Thankful Things Thursday: On Good Friends, Support & The Night Ahead


Happy Thursday.

I’ve got a busy day, so we’re jumping right into the “This is what I’m thankful for today” game.

I’m thankful the big day is finally here! For the past two nights, I’ve woken up from dreams in which no one shows up to my JackRabbit fundraising event.

I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Partially because I want to raise a ton of money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Partially because there are lots of great friends I really want to see. Partially because I want to sell lots of T-shirts.

Do you think sweat is sexy? Then buy a shirt tonight. Be proud. Be disgusting.

But mostly because I have 12 bottles of wine that people need to come drink.

I can’t carry that all home myself.

Though I guess I could just drink it all at the store and stumble home… Then I don’t have to carry anything.

So yeah. Come by tonight. Help me drink some wine. It’s going to be super fun.

JackRabbit's store window on the Upper East Side!

And I’ve added some prizes to the lineup! Here’s what I’ll be raffling off tonight:

  • 3-month Crunch Gym memberships (two of ’em!)
  • A 5-class pack of rides for Flywheel Sports
  • A giant gift basket from Peanut Butter & Company
  • 4 Mets tickets
  • A 1-month Pure Yoga membership

And there may be one last prize added by the end of the day today. It may have to do with a certain frozen yogurt shop I happen to dream about at night. Stay tuned.

Alright, so 6:30–9, JackRabbit Sports, 84th & Lexington. Game on.

I’m thankful for sweet potatoes. Yesterday I had a sweet potato latke from Whole Foods for lunch and a baked sweet potato (my first ever!) for dinner. They are so delicious and so versatile. And apparently healthy? Who knew?

I’m thankful the dry cleaning guy gave me my stuff. So I dropped off some dresses to be dry cleaned last week. I hate getting stuff dry cleaned. I prefer to only pay for my clothes one, thank you very much. But some recent work events (click the link, scroll down, check out the bottom left photo and see if you can find me) have required me to get dressed up and then break a sweat. (Dressing up was required, I guess. Breaking a sweat was kind of my own thing.) Then those dresses sat at the bottom of my hamper for a while, underneath lots of nasty, dirty, not-at-all-nice-smelling running clothes. They had to be cleaned professionally.

This dress? Sweaty. Gross. Wrinkled.
This dress? Sweaty, gross, but surprisingly not too wrinkled.

Then I kind of got busy, though, and I didn’t have time to go pick up those dresses. I made it there just before closing last night, all excited to pick up my crap. “Cash only,” register man tells me. “No thank you,” I reply. “Cash only,” he says with a weird smile. “OK, I’ll come back another time, I don’t have any cash on me, I’m sorry.” Then, in a crazy turn of events, nice register man says, “You take stuff now. You pay ‘notha time.”

Soooo I have my dry cleaning — four dresses in total. And I haven’t paid for it. It feels weird, like I stole my own clothes or something.

I promise to get cash and bring it to him. For real.

I am thankful for amazing friends, new and old. I’m back to thinking about tonight’s little shindig. Sorry. Can’t help it. I can’t wait to meet lots of new people who have told me they’re coming. I’m excited to see some of my favorite runners and bloggers, plus some coworkers are going to be in attendance.

Lauren, here’s your shout-out:

My wonderful friend Lauren is currently in the middle of a two-week vacation. She’s out on Fire Island but she’s coming back into the city just for tonight, to be at the event.

She's leaving this to come to the city for a night...

Good friend?

Exceptional friend.

I’m feeling the love and support, people. Big time.

I’m thankful I can wear jeans to work. I’ve been way too lazy to put together actual outfits this week. Luckily I’ve thrown on jeans and some sort of shirt and I’m out the door in no time. Also, my office is currently being kept at a brisk 40-degrees, so jeans keep me warm.

I’m thankful tomorrow is a rest day. I ran 6 miles this morning. Coach Cane told me to stick at an 8:45 pace or slower, which is exactly what I did. I hovered around 8:30 once I was a few miles in, but without being told by my watch I’d estimate my average pace was around 8:45 or 8:50.

It wasn’t easy though. My legs are tired and heavy and even though the weather was perfect, the park was beautiful and I was mentally excited to be running, my body was dragging a bit.

Tomorrow I will do nothing physical.

I promise, Coach. Remember my new plan?

I’m thankful for my nice friend. At the risk of being grossly cheesy, I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since we started hanging out. I’ve been way less stressed out every day, I’ve been sleeping better and I’m convinced that he’s not real. I’m pretty excited about this one.

No more details to share with you on that note. Sorry.

I’m thankful I’ll be escaping NYC this weekend. I love New York. But I also love getting away. I’m pretty pumped about attempting to bang out 20 miles in a new city with an equally sweaty — actually, more sweaty…she wins — friend.

Abe, I think you're so handsome.

