I Have A Great Feeling About Today

It’s a good day.

Who’s with me?

You can complain about the heat all you want, but I know I’m not going to let a little upper lip sweat during my morning commute bring me down.

What? You don’t get that, too? It’s sexy.

Let me tell you a few things that are great right now…

After work yesterday I went to the gym. I had the day off from running, but Coach Cane said I could do some “easy cross training at my discretion.”

Oh, Coach Cane, when will you see that I have no “discretion?”

To me, “easy cross training” was back-to-back classes at the gym: Chisel followed by Spinning.

I liked the Chisel class because we did a ton of arm stuff, which is my favorite. At the end of class we did a weird butt exercise that had us starting on all fours on top of our steps. (Yes, we use steps and risers — what up, 1989?) Then we extended one leg behind us and reached forward with the arm on the same side. Then we had to bring our elbow to our knee.

I know I’m not describing it well. But the way this story ends is that I was dizzy and my balance sucks and I fell off my step.

Spinning was fun, too.

I didn’t fall during that class, but the lady on the bike next to me (or maybe in front of me?) was smelly and I couldn’t breathe. Every now and then I would use my towel to “wipe the sweat off my face,” but really I was just breathing into it and gasping for air.

Despite being a klutz and dealing with smelly spinners, it was a solid workout.

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to cook more?

Last night I made some tilapia and Brussels sprouts.

So good. I'm such a chef.

This might be my new favorite vegetable. I cut the sprouts up, tossed them around with some olive oil, black pepper and garlic powder (Fresh garlic would have been better, I know, but do you really think I had that on hand? No.) and then baked them for an amount of time that I don’t remember.

You’re welcome for the very specific recipe. Feel free to follow it.

Dinner was delicious. Good job, Ali.

I also said I was going to be productive this week, and while my sprouts were cooking, my laundry was getting done.

My apartment looks like Lululemon threw up all over it.

So many bright colors. So many things that can't go in the dryer...

I didn’t get to bed as early as I had hoped, but I did sleep in these bad boys:

CEP Compression Socks

I’m still not totally convinced that compression socks really work, but my shins and calves were a little achy last night, so I went for it.

I woke up this morning with legs that were still tired, and that had sock lines on them.

At 5 am it was already 80 degrees out. Fine by me — I had speedwork to conquer.

Coach Cane gave me the following plan for today:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 1 lap of the Central Park Reservoir at 8:15-8:30 pace
  • 1 lap of the Reservoir at 8:00-8:15 pace
  • 1 mile cool-down

It took me a little while to feel loose, but once I got to the Reservoir I felt surprisingly good. I was shocked to hit 8:20 early into the first lap and was even more excited to maintain a solid pace the entire time.

I'll take it.

The splits don’t make a whole lot of analytical sense since the Reservoir is more than 1 mile around, but the times are still good ones.

I also looked at my watch at one point and saw this, which was cool:

Hey there #7 on my watch...

Oh you thought you could win this round, heat? Good joke.

Me and my sweat towel: so happy together

The heat wasn’t as big of a challenge as I expected it to be. The air was thick and I was disgustingly sweaty, but I zoned out, focused on trying to run fast and got through it.

The bigger challenge this morning was attempting to find something to wear, which is a game that is getting kind of old.

My outfit today doesn’t match and I’m pretty sure my mom will hate it. Sorry Mom. I don’t always color coordinate.

Top from Anthropologie, skirt J.Crew, belt Ralph Lauren.

The great thing about humidity? I can retire my blow dryer for a while and save a decent chunk of time in the morning.

Let me now take you over to Run For The Rabbit land, where I have some new things to share!

I'm on the home page!

There are a bunch of new videos on the site, which I’m really excited about!

I have my own commercial, which is on the home page, and is going to eventually be airing on TV. Pretty pumped about that.

This is my commercial!

My favorite video is the recap from the Fairfield Half Marathon.

Walking to the start line...

As much as I hated that race, I love the video from it!

I love a good thumbs up.
DONE! Thank God.

Then there’s a video with three of us runners talking about how the training is going. There’s some really sweaty footage of me — self-shot on a FlipCam — so get excited for that.

"Ali, are you learning to embrace rest days?"
"Rest days are stupid. But yes."

