Drinking & Blogging From Fire Island

Warning: My day has consisted of this…

This is not a bad day.
On a Monday? Sure. Work can wait.
Me and a puppy! So many puppies!
So many bottles. Not very many people. Oops. Awesome.

Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry, Mom. I have been drinking. Only a little amount though. Lauren made me do it.

And now I will attempt to blog. Quickly. There’s still some more champagne to be had. Life is a celebration.

I was planning to write a full race report documenting yesterday’s Battle of Brooklyn 10-miler, but now I’m not so sure that’s necessary.

Here I am before the race. Not very enthused. But smiling, because why not?

The usual things happened: I wasn’t too psyched about the race beforehand, I started out too fast, I got giddy thinking I could maintain the 7:45 pace on my watch, I hit the first hill, I got tired, I continued uphill and got increasingly frustrated, my pace got slower, I got pissed off, I flooded my brain with self-doubt, and then, 10 miles later, the race was over and I felt less than enthused.

I know I need to get over these mental battles, and soon, because I need to be all “Woo hoo, game on” on Marathon Day.

But for now, I’m letting Coach Cane guide me.

His message to me today: Upon reviewing your race, I’m far less distraught than you are. Yes — we need to break your stubborn habit of starting out too fast, but your time was in line with what I expected, and you’re responding to the increased workload well. We need to get you to stop self-destructing, but I also need you to recognize that you’re doing just fine.

Thank God I have him. He’s a nice man. He runs races in costumes.

That is my fearless leader.

Almost immediately after the race, I showered and hopped on a fancy little van headed for Fire Island.

An hour and 15 minutes later, I arrived at the ferry, and then I found an 11-week-old Rottweiler puppy named Ziggy.

Yes, I wore my sailor dress yesterday. Ziggy liked it.

We immediately became best friends.

Ziggy and I took the ferry to Saltaire, where my Handsome (Boy!)Friend and I are spending two glorious days with my friend Lauren.

Last night Handsome Friend cooked a bangin’ dinner for Lauren’s entire family: penne a la vodka with sausage. It was fantastic. I think her family approves of him. Muy bueno.

Then we drank some drinks and I fell asleep around 11. I’m such a little champion.

Only not. I was the first person to say, “I’m tired, I need to go home.”

Strong work, Ali. Really, way to show off.

Today I slept in! Until 9ish! It was clearly needed.

Also, are you ready for this big news?

I took a total rest day today.

Isn’t that crazy? Who am I?

Jumping photos are always relevant. Everywhere.

I’m not stressed about work (mostly because I’m not thinking about it) and I didn’t feel compelled to run or cross train or do much of anything today beyond putting on my bathing suit, parking my butt on the beach and doing absolutely nothing.

Plus a little bike riding around the island. Low impact.

See? Bike riding is not intense cardio. Not the way I was doing it at least.

If lifting a cup filled with champagne to my mouth many times counts as strength training, then I have done a lot of strength training today.

In fact, I’m going to go do some more of it.

And maybe play with more puppies.

I don’t know.

I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.

This is a decent sunset. I guess.

After a few crazy weeks, I have definitely needed this time away.

Happy Monday, friends!

*Most photos taken by Handsome (Boy)Friend. I think he wants to start getting some credit for things.



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  1. I love Fire Island…I’m not going to say I’m jealous, but…okay, I’m jealous 🙂

    I’m also envious of the puppy and the booze. And Coach Cane – because he is a wise man and you are lucky to have him.

    But I’m not envious of the tshirt because I’m lucky enough to have one haha.

    Great job in the race – I totally agree with everything Coach Cane said. Pat yourself on the back in the sand pretty please.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! And total rest days during marathon training are awesome. I bet your next run is going to be 100x better than your last one.

  3. Can I pay your (boy)friend to come cook for me? I’ll supply him the groceries, I just can’t cook. I can spot his 16 Handles after.

    What you NEED before a race is your “Mega Nuts” bar — that’ll be the SECRET WEAPON. But, don’t worry I do the exact same thing in races and workouts, too. I start off the first mile all excited I’m holding some “fast pace” and then the shit hits the fan and I’m all “why are you so terrible” acting. Its so much fun, not. I’ve had a few races where I haven’t done this and need to channel those races more often.

    Enjoy Fire Island!

  4. I’m going to suggest the acronym H(B)F from now on to save your poor lil fingers from typing it 😉 hehe.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that aforementioned H(B)F has a big part to do with why you are so relaxed and calm. No Crohn’s flare-ups here! And you can let him know he’s an excellent photographer. Hooray!

  5. 🙂 on “Handsome (Boy) Friend”

    I can’t believe you took a complete rest day. It’s about time. No spinning and crazy ab workout – just chilling out with puppies, champagne, and your handsome friend. Pretty soon you’ll be running those negative splits like you wore born doing them.

  6. I love that Handsome Friend is now Handsome (Boy!!!)friend!! I also love your sailor dress, Ziggy, all of those champagne bottles and that you took a rest day. We would make really good friends outside of blogland!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  7. You deserve a vacation!! And yay for handsome (boy)friends! Maybe someday soon the blog world will be introduced 😉 Enjoy the rest of your vaca!

  8. Glad you are enjoying your mini-vaca. Rest days rock! Pleasure meeting you yesterday. It was awesome to have a mini-cheer squad at the finish line. Who knew… That I <3 sweat shirt comes with Ali to cheer you on at the finish line! Well worth my $25!

  9. “BOY” FRIEND! YAY!!! Now come visit us up in Boston : )

    I hear ya on the race- I’ve been known to do the same and self doubt enters my brain way too much. But I agree with you coach- your pace was still great for how much training you are doing. Plus the real race is the marathon, not this race : ) Enjoy your vacay!

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