I’m thankful for this summer. It’s been my favorite.

I’m thankful for bright colors. They make me happy. Lime green, especially. And sometimes hot pink.

I’m thankful for my family. This is obvious. But they’re officially booked for the Hamptons Marathon! My parents will be coming down from New Hampshire and my brother and sister-in-law will be in from Boston. I can’t wait to have my four favorite people in the world at the finish line waiting for me.

My family is a good time.

I plan on crying a lot, probably, and maybe blowing my nose on my mom’s shirt. That just seems like something I might need to do in the heat of the moment.

I also hope a certain friend (yes, Lauren, you) is at the finish line, too, in which case I probably won’t blow my nose or do something quite so disgusting. I’d like him to keep hanging out with me.

I’m thankful for this article someone just sent me. Mostly because I feel cool being mentioned alongside Hugh Jackman…

That’s all for now.

NOW YOU GO: What are you thankful for today?



47 Responses

  1. Hi Ali-
    Do you have any more T-shirts? I love them! I’d be happy to pay via paypal!
    Thanks so much and good luck raising money!!!

  2. I’m thankful for sweet potatoes too!! I eat them ALL THE TIME. I also happen to love squash and carrots. I had to cut back when my mom came to visit and told me I looked a little unnaturally orange (I don’t use sunless tanner…)
    I’m thankful I managed a faster pace finally on my run this morning. Oh and I’m thankful I might not have to work much this weekend because I’ve been ms. productivity, well that an I haven’t gotten any panic e-mails from my boss in two days. One last thankful thing – I convinced someone to go pick blueberries with my this weekend!!!! YES

  3. I’m thankful that even though this week has been one of the busiest weeks of my life I’ve still been able to wake up and run every morning!

  4. I hope the event was packed! I couldn’t make it, but I WOULD love to buy a t-shirt! I know you mentioned possibly selling them online – but would Jack Rabbit happen to have any extras?

  5. I’m thankful that I remembered to put my icepacks into the freezers last night so that they’re now on my shins, (hopefully) kicking my shin splints butts. Stupid shins. They’re clearly jealous of all the attention my knees and ankles get. I need more icepacks.

    I’m thankful I have 5 bags of cherries in my fridge. Hello, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I kid. Sort of.

    I’m thankful Lil Wayne has finally come out with a song I don’t hate.

  6. Have fun at the event tonight! It sounds like a blast.

    I’m thankful for:
    -feeling great during my longest run ever yesterday (not even close to double digits, but I’ll get there!)
    -being able to go home in two days
    -starting new adventures

  7. I’m thankful for your blog because I love reading it… and it motivates me to continue my running journey! Where can I get an I <3 Sweat t-shirt?!

  8. “…and maybe blowing my nose on my mom’s shirt” LOL! Your blog makes me laugh. Thank you and good luck tonight!
    I am thankful to be going home from my work trip today and seeing my hubby and puppies!

  9. If I was in NY, I would be there just for the Mets tickets.
    Offices are always too cold! I’m thankful I can wear a fleece at work.
    My advice is to try not to cry during the marathon. It happens to me every time and it makes breathing difficult!

  10. I live in DC and have an 18 miler this Saturday, really hoping that I happen to ‘run into’ (I’m hilarious) you and Emily!! The weather is going to be perfect

  11. I am SO EXCITED for tonight! And I want to win all of the prizes. I need to brush up on my 90’s trivia knowledge this afternoon (somehow, while looking like I am doing work).

    I am thankful I saw you this morning because your smiling face got me up that gnarly little CP hill. I’m thankful it’s so nice and sunny and un-humid today. And, I’m thankful for special awesome long distance friends that I got to talk to and/or see this week.

  12. I am thankful for my Mom! She always tells me how proud she is of me and I can always talk to her about anything! (& I need to get me one of those shirts that say ‘ I <3 sweat' lol)

  13. Ok- having your name printed in the same sentence as Hugh Jackman is unreal. Too cool for school.

    -I am thankful for leftover cake. (Although I’m a little sad it had to end…my waistline, however is not…)
    -I am thankful for my parents. They rock. I could/should write a novel on it, but I am a lucky, lucky girl
    -I am thankful for snail mail! Even though I’m glued to my email, I still get so so happy both receiving and sending real mail
    -I’m thankful I ran this morning and I’m thankful that I’m now becoming a girl who is thankful for running.
    -I’m thankful for my kickball team. We’re spirited. We’re fun. We’re borderline obsessed with each other. Wednesday nights are great and I’m thankful that I bit the bullet and signed up for it and now have some amazing new friends.
    -I’m thankful I’m going on a mini vacation tonight!

  14. 12 bottles of wine…that’s nothin’! I hope there is still some left by the time I get there post-workout…trying for 8:30? Is there an after party… maybe at 16 Handles? 🙂 Excited to see you tonight!

