Thankful Things Thursday: Being On TV & Jazz Hands

I hope you’re in a good mood today. If you’re not, this post will either perk you up or piss you off.

I hope it perks you up.

I’m in an excellent mood today. Things are just good. I had a great day yesterday, went to bed in a happy mood and woke up this morning feeling lovely.

Good thing it’s Thankful Things Thursday, because I have plenty to share.

Optimism overload. Here goes…

I’m thankful for good news at work. I got some yesterday. I was happy about it. I also got to deliver good news to other people, which is kind of even more rewarding.

I’m thankful that spinning cured my headache. I mean, I assume that was the cure, right? Not the fact that I forced myself to stop grinding my teeth… That 48-hour headache was getting the best of me, and after work yesterday I went to the gym for a stretching, painful foam rolling, tricep dip extravaganza + spinning combination. The class was gloriously sweaty due to the fact that the sub still can’t seem to figure out how to work the AC in the room. But it felt good, the music was great, and by the time I left the gym I was headache-free. Go figure.

I’m thankful for yesterday’s where-the-F-did-this-come-from rainstorm. I got caught in the worst of it while walking from the gym to the subway. I thought I’d “take the long way” and walk across town instead of taking the shuttle to Grand Central. Stellar idea, Ali. See those black clouds? Those mean you’re about to get drenched.

That’s what happened — I got soaked. But then this happened:

I’m thankful for my new wall art! I got a text from my wonderful friend (and neighbor!) Lauren last week: “I got you a present,” it said. “It’s organizational and it involves running.” Does she know me well or what?

Much to my surprise — because this was totally out of the blue — she got me something to hang all my race medals on! She found it on Etsy and like the thoughtful friend she is, bought it for me.

I’d love to say I hung it myself, but I did not. If I had, it would be crooked. And there would be roughly 26 holes in the wall marking all the spots I messed up.

Thank you, Lauren, for the wonderful gift. All I can think about is how amazing it will be to hang my Hamptons Marathon medal on it in September!

I’m thankful I was on TV! My Run For The Rabbit commercial aired twice yesterday: first during the women’s World Cup game and again during the ESPY Awards on ESPN. Pretty solid, right? My commercial airing during breaks from some seriously badass athletes? I’ll take it.

A lot of people saw the commercial during the World Cup. I got texts from friends who saw it, and a coworker (who escaped to the gym during lunch to watch the game on TV) told me she saw it, too. Also, the guy who works at the front desk of my gym. When I walked in last night he said, “Um, I have to ask you something…are you in a commercial?” Sure am.

I knew the commercial would air around 11:15 last night, so I had a friend over and we stayed up to watch it. It was the first time I saw one of the commercials live and I’ll be a narcissist here: It was kind of cool.

Yes, I saw it live. And yes I rewound and re-watched it two more times. And yes, I was recording the entire ESPY Awards and plan to save it on my DVR forever.

I’m thankful for a spectacular run this morning. I didn’t think I had it in me today. I woke up after just 5 hours of sleep feeling exhausted and sluggish. It took me a while to get out the door (What’s your deal this week, stomach? Can you please chill?) and my first mile was sloooow.

But then I took Coach Cane’s plan and followed it. And it felt awesome.

He wanted me doing a lap of the Central Park Reservoir at an 8:00 pace, followed by a 5-minute recovery. Then repeat.

Boom. Guess what, Coach Cane? I did it a little faster. I did my laps at a 7:50 pace. Ka-pow!

I don’t know what that ka-pow is, but it just felt right.

I felt surprisingly good while I was running. Lately I’ve been managing to zone out and just focus on my run and nothing else. I felt speedy today. I ended up covering 6.25 miles and they were all delightful. The weather was also unbelievable. Not hot at all, a bit breezy and ideal for running.

You know it’s a good, hard run when I don’t have any photos to show for it. I wasn’t out to take pretty pictures. I was out to be hardcore.

Though, I did manage to kick the crap out of myself again, apparently.

Why do I do that? My poor left leg. My right foot must hate it or something.

I’m thankful for the great card my parents sent me. (Dad, I love you, but I’ve got a feeling this one was all Mom’s doing.)

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than about two days, you know there are a few things in life that I love: leg warmers, hummus, puppies and jazz hands.

Usually I get cards with puppies on them. But this card was extra special, even without a puppy.

The hands pop out and they shake and it is awesome. Great card.

I also love side ponytails.

I am a child of the 80s, people.

Since the outfit above no longer fits (though it is obviously still very much in fashion), I guess I’m thankful for jeans and a T-shirt.

How boring compared to the way I used to dress. But I’m going to be sitting in a conference room for the majority of the work day, so I need to be warm and cozy.

I’m thankful for Brussels sprouts. I made them again last night and they were my best ones yet. Crazy delicious.

I’m thankful for the love and support from all the people in my life these days. I’m feeling pretty lucky. Everyone seems to think I can run this marathon in September, and that makes training for it even more fun.

I’m thankful I’m doing yoga tonight. It’s going to be good. I’m not thankful that I brought my yoga mat on the subway and smacked about 19 people with it, but that’s their fault…right? For getting in my mat’s way?

