I Suck At Yoga But I’m Good At Eating

Summer Friday!

I only have to work until 1!

I’m wearing a pink dress! With stains on it!

This week freakin’ flew by.

Last night after work I did yoga. Wonderful, 75-minute, vinyasa yoga. My body needed it. It’s been forever since I’ve done yoga and, despite incessant foam rolling, my muscles have felt tighter than ever.

I joined my dear friend Alex for her “favorite yoga class” at Yogaworks near Union Square. I was a little nervous — she, too, is a former dancer (and current runner!), but unlike me she’s retained her flexibility. She’s very diligent about her yoga practice and raves about this class.

“I always leave on a yoga high,” she told me once.

Awesome. I’ll get high on yoga. Sign me up.

We snagged spots in the front row — kind of wish I had been further back — and settled onto our mats. The instructor talked about being creative, and said something about how we’re all creative people.

I like that. Even if you wear a suit to work or your life revolves around numbers, that doesn’t mean you’re not a creative person. “Every time we make a decision or solve a problem, we’re being creative,” she said.


I really liked the class, even though I completely sucked at it.

I’m not being modest. It’s not like I was busting out balances and handstands and being all advanced. I wobbled in every single pose. I fell out of a handful of them. I consistently twisted the wrong way because I don’t know how to listen to directions.

Good thing I was standing next to the wall, because I was clinging to it for dear life during “half moon” pose.

Oh yoga. I so desperately want to excel at you, but I just can’t seem to grasp it.

I did get thisclose to doing a headstand though. But after getting frustrated that my legs would magically rise up themselves, I gave one leg a little boost and the teacher practically shouted “don’t jump into it — especially if you’re near the windows!” I was the only person not already in a handstand, and the only person near the windows. Sooo yeah…I’m pretty sure she was talking to me…

I also managed to fall into a serious REM cycle during savasana. I guess I was tired. Five hours of sleep a night will do that to you.

After class, Alex knew what I wanted: frozen yogurt, of course.

Yoga high gave me the munchies.

And so I did something bad.

I cheated on my beloved 16 Handles.

Alex insisted that “Flavaboom” is where it’s at, so I followed her there.

I was skeptical, of course, because my heart belongs to one very special fro-yo spot on the Upper East Side.

But Flavaboom was delicious. I made a chocolate-java flavor combination with all the chocolaty toppings I could fit in the cup.

The yogurt was super smooth, which I liked, and the place itself was really cute.

Alex, did you like your “dinner?”


Ali, did you inhale yours like you always do?


I made it home at an hour that was late, then did some To Do listy things and showered and before I knew it, 11 pm had arrived and I still wasn’t ready for bed.

And then I was up at 5 am. Again.

I went to the gym this morning for some light spinning. I say “light spinning” because every time the teacher said “one turn to the right” I moved the resistance knob a centimeter or so. I went easy on the resistance but pushed the speed.

I sweat a lot, too. No surprise there.

And now let me take you back in time…

On Monday I got up on my little soapbox and declared that I would make goals this week. Major, life-changing, mood-altering goals! And I would achieve those goals! And life would be grand!

Really, the goals were quite simple. So how did I do? I will tell you:

  • Get a new license. Check! The DMV was not as bad as I expected, and I officially have my temporary New York state ID. In “about two weeks” I’ll get the real deal in the mail.
  • Pack lunch at least four days this week. Check! I didn’t go out to lunch at all this week. Hummus and cucumber sandwiches for the win.
  • Cook dinner. Kind of. I cooked twice (fish and Brussels sprouts both times) but also went out twice (if last night counts). It was just too dang hot to cook dinner on Tuesday night, so I got Mexican food. And 16 Handles.
  • Do yoga. Check! And it was lovely.
  • Get back on the fundraising bandwagon! I’m working on it.
  • Dominate my To Do list. I’m doing pretty well on this one. I’m pleased with my progress. I’ll call it a half success.
  • Be a better commenter. Check! I’ve been doing some blog commenting, not because I feel like I have to but because I want to. If I have nothing to say, I never comment just for the sake of commenting. That’s silly. And, frankly, a waste of everyone’s time. But when a post gets me excited, I’ll let you know.

Not bad!