  15. i had the exact same experience at the cleaners! and people say new yorkers arent nice. LIES!

    i moved to ny in feb from dc and passed through for the first time since on tuesday…and was surprised to find i missed it and wanted to jump off my bus and run my old routes there! enjoy your 20 miles…i’ll be jealous and very excited to hear how they go!

  16. I’m thankful for iced coffee in the morning, it is hot here in Houston and for bright colored pens. Today’s color of choice is yellow. 🙂

  17. Sweet article! You’re making me want to check out trapeze flying…
    And I want your Indian running outfit!

    Anddd I’m buying a tshirt tonight — so pumped for it. See you there!

  18. Sooooo excited for tonight!!

    I’m thankful for twitter and blogland for bringing me together with you and our sweaty friends!

    And for being able to run through midtown when everyone else is going to work and yelling “HAHHAHAHHA” because I don’t have to work today. 🙂

  19. I’m thankful that I get to dance almost everyday. I’m thankful for hot yoga (have you tried it? You would love it. It’s the ultimate sweating experience.) I’m thankful for being sore from hot yoga. I’m thankful I’m going to my first Patriots game tonight. I’m thankful for blogs I get to read every single day. I’m thankful for froyo because seriously… how could I not be?

    BTW – awesome shoutout from Zeel!
    And good luck tonight!! I wish I could be there… if I wasn’t 4 hours away, I totally would be. I hope you raise lots of money and sell all your tshirts (well, all except 1 because I would really like one!)

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  20. I am so looking forward to your event tonight!

    I’m thankful this morning was beautiful and perfect for running (even if my run wasn’t amazing).
    I’m thankful for awesome girlfriends, like the lovely ladies I had dinner with last night.
    I’m thankful for tomorrow’s rest day!

  21. Good luck tonight, it’s going to be great! I wish I lived in NYC and could go to your event, but I’m totally hoping to buy a t-shirt online! I do loooove sweat 🙂

  22. Oh wow, you are coming to DC this weekend? That’s where I’m at. Maybe I will see you on the trails! I have a 20-miler to kill for training on Saturday! Hope the event goes well tonight!

  23. When I saw my mom at the finish line at my first marathon, I started crying immediately!! I was such a baby! It really is the best feeling, ever!!

    PS–I think you should run the Hamptons Marathon then sign up for Philly marathon in Nov. so we can meet! 🙂 Just throwing that out there.

  24. I’m so excited to come tonight! Realy hope there will be small sized tees left by the time I get there (hint, hint: save one for me!)
    Your Thankful Things Thursday always put a smile on my face. And a nice new friend? Yay!!! Sounds like a lucky guy 🙂

  25. Good luck tonight!!!! I so wish I lived in or closer to NYC so I could go to the event…but I’m still hoping to snag a tshirt if they go online! Also, I’m a total creep and kind of hope I spot you on your trip to DC this weekend.
    Today, I am thankful for good coffee!! I have a long two days ahead of me, and coffee is currently my best friend!

  26. I am thankful I am coming to your event so I can see you and buy the following: racing flats (oh yeah, I’m going there), pink compression socks, your I love sweat shirt, a TP foam roller, a stretching rope (if they have) — I am going ALL OUT for CCFA. Watch out.

    I am thankful my friend since the 4th grade is in town and we’re going to dinner tonight (so sorry – I will have to leave a bit earlier than I wanted to!)

    I am thankful I have the opportunity to win spin classes bc I’ve never done spinning so if I win, I will get to.

    I am thankful for coffee.

    I am thankful for advice people give me.

    I am thankful Susan ran with me today!

  27. “and I’m convinced that he’s not real.” — exactly how I feel about mine. So happy for you.
    Do you need to get there when it starts to do the raffle? I have an appointment after work that I can’t miss and PROBABLY won’t make it at all tonight, but curious about timing of things.

    Have fun tonight, lots of people will come, I promise!!!

    I am thankful for my new job. I am finally in the right place.
    I am thankful that I sucked up my fear and embarrassment and sang George Harrison, Got My Mind Set on You in front of my entire company yesterday.
    I am thankful for a commute that gives me time to read.
    I am thankful for having a backyard in Manhattan where I can throw a party every summer!
    I am thankful for my brother and sister-in-law for being my best friends.
    I am thankful for Andy…. he is so good to me.
    I am thankful for my body waking up on its own at 5 am so I can avoid my sleep being disturbed by my alarm clock.

  28. Looking forward to meeting you tonight. I actually had to change up my morning routine to prepared for a later bus home (to Staten Island). Was hoping to come with a friend but I’ll likely be solo. Hopefully I won’t feel like a big dummy. Regardless I need one of those shirts, so I’ll be there!

    1. Lauren, I just wanna say you are the sweetest. When I ran into Ali this AM in the park and she told me you were coming from FI, I got a rush of affection for you.

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