Thankful Things Thursday: On Snapping Out Of It

You know how sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed for no real reason and then you’re super cranky and can’t control your rage?

That was me this morning.


Maybe it was because I didn’t really sleep well, or maybe it’s because I now have three mountain-sized zits that are making themselves at home on my face.

But I’m committed to snapping out of this ridiculous funk.

Operation Cheer Up By Being Thankful starts now…

I’m thankful I didn’t go to spinning last night. My legs were shot. I think they each weigh 150 pounds right now. Lugging them around is difficult. I feel like Octomom or something, only instead of carting around a bunch of crazy children, I have really heavy lead legs.

OK, so that comparison doesn’t really work. But my point is that I love the Wednesday night spin class, I really wanted to go, but my stupid legs didn’t think that was such a hot idea.

So I went home and sent emails instead. Fine.

I’m thankful yesterday was another great workday. The shoot went great, the models were fantastic and we listened to a lot of Justin Bieber.

They’re all 14–16 year olds. They chose the music. I did not. Though I didn’t exactly object, either.

I’m thankful my job involves playing dress-up.

This is me with a bow

Yesterday was our annual costume shoot. We shot something like 38 different costumes, and naturally a few accessories made their way off the models and onto me.

Justin Bieber soundtrack + sparkles = solid work day.

I’m thankful Irish Mint is back at 16 Handles. In case you’re unfamiliar with the process, the 16 various flavors at this frozen yogurt Mecca rotate every so often. Irish Mint is my favorite, but lately it’s been out of the rotation. Imagine my delight last night when I discovered that Irish Mint was back.

Look! Irish Mint!

But sorry if you want to get your hands on some. I think I may have eaten it all at the Upper East Side location last night.

I’m thankful for my coach. Really, how great is Coach Cane?

This is not our best photo.

He’s been coaching me since April and still responds to my emails and my totally sensible questions like, “Will sprinting the final .2 miles of my daily runs make me look better when I cross the finish line of the marathon?” (Answer: No, says coach.)

Tonight I’m actually running with Coach Cane! My training plan for today simply says “Meet me at JackRabbit Upper West Side at 7 pm ready to run.” I have no idea what he has in store. I might die. I hope I don’t though. I have a marathon to run.

Coach Cane has also been super supportive during this process, going far beyond just getting me ready to run 26.2 in September.

He came to my event last week, snagged himself a T-shirt (he got the last one — we had to take it off the mannequin!) and Tweeted this photo:

Yes! Coach Cane loves sweat just like I do!

Great Coach? I think so.

Also, I really hope he’s cool with me posting that photo… Mwahaha.

I’m thankful you’re all on my team.

Welcome to the team. Happy to have you.

I think part of the reason I’ve loved training for this marathon so much is because I’ve been blessed with such wonderful support. The nice comments, enthusiasm, encouragement and great advice has been so helpful and so motivating. I promise to make you all proud on race day!

I would like to give you each a very sweaty hug

And yes, I’m getting more shirts! Don’t worry, you’ll get yours. They’re going to be available at the JackRabbit stores in NYC and they’ll be available online. Yes, they can be shipped. I’m not sure yet whether international shipping going to be possible — I need to look into some cost-effective options. But I promise, you’ll be able to join the Sweat Squad and show off your love for perspiration soon enough.

In case you haven’t heard, this next batch comes in both gray and aqua-blue options!

I’m thankful that I didn’t have time to change my outfit this morning. I threw something on, thought I would hate it, but didn’t have time to rummage through my closet. By the time I got to the office — after several particularly strong wind gusts allowed me to flash the entire Upper East Side — I was sold on the skirt/tank combo.

See? Not matchy, but not terrible.

Good enough. And very comfortable.

I’m thankful that I showed up at the office after being out for two days, and this dress was on my desk:

Sailor chic!

That photo is of Broadway star Savannah Wise. She was on the cover of the July issue of Dance Spirit, and I adored this dress we shot her in (it was her own dress, not one we provided for her). After the shoot, I was raving to my boss about how much I loved the dress, and she said she had the same one.

Today, that dress was on my desk.

I am so excited.

And I really hope it fits. Because I have many upcoming occasions that require me to wear a sailor-inspired dress…like my best friend’s wedding (she’ll be cool with this as a Maid of Honor dress I’m sure) and my marathon…

I’m thankful that when my Handsome (Boy)Friend witnessed my morning funk, he didn’t freak out or run away or roundhouse kick me to the shoulder. Instead, he shared this little gem with me:

Spaghetti dog!

It’s part Lady and the Tramp gone wrong, part Puppy Has Marathon To Carbo Load For. I like it.

I’m thankful Theodora sent me this yesterday:


Everyone knows me so well.

