Could it be that I’m getting better at hill running? Who would have ever thought?

I’m thankful I have a bathtub in my apartment. Do I ever use it? Not really. But I like having the option of using it.

I’m thankful for my legs. My thighs are freakin’ huge right now and those bad boys are all muscle.

These legs will kill you. They will crush you. Seriously. Watch it.

My mom has always called them my “Thick Dancer Legs” in the nicest way possible.

See those legs? They're not skinny, but they're tough.

Honestly, I will never be that girl who can rock a miniskirt and sky-high heels and make it look dainty. Skinny jeans are not my friends. But put me in short shorts and sneakers and I will show you my running skills. And maybe my dancing skills.


I’m thankful for dresses. I’m pretty OK with colder weather being right around the corner, but I’ll miss the simplicity of throwing on a sundress in the morning and heading off to work.

Here is the dress, not twirling or moving.

Today my dress — Anthropologie, friends, check it out — is very flowy and twirly. I tried to take a picture to capture it’s fun-ness, but that’s clearly hard to do in an office bathroom…by yourself.

I'M TWIRLING! I'm kind of twirling!
I don't look awkward at ALL. Nor did I feel awkward doing this at the 8 am...

Flowy photo fail.

I’m thankful that I love marathon training. I didn’t know if I was cut out for it. But fun fact: I think training is fun. It’s really hard work and incredibly challenging. It’s time consuming and life-altering. It suits me.

I’m thankful that my email inbox took a beating last night. By me. My goal was to get the inbox under 50 last night. Success!

I’m thankful this has been the best summer ever. Really. The best. Ever.

NOW YOU GO: What are you thankful for today? Puppies? Good friends? Great desserts?



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  1. Ali, I’m so glad that you said that you love your legs even though they are not stick skinny. This makes me feel a lot better about my legs! I look ridiculous in skinny jeans, but I can run! Thanks!

  2. Oh boy I am behind on blog reading…I am so excited for you to be 1 short month away from your 1st marathon!!! Ridiculously exciting. You are SO ready and those awesome legs will definitely get you to the finish line.
    I love reading what you’re thankful for every week. Awesome boyfriends = clutch, especially on those rough days. I can think of a few times in the recent past where my state of mind has morphed from calm –> storm in the span of a day. That’s why we have pasta, froyo, and wonderful people in our lives 🙂
    Last but not least, that dress is beautiful and I 100% want it in my closet!

  3. Thankful that I had an amazing summer with NDA (I’m at my last camp at Bryant University.) I’m thankful I got into grad school and get to start in 3 weeks. I’m thankful for 10K training plans that are NOT designed by me so I have something to follow without being totally clueless. I’m thankful for my new laptop because it rocks. And I LOVED that kick video. I’m pretty sure my team competed against yours that year at QU.

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  4. I am seriously SUPER exhausted just from watching that video! That was SOOOO much kicking! Your leg muscles must be AMAZZZZINNNGGGGG! Seriously impressed by the kicking.

  5. Ah! I loved this post.
    I am thankful for MY Brooks Adrenalines (BEST SHOES EVER!) I own four pairs in varying states of shabbiness and I wear them all the time.
    I am also thankful that it takes less than 7 days for me to forget how much speed work makes me want to puke, so that I get can get back out on the track a week from now.
    I’m glad that your marathon training is going well and that you beat the CP hills! Good luck!

  6. I cant stop thinking about that pizza. It looks so good especially with the addition of broccoli.
    I’m thankful for having had the opportunity to take this last year off and to really have gotten the most out of it with plenty of travel, good times with friends and lots of quality time with the hubby and our new (new-ish, now that he’s 8 months old!) baby. Back to the grind starting this Monday!

  7. i, too, am thankful for marathon training. i’m tapering very soon and i want to really enjoy these last few weeks pre-race.

    i’m also thankful for the few cooler days we got earlier this week. reminds me of fall running weather which is awesome!

  8. I say it every week – but this is my favorite blog post of the whole week!!! and I read a lot of blogs. Just sayin’

    Yay boyfriends!! 🙂 🙂 Can I meet him in real life now? (I’m not counting the 30 seconds where he took a sweaty iphone photo of us).

    Also, I am thinking about commuting into the city on the morning of 8/31 for a sweat squad meet up. What say you?

  9. I’m super thankful for my boyfriend right now who while thinks my training schedule is crazy is always super awesome and supportive and has delicious dinner ready (Salmon and Vegetables) when i get back from the gym!

  10. that is one of my favorite dresses of yours! (mm, is that creepy to say? oh well.) that pizza looks very professional – nice work 🙂

    nice job on the hills – I looked for you this morning!! And, I will keep you posted re: Saturday running! And, let’s also have a 16 Handles date soon? I’ve filled up my punch card, which is reason enough for me to celebrate…

  11. You are awesome 🙂 Reading your blog truly inspires me – and actually makes me consider running a marathon! (And my first half marathon hasn’t even happened yet!) Keep going at it – and congrats on the boyfriend 😉

  12. explain to me how you made homemade pizza!