I wish I had made “stop grinding your teeth” a goal, because I’ve been going to town grinding up a storm all week. Subsequently (I love that word) I’ve also had a raging headache this entire week.

I think I’ll live though.

DO YOU DO ANYTHING BAD? Grinding my teeth is an awful habit of mine. What are your bad habits? Any nail biters out there? Hair twirlers? Smokers? Crack addicts? Hoarders? Gum poppers? People who hum while they pee? (You question that, but I work with several of those people.)

I would also like to add that things like “peeing in the shower” and “nose picking” are normal things and are not bad habits. So please do not list them.

OK, go. And have a good day!



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  1. I’ve been to that same yoga class!! It was back in May though. I treated myself on birthday. I really liked it, but membership prices are high!
    I also have the grind teeth thing – it drives my bf nuts. He says I do it in my sleep. I also bite my nails – bad. I bit them all the way down until it hurts. My solution has been to keep them painted, bright colors of course!

  2. I always crack up laughing when reading your blog…gotta love your honesty! I’m an in and out of recovery nail biter. I can go a year at a time without doing it and then, bam, fall off the wagon for another year. I had hoped running would become my new nervous habit, but sadly, I still bite my nails.

  3. I twirl my hair all of the time! Nervous habit. Also… biting my nails!!! I am a chronic nail biter and now that I have a shiny engagement ring on my left finger I have to STOP!

  4. when i first started yoga i was so focused on the postures, the proper form, and questioning if i was doing it right. i always fell out of poses and ended up feeling hopeless. it wasn’t until i was going through a rough patch in my life and turned to meditative yoga that i found out more about what yoga truly means and what it can do to connect the mind and body..from there it transformed.. so basically im saying i know what ur feeling, and i think in time you will find it comes more naturally when u are able to let go of the more physical aspects of it..if that makes sense/helps 🙂

    xo <3

  5. I go months at a time without smoking a cigarette, and then someone will offer it to me, and then that’ll be the only one for like a week, but then something happens, and I end up buying a pack. Or two. Then I’ll stop smoking for several more months. Its weird and kind of annoying, and a little bit bad, especially during training!

  6. I am a scalp picker. I don’t know where it came from, this disgusting habit appeared some years ago and resurfaces every time I am stressed. It’s gross and I hate it, but it’s like my hand is disconnected from my brain because I don’t even realize I am scratching my head until I notice the awkward looks on people’s face. Embarrassing. They probably think I have lice or something 🙁

  7. I bite my nails incessantly. I have been able to quit a couple times for up to 3 weeks, but I always fall back into my addiction. It is sad.

    I am glad to see such a candy-filled yogurt cup! I always get peanut butter and chocolate frozen yogurt and top with as much candy as possible, while my husband gets the fruit flavored yogurt and tops with fruit. It makes me feel guilty! I am glad I’m not alone!

  8. I am a nail biter. It’s awful and people call me out on it all the time. Nothing like having my fingers in my mouth all the time to make me look real cute.

    I need frozen yogurt tonight. I haven’t had any since Tuesday. What’s wrong with me?!

  9. Mouthguard for the win! Since I grind my teeth in my sleep (esp when stressed), it isn’t really a habit I could break on my own. You can get them from the dentist for mad $$ but the self-mold ones from the drugstore work just fine too. The cheaper ones are nice, because I tend to hide them from myself when I’m sleeping and since they’re clear they can be tricky to find.

    It is also pretty fun to transition from normalish daytime me to a mouthguard- and glasses-wearing frizzy-haired nerdy me at night. Ha

  10. I grind my teeth constantly, especially in my sleep. My advice is to get to your dentist and get a bite guard for at night to avoid morning headaches and cavities (if you do it during the day, you most likely do it at night).

  11. “I would also like to add that things like “peeing in the shower” and “nose picking” are normal things and are not bad habits. So please do not list them.” <—– ha ha ha ha

    I'm a gum popper and a hair twirler. The worst is my mom used to do the hair twirl thing ALL.THE.TIME. when we were in the car and it drove me nuts… Guess where I twirl my hair…

    I love all your work outfits… do you wanna go shopping for me?

