Thankful Things Thursday: Sweating With Friends. Also, More Puppies.

Oh heeeeey.

Today, as you know, I bring you Thankful Things Thursday. I have nothing pithy to say to kick this off, so let’s just bang it out.

That’s what she said.


I’m thankful my knee isn’t hurting today. I did a TRX class at the gym last night, which probably wasn’t necessary, but it was a short class and my dear gym friend CJ was going, so I really wanted to be there. Anyway. I didn’t go crazy during the class, more because I’m super awkward with the TRX than because I was intentionally taking it easy, but whatever. I’m being very cautious, but I was happy to wake up today without any pain.

I’m thankful I was productive last night. You know those things that sit on your To Do list for, um, months? Last night I crossed a few of those tedious little buggers off the list. That’s a good feeling, my friends.

I’m thankful that I dressed like a total a-hole for my run this morning and my friends didn’t judge me. Or if they did, it was silent judgment, or they waited until I was out of earshot to bash my poor fashion choices.

Compression socks and a matching top? AND braids? Oh, Ali. You're gross.

I wanted to wear my compression socks because my legs felt tight. Then I couldn’t not match my top, right? And the only clean sports bra I had was my turquoise one. And I slept in braids, so I just kept them in. Fashion disaster or badass runner style?

I think I have to go with fashion disaster.

Sweaty fashion disaster.

I’m thankful for runner friends! We had a big ol’ group out taking over the Bridle Path in Central Park this morning. I would like to refer to this trusty team as the A.M. Sweat Squad, unless anyone objects.

Susan, me in my cool outfit, Maria, Megan, Kelly and Meggie

Luckily there was a photographer lingering in the park, ready to snap our photo.

And by that I mean perhaps my handsome friend happened to be out breaking a sweat of his own, and because I asked politely, he took our picture.

I also took this action shot. Maybe Brightroom wants to hire me?

Maria, Susan and Kelly. You girls are cute runners, just so you know.

I ran 6 miles, per Coach Cane’s plan. It felt harder than it should have. We were cruising around a 9:00 pace (I think — my watch was being spastic, probably blinded by all the hot pink), and my body was working hard to maintain it. I’m definitely in need of a rest day tomorrow before attempting to cover 18 miles (!!!) on Saturday.

I’m thankful for the guy who yelled “Hey Pinky! I’d hit that! Come here!” as I ran toward the park this morning. Because clearly he is my classy future husband. Mr. Construction Man, if you’re reading this, let’s get dinner tonight, mmk? Maybe you take me out for some steak? Let me know what time I should meet you. I’ll bring my own A1 sauce.

I’m thankful for my favorite dress. Seriously, best purchase of my life. I never get sick of wearing this bad boy.

You've seen this before. This is nothing new to you.

It used to be a “today is a special day/I have a big meeting/I’m trying to impress someone” dress, but now it’s an everyday dress.

I’m thankful Fairway is open in my neighborhood. It’s so lovely. The Granny Smith apples I snatched up the other day are so crispy and wonderful.

I’m thankful it’s been an amazing summer. Really, it has. I know it’s not over and I don’t need to get all reflective yet, but I have loved the summer of 2011.

I’m thankful I’m taking a racing break. I was getting really burnt out after running a handful of disappointing races. It’s been so nice to take a step back, regain perspective and just run because I love it, not because I feel like I have to. Sure, I’m training for the biggest race of my life right now, but I’m definitely enjoying not having to pin a bib on my shirt every Saturday or Sunday morning in an attempt to PR. Or win. Or something. I love going out for my long runs on my own terms and it’s been a very welcome break.

You suck, racing. Sometimes.

I do not make running look easy. Probably because I don’t think running is easy.

I’m thankful I just remembered that I haven’t watered my nice little houseplant in about a week. Oops. It’s probably dead. But now that I’ve written this out, maybe someone can remind me around 8 pm that I need to feed that little sucker. Or at least try to resuscitate it…

I’m thankful I haven’t gotten my Con Edison bill yet this month. Because I know when it arrives, I’m going to have a panic attack. I haven’t exactly been frugal with my air conditioning this month. The bill is not going to be pretty.

I’m thankful people can be so nice. I love nice people. I loathe nasty people.

I’m thankful for pasta. More specifically, my mom’s stuffed shells.

I’m thankful for Lady Gaga being a guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” last night. She was kind of awesome.

I’m thankful there’s a work event happening at 5 today which means I will leave the office right at 5.

I’m thankful for puppies.

Hello, friend. You come home with me now.

I’m thankful for Celine Dion. SHE IS A GENIUS. And I may or may not be debating making my way to Las Vegas in December to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and see her show. I just think that sounds like an awesome plan. I know I’m not the only one thinking about it.

OK. Time to take off my little blogging cap (Really, I wear a cap when I write these posts. It has sequins on it. And pop-up jazz hands.) and get to work.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO: Tell me what you’re thankful for today!



