Everything About Today Will Be Great

It’s Friday, and that’s just the first reason today is going to be a stellar day leading into a phenomenal weekend. Positivity, people. Embrace it.

This week went by really quickly for me. It was productive, it included some great workouts and it included quality time with great people.

Unfortunately, this weekend also proved to be a bit of a challenge in the stomach department. Who’s tired of hearing about this by now?

Trust me, I’m tired of writing about it. I can’t wait for the day that I can write “I went for a run today and didn’t feel like my stomach was going to explode.”

Don’t be threatened by my sexiness.

After work yesterday I scooted to the Upper East Side to stop by JackRabbit (seriously, I go there every other day at this point — there’s always something I need or want), and then I went to the New York Road Runners office to pick up bibs and T-shirts for tomorrow’s 10K.

It's a women's race. Of course the T-shirts are pink.

You know what’s awesome about a women’s-only race? You get seeded in a much better corral! Tomorrow, for the first time in an NYRR race, I’ll be in the second corral!

My speedy pal Emily will be leading the pack. Check her out. My hero.

I was very spoiled last night and got to enjoy a home-cooked meal by a friend in the neighborhood. Seared tuna with a side of garlic spinach? Yes, please!

Of course as soon as I finished the meal I felt sick and had to lay down for a while. Such is life.

I woke up this morning happy to have a rest day on the schedule. I slept in compression socks because my shins were feeling a bit tight yesterday.

So naturally when I went for a little stroll around the neighborhood this morning in my pajamas, I looked amazing.

I have never looked better.

I stopped by Lauren’s apartment to pick up an air mattress for the weekend. I love having friends on my street. She enjoyed my compression socks and bedhead look.

I’m pumped that Emily and her dazzling boyfriend are shacking up with me this weekend.


Said boyfriend is clearly excited, too.

What a good sport

I’m only working until 1:30 today, and then I have a staff lunch at 5 Napkin Burger. Yum! 5 Napkin used to be one of my favorites when I lived on the west side and I haven’t been in way too long. I’m not sure I can stomach a burger, but the entire menu is pretty excellent.

By the time I’m done eating, my weekend guests will have arrived from D.C. I promised Emily a trip to Lululemon so we can shop for race-day outfits, and later tonight we’ll be joining a whole cluster of great people for some carb-loading and face-stuffing in preparation for tomorrow’s race.

Have I mentioned that I’m terrified for the 10K tomorrow?

I am.

In case you forgot.

If my stomach cooperates, I’ll consider it a miracle. I’d really like a new 10K PR.

Shameless plug: If you haven’t done so already, check out my Run For The Rabbit Facebook page and give it a “Like.” I’m hoping to reach 200 followers today — I’d be the first of the six finalists to get to 200! (In case you forgot, I’m a bit competitive.)


OK, off to get some work done then get into Race Day Mode.


  1. If you’re running the Mini 10K in Central Park this weekend, let me know! Bonus points if you tell me which corral you’re in and what you’ll be wearing so we can play the “let’s try to find each other in the 3 minutes before the gun goes off” game.
  2. How do you mentally prepare for a race? I’m not feeling super confident about this one, not because of my training, but because my performance at the Brooklyn Half Marathon really got in my head. I hope my stomach cooperates, but I need to find something else to think about so I’m not so focused on my digestion misery.

Happy Friday!



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  1. Just wanted to say, I was having a little self-pity sadfest this morning and then I read the title of this post and it made me laugh and also made me think about how an attitude adjustment can turn a mopey day into a good one. I think that’s going to be my mantra this week — “Everything about today will be great.”

  2. Haven’t been up-to-date with the blogs this weekend so I am catching up now. I ran this race two years ago and it was my first 10k. It was a tough race due to the scorching heat that day but I still enjoyed it, especially the start where we ran up Central Park West!
    I hope you had a good race.

  3. I’ve been hunting around for blogs of NYC runners and I’m really glad I found yours. I hope the Mini went well this AM! I wanted to register but waited too long, and it filled up. I’ll definitely be there next year, though.

  4. Hi there, been following you for a little bit (since I first Googled running the colon cancer run, I think), but had to comment after I was looking back through some of your old posts and saw “In the Heights” in your playlist. Love it!

    As a lifetime swimmer, I’m still pretty new to running and way slower than you for the 10k tomorrow (Purple corral #7374), but just wanted to let you know I love your blog, and I just posted my 10k playlist since I was totally copying your post from the Brooklyn half!

    Best of luck tomorrow!!!

  5. i’m running the mini-10k! i don’t know my corral off-hand, though. i’m not expecting much of a race considering the weather and the fact that i indulged a bit too much in happy hour tonight (oops). good luck!

  6. hi ali! i am running tomorrow! i think i’m in the 4th corral? i’m meeting susan at 73rd and 1st at 6:45…. will you guys be there too??? if i don’t see you GOOD LUCK! so excited for you to own it!!! xoxox

  7. Hi! I am running the 10K tomorrow. I’m excited! My bib is blue – but I can’t find the corral lineup anywhere.. how do I figure out the order? Good luck!