    Thankful that work is awesome where gossip and online shopping are encouraged; I am thankful my cable and DVR is being set up (I think this could be life changing, I’ve never had DVR); I’m thankful that my tempo run went well yesterday; I am always thankful for dessert.

    If you ever need someone to use that guest pass – you know who to call!

  13. Right now, I’m thankful for coffee (very very thankful). I’m also thankful for my husband who works full time so that I can go to school to pursue my dream. He’s a good guy. 🙂

  14. I love the feeling after cleaning out your in-box! I need to tackle the personal/blog accounts at some point, but my work email is finally under control after taking last Thursday/Friday off! Yay boyfriend!! <3

  15. Love the dress!

    I’m thankful for my long legs not only for getting me through tons of running, but for allowing me to walk FAST and thus not be as late as I could otherwise be some mornings. I’m also thankful for my 15 minute work commute, which allows me to sleep until a decent hour (7 am) and still get a solid run in.

  16. I’m thankful that I got my run in this morning, because I never feel motivated to go out and run when it’s raining. Getting caught in the rain while running, I don’t mind, but I can’t start out when it is raining.

    I’m not so thankful that I came into Manhattan to run in Central Park this morning, but forgot to pack my work shirt (and bra). As much as I love my I <3 Sweat T-shirt, it's not work appropriate, especially stinky and wet with sweat. 🙂

    I'm thankful that my gym has a store where I bought a Lululemon top that can pass for a work appropriate top when under my cardigan.

    I'm thankful that it's almost lunch time because looking at the photos of the pizza you made last night and the Dove candies after running this morning is making me VERY hungry. 🙂

  17. I am thankful for a good friend who loaned me a car while they were out of town. I have family things to do that are weighing heavily and eating up my time and emotions.

    I am thankful for posts and bloggers who make me smile. I have been needing some smiles lately and it is glad to know I can get them.

    I am thankful for the blueberries in my fridge. I have been in love with blueberries lately.

    I am thankful I am going to make a semi-homemade dinner for my boyfriend today.

    I am thankful for the great memories I have of many. many loved ones both past and present.

    I have never been to a spinning class!! I would so go with you!! While I don’t live in Manhattan, I do live in the city.

  18. I’m thankful for the nice man at Trader Joe’s who walked me to my car with his umbrella, since the skies opened up and the torrential downpour ensued. Love random acts of kindness.

  19. I am thankful for you! Always cheering me up with your positivity! Also, I am thankful for my mom getting tickets to come down here in two weeks for a fun filled weekend of wedding planning! And lastly, I am thankful for my wonderful fiancé and his new job giving us tickets to the Brittney Spears concert tonight! Clearly, I know none of her music, but I hear she puts on a good show, so we should have a fun night!

  20. Look at you making homemade pizza! There might be a cook in you after all. It looks good.

    I am thankful for pigeon pose in yoga this morning. Gotta stretch those hips.
    And I am thankful that bike did not get jacked during class. I was so nervous about locking it up on St. Marks Street at 630 am this morning.

    PS >I forgot to tell you how happy I was to meet you at your Jack Rabbit event, as brief as it was.

  21. First, I LOVE that dress! Too cute! Wear it more often! Second, I would love to go to spin class. I haven’t gone to one in years and I am totally afraid to go alone. Hit me up if you have a guest pass with my name on it. 🙂 Also, that kickline is awesome. You guys were hardcore. I am so NOT that coordinated or “bendy.” And thanks for the reminder of the sneakers – must order mine today. My legs hate me!

  22. I am thankful that I get to go see Sister Act the musical tonight!
    I am thankful that my team won our kickball game last night! We even had little neighborhood kids cheering for us! It was cute.
    I’m thankful I got to use my free birthday drink voucher at starbucks today. A free venti drink is a wonderful way to start an early morning.

  23. pretty dress, ali !!! i really love it! anthropologie has the best stuff..
    i’m thankful for lots of things — but today i’m mostly thankful for the weather and how beautiful it is in chicago!

  24. OMG that video is amazing!!!!! I love it!!!! you are in the middle right? You have serious skillz gf!!!

    And BOYFRIEND!!!! YAY!!! You guys make an awesome match- super psyched for you. And I’m always a believer in having one person in the relationship who calms the other down- its helpful : )

  25. These thunder thighs of mine have run 8 marathons (…and counting!). I will put them up against anyone else’s in a marathon any day. Gotta love yourself, you know?!

  26. I love your dress. I am dreading the days where I can’t just put a dress on for work. I really like the clockwise version of those hills… much less stressful. Glad you are having the best summer ever!!!

  27. I totally needed to read this today. I’m in SUCH a funk today and I can’t quite figure it out. I know (and I didn’t put this in my post I just drafted this morning) part of it is work related and that feeling of “what do I REALLY want to be doing” but I couldn’t put that in the post since a few work peeps read it (oy). But anyway, I’m sure there are other things that could be fixed to rid myself of the funk, but one thing that helped so far? Reading your blog. So thank you friend, today I am thankful for YOU for cheering me up. PS. That video also cheered me up.
    PPS. You have awesome strong runner’s legs, those thighs are something to be PROUD of. love it.

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