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  1. I am thankful I manage construction guys. I am thankful that not all of them say hilarious and crude comments like that to chicks going past the site. Seriously though, some construction guys blow my mind with their nastiness and some blow my mind with their charm and sweetness.

  2. I used to live on W. 76th and Broadway and I LIVED at Fairway. I was so spoiled having it right around the corner. The prepared foods are amazing, and the bulk nuts and dried fruits section? HEAVEN. I think you’re going to love it 🙂

    Also, my ConEd bill was obscene this month. But so are 104 temperatures. It is worth it!

  3. When I saw you guys running yesterday, my only thought was: man, Ali is rocking those braids.

    You got runner style, girl. Own it.

  4. ahahahaa, so many things to love. i’m glad we had our own professional photographer yesterday morning – sweet shot, love all the pink 😉

    good luck with your long run (18 miles, whee!) tomorrow – you and Kelly will probably be done running and eating 16 handles before i even start….here’s hoping i survive this relay thing. gulp.

    sweat squad meet-up some morning next week?

  5. I wish I had a running group! I’ve only run on the treadmill because 1.) there’s no good places to run outdoors around here 2.) There’s no way of tracking my mileage or speed (I don’t have a garmin and I like to keep track of my pace and mileage…)

    I am thankful for:
    being able to run
    my good/really close friends that put up with me everyday
    my parents & family
    and FOOD

    (btw- a construction worker said that to you?!? It’s so funny and crude at the same time. LOL :P)

  6. Ali – On this thankful Thursday I am thankful for you posts! On a drab day, or a not so drab day even, your posts always make me laugh. I was literally laughing out loud at my desk reading your comments on the construction worker today! I love it, keep it coming!

    1. And P.S. After my sister and I ran the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on July 4th. She wore her compression socks, with a dress and sandals around Portland the entire rest of the day. I think running in them is totally acceptable compared to that.

  7. Apparently, my blog is in sync with your blog today. Mine is titled “The Hard Is What Makes It Great”. See Tom Hanks clip immediately. It will make you feel better about running being hard (at least, it makes me feel better!) Hooray for braids. Sometimes it’s all I can muster…

  8. OMG – I just got my Con Ed bill and nearly passed out. Not thankful for that…

    I love the action photo – we look so speedy! I am very thankful for running friends today – our run was a blast and I enjoy the new nickname of a.m. sweat squad. I’m also eternally thankful for Fairway, the fact that my kitchen faucet isn’t dripping anymore, the new Colbie Caillat album and the super in the building next door to me who is the nicest man ever in life that I’ve gotten to know and want to be my grandpa (in the most un-weird way possible…).

    See you Saturday!

  9. Ridiculous outfits make me want to run more. And bright colors? They make you faster. I just know it.

    I am very thankful for this summer, the good people I’ve met, and the good things that are happening in my life. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. That feels pretty dang good.

  10. Hi Ali! I found your blog through RunnersKitchen and I absolutely love it! I look forward to reading yours every day. You make me happy to be a runner!

    I’m thankful for:
    1. The new season of Project Runway starting tonight
    2. The arrival of all the cute dresses I bought on Modcloth
    3. Having the forethought to put my hair in a bun this morning because it’s now 90 degrees
    4. New podcasts to keep my entertained during runs

  11. I am thankful that my baby is turning 1 in August after she had some health scares this winter.

    I am thankful for Honest Ade classic lemonade. Summer in a bottle right there!

    I am thankful for BBQ Popchips!

    I am thankful for air conditioning. (even though my bill will be high this month too)

    I am thankful for my new awesome sneakers (Asics Fortitude) and the guy at the running store who fit me for them because now I can finally run pain-free! Woohoo!!!!!

  12. I’m thankful that I started my very own Thankful Things Thursday this week and it made me really happy to make that list.

    Also, Random fact: My best friend’s uncle is a very serious man. He listens to Celine Dion on full blast while doing yard work and once drank too much champagne on New Year’s Eve and serenaded us. I think you and him could be friends.

  13. I love your hot pink outfit! I have the same CEP socks, though I usually sleep in them these days. Way too hot to run in them!

    I’m thankful that I’m slowly but surely getting used to the heat. Over the past few weeks, my pace has gotten faster and my splits are more consistent. On that note, I’m also thankful for my Garmin (which I got at the beginning of the summer), without which I wouldn’t be as aware of said improvements!

    And I’m generally thankful for water. I have been drinking so much of it since I began marathon training. I guess I was a camel in my New York life?

  14. I am thankful that you said running is not easy, because it’s sure not!

    I’m thankful that it’s not going to be 90 degrees in the morning for the Queens Half on Saturday.

