Single Digit Saturday

I don’t remember the last time I slept in on a Saturday.

Marathon training is exhausting!

I definitely don’t remember the last time I ran fewer than double-digit miles on a Saturday.

Since training began for the very-quickly-approaching Hamptons Marathon, my weekends have revolved around my long runs. As much as I’ve loved cramming in these early morning miles — whether alone or with friends — today I got a nice little break.

I’m racing the Battle of Brooklyn 10 mile race tomorrow in Prospect Park, so Coach Cane’s plan for today was a simple 4 mile run, maintaining a 9:00+ pace, including a few pickups along the way.

Rewind to yesterday…

I ran errands after work, including a stop at JackRabbit’s Union Square store to pick up my bib and T-shirt for tomorrow’s race.

OK so you can't really see it, but squint and look to the right of the photo. The mannequin is wearing the I Heart Sweat shirt!

Worst photo ever, I know. The glare from the sun was not my friend.

Bib pickup was quick and easy, and the shirts we got are JackRabbit tech shirts, which is pretty awesome.

I then proceeded to cook dinner — mini homemade pizza and a crap-ton of Brussels sprouts — then spent some time with a certain wonderful friend. I was passed out asleep on the couch (yes, he moved me, good man) somewhere around 10:30 pm.

Maybe earlier.

And I slept until 9 am this morning.

Maybe a little later.

It was shockingly nice letting myself sleep in without guilt about having to do a long run in the crazy heat. My body definitely appreciated the extra sleep and time with pillows and blankets (and a cuddle buddy).

I headed out for my delightful four miles around 10 am. I decided to hit up the last day of Summer Streets, which was maybe not the best choice.

Summer Streets, week three!

It was so crowded!

I ran south all the way to Union Square and was so happy I wasn’t out for a hardcore run. I would have been super frustrated with the hords of runners, bikers and walkers.

OK it doesn't look crowded but it WAS. I swear.
So. Many. People.

Despite the crowds, I still enjoyed the run and the spectacular city views.

So many cabs, and yet when it's raining I can never seem to get one. Go figure.

The best part of the run was when I got done and saw a dog that was the size of a small horse.

Look at that thing! You would have taken its photo, too. Right?

Today’s run wasn’t challenging. It wasn’t anything special. But it was fun.

There I am. Happy to be done. Happy about getting all that extra sleep.

After that wildly exciting morning jaunt, I ran some errands and was crazy productive. My To Do list took a beating today, and I had time to visit a newly engaged friend (exciting!) and see a movie (Crazy Stupid Love — it was cute though I’m embarrassed to admit that I cried three different times).

Now I’m in race mode.

I’m about to make some pasta.

Carbs are good.

Then I’m going to make my playlist, in case I want to run with music (there’s a chance I may not because I’m so crazy these days).

I’ll lay my outfit out (I Heart Sweat shirt, obviously).

I’ll attempt to get to bed early.

And then tomorrow I’ll wake up, I’ll run, I’ll hope to do well and I’ll head out of town for a few days.

Yes, my friends, I’m leaving NYC for two nights. If you need me, I’ll be in Fire Island.

I should also mention that despite the rushed, seemingly-calm tone of this post, I’m for some reason having a complete panic attack about this race tomorrow.


I have no idea.

Ten miles is nothing these days.

But I haven’t run a good race since before I started marathon training. The last few have been increasingly frustrating and discouraging. I really want a good race tomorrow, but I know there will be hills on the course and I’m already psyching myself out.

On the upside, it’s my first-ever 10 mile race, so I’ll automatically PR.

Mwahaha. I will beat you, Battle of Brooklyn.



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  1. I need an I heart sweat t asap! I felt totally uncool at the NYRR Long Training Run this morning – I saw tons of runners with your shirt on 🙂 Even though we have never met, I wanted to tell them I knew you, lol…blogging, totally awesome and weird all at the same time!

  2. I want to hear how the race went!! And am super jealous of your sleeping in. Can you teach me how to do that?

    Also, have so much fun on Fire Island – it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS this week. Enjoy, my friend!

  3. Yes, on my way back from the park today as part of my long run I was deathly afraid a kamikaze biker was going to take me out — and this was at 8:45 am!

    Good luck tmw! Oh ps – totally followed your tips for 16 Handles and it went spectacularly. It took all my anxiety away. A “Mega Nuts” picky bar is waiting for you upon your return.

  4. Can’t wait to hear your results! Quit panicking — you’re going to do wonderfully (and PR, ha!).

    I wish I had pasta tonight in the form of uva on the UES. Too bad that is far, far away from me and I seem relegated to my couch right now. (I just got home from an entire day walking outside — first the street truck food festival at the South Street Seaport, then the last day of Summer Streets, then up the West Side walking/biking path all the way to the Frying Pan, then pedicures and the Container Store. Yes, I shop at very exciting places.)

    Best of luck tomorrow! Blog fast after you get done!

  5. Growing up our family friends had a huge dog like that (maybe even bigger? but i was short, so my image might be slightly skewed….) – his name was Harpo, and I called him my “Horse Doggie.” I think at one point my dad may have even plopped me on his back. (I was no older than 4 or 5 though….so i don’t think I hurt him….i was relatively small back then)

    Glad you got a fun 4 mile run in on summer streets despite the crowds. I was out there around 8ish and while it wasn’t super crowded, my legs decided not to cooperate today. boo. I’ll miss you, summer streets!

    You’ll kill that race tomorrow! Good luck!

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