An Ode To New Runners

Good morning!

It’s Remicade Day today, which means I was up nice and early this morning to squeeze in 5.5 miles before I head to the hospital.

The run went pretty well. I rushed to get out the door, which inevitably meant that around mile 3 I was in need of a pit stop. I’ve also been running on a solid streak getting no more than 5 hours of sleep each night. That’s starting to take a toll on me.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to my little siesta in the Remicade chair this morning.

So I’ve been writing a lot lately about racing. I’ve had a few discouraging races lately (the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the Mini 10K and, most recently, the Fairfield Half Marathon) that have left me feeling like I need to remember why I run: because I love it and because it’s fun.

One thing that reminds me of the beauty of running is talking to new runners.

I love sharing their excitement and hearing about their running experiences, whether it’s completing a full mile for the first time or registering for a first race.

Over the past month or so, my heart has surged with pride as more and more friends have come to me to talk about running. At the office I used to be the girl people came to when they wanted something from my candy dish. Now people stop by daily to talk about running, racing and my thoughts on barefoot running shoes. (I have no thoughts on that topic. Sorry.)

A few friends I want to call out for their awesome recent accomplishments:

Scott, a college friend who is preparing for his first 5K!

Mike, who commutes daily from Long Island into midtown Manhattan and has made an effort to throw on shoes when he gets home late at night. He’s up to 2 miles at a time and tells me he’s excited to start working striders into his routine. I love it.

Michael, a coworker who, despite her insanely busy schedule, has been waking up in the morning and running. We’re planning to run a 4-mile race together in September!

Rumor even has it that one of the members of the production team working on the Run For The Rabbit campaign hit up JackRabbit last night to invest in his first pair of running shoes. Evidently he told the JackRabbit staff that he felt like he should start running after “spending all this time surrounded by runners.”

Be warned, friends: it’s addicting.

So today I High 5 all of you — seasoned runners, banging out 7-minute miles, and beginners, learning the beauty of bruised toenails — for lacing up your sneakers and getting out there. You all inspire me every single day. Keep it up.

TELL ME: Who has inspired you recently?



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  1. Thanks for this post! (even though I’m a few years late at reading it). 🙂 I am a new runner and the reason I began running is to try to overcome postpartum depression. So far, I have been feeling GREAT after runs…granted, they’re still pretty short. I’m running my first race (Hot Chocolate 5k) in Dec and am super excited!

  2. Hey Ali!

    In need of some advise here. I’ve only run a half, and this is my last year in the US so I’m tempted to register for a full. But my options are basically October 13 or late next Spring, and I’m not sure I want to train during the winter. I can currently run 7-9mi if I push myself.

    What do you think?

  3. I just read this post from your link today in your blog anniversary post … I’m thinking the “one of the members of the production team working on the Run For The Rabbit campaign” who “hit up JackRabbit last night to invest in his first pair of running shoes” is Brian. So cute, hints all along :).

  4. Actually, Ali, your blog is one place where I found the inspiration to sign up for my first race ever, a half marathon in Mass! I’m not really going to “race” it, I will be happy just to finish. I’m looking forward to the challenge! I love your blog and all of its positivity and can do attitude. It always puts a smile on my face!

    1. Liz! Your comment just made my day. That’s amazing that you signed up for your first race. Have so much fun with it and remember to smile a lot. Then let me know how it goes! Good luck, HAVE FUN! So exciting!

  5. You’re wearing the same teal colored sports bra in most of your running pictures. What sports bras do you run in? I’m always searching for a great bra, but most let me down. I always ask other women who are built like me…ample



  6. I get that at work, too. I used to be a personal trainer, so everyone asks me their workout, diet, and physical therapy questions.

    Lately I have been inspired by you! And a lot of other great running/fitness blogs I’ve found since coming to wordpress.

  7. To be honest, by you and Christine from the blog ‘Bun&Borough’. I started to run occasionally during my studies when I was stressed. Then, it became an habit every time I needed a break, alone, to feel close to nature, to feel like I can push my limits and manage to do something. Since I am in NY, it’s even more because, now, I feel like I really need it.
    Anyway, I have no one around me interested in that, or even who wants to try to understand… so, it’s great to read your blog. I feel like I have someone who can understand 🙂

  8. I think anyone who makes an effort to change their lifestyle for the better or try new things is inspiring! Like Megan, my sister recently told me she takes regular three mile walks (which is huge!) and I was ecstatic.