  12. I’m a hair twirlering, smoking, crack addict hoarder that pops gum poppers and hums while she pees…

    Nah, I’m a recovered nail biter. Lazy bum in terms of cleaning the apartment. I live alone, so who cares? I have cleaners every week to keep me from devolving. And at least I’m much better than I was in college. Not sure that’s huge progress, but take what you get.

    And people hum while they pee? Weird. Although my former college roommate told me I was a loud typist. Not sure how to deal with that, although I am very paranoid about it now. And a friend told me I get louder when I get on the phone.

  13. I’ve never heard of Flavaboom. It looks delicious. And I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never been to 16 Handles – there’s not one close to my apartment! 🙁

    I grind my teeth at night too, which results in supercool headaches and jaw-aches. I also pick at my nails quite a bit. I’m so attractive. 😉

  14. I would like to challenge you to a yoga suckfest/eating rockfest contest. I’m pretty sure I could dominate you in both. The eating contest MIGHT be a nail-biter but I’m confident I’ll emerge on top.

    1. Oh it is ON, Halnon. I’m coming to DC in August and we’re having a parmesan-cheese-covered-things eating contest while in Awkward Downward Dog. I know two guys who can be the judges, unless they’re too busy holding hands and watching Gossip Girl.

  15. I LOVE the pink dress!! Kudos on the goals. BTW – It’s too damn hot to be expected to cook in the summer. And at least you got to yoga. I’m too chicken to take an actually class with people… just me and Bob Harper in my livingroom. 🙂 Maybe some day… nah

  16. I am a huge teeth grinder and jaw clencher when I’m stressed. Between work and my wedding early this year, I managed to lock my jaw. So awesome ..ughhh 🙁 Super cute dress and Happy Friday!

  17. Please come with me to Kayleigh’s Core Fusion Yoga!! I REALLY think you will enjoy it a lot. It is unlike anything else. I never heard of Flavaboom. Looks good. My bad habit is never cleaning or doing dishes or putting anything away. I sleep on a corner at the top of my bed because it is filled with lots of other stuff because I am too lazy to move them.

  18. I apparently hum while I eat good food. I never noticed but my friends told me last year they had noticed it for a while and that it only happens when I’m really enjoying what I am eating. The really funny/ridiculous part? I don’t just hum any song, it’s always the Christmas song from home alone when he sits down to have his mac-n-cheese dinner!

  19. Hi Ali –

    Love your blog! I am an UES early morning runner/16 handles lover as well. Does anything beat central park before the city wakes up? I think I may have spotted you on a run recently! Next time I will say hi – it took me a while to realize where I recognized you from (ah, the life of a running blog lurker). Would love to run together sometime! Good luck with your training – nothing beats the Marathon.


  20. Ha, I, too, wish I had a better grasp on yoga! I’ve been doing a “yoga for runners” podcast at home a couple of times this week and I have to say, the best parts are a. having no one around to see my spaztastic falls, and b. landing on soft carpet vs. the hard floors at the gym.

    My sister lived close to the EV 16 Handles location when she was at NYU, so we used to go quite a bit. I was always more of a Pinkberry girl in NYC, though– I love froyo, but definitely prefer the tart fruit flavors mixed with berries. I like the sweeter stuff in ice cream form. 🙂

  21. I have the most disgusting habit of all, I pick at and bite my cuticles. Sometimes they bleed, it even grosses me out. I don’t do it as much if my nails are painted so I’ve been rocking some colorful nails for a while.

  22. If your a grinder, I would highly recommend a VERY sexy nightgard. I was having horriable headachs and back / neck problems till I FINALLY gave in and got a nightgard. Not to mention, a few chipped teeth as well.

    Way to dominate the list, I am going to go google that fro-yo, looks yummy, must find street address.

  23. Oh, I’m definitely a hair twirler. When I spoke on a panel a few months ago, my boss basically told me I should sit on my hands to make me stop twirling my hair. Instead, I gave a poor little pen the death grip.

    Oh, and I’m also a crack addict. Oops. Guess I should work on that.

  24. “now keep your back straight while arching it backwards”….”um, I’m pretty sure those are conflicting ideas!”…..”no, they’re not”

  25. I don’t know how it has taken me so long to find your blog, but I LOVE it! You had me at “I suck at yoga but am good at eating.”

    AND you are an ice cream for dinner kind of athlete. I like that!

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