  8. Good luck tomorrow, Ali! I’m sure you’ll do amazingly. I’m in the same corral as you, so I hope we see each other at some point! As far as mentally preparing, I’m trying to visualize myself feeling good and building off the excitement. Hopefully it works 🙂

  9. You will do awesome!! Have confidence and the rest will fall into place. Have 1 key word or mantra that’s going to really work for you tomorrow around mile 4 or 5 when you’re starting to fatigue. Something that will give you the push you need to keep it up and give it your best. Can’t wait to hear about it! Wish I was running it!!

  10. I’m running green corral bib 3317! Not thrilled about the bib tag for the race (I kinda hate them) LOVE the shirt.

    Will probably be wearing lululemon black shorts and a red lululemon tank I think (so I can look like Christmas with my bib).

    Go get that PR girl!

  11. Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you are going to have an amazing race! I’m sure that once your guests arrive you will be too distracted (and having too much fun) to be nervous. 🙂

  12. so sad I’m missing the mini10k fun this weekend! (and the pretty t shirt!!) Good luck! My “prep” comes from staying positive. Don’t worry about whats happened in the past- just use it as fuel to want it even more! Just keep telling yourself you can do it and you can! You’ve got it! Good luck!!

  13. Hey girl! I am also the running the Mini tomorrow. I am picking up my bib tonight and will text you if we’re in the same corral. And you are going to kick a$$ as always tomorrow. 🙂 xoxo

  14. I am running tomorrow but my bib is home… not sure of the color 🙂 I will be wearing my new gray running skirt and a pink tank top with my 1 pink compression sleeve on my leg 🙂 — dead giveaway. I’ll look for you though I’m sure you’ll be way ahead of me. Good luck and don’t stress out… it’s just a 10k. btw – don’t you LOVE the pink tshirt… all races should be just girls.

  15. I am running the Mini 10K tmrw. I am pretty nervous bc i have pretty much stopped running since the National Half. I have never raced a 10K before though, so i guess any time is a PR? I don’t know which corral I am in yet bc my mom picked up my bib, and i think i will also be purchasing a new outfit at lulu this afternoon!

  16. I’m running the Mini 10K too! But I haven’t picked up my bib yet so I have no idea what corral I’m in. However, I’ve been slacking on running and am really getting into triathlon training – I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years – so I’m planning to take this race kind of “easy” and think of it as a training run for the tri. (Of course, I’m super competitive and will probably not end up taking it “easy.” Oh well. At least we get medals!)

  17. I’m in the Yellow corral! Not sure what I’ll be wearing just yet as I’ve just learned it’s going to be raining tomorrow! Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the NYRR 4-miler in April! Looking forward to seeing you!

  18. I’m supposed to run in the 10K this weekend…but I have to see how the foot feels. I have NO time goals whatsoever. I did a Tuesday 6 mile loop in Central Park and let’s just say it wasn’t super speedy.

    Usually before a big race, I watch a cheesy sports movie and go to bed early 🙂

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! I’ll be lookin out for ya!

    1. Let’s all try to meet up, maybe?! I’ll be there, no particular goal in mind (I think I can snag a PR based on recent runs / fitness, but no pressure on myself).

      Don’t know what bib# yet, but it looks like it’ll be rainy/colder than I thought. Will circle back with outfit and number soon!! 😉

  19. Just ‘liked’ your page on FB, looks like you surpassed your goal of hitting 200 today 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow, you’re going to kill it out there – PR here you come!!

  20. I’m really bummed that I’m not going to be joining you in NYC this weekend!! But I hope you have an amazing time with Emily and everyone else! And I’m sending lots of good thoughts your way for a race without stomach issues. Good luck!

  21. I’m super nervous to run tomorrow! I’ve obv run 6 miles before, but never in a race setting… eek! But that also means I will run a PR no matter what! I win! I’m sure I’m in the open coral since this is my first NYRR race! I’m picking up my bib this afternoon and I’m going to try and find my way to JackRabbit since I’ve read about it so much on your blog! I packed so many options for tomorrow – this weather is so unpredictable. I’m just glad its not going ot be 97 or 50 (like it was when I left Chicago last night!).

    Good luck tomorrow!! 🙂

  22. Green corral. 3708! Which is much better than being in light blue or pink. Thanks, no-boy races.

    As for how do I mentally prepare, this one I’m hoping to finish with a smile on my face, after three weeks off for an injury, two DNS races, and a lot of frustration!

  23. I am not running the Mini 10K this year, which I am really sad about. I had an incredible PR last year, it was really, really phenomenal!!! But my knee has been acting up and stuff, taking it easy on running for now. Also, the shirts last year were not pink! I am jealous of the cute shirt. I would wear that one as a regular shirt!

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