    Also, anyone who has been through the ringer in terms of health issues or even life issues and has come out of it a positive, awesome person inspires me. And I’m talking to you, my friend!

  9. I love talking to new runners 🙂 My mom called me the other day and told me that she went for a long walk (not quite running, but still…) and I was so proud of her. It’s my dream to have a family member run with me someday.

    OMG, I just read your post about Remicade. 3 hours in the chair?? Damn girl, YOU are an inspiration. Hope you’re feeling a little better!

  10. In terms of “who inspires me?”, honestly, you do. Your blog is so amazing. I read a number of blogs and yours is by far the most motivating. I don’t know what it is, but after starting to read your blog I finally started seriously training for a marathon at the end of july (I even did 18 miles on friday!!)! Anytime I need to find a way out of my bed and into my running sneakers, I just read one of your blog posts and I’m on my run. It’s amazing. Keep posting! This blog is truly wonderful.

  11. If I feel like running, I do it. If not, then I don’t . This makes me WAY happier 🙂 I am a fitness fanatic, but doing WAY too much mileage on a treadmill burnt me out….but I love having people who inspire me in my goals!

  12. Always love your posts! I’m a new runner…and it is addicting!

    The people who inspire me most are my mother (successful and sweet) and the children I work with who have all been through so much in their short lives.

  13. Ali, YOU inspire me, as do all the wonderful ladies (and some gents;-) behind the daily blogs I read. I just started running last year and it has changed my world! My father passed away of a heart attack at the age of 47 and my mother had a heart attack at the age of 32. I decided that I can not, WILL NOT, go down that road. I am taking control of my health and I am amazed with every run at how strong and able I feel. Reading your blog each morning on your journey has inspired me beyond measure….SO THANK YOU! YOU ROCK:-)

  14. It’s so corny, but my boyfriend inspires me actually.. he’s just so passionate about hiscareer and doing great stuff for our country (he’s in the military), and it’s sometimes amazing to watch his true enthusiasm for getting out in the world and helping others.

  15. I agree with the poster above me. 5hrs of sleep lots of nights in a row is not conducive to awesomeruning, or getting back to your healthy pre-chrons flare-up self.

    Anyways- I think it’s nice that you recognized these new runners on your blog! YAY for new runners! I’m really proud/inspired by my Hubs right now. He’s started running with me, and last night he ran his first 3mi run even though he wanted to quit around 2.25. He said if I hadn’t been there to push him there is no way he would have made it. YAY for new runners!

  16. Okay. I’m not sure you’re going to like this very much but I feel strongly about it, so …

    ALI. You CANNOT survive on sleep streaks of 5 hours per night. I know at least Dori would agree with me. Every human body out there needs to rest, and you are simply not giving yours enough. Trust me, I’m in the same boat as you — trying to balance work, health, family, and friends is NOT easy (thus the title of my blog!) but it is essential that you give yourself rest. You would be shocked at how you can feel by simply sleeping 8 hours a night for 2 straight weeks.

    It’s transformative.

    Please please please start inching up the minutes/hours in your sleep routine. You’ll be so thankful you did, and I hope it would help de-stress you a little bit!

    (I’ll get off my lecturing platform now. I’m sorry if I offended you, but I really want to see you not be stressed / running at your peak / being able to have no flare-ups. Sleep has a huge component to this. You inspire me and so many others out there, and we want you to be healthy!!)

  17. Duh, YOU!
    And my husband now…I finally convinced him to run with me one day this week…we are going to compete (as in me vs. him!) in a 5K in August!!!

