Some Likes & Some Dislikes

Good morning!

Today is Monday. I know some people dread Mondays. The weekend is over, life is so sad, blah blah whine.

I don’t mind Mondays though.

Is the weekend over? Yes, yes it is.

But was the weekend awesome? Yes, yes it absolutely was.

So instead of sitting at my desk today, feeling sad that I have a full work-week ahead of me, I’ll sit at my desk and feel all giddy-like remembering the fun stuff that I did this weekend.

Did you miss out? Here, I’ll fill you in:

I have some videos from the trapeze class. Do you want to see them?

OK, here’s the video of me doing a backflip at the end:


And here’s me doing a catch with my new friend Dylan:


Great day.

So while I don’t generally mind Mondays, there are still some things about today that I like and things that I dislike. I will now share those things with you.

Like: Wearing new clothes. I’m wearing the same white pants I wore to the office on Friday, but my shirt is new. Thanks, Banana Republic outlet and your 40% off everything sale.

The stripes are teal. Not black. Silly iPhone camera.

Dislike: The current state of my bank account. I need to stop buying lunch during the week.

Like: That the majority of my morning commute is done by foot. I’m only on the subway for a little while, but I walk all the way from 2nd Avenue to 7th Avenue.

Dislike: That everyone I seemed to get stuck walking behind this morning was smoking a cigarette. Seriously, this habit is still legal? It’s gross and the smoke gets in my clean hair and I swear it lingers on me all day. Blech.

Like: That I slept in until 6 am today.

Dislike: That I don’t get to run on Mondays, per Coach Cane’s orders. I much prefer waking up and sweating in the park.

Like: Puppies.


Dislike: That I don’t have a puppy. Someday…

Like: Knowing that I will dominate my To Do list today.

Dislike: The fact that my To Do list is roughly 19 pages long. Yikes.

Like: That this week involves lots of fun activities. I have a dinner date tomorrow at The Spotted Pig (never been, heard good things!), plus a nice evening at JackRabbit on Thursday night and then a weekend getaway that will involve lots of wine drinking, board game playing, Celine Dion singing and some running.


Dislike: Nothing. No more dislikes. Life is good.

Like: That I have some brownies to eat with my lunch today. I’m sure you can guess who made them. I’ll give you a hint: not me.

Like: That my upper body is super sore from trapeze class. I guess I should have expected that. It hurts to lift me arrrrms. (Say that in pirate voice, because it’s more fun than saying “my arms.”)

Like: That the Hamptons Marathon is very quickly approaching. Um, it’s actually only 46 days away, which is terrifying. My family just booked their hotel for the weekend. Yay!

Like: Trail mix. Time to go eat some.

TELL ME: What do you like and dislike about today?



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  1. Ahhhh your videos makes me SO jealous! I really want to try a trapeze class…it looks amazing.

    Life has been looking pretty good for you lately!

    LIKE: Finally catching up blogs. 🙂

    DISLIKE: Long day at work….gah!

    LIKE: Sweaty run in the park after work.

    Gotta end with a like.

    FUTURE LIKE: AM Sweat Squad this week??

  2. THAT LOOKS SO MUCH FUUUUUN!!! I may even be a little jealous!

    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a nice, “handsome friend.”

    If you ever get sick of him, send him my way over to Chicago!
    Thaaaaaaanks! 🙂

  3. Like: Mondays – getting back to a schedule! Gotta look on the bright side
    Dislike: Mondays – Saturday is really far away – Can’t win ’em all
    Like: That I’m eating trail mix RIGHT NOW
    Extra Like: I can’t found a dislike to counter act my like

  4. The smoking thing has been making me crazy too! What the hell?? Who still smokes in daytime on the sidewalk?

    Likes: Day 1 of my new job, texts from my boyfriend, expensive dresses that look awesome and also feel comfortable (of which I only own 1 but I like it)
    Dislikes: My stomach

  5. Like: My Monday went by smoothly.
    Dislike: People who lack common sense.
    Like: Delicious Mac&Cheese.
    Dislike: Bratty four-year-olds.
    Like: Eating ice cream on a hot summer day 🙂

  6. Trapeze class looks awesome! So much fun. My likes are that I think I’m going to get to run outside tonight when originally the forecast said it would be raining. And my dislike is that I’ve been sooo busy lately that I have barely any time to blog!

  7. you are amaaaazing! Seriously impressed with your form on the back tuck 🙂

    I like that I got catch up with a friend on the phone yesterday and that I saw my mom last weekend. And that we will run together on Wednesday? I will for sure be there on Thursday – super excited!