And then there’s a video with three of us talking about fundraising

"Ali, are you raising any money?"
"I'm trying, Coach! Promise!"


To summarize: the training is going great. The fundraising can be kicked up a notch. I’m currently in third place.

Third place?!

I don’t belong there. That’s crazy.

First place would be better.

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has donated to my cause so far. I’m so proud to be raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and am pumped about some upcoming events that I’ll be hosting.

NYC friends, stay tuned: I’ve got a happy hour, a spinning class and an event at the JackRabbit Upper East Side store all coming up soon.

I will wrap this post up by showing you a photo of a really small puppy:

That thing is cute.

Now how can it not be a great day? I just showed you a photo of the smallest French Bulldog ever. You’re welcome.

TELL ME THIS: Give me one reason today is going to be a great day for you. Bonus points if you give me like 20 reasons or something awesome. Go crazy. Even if you’re cranky and you had a bad commute or you sweat through your entire work outfit already, you can still make it a good day! Tell me how that’ll happen.



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  1. I just went and watched every single video. Love. Your commercial is great and I love actually hearing you talk about your training, etc. I know this might sound creepy, but it makes me want to meet you in person even more (someday!!)

    Great job on the speedwork! I’m impressed that you didn’t let the humidity drag you down. I have to admit it’s gotten the better of me lately. So has my frustrating day job. But since we’re trying to be positive here, I’ll say a good thing about today was a spontaneous lunch with the boyfriend at Whole Foods. Spending my week’s paycheck at their hot bar is always something to be excited about. 😉

  2. Good things about today: #1) Getting to Long Island from Boston in 4.5 hours shaving off a solid 1.5 hours from the last time I drove here in the rain. #2) Eating Red Mango. #3) Getting 16 HANDLES TOMORROW ON THE WAY TO MARYLAND. #4) My first NDA resident camp of the summer tomorrow in Towson, Maryland.

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  3. OMG, puppy, OMG! That little guy is so cute 🙂 May-jor props to you for getting speedwork in this morning – I switched mine to Thursday and was nearly dying by the time I saw you! I love your videos 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow a.m.!!

  4. Today is going to be a good day because for the 2nd day in a row I woke up at 6am to run!!! I love how quiet it is in the city at that time, except for my fellow runners along the river 🙂

  5. Just watched your commercian and the half marathon recap….it was kind of strange and really cool (all at the same time!) to hear your voice for realz. I read your blog every day and just realized that I had somehow given you a voice in my head. Creepy.

    Today is SUPER AWESOME for me because I got a piece of news that means change is coming for me in September. Not ready to tell the whole world yet. Also awesome because tonight I’m going a human rights and writing talk to a bunch of youth. Hopefully it will be inspring for them and for me.

  6. Today is awesome because I got my workout (strength training class!) done BEFORE work! And I’m meeting an out-of-town friend at an amazing martini bar in Soho after work!

  7. Today is rad mainly because I slept in and had a great night ending a relationship that should have been over a long time ago (better as friends, we should have realized that 3 break-ups ago!).

    Love the commercial!!!!

  8. I totally get upper lip sweat!
    My reasons for today’s awesomeness:
    1. I already got a kick-butt interval run in this morning, AND abs, AND some lifting.
    2. I’m meeting a friend for a glass of wine after work.
    3. I’ve declared that I’m not cooking tonight b/c its too hot here too (Philly) so I’m gonna get some awesome Moroccan take-out!

  9. HI Ali,

    I love that belt bib, two of our friends wore them for peach tree. Glad you’re doing so well. I will try to donate more closer to the half!

  10. I love your video!! It inspired me to post a video today (not at all in the same category though!).

    I love brussel sprouts. Next time try- 2 tbs honey, 2tbs grainy mustard, 1 tbs olive oil. Pour that sauce over halved sprouts. Bake for about 25 minutes at 350 degree. It is sooooooooooo good.

    Have a great day!

  11. I had a glorious spin class this morning and I’ve been getting up early every day since Saturday to fit in my sweat sessions at the beginning of the day. I’m becoming a morning workout person!

