Thankful Things Thursday: Bono Is My Friend

Today is Thursday. It is Thankful Things Thursday. That means we will be thankful for things that we may otherwise dismiss every other day of the week.

I am hungover and tired, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

I’m thankful for live music and U2. Last night I went to the U2 concert at the new Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey.

Hi, I'm Ali, and I'm posing in front of the massive stadium. I love massive stadiums.
"The Claw"
Look at all the people!

People: It. Was. Incredible. Seriously, this band puts on a great show. Go see these guys.


It didn’t hurt that I was sitting 11 rows from the stage.

Not bad seats. Not bad at all.

It also didn’t hurt that my seat was right next to where Bono & co. walked out to start the show.

Bono! I know him!

Everything about the show was great, from the seats to the stadium to the pulled pork sandwich I ate before it all got started. And the Mrs. Fields cookie. Yum.

Of course, I managed to do some drinking as well.

I drink wine at concerts because I'm FANCY. It was warm. Love some room temperature sauvignon blanc.
Oh I'm so happy.

And now I’m in rough shape today. 3 am bedtime + I won’t tell you how many cups of classy wine + some beer = Ali not at her best.

Summary: The concert was fantastic. I don’t care that I feel like total crap today. Well worth it.

I’m thankful today is a rest day! Thank you, Coach Cane. I’ll be busting out 16 miles tomorrow morning, which means I got some extra sleep this morning. I definitely needed it.

I’m thankful for the total stranger who said “I like your blouse” this morning. I was walking to work in a total daze today. My concert hangover/sleepiness caused me to leave a bit later than normal, and in my rush to get out the door I threw on jeans and the first top I saw in my closet. I felt pretty gross. But then the nice girl complimented me. I wanted to hug her, but I also wanted to get to the office for some water. And maybe an eventual bacon, egg & cheese sandwich.

Top from Anthropologie, jeans from Gap, hangover from U2 concert

I’m thankful today is my Friday! I took tomorrow off to drive up to New Hampshire for the weekend. Yes, drive. With my sweet temporary New York license in hand. (By the way, that slick little piece of paper does not double as a legitimate form of ID when you’re trying to buy alcohol. Wine-selling-lady at the concert last night wasn’t having it. I assured her I’m 26, but since there’s no photo on the ID she didn’t really believe me. So my friend bought my wine and wine-selling-lady told me I “look 19.”)

But yeah, I’m pumped for a weekend out of the city. I’ll see Becky at her engagement party on Saturday and will see my parents on Friday night. Mom, have you started cooking yet?

I’m thankful for water. Between the hangover and the heat and all that jazz, I’m downing H20 like…a fish, I guess. Fishes drink a lot of water. So call me Nemo. I’m a thirsty girl.

I’m thankful for pasta. It’s 9:19 am and I would really love a heaping bowl of spaghetti. I don’t think that’s weird. I’ll hold out until dinnertime I suppose.

I’m thankful I have a coach.

"Are you embracing rest days," Coach Cane wants to know. YUP.

Pretty sure I’d totally be screwing up this whole “run a marathon” thing if Coach Cane wasn’t guiding me every step of the way. He’s so attentive and still responds to every email I send him that starts with the line “This may be a stupid question, but…”

I’m thankful for support. I had a great call yesterday with some nice ladies over at the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. I’m so honored to be raising money for a cause I’m so freakin’ passionate about. I want to get back into first place in this fundraising race so I can send a giant check off to CCFA after I run those daunting 26.2 miles on September 24.

I’m thankful for my apartment. I love it. It’s home.

I’m thankful for hummus. I love it. It’s delicious.

I’m thankful for friends who understand that training for this marathon is my number one priority right now. Thanks for letting me bail on things, guys. Appreciate it. See you in October. We can hang out then.

Alright. I’m running behind today. Time to get to work.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO: What are you thankful for today? Did you pack an awesome lunch? Do you have exciting weekend plans coming up? Do you have a refrigerator full of groceries? All good things. Share yours with me. Please.



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  1. huzzah! I was at that show – wasn’t it amazing! Hubs and I were on the field – though we had seats when we saw them in Raleigh in 2009 – no matter where you are the show is always amazing 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it!!! (and omg wasn’t it so effing hot there?!?!?!)

  2. This week I am thankful for Air Conditioning and the convenience of NY where I don’t have to go far outside to get anything….I especially thankful for the fruit guy on my corner, I see him daily, I think we’re in love.

    I can’t believe you chose the hotest day of the week (and maybe year!) to do your 16mile run, can’t wait to hear how it went!