  8. Like: I just had a yummy lunch of Cuban grilled chicken on yellow rice with sweet plantains — I love carbs with carbs!
    Dislike: I had to walk about 5 blocks in the heat to get my lunch
    Like: Unlike you, Ali, I like that I have a day off from running today — I was exhausted doing my runs this weekend.
    Dislike: I still have some itchy mosquito bites on my legs.
    Like: Your blog post is so cute — adding a puppy pic is just a nice touch. 🙂

  9. Like: That I attended a fabulous wedding this weekend.
    Dislike: That I am super jet-lagged.
    Like: That I get to go to Trader Joe’s after work.
    Dislike: That I slept through my planned run this morning and now have to do it after work.
    Have a great week!

  10. You are so positive for a monday, I love it. Give me some! 🙂

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, and lots of things to look forward to this week and weekend. I’ll be there on Thursday, but probably a little later as I talked myself into not skipping the team workout that night…and then rushing to make it to Jackrabbit for fun and games (pls save some food for me!)

    Like: I had an awesome bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning, it was better than normal as the sliced bananas were just right
    Like: Planning my long run for this weekend versus midweek to take advantage of summer streets
    Like: I just signed up for this:

  11. Like: Reading your blog in the morning because there’s always something in there that makes me laugh…which is always good on a Monday morning.

    Dislike: stubborn to resolve runner’s knee…grrr!

    Thanks for the great post….awesome way to start of the week.

  12. Spotted pig is delish.

    Like: That I had an awesome weekend.
    Life: That I brought my lunch today
    Dislike: The Stock Market and how it makes my whole office in a bad mood.
    LiKe: that I am coming to your event on Thursday
    Dislike: That summer is almost over

  13. Great videos!!
    Like: This week is only four days long and there are only 7 more workdays until my upcoming month long vacation. 😀
    Dislike: Not sleeping well last night. Boo!

  14. Like: I got in a nice swim this morning
    Dislike: I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. to do it and now I am sleepy
    Like: Bachelor Pad (raunchy, bad TV) starts tonight and I will be watching
    Dislike: Not sure if I can stay up til 11 pm to watch it all!
    Like: I have my training plan all set up for this week!
    Dislike: I have a business trip and have to squeeze in doubles to get it all done 🙁
    Like: I got upgraded to first class already!
    Like: I have a nice yellow banana staring at me right now.

  15. LOVE the new shirt! You make me want to go shopping!!
    Dislike: Early morning PT with no AC; being forced to run on a treadmill without AC is painful.
    Like: Cuddling with my second cup of coffee, pretending I don’t have a pile of work to get done today.

  16. Loved your like and dislike list! Will your handsome nice awesome friend make an appearance on the blog in time? I sure hope so!!

    Like – I rode a bike outdoors for the first time in like 12 years this morning
    Dislike: My hoo-hah is currently hating me right now!

    Like: I am soaking up the sun at the beach in rhode island as I type 🙂

  17. Like: My breakfast this morning. Yogurt with mango and wheatberries. Nice and chewy!

    Dislike: I can’t run, or walk for that matter, because of some IT band problem that started on Friday. I have a race on Sunday. Any advice for pain management/treatment??

  18. it’s amazing seeing what you did on the trapeze after having wine…especially considering what happens when you ride a bike after drinking wine…..

  19. Your videos are so cool! I’m terrified of heights, I could never fly on a trapeeze.

    Like – I have today off
    Dislike – I have to work the next three days for 12 hours at a time

  20. You should also like that I’ve recently acquired more board games. I sincerely hope that if teams are needed for any games played this weekend that there is no question as to what pairs should be formed…

  21. Like: I will be joining a gym today.
    Dislike: I slept poorly last night and ignored my first alarm and slept another hour and am having trouble getting motivated to the gym.
    Like: I actually have places to go to today (being unemployed but not for long- I start a new job next week!!) the days I have things to do are the best.
    Dislike: My plans keep me from watching Rango with my boyfriend since he fell asleep during it last night and it has to go back to Redbox today.
    Like: The giant spinach and strawberry salad I will have after the gym.

  22. Like – hmm not sure yet but I mean there is a new episode of Kardashians from last night!

    I think I’m going to save babysitting dolla dolla bills for trapeze classes instead of a garmin! I’m addicted to flipping and being upside down. Sometimes I do handstands in my room just for kicks.

    Also, I’m setting aside cash money for Thursday night so I can buy more running gear (steer me away from the tempo shorts please!).

  23. Like: That it’s Monday- I have some great things to look forward to this week
    Dislike: That it’s Monday…I wanted my weekend to go on forever
    Like: That I’m going to Boxed Wine Book Club tonight
    Dislike: That I’m missing my bike ride because I’ll be at book club
    Dislike: That I’m still wearing this walking boot
    Like: It should be off soooon!! 🙂
    Like: Your blog and your cute outfits
    Dislike: That I can’t wear cute white pants to work without getting them super nasty and dirty within the first 5 minutes of being here…jealous!

  24. Spotted Pig is soo good, I had the best gnocchi there. Yummy! I agree with the smoking dislike. I saw some guy this morning smoking and drinking a red bull before 7am. I felt bad for his insides. My like today: I am excited for my lunch that I brought to work.

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