  12. Today is great because it is the “official” start of training for my first-ever full marathon (Philly in November)! And I managed to get up and go out for 3 steamy “easy” miles even though I stayed up too late and had too much fun (beer) last night. Because this is the marathon, yo, and these miles have got to get run!

    I just made a donation to your Jackrabbit page as well, which also makes me feel good. Good luck!

  13. Oh i love this game! its like a pre-thankful-thursday, best-thing-that-happened-friday burst of happy! yay! OK today is great because…

    – Last night was fun (when I have fun plans the night before, i tend to wake up happy)
    -big earrings make the day brighter
    -I’m baking a new variation of stuffed cookies later (candy bars!!!)
    -A friend is in town for work and we get to have dinner together! (any meatpacking/west village must trys?)
    -I finally ordered a RoadId today, which will make me (hopefully) sleep better
    -I initially gave myself a hard time over my decision to have a muffin for breakfast, but then I couldn’t eat more than 1/3 of it-so, not SUCH a terrible decision afterall! yay self control! (partial self control=happy)

  14. Today is going to be a good day because I am back on track with my half marathon training!

    You go girl, I haven’t been able to adapt to the heat yet, myself. I’m so impressed.

  15. This will be a great day because I am trying out a trick from Runner’s World to make my hot run easier this afternoon, and I believe deep in my heart of hearts that it will WORK and running in 95 degree heat won’t be so bad!! 🙂 🙂

    I like your outfit – color blocking is so in right now! 🙂

  16. Today is going to be a GREAT day because I love my outift, I am kicking asss on my to-do list, I am going to the HLS summit (scored a ticket last night), I am seeing CZ, I am sleeping in brooklyn = running in prospect park tomorrow and BECAUSE it’s TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

    Enthuisiastic enough for you Ally?? hehe it actually felt good 🙂

  17. Love the new videos! Keep us posted on the dates for the fundraisers so we can all spread the word! 😉 BTW – I crossed into the world of short (running) shorts and I love it! Thanks for the recommendations!

  18. Blatant self-promotion but if you check out my site you’ll see why this is going to be an incredible day for me, regardless of what I do : ) (I think I’ll get the bonus points for it being super awesome).

  19. Today is going to be a great day because I ran in WICKED muggies this morning and didn’t back down (even though I really did consider getting back into bed when the alarm went off at 5am). It’s also a great day because I have barre n9ne tonight and it’s gonna be awesome…THREE MORE DAYS!!!

  20. Awwww cute tiny puppy! You look gorgeous in the photos with the headband and white top. So pretty! I also ran in the park this morning, but I struggled a lot. my legs felt so heavy! I am not used to waking up at 5:15 am to run. Have to get better. I brought a huge heavy bag of workout clothes to work today so I can stop at the laundromat on my way home. My drying rack will look exactly like yours, but worse. Very excited to hear about your events!

    Also, I LOVE your outfit. The colors actually look awesome together. I never would have thought to do that myself. You have such nice clothing.

    Today will be a great day because:
    1. I am expecting a very important letter that will contain good news (hopefully!)
    2. I blogged! I always feel good after that task is finished. I don’t know how you do it every day.
    3. I’m seeing a very cute boy later.
    4. I am going to have some clean workout gear and bras.

  21. Today is going to be a good day because…

    -I am getting a much-needed haircut.
    -I’m crossing things off my to do list already and it’s not even 9!
    -I’m excited about some new ideas for my blog.
    -I get to swim tonight!

  22. Double fist pump for an amazing day! It’s not even 10 AM and I already have a list of good things to share:

    1. I went to boot camp at the gym at 5:30 this morning…for the first time ever. I always wanted to go, but was afraid. Why? I don’t know, but I’m hooked!
    2. I’m meeting the boyfriend for a picnic lunch at the tennis courts.
    3. It’s Providence Restaurant Week. Good food cheap. I’m there.

    Hope you’re day is fabulous!

  23. Because I already got done my workout. And it was one of the hardest Crossfit workouts —Fight Gone Bad!

    And I my drying rack looks like an entire Lululemon store! Its ridiculous, between the speed shorts and the cool racerbacks…insanity

  24. There are two reasons that today is already awesome: 1. I’m a teacher so basically every day until September is awesome 2. I had a ridiculously awesome speedwork session at the track this morning.

    Love your commercial!

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