I Love Food

I have no complaints today.

Actually, that’s not true. I have one.

I was woken up this morning not by an alarm, not by the sun, and not even by a rumbling stomach. I woke up because my toe hurt.

Stupid, I know.

There seems to be something growing on my 2nd to littlest toe on my right foot. An ingrown toenail? A blister? A tree? I don’t know, but it hurts.

Let me take you back to yesterday though, because it was a wildly productive and fun-filled day.

Not only did I give my work To Do list a giant KA-POW in the face (Does that even make sense? I don’t think so), I got a whole lot done on the personal front, too.

First up, this:

Next Thursday! I can't wait!

I kind of love this poster. I did not make it myself. I’m not that creative or clever.

But look! It’s Coach Cane and me! I absolutely did not get his permission to include his photo on the posters I’ll be splashing all over NYC, but I’m sure he’s totally cool with it…because he loves me…I hope.

There's the giant poster in the store.

So yes, my event at JackRabbit Sports is happening next Thursday and I’m so excited to see lots of familiar faces and make some new friends.

For $5 you get to play some trivia. I think that’s a small price to pay to get to scour your brain for the old “Saved By The Bell” knowledge you know you have stored in there somewhere.

Kelly Kapowski was my childhood hero. Also Rainbow Brite. Both stylish, but only one was invited to go to Paris to be a model. And only one was in a band called Zack Attack and only one couldn’t afford to go to prom because her dad lost his job but then her amazing boyfriend made a makeshift prom right outside the gym for her anyway.

Lots of people have asked if you can still buy a T-shirt even if you can’t come to the event, and the answer is of course, hell yes. Details to come, because I know the answer is yes but I don’t actually know how to make it happen. That’s what the nice people at JackRabbit are for.

Also on the bloggy/shameless self promotional front, I was so excited and honored to be featured on Fitness magazine’s FitStop blog yesterday!

That's me! That is exciting!

When I started blogging, having readers was nowhere on my mind. I sent the link to a few friends and my family. I knew I’d have a loyal reader in my mom (though I had no idea how into it my wonderful brother Ryan would be — thanks for tuning in every day, bro) but beyond that I didn’t think people would necessarily find their way over to Ali On The Run.

But somehow a few of you found me, and I love the little community we’ve got going here. Your comments are always helpful, hilarious, witty and insightful, and I love when you all come out to share your happy thoughts every Thankful Things Thursday.

So thank you for reading and for being nice to me. And Fitness, thanks for the shout-out!

I do have a life beyond blogging, though, and it mostly involves running and food.

There are few things in life I simply cannot say no to: sweatpants, bathrobes, walks in Central Park, Oreo cookies, that chocolate cake that is warm and when you dig your spoon into it the hot melty chocolate from inside comes out like whoosh…to name a few.

I also cannot say no to a good, home-cooked meal.

So when my nice friend emailed me yesterday with, “I want to cook dinner tonight. Want to come over” I obviously said yes.

Then I wondered if this friend knows me at all, because of course I want to come over for food. What a silly question.

We hit up Fairway together to get supplies.

My contributions were picking a lemon from the big pile of lemons and picking a Fuji apple from the big pile of Fuji apples.

I try to be as helpful as possible.

I would love to say that we then embarked on cooking a delicious meal together, but the scene was more like “Man makes magic happen in the kitchen while Ali does this…”

Such good photo quality. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR SHARING.

OK so you can’t really tell from that stellar image above, but I sat on the couch drinking wine and watching “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Glee” and I provided very little help.

Don’t judge me. If I had helped, the food would have turned out disgusting.

Since I didn’t help, the food was awesome.

This is endive with some prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. I think I ate...12 of them? Roughly?
The best Brussels sprouts ever, spinach and prosciutto-wrapped scallops. I'm spoiled.

My nice friend and I are both obsessed with the incredible Brussels sprouts from Alta, and he recreated them last night. Genius.

I can’t share any recipes with you because like I already said, I was far away from the kitchen. I can, however, tell you who got voted off “SYTYCD” (Caitlynn and Ricky) and I can let you know that on the “Glee” re-run that aired, the rendition of “Marry You” is just as lovely as the first time around.

Lastly, let me shed this little gem of wisdom on you: If you want to get weird looks from people while walking to the subway in the morning, wear a shirt that proclaims your love for food.

That is true, I really DO love guacamole. And I want the world to know it.

Any food will do.

(I realize the photo makes me appear backward, but the shirt says “I [Heart] Guacamole,” not”[Heart] I elomacauG”)

Today people awkwardly stared at my chest, then looked up at my face, and I’m pretty sure they were all thinking, “That chick doesn’t look like she loves guacamole, she looks like she needs a shower.”

Also true. I do need a shower. Hopefully I’ll have time for that later.

It’s a Summer Friday which means I can leave work today at 1 pm. I probably won’t though. My plans for later include doing the laundry I neglected last night in favor of binge eating.

TELL ME: What are you most excited for this weekend? I’m pumped for Summer Streets tomorrow.

Have a great Friday!



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  1. Ahhh on the toe nail i feel you. Do you have Pyara in NY? They give the most amazing runner pedicures (which are just called their regular pedicure) i swear by them!! I am SO pissed I won’t be in NY when you are having this event. i will however be in Monday the 15th and am trying to get a blogger meetup thing going if u r interested – run, food, w/e

  2. So excited for summer streets!!! I really think they should make them “Saturday and Sunday” streets and do it all year round! Really, who’s driving from 7am -11am anyways?