  18. I love this! As a new runner myself, this post was encouraging. It’s easy to get a little down on yourself when you’re seeing posts about half marathons or marathons, and realize you’re only doing 2 or 3 measly miles. But…it’s still healthy:)

  19. It’s amazing the impact and empowerment of the blogging community! I woudln’t be able to name just one person in particular who has inspired me… I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty exceptional people who teach me lessons everyday. My mom who inspires me to work hard and inspire others myself. My godmom, who inspires me to love unconditionally. My best friend who always lights up a room with her smile. A new friend I’ve made in Amsterdam, who inspires me to be braver and stronger every day in this new city…

  20. Who has inspired me? My mom! She wakes up at 4 am to run some days before her long days at work. She doesn’t get back until 7pm some nights. She’s a trooper and my hero. I have no excuses to not lace up my shoes!

  21. I love talking to new runners, because their excitement is infectious!! For me, it can serve as a good reality check – that what I’m doing is supposed to be fun and something that I enjoy, not torture. And I also just love when new people get into the sport. I love running so much, and I get so happy when others start to feel that love.

    Anyway, that’s a lot of sappiness for the morning. I’m definitely inspired my many running bloggers too. This community has kept me motivated more times than I can count!

  22. I’m inspired by all the bloggers out there, of course, but I’m also inspired by my dad. I wrangled him into doing a half marathon last year and now he’s doing it again this year, along with a 5K! It makes me so happy and proud and also motivates me to keep going. 🙂

  23. That’s awesome that your love of running is rubbing off. My co-workers still give me the cocked head look (you know like a dog when it doesn’t know what you are talking about) when I talk about running. Most of them then say, “You run?” Yes people, I run! (I’m totally sleep deprived too!)

  24. Great post! I finally got the nerve to sign up for my first post-injury race! Getting a stress fracture while training for my first full marathon was quite a blow to my running ego, but I’m going to concur my fear of getting injured again and run the Savannah half in November! I vote you come down here and run it with me! 🙂

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Miss you! See you again in less than a month!!

  25. I agree. I remember how hard it was for me when I started running so anytime I see someone or hear of someone starting running, I try to encourage them as I know how much others encouragement meant to me!

    Enjoy the Remicade siesta! How long does the infusion take? NYU Med Students thank you bc its Jan Vilceks royalties that keeps our school going! (in addition to our hefty tuition)

  26. I love it! It is totally infectious the whole running (and healthy living) thing. It’s so awesome to see others jumping on the bandwagon, huh? When before they might have looked at you as the “weird girl that loves to run” now they look at you and are inspired by “the girl who runs her heart out” – such an awesome flip, yeah? And um, you inspire me, for the record. Totally and truly. 🙂

  27. I am inspired daily but you and the other blogger rock stars I read daily. And I keep a picture of Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe pregnant (from NY Runner magazine last year) up at my desk. Any time I don’t want to run, I think about these two amazing chicks. 🙂

  28. Miss Ali you inspire me 🙂 you get up every morning with a smile on your face and bang out those miles, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get much sleep or if you aren’t feeling well you still do it! I love the snooze button but I have taken a new turn and lately I have been just getting up. I have sever ibs and sometimes get so bad I throw up in the middle of my run but I just keep going 🙂 thanks for inspiring daily!

  29. I am inspired by bloggers .. just like you.. every day! I mean.. I think about my bad runs.. and they have nothing to do with needing to go to the bathroom constantly. I think you are so brave and courageous for all that you do – and for combatting Crohns.. proving it cannot hold you down!

    I am also inspired by the many children I encounter every day. Many of their families struggle jsut to keep a house over their heads.. yet these children have so much passion – so much love .. for life. It makes me think twice.. andcherish everything I have!

  30. You! I read your blog everyday and always find inspiration there…sometimes running related and sometimes just general ‘how to handle tough stuff’ related. Glad you’re flare up is subsiding and your feeling better 🙂

  31. Love this post! And it’s the same way at my work 🙂 I used to be the candy dish girl. Now, some of my coworkers ask me about running! (Although I work with Run Linds Run, so she is the REAL expert!)

    Lately, I’ve been inspired by all of you Healthy Living Bloggers out there that are struggling with stomach problems but still managing to maintain a positive attitude. You, Tina, from Carrots n’ Cake and Holly from Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices ALWAYS inspire me with your positive attitudes about your stomach issues and your ability to always look on the bright side.

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