    I’m thankful for peanut butter! I don’t know, lately I feel like it belongs on everything

  15. I want to join your Central Park Sweat Squad!! I need some major motivation. I am thanful that I got out for a super short 3.5 mile run last night because it was better than nothing, I’m thankful I get out of work at 1 pm tomorrow, and I’m thankful that I’ll be seeing family this weekend!

  16. Love you’re running outfit!
    My husband and I are doing the Vegas 1/2 in 2012!! Looks so amazing.
    I have to agree – I’m thankful this summer has been so fun. Just yesterday I was thinking about how this has been the best summer ever!

  17. you clearly saved the best for last.

    I’m thankful for day drinking, an easily accessible laptop computer and a wifi connection.

  18. Love thankful things Thursday! I’m thankful that I got a tooth pulled yesterday that’s been injured for 6 years to get rid of my veneer and start the implant process. Terribly fun, expensive (thanks, insurance – cosmetic?! Really?!) but worth it. I’ll just be eating pudding for 3 months basically (or maybe hummus).

  19. Great braids!

    I’m thankful tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m going to upstate NY to visit some very good friends!

    I’m thankful I’m doing my long run in upstate on Sunday where it will be 15 degrees cooler!!!

  20. For the record, I see nothing wrong with coordination of running stuff- if you’d coordinate outside of running, why not?

    This week I’m thankful for…
    -yoga tonight! True, it hasn’t happened yet but I’m thankful its today! My body needs it, and weather permitting, I’m planning on yoga in bryant park- I just love it! I feel so new york-y when I’m taking that class.
    -the promise of lots of buttercream frosting in my future. Hey, I didn’t get my SoWo name from carrots…

    -new friends. Branching out is fun!

    -my sister who requested that we try a soulcycle class for her birthday and my parents for offering to sponsor that birthday treat. It.Was.Awesome.

  21. Hey look, I’m leaving a comment!

    AND OMG, my real email address!


    jk jk jk. THANK YOU for saving me a spot in TRX. I am thankful for awesome gym buddies like you and so glad that we got to catch up yesterday. =]

    1. I’m so happy. I’m going to email you all the time now. Get excited. I’m thankful you didn’t laugh too hard at me when I busted my face on the floor falling out of side plank yesterday. Mwahaha.

  22. 1. I am thankful I got to run with you all this am! PS – that outfit = totally my style. I have boring white compression socks and your outfit today convinced me I need pink. And leg warmers for the winter, obviously. Don’t worry, I was kind of struggling as well as I think my body was very confused as to why it was moving and not sleeping. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get used to the am running! (so much cooler out then and nice to be done for the day!)
    2. I am thankful I am going to Alexander McQueen exhibit today and an architecture lecture bc I am a super nerd like that. Hey, there is free food!
    3. I am thankful for A1 sauce – your post reminded me of how awesome A1 is. I want some right now. Lately I’ve been rocking hidden valley ranch light ON EVERYTHING.
    4. I am thankful that its not 100F like last week.
    5. I am thankful for coffee. As always.

    Great to run with you all this am! Hope to sometime again soon! Oh ps- I passed by FAIRWAY on my jog home – looks Ah-MAZING. I may have to make a grocery trek there. Hey, what else do I have to do these days?

  23. I used to have a sequined hat.

    I wish I knew how to put my hair in braids like that! Maybe you can give me a lesson? I think your outfit is fine, who cares what you wear when you run! I am wearing purple compression sleeves on Saturday. They just arrived and are much more fun that my current beige ones (which are also ick because my black knee sleeved bled onto them from my sexy sweat).

    I was awkward when I did TRX too.

    I am thankful for my job being over! Tomorrow is my official last day, but I plan to leave early. Today is my last full day. YES.

    I am thankful for amazing opportunities that come from blogging.

    I am thankful to have a week off in between jobs. Most of the week will be all business (taking classes and cleaning/organizing my entire apartment) but one day will be my favorite water park in the world, Splish Splash. AND I get to drive there. I miss driving!

    I am thankful to run another half marathon in my hometown — and wake up a 5 minute car ride away, making the 7 am start seem like not such a bad thing.

    I am thankful for my post-half marathon french toast tradition. This year, sponsored by the International House of Pancakes.

    I am thankful for my favorite veggie burger at Houston’s (Hillstone’s) later in the day, post-race, post-french toast, post-nap.

    I am thankful for the lazy Sunday coming up.

    I am thankful for an adorably sweet boy.

    I am thankful for having a puppy niece who I can mail a squeaking Kooky Mallard toy to, and she immediately starts chewing at its head with a smile on her face (photographic evidence in my possession).

  24. So jealous of your great running group! You are so pro at getting out early in the AM.

    And I agree on the less racing = feeling better thing. I used to do NYRR races like every 3 weeks just for the hell of it. Now, I haven’t raced since 7/4 and my next race is 8/28! Feels nice 🙂

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