Lastly, I’m thankful that in the midst of my morning piss-ass-mood, I had all these ways to turn my day around. Thanks for sharing.

Those are my thankful thoughts for the day.

NOW TELL ME: What’s giving you the warm grateful fuzzies today? Did you cuddle a puppy this morning? Do you have a race you’re feeling super ready for this weekend? Perhaps you ate breakfast in bed. Tell me all about it.



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  1. So I definitely want one of your t-shirts and be part of the sweat squad! I am not a runner- I run, but I am not a runner.. And not in the sense that you didn’t call yourself a runner for a long time, I, like really, am not a runner! But I get my sweat on almost everyday and have an amazing trainer, love hot, sweaty yoga, and just feel complete after a good sweaty-sweat sesh! This is my really long comment just to say I want a t-shirt, and will you let us know on here when they are available and how to order?!? I live in Maine, and seeing as we are like 15 years behind the rest of the US we will probably not have anything like a Jack Rabbit until I’m 45..

    ps- I love your blog, and when I come to NYC in November I am finding myself some 16 Handles (never had it, again, Maine really has to get with it!!)


  2. I totally saw Coach Cane and MrsCoach Cane running uptown on West Drive in Central Park tonight. They were with a group. Were you with them? It was probably around 7:40? I was trying to finish my intervals and was running in the opposite direction. I feel like I know Coach Cane from reading your blog. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better look at the rest of the group.
    I woke up thinking I may not run tonight or may chicken out and do my intervals on the treadmill, which would have been torturously boring, because I had some weird back of the knee issues last night and my knee felt weak this morning, but I packed my running clothes and headed out. By the time I got to the office, my knee felt fine.
    P.S. I didn’t read your blog post until late tonight otherwise I would totally have looked for you when I saw Coach Cane. Plus, I’m really looking forward to getting an aqua I<3 Sweat T-shirt!

  3. Last night I got to eat dinner at the #1 restaurant in DC with my mom and it was soooo freaking good!!!!! I could definitely die happy (well, as long as I could get one more long run in first) after that. Good food is always something to be thankful for!

  4. Coach Cane is awesomeeeeee!

    Warm fuzzies this morning came from eating a bagel with cream cheese after wrapping up three night shifts in a row…I swear it’s just as delicious as pizza is after a night of drinking. mmmmmmm delicious. Just took a nap, now time for a run….hoooray!

  5. Here’s what cheerede up today: I called my hairdresser to cancel an appointment I had for a cut/color because I am short on funds this month. She asked why I was canceling and I told her. Then she surprised me by saying I could still come to my appointment and just pay her in 2 weeks when I got paid again! Yay!!! 🙂

  6. HA – the lady and the tramp dog and jazz hands pics totally made me giggle out loud. Thankful for that!
    I’m thankful for my new compression sleeves! And my new ipod shuffle!
    And I’m thankful my husband is meeting me for happy hour with $4 wine and $1 oysters!

  7. I’ve kinda been down all week so I took today off from work to have some “me” time and get out of this funk! I laid in bed until 9am, even though I was antsy at 7am, and cuddled with by stuffed puppy (and boyfriend). Then we made pancakes! I love midweek pancakes 🙂

    Hope the rest of your day goes well! And look, the sun came out for you!

  8. I really enjoy the Irish mint flavor too. But I’m even more excited about the ice animal cracker toppings. My fav.

    I’m thankful for sleep, and that I’m actually kind of getting enough of it. And I’m thankful I got out of the office earlier this week for a video shoot – so much better than sitting at a desk all day!

  9. I’m thankful I had a doctors appt this morning so I didn’t get into work until 11 🙂 I’m sure I’ll pay for it tonight, but nice to miss half a day in the office!

    I’ll also be extremely thankful if you wear that dress to the rehearsal dinner! If you wear to the wedding, Juliet or Camryn might take your place (haha jk, I love you no matter what!)

  10. The grateful fuzzies actually came from a farewell coffee get-together my office held for my boss who’s moving on.. Not grateful that she’s leaving by any means, but more grateful for the clear camaraderie and friendship between everyone on our little office team, despite being from different background and ages. It was actually sweet.

  11. Ok, seriously feeling the same way. trying to snap out of my funk. had a nice WALK this morning actually, that was head clearing and it helped. I am thankful for that and for it being gorgeous outside even though I can’t enjoy it. And um, more on the cute boy!! such a cute pic!

  12. I will be cheering today by going to lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen in awhile, getting my sweat on, and then having a date night with my boyfriend. Sounds like a great day to me! Your outfit is really cute, btw!

  13. A little early to be thankful. So far today I can be thankful for:

    * My awesomely simple but fun outfit. Non-bootcut jeans! Shirt matching shoes – both bright pink/raspberry!