  3. are you really doing your long run on sat? in this heat? i’m pushing mine off to sunday when it’s just a little cooler! good luck!

  4. kick some maja butt on your run tomorrow! whew you are my running hero.

    Saw Bono at the Spiderman on Bway premiere, he was swaggin in those glasses of his!

    im thankful for cornbread. somehow just ate half a pan full of it. oopsy.

  5. I’m thankful that I didn’t fall asleep at the conference I was at today…it was close there for a while…like I looked borderline seizure like…but i stayed awake! yay!

    I’m thankful for new friends! Branching out is getting less scary and Friends are fun!

    I’m thankful tomorrow is friday. I know thats kind of a given…but I’m in need of a weekend.

    Good luck with 16 miles!! yayyy!

  6. I can’t believe you are not thankful for FAIRWAY! Ali, I went last night and didn’t want to leave. it’s everything we hoped for and more. For serious. Hope to see you tomorrow morning and hope o you’re hydrating like mad!

  7. I’ve been battling a rough back injury for the past 8 weeks…while training for my first marathon, too. So today, I’m really thankful for amazing physical therapists that are trying to get me back on the road so I can still go after my goal of running a marathon before my wedding!

  8. I saw U2 when they came to Raleigh a while ago. the Concert was EPIC! I loved it!! Glad you had a great time!

    I’m thankful tonight is my last night of work for the week 🙂

  9. “I’m thankful for hummus. I love it. It’s delicious.” The first time I read this, it said (in my mind) “I’m thankful for humans…it’s delicious”. Bad grammer aside, I thought you were a cannibal.

  10. I got super confused when you said you were going to run 16 miles tomorrow. Thinking you’d manage that before work. Then I kept reading. And it made sense.

    I am thankful for this fancy pink camouflage sally hanson salon effect sticky nail stuff I just put on. I am now ready to walk in the 3 day for sure. Bad a**

  11. I saw that crazy stage when U2 came to Foxboro…it was SO cool! You had amazing seats! Glad you had a great time, and excellent timing with a rest day today. Your thankful thursday posts are always so nice to read, Ali. Today I am thankful for my relaxed approach to training which allowed me to do strength training instead of mile repeats (I’ll try again tomorrow!) and for my upcoming vacation

  12. I’m thankful it’s almost the wkend.. that I’m in one week I’ll be in Walt Disney with my love.. that my mama has been here all week visiting.. and that she made amazing homemade pasta sauce last night that I wanted to dive head first into. 🙂

  13. I am thankful to have off tomorrow so I can get my long run in before heading to Long Island/Fire Island this weekend. FINALLY a trip to the beachhhhhh!!! Yayayay.

    PS I saw U2 and the claw about a year ago-best.concert.ever.

  14. I had a couple friends who saw U2 and they LOVED it! That pic of your excitement is awesome.

    Today is my Friday too! So I am thankful that I have a half day today and a full day off tomorrow, but I’m even MORE thankful for being able to go to Chicago for a friend’s bachelorette party.

  15. 1. I am thankful that my parents have a pool where I can cross train
    2. I am thankful that I have central air since it is suppose to be in hundreds the next few days
    3. I am thankful that I my summer Math course if already 1/2 way over

  16. So thankful for air conditioning. And places that have free wifi and super cold air conditioning. And don’t mind me loitering there all day, hahha

  17. On my commute home last night I saw all the concert-goers heading to U2. I was jealous, looks like so much fun! Your top is super cute and today I am thankful for my dress. It’s so hot out there and it’s trying to keep me a bit cooler.

  18. I am thankful that I finally realized carrying a notebook around with me eliminates stress – I can journal my food, workuts, grocery list, to do lists, etc.

    I wish I lived more near running buddies….Philly suburbs anyone…

  19. I’m thankful for running partners and the little extra motivation they bring. I’m also thankful that my class was canceled today. Wahoo!

  20. I had to carry around that paper license for 7 weeks before TX got around to sending me the “real” one. It had a photo on it, but people STILL wouldn’t sell me booze. That was a rough two months.

    I am thankful for the upcoming uneventful weekend. 9 miles on Saturday AM, and no plans whatsoever for the rest! The last two weekends have been go-go-go and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my couch & Bravo trash TV reruns 🙂

  21. I cannot believe you are wearing jeans on a 100 degree day when you own so many skirts and dresses.

    The concert sounds like it was really awesome! Glad you had such a fun night.

    I am thankful for water parks.

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