OK fine, I was that girl on the subway, taking up too much space with my bag, my lunch bag and a big yoga mat strapped to my back. I looked like a jerk. But at least I know to move to the center of the subway car and I don’t block the doors or refuse to move in!

I’m thankful for trail mix. I am now going to eat a ton of it.

Have a great day, everyone!

YOUR TURN: Tell me what you’re thankful for today. Obviously.



43 Responses

  1. Well, don’t worry, you were not the only weird girl in the subway this morning with a yoga mat on the back, a lunch bag and a bag trying to avoid punching people ! I was there too 😉
    I am thankful for the yoga class in Bryant Park tonight, for the wonderful weather and for the fact I am actually able to be here, in the middle of Manhattan doing yoga. A-MA-ZING !

  2. I Love your Jazz hands!!! maybe it’s the ballerina in me, but sometimes i find myself breaking into Jazz hands at work… the docs all think i’m nutzo. haha!

  3. Your tv commercial is sooo cute. You are legit famous, girl! BTW, I totally agree that it’s more fun to deliver good news 🙂

    I’m thankful that I’m celebrating my bday this saturday instead of next Thursday (the real day) because I have to work. Then I get to celebrate Saturday, get cupcakes at work on Thursday AND then I go home to Omaha for another celebration the next Saturday. It’s my Bday WEEK 😉

  4. I’m thankful for:
    – A great 6.6M run this morning (my longest pre-work run ever, and the first time I’ve ever run on the Bridle Path…also, at the risk of sounding like a bit of a stalker, I’m pretty sure I passed you in the park this morning)
    – My Lululemon trip this afternoon
    – The fact that I’m treating myself to pizza tonight as a reward for my successful morning run

  5. Nice running! I am so mad I didn’t DVR your commercial – what a star you are.

    I took almost the exact same picture of the rainbow! Love! It was so pretty and made me happy. I am super thankful for awesome weather and a great run this morning too. And that today is my Friday and my sis is coming to visit this weekend. Hooray! Also, I’m running long early on Saturday morning if you want to meet up, let me know!

  6. Hi! Love your blog. It’s inspiring!

    Today I’m thankful for:
    This lovely break in the hot weather we’ve had in New England!
    That I get to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight!
    That I was able to register for the Wicked Half Marathon! I was afraid it was going to be full, but it’s not!

    By the way, great commercial!

  7. I’m thankful for:
    1) A solid 8-hours sleep last night – didn’t wake up once! That happens like 4 times a year for me.
    2) I have tomorrow off! And am flying down to florida tonight!
    3) I made some technical improvements to my website and now feel like a computer genius.
    4) That I have $7 in my wallet that I’m saving to buy myself a glass of wine during my flight.
    Happy weekend!! Jazz Hands!!

  8. Sounds like its been a great week! Congrats on the new commercials! This week I’m thankful for..
    -my friends who tell me when I’m being crazy and give me a wonderful dose of reality
    -my smart phone – my office recently blocked a lot online and the phone makes me feel slightly more connected to the world
    -a beautiful day for yoga outdoors-here’s hoping it stays this nice!!

  9. That’s so awesome your commercial aired last night! I love that you showed the pic of you watching it 🙂 I am thankful that the weather cooled today and it kind of reminded me of an early fall morning. I’m also thankful my lunchtime 5k run at the gym got me out of my tired funk.

  10. Sooo cool that you saw your commercial twice!! The espy’s were on in my apartment but sadly I feel asleep on the couch…must have been pretty cool to see yourself on tv! So glad to hear your runs are going well and you’re feeling so good. I think it is SO much fun to see little improvements every week and watch yourself get faster and faster 🙂

  11. I LOVED your commercial! I might have shown it to my entire staff at NDA camp and said “See this girl? I kind know her..” I’m thankful that I get to dance all summer and that I’m finally getting up to a decent pace while running (I can maintain 9:00 for 1 mile then dip to 9:30 and 9:45 but considering my first 5K pace was 10:34, being in the 9s is making me love life!)

    Oh and I totally agree – jazz hands never go out of style.

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  12. I’m lobbying the DC media market to start playing your commercials, I am outraged that I can’t watch ESPN without seeing your smiling face (because I obviously watch ESPN all the time…gossip girl and ESPN, that’s me.)

    Please don’t delete the commercials from your DVR until the next time I visit. I want a private screening!

    I’m thankful I can finally work out like a normal human being.

    I am also thankful that in 11 days I will hopefully be able to call myself an Ironman and eat lots of food and drink lots of things with alcohol in them.

  13. I am thankful that is was 60 degrees without the 99% humidity from yesterday on my run this am. Can you please ask New York to broadcast their commercials in New Hampshire? Thanks!!!! Also, I am thankful that I am getting a FREE cup of froyo tonight….since opening here a month ago “Yummy Yummy” instituted a buy 8 get one Free initiative… and I’m about to get my 2nd free one already. Overindulge much?!