    * Sleeping in. Definitely glad I decided to switch my 6 mile run to tomorrow. It’s a gorgeous morning and tomorrow looks gray, but I need the rest after 5 days exercise. My legs were cement yesterday and today I’m pure exhausted.

    * Free lunch! My company brings in lunch every Thursday, and today is pasta, including garlic bread!

    * Although I’m sad to be back from vacation, I’m glad to be back in the office and see people. Plus – glad to be back working with my trainer yesterday!

    * I’m feeling confident and strong getting ready for my half marathon at Disneyland two weeks from Sunday! Such a different feeling from my first (WDW in January). That coast-to-coast medal is waiting for me!

    * Exclamation points! Otherwise, how would you know how happy I am!!!!!!!!!!

    Jazz hands for everybody!

  14. I am thankful I have great friends to run with and our 12.5 mile run flew by as we chatted this morning.
    I am thankful I found your blog a few months ago because it makes me smile when I read it.
    I am thankful I am going to the lake this weekend.
    I am thankful for brown sugar cinnamon poptarts from the vending machine at work since I didn’t have time to get breakfast after the run!
    I am thankful for one of my favorite and most comfortable work outfits that I am wearing today!
    Happy Thursday!

  15. I have a tri this weekend that I’m SUPER nervous and anxious about. You know what helped turn my day around? Your blog! Your passion for running/fitness always reminds me that I’m doing the tri for fun/fitness/etc…and even if I have to be rescued by a kayak in the water part, that’s totally OK. Ha.

    I’m also thankful for this giant iced coffee, a lemon larabar for my mid morning snack, and that I got one of the most amazing professional massages last night which left my shoulders feeling all nice and loose. 🙂

    Love that sailor dress!

  16. My little bro (he’s 17) sent me an email last night that said “I can’t wait to see you Labor Day Weekend Love your Brother, Harrison.” He’s just too darn cute.

    Also, my grandparents called me to tell me the post on Cookies For Kids’ Cancer made them cry and they had no idea I ever thought about my other brother (of course I do). That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Coffee is also making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside right now.

    I’m jealous your job promotes bows and jazz hands – I LOVE BOTH.


  17. Im thankful I’m seeing you on Sunday! I’m thankful I’m still on vacation. I’m thankful I had a rip roaring good time last night. I’m thankful for the awesomeness that will be Sunday night!

  18. Your Thursday posts seriously help me pace my week–every time they show up on Twitter, I think, “omygod its already Thursday? It’s already Thursday.”

    I’m grateful and feeling motivated after a huge delicious sushi dinner last night–and also the 2 martinis that came with it.

  19. I am thankful that my husband and I are doing Team Challenge… TOGETHER! Running has always been my thing and I never thought he’d do 13.1 with me. I can’t wait!

  20. I’m thankful that 16 Handles brought back the Pomegranate-Raspberry sorbet! When I went to the UES location last night (for dinner), seeing my favorite flavor back in rotation totally made my day 🙂

  21. Spaghetti dog and surprise jazz hands are hilarious. I am sleepy today. I did get to wake up with a cute boy so I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for for live Santana-cam so I can watch my brother’s adorable dog all day long. She is one funny girl. I am thankful tomorrow is Friday. I am thankful I have no real plans this weekend other than seeing Andy and possibly the NYRR long training run if I am up for it — although given my current health situation, I don’t know if that will happen.

  22. Two things: That dog picture is sooo precious! Clearly, your handsome friend has the right idea. Hold on to that one 😉

    And….so excited about Irish Mint. Rain, wind or shine, I’ll be at the Handle tonight to get some 😉

    I’m thankful to be going to Philly tomorrow for the Healthy Living Summit! I cannot waitttttt!

  23. Oh my god, NO ONE is allowed to EVER give you a roundhouse kick to the shoulder! Although I totally understand the hey-thanks-boy-for-not-running-away-when-I-completely-melted-down-today-and-further-upheld-the-crazy-girl-stereotype. It happens to me once a week, and so far, boy hasn’t run away. Curious, really.

    I cannot WAIT to get my hands on a sweat squad tshirt! I’ve been very envious ever since I saw your post on the JackRabbit night while I was slaving away at my desk til 10pm that same night.

    Thankful Things Thursday …. um, I’m thankful I have an umbrella at work since I forgot to bring my own this morning. I’m thankful my awful cold seems to be letting up a TINY bit. I’m thankful someone special gave me tiramisu for breakfast today.

    Yup. Tiramisu for breakfast. What’s wrong with that?

  24. Oddly enough, it was doing a load of laundry this morning. There’s nothing like having laundry hanging outside to dry before 9:30am – productivity for the day has already been solidified (meaning I can take the rest of the day off, right???).

    Also, had a great walk/run this morning. At 3-days-til-my-due-date I’m so grateful I can get out there and sweat!

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