Disney Day 2: Conquering The Parks

It’s been one heck of a long day and my big hotel bed is calling my name.

A quick recap:

I woke up at 6 am to get a run in. Four miles, nothing special.

The rest of the day was spent dominating Disney World.

First stop: Epcot.

Epcot is cool looking

Saw the characters, got excited, made a mad dash for Soarin’. First on the ride? Success!

Cutest couple ever

After walking around Epcot and riding a few rides, it was time to put the Hopper Passes to work.

Second stop: Hollywood Studios.

I love Tower of Terror.

I screamed like a little girl.

The photographic evidence of me on that ride is not so cute.

No post-ride photos were purchased today.

Rock N Rollercoaster = also amazing. Best ride of the day.

Stop three: Magic Kingdom.


Here’s what went down at MK: Ali gets to park. Ali hears music. Ali realizes the parade is happening.

Ali freaks out, has dance party, takes 3,000 photos of princesses.

Cinderella! I know her!

Then Ali goes on Space Mountain and has the best time ever. Then Ali goes on the Thunder Mountain Road rollercoaster and is not impressed.

Fourth stop: Back to Hollywood Studios for a little Fantasmic! action.

Last stop: Hotel hot tub.

Bed is my next stop.

Today has been long and amazing and I’m exhausted.

Coming up tomorrow: a full day at Universal Studios and dinner at my favorite Orlando restaurant (California Grill).

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend!



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  1. Ahhh!! I loveeee the tower of terror!! My fiance not so much. Did I drag him on it 8 times the last time we went to disney? YEP!

    ps. florida summer running is crazy! Fiance’s family lives there and I’ve been running in the thick of july heat. you have to get up at an ungodly hour and it’s still a bajillion degrees.

  2. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the California Grill! So amazing right? Their sushi is second to none!! Their drinks aren’t bad either…and the view…well it goes without saying…..ok so i’m a little jealous 😉

    have fun!

  3. I never see Mickey and Minnie out in the open, jealous! You hit all my favorites except splash mountain and fantasmic, but in one day – def. a success! If you get to Harry Potter World I’m going to be green with envy : )

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