    I’m also excited to got to Maryland and get some crab this weekend!

  3. I’m going to try to hit up Jack Rabbit next week for your event! But I haven’t been leaving the office before 8 lately, so who knows? That poster is adorable, btw.

    Looks like you’ve had a great week so far! Happy Friday!

  4. Congrats on the Fitness spotlight!! THAT IS AWESOME!! So jealous 😉 Have a great weekend (and um, that food looks divine! I would have eaten 12 of everything too!)

  5. I’m so glad you got on the Fitness mag blog! I only started reading your blog about a month ago, but if you track your google analytics I’m your India reader! I moved here for work and when I’m having a bad day and miss NYC, i head over to your blog and you always brighten my day! Guess i just wanted to say congrats…and thanks!

  6. Oops, I’m a little behind on my SYTYCD. My husband worked late this week so it’s still waiting on our DVR. I might keep it quiet from him that I know who got voted off (we guessed it would be those two anyway). He always thinks I go looking for spoilers, but honestly the ending just falls in my lap- I didn’t read your blog today to find out who got cut, I read to be entertained :). (I do usually go looking for spoilers, but THAT is beside the fact). Have a great weekend. Wish I lived near NY so I could go to your event next week!

  7. YAY! So many exciting things happening for you. 🙂 Congrats, Ali!

    This weekend, actually, TODAY… I’m excited for my first CCFA event (meet & greet with Casey Abrams) and a bonfire with friends. Bring on the weekend!

  8. At this very moment, I’m wearing an “I love avocados” t-shirt. And the letters are actually comprised of little avocados. Yet another reason we are friends.

    I’ll miss you running tomorrow, but we have at least one date next week, yes? 🙂

  9. Same exact scenario when Andy cooks dinner for me. Exactly.

    WHERE is that shirt from??? I love guacamole too and I want the world to know it!!!!

  10. Congrats on being Fit Blogger We Love by Fitness mag! I love that section of the site 🙂

    I will definitely be at your event and can’t wait for Saved by the Bell Trivia. If you’re a Saved by the Bell fan, you should go to the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller. They have all sorts of cool Saved by the Bell stuff, including some Bayside gear. Let’s just say, I already have my Halloween costume picked out…Always wanted to be Kelly Kapowski.

    I love that shirt – it just fits your personality 🙂 I want to get one, but it would say, “I Heart Frozen Yogurt Topped With Fruity Pebbles”

    I’m excited for Summer Streets too!!

  11. 1) sorry about your sad toe
    2) those scallops are enormous and look delicious. your nice friend looks like a really good cook – he probably thought my salsa was bush league
    3) can people tune in remotely for the trivia? if it’s saved by the bell trivia, and I can participate via phone or video chat or something – everyone else might as well stay home and save their $5. maybe they can use that $5 to buy a Buddy Band
    4) As for your event next week…I’m so excited and I just can’t hide, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so scaared!

  12. I had something on my little toe this past year and FREAKED OUT thinking it was cancer or something horrible, posted a picture to my facebook to get diagnoses from my friends, only to be told it was a soft corn from wearing tight shoes. Way to go Med Student Meggie.

    Now, I want CHOCOLATE CAKE. melty. with more icing than cake. icing >>> cake

  13. Um, I LOVE the poster and totally wish I was in NYC so I could come to the event, so cool! Second – I’m so jealous of your Fitness Mag shout-out, so cool!! Totally deserved 🙂 As for the weekend? Looking forward to TWO rest days (oy do I need it) and some date night time with the husband, much needed. 🙂

  14. I love that poster! Wish I lived closer so I could come to your event.

    I also loved your write-up on the Fitness blog! So exciting! (Oh, and that shirt. It’s super cute. I need one that says I [heart] nut butter…or chocolate…or maybe ice cream.)

    What I admittedly did not love, however, was you telling me who got voted off of SYTYCD last night since it’s still sitting unwatched on my DVR! But I suppose I will forgive you, since those are the two I guessed would be going home next anyway…. 😉

  15. There was once a greys anatomy episode where this guy had some weird disease where he was growing tree like things from his hands. There may have also been bugs involved (or maybe. I’m confusing two cases…)I’m no doctor but it was pretty obvious what was happening, so from your description it sounds like you’re in the clear from that one! Woo! (But in all seriousness I hope your toe is better soon)

    Gosh your event sounds so fun- so bummed I’ll miss it. But, I had another idea: can I “pre shop” at jackrabbit and have them hold the charge and merchandise until thursday and then you can get the proceeds? Am I complicating this? (Probably. Sorry). If not I’ll take my pre-claimed shirt and tell myself I don’t need any more running socks, that I should just do more laundry and instead just make another donation online for the amount I would have spent on the stuff I’d buy to avoid laundry. (So really, win either way)

    I’m excited for summer streets and a little fiesta. And hopefully some sleep. (Sorry for the novel of a comment!!)

  16. I love “I <3 food" shirts. They are the best! This weekend I'm going back to school to start my job on campus.. excited? Not exactly, but I'll get there. Looks like you had a great night! I love nice friends 🙂

  17. Another fantabulous post 🙂 Where’d ya get the “Guac” shirt? I’m assuming wherever you got it they have a selection of other “I heart foods”? I definitely need to get a few of these!

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