I’m In Orlando!

These guys came along, too.

Hello, Goofy. Hello, Donald. You guys are funny.

Life has been super hard today.

After a fast, easy, I-slept-the-whole-time-and-we-even-arrived-early flight last night, I’m happy to say my work-but-feels-like-play trip is off to a fantastic start.

Last night involved a trip to the hotel bar and hot tub.

And maybe a lap or two around the Lazy River.

I swam mostly. I’m not lazy, like the river implies.

I slept amazingly well in the cold room and big bed, and was happy to sleep in until 7 am.


I hit up the hotel gym this morning for some ab and arm fun before sweating my face off during a 5-mile run.

Florida runners, you are crazy.

This place is hot!

Sweaty is sexy.

The run was somewhat speedy but boring. I’m hoping to find a route that’s more fun than the golf course/highway before my trip is over.

What beautiful running scenery. Oh wait. False.
Golf course running = no shade, also boring.
Not really sure what happened with this action shot, but I can assure you my hotel is not slanted...

My post-run plans involved the following:

The best brunch buffet ever at the Waldorf Astoria (yup).

This omelette was fantastic. I would like more now, please.

Laying out by the pool.

The pool. It's nice.

Drinking by the pool.

Strawberry daiquiri = happy Ali

Swimming in the pool.

Falling asleep by the pool.

Rough, I know.

I hit up Downtown Disney for an early dinner/tequila at Paradiso 37 before heading to the evening’s work event.

Ba da da da da da dum: TEQUILA

Fun fact, jerks: Pleasure Island signage is still all over the place. So for everyone who said, “Don’t freak out, it doesn’t exist anymore,” you are all full of lies.

See?! I'm sorry I just called you all jerks. I don't mean it.

Tomorrow = Disney World. Me and a Hopper Pass have a series of hot dates with Rock N Rollercoaster, Epcot, Space Mountain and some Prince Charmings.

And fireworks.

Happy weekend, friends! May all your long weekends be filled with fireworks, patriotism, sweat and booze.




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  1. a whole new worlddddddddd!

    i love how disney songs relate to everything in life hehe.

    so jealous! enjoy disney chica. PS major lolz at your pleasure island story from back in the day. You are a rebel!

  2. wow, that is some work trip! I’m sure they had to force you to go and all…. hehe. I am jealous of the amazing pool, but not the hot, hot weather! I can’t imagine how steamy it is down there. Hope you have a good time in Disney World!!

  3. Sounds like fun! Except for the running in the Florida heat part. I can’t even imagine…

    I love that pic of the PI sign. Really — Pleasure Island exists in name only! There’s no pleasure to be had anymore (unless you consider T-Rex Cafe enjoyable…I do not).

    I’ve always wanted to see the 4th of July fireworks at Disney — take lots of pics!

  4. Haha! Welcome to Florida! Sucks to run in this heat doesn’t it? I’ve already decided that when I go to grad school in a year, that it can be no further south of the Mason Dixon Line! It’s too hot down here! Lol!

    Have an amazing time at Disney!!!

  5. Insanely jealous! Disney World on the 4th just seems perfect. And R & R is my FAVE ride ever!!!Of course I also love all the Mountains, and Soarin. And just sitting in the square looking at the castle. I still get choked up every time I turn down Main Street and see it : )

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