  14. I’m thankful for your positive post – your happiness is contagious! I’m also thankful for salted cashews (seriously those kill any cravings I get!) and coffee…
    Oh, and new Zumba clothes from convention that are powering me through my classes! haha.
    And, I’m thankful for my health, since it seems many around me cannot say the same.
    Have a great day!

  15. I’m thankful that I got an AWESOME workout this morning via Barry’s Boot Camp…seriously…intense!

    I’m thankful that today is Thursday and I have some fun stuff planned for the whole weekend.

    I’m thankful that I get to hang out with you tomorrow!

    And I’m thankful for fro-yo. Obviously.

  16. Your postivity radiates! I’m thankful for my best friend, who lives all the way in California (I live in Holland now) and we spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone last night… it made my WEEK so to speak. I’ve been homesick all week and it made me feel a ton better.

  17. Love it! So much to be thankful for this week, and I’m glad it’s been such a great one for you. Congrats on the commercial! I’d probably geek out if I saw myself on TV, and I know it would be saved forever (and re-watched one million times).

    I’m not gonna lie, i’ve had a frustrating week. Nothing bad, just a bunch of things that don’t seem to be going right. BUT I’m thankful that today is Thursday and I’m going to spend the night watching Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 at the drive-in!!). And even though I’ll be beyond tired tomorrow morning, it’s worth it. I’m also thankful for runner friends who will spontaneously sign up for a 10-mile race with me on Saturday and then agree to spend time at the beach. Can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

  18. Yay! These posts always make me happy! You are the cutest tiny dancer. Congrats on your commercial, I watch your RFR videos obsessively!

  19. This week was ‘get back on the workout train’ week, so I’m thankful for yoga tonight to wind down after hitting all my mileage goals for the week!

    I’m also thankful it’s almost the weekend bc I have some sleep to catch up on! I thought today was Sunday so I shut off my alarm and went back to sleep this morning … and overslept … whoops

  20. So much amazing stuff in this post. I love the medal hanger and I’m going to that etsy site now because I’m in desperate need for one. Second, I taped the ESPYs and the World Cup (haven’t watched either yet) so I’m excited if the media buy was in Boston too. Super cool you are in spots. Its so neat!! And I love the spots too!!!!

    I’m thankful that I’m loving running again. I needed a break but now I’m back to loving it and running a race with Corey and Lauren this weekend. Well not “with” obviously. heheh

    Great job on your pace!

    1. Sadly the commercials aren’t airing anywhere but in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens. BUT I have them all saved on my DVR, so come visit and I’ll show them to you 🙂

  21. Your running medals holder is amazing!! I really need to make myself one of those!

    And hooray for your commercial! It’s always fun to see yourself on TV and it never gets old!

    I am thankful for all of the amazing people I surround myself with. Nothing is better than having people around you that can make you smile and be supportive all at the same time.

  22. woohoo such enthiusiam I love it!

    I am thankful for..

    1. The fact it’s Thursday
    2. I am running the CP conservatory run this weekend.
    3. I didn’t get stuck in the rain last night 😛 but I was stuck on the bus during it.

    I also wanted to ask you about how you found your apartment. I am moving out of my apartment in Oct and finally ready to move on my own.. IT looks like the UES has the best studio options but I would rather not pay a brockers fee.. Any advice?? If you want you can e-mail me 🙂

    1. I used a broker to find my apartment. Paying the broker’s fee sucked, but it was worth it to have someone else out there doing the work. I just didn’t have time or energy to do it myself.

  23. I’m thankful for your blog!
    I’m thankful that you’re a NH native like me!
    I’m thankful that there are jazz hand cards (who knew?!)
    I’m thankful the weather is beautiful here today, that I have an awesome husband and that my week in Maine on a lake will be here in less than four weeks!!

  24. Clearly I was zoned out during the world cup commericals.. bcause I watched the whole game and managed to miss the commercial! MAN!

    I am thankful for the amazing weather today.. nice and cool! I am also thankful for sunflower seed butter. I haven’t had it for a while.. and it is currently dominating my life.

  25. amazing 80s outfit shot there. simply amazing. and being that yoga chick on the subway is like my part-time job. i like it.

    i’m thankful for:
    1) being officially employed and having an income very soon.
    2) ice cream. not froyo, the real deal. also gelato. that’s good too.
    3) my friends for being awesome.
    4) being able to run a little bit more than usual, even if i’m movin’ slow.
    5) my momma, ’cause she’s crazy in the best of ways.

    that’s all!

  26. Love your optimism – it always makes me really focus on the good in my day versus being tempted to focus on the bad. LOVE the wall art, that is the best idea ever!! AND I love that you were on TV. Can I please have an autograph??? I’m thankful for a cool and gorgeous day (even though it’s not a running day for me, sad face!) and that the barre n9ne challenge is done tonight which means it’s RESULTS time!!!!

  27. I love the race medal holder! I need to hang my own medals. I also need someone to come help me hang things in my apartment. Congrats on the great news at work and the commercials being on TV! And I love that jazz hands card! I was SO happy to have just escaped getting caught in that storm.

    I am thankful for new opportunities and weekends.

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