Thankful Things Thursday: I Love Runner Friends

It’s another scorcher in NYC today. And you know what? I’m fine with it.

And, judging from the comments on yesterday’s post, you guys are fine with it, too — or at least you all have some awesome hot weather/beat-the-sweat coping mechanisms.

One thing I’ve learned since living in a city where you do so much commuting by foot is that you shouldn’t waste your time complaining about things you can’t change.

OK, it’s raining. Get rain boots and an umbrella. You’ll live. Or just stay inside under the covers. Oh, it’s really hot? Your office is probably fine with you going to work in a sports bra and short shorts. (Try it and let me know how that goes. Come on. Who wants to be the guinea pig on this one? Bonus points if you’re a lawyer or work on Wall Street.)

You can’t control the weather. But you can control how you react to it. And with that, I bring you…Thankful Things Thursday: I Can’t Stop Sweating Edition!

I’m thankful my dear friend Dana is engaged. She called me last night with the exciting news and I’m so happy for her. She’s the first in my close group of college girlfriends to get engaged!

Look how sparkly!

I’m thankful for spinning—even though I sucked at it last night. I was totally sluggish during last night’s class. At one point Matt even approached my bike and yelled for me to pedal faster and harder. It just wasn’t happening for me, which is fine, because I want my legs to feel fresh for Saturday’s 10K.

I’m thankful people care about me. You all know by now that I adore Coach Cane. My latest obsession? His badass, hardcore, 16-week-pregnant wife, who has so generously offered to slow her super speedy pace to run with me on Saturday and help me PR. Oh yes, that’s right: She’s running with-child and is still way faster than I am. I’m a little nervous about running with her and very nervous about reporting back to Coach Cane in the event that I don’t PR. But Mrs. Coach Cane’s email last night warmed my heart:

You always make us proud. I just want you to see what you are truly capable of. You have NO idea!!!!

Keep in mind I have known this couple for roughly two months. Excellent people, huh?

I’m thankful I have an air conditioner. It’s installed! It’s blowing cool air! It’s taking my electricity bill from manageable to disgusting. Worth it.

I’m thankful for running buddies. Remember when I was so afraid of them? Oh how I’ve changed my running ways. This morning I joined Megan, Kelly and Maria for 5-ish miles in Central Park. If you follow their blogs, you know that these girls are like the honey badgers of running. They’re fast. They’re tough. They’re awesome. Megan, for example, won a race this weekend that required her to haul up a mountain. Impressive? I think so.

The pretty park this morning

Luckily, they were doing a relaxed run today, and I was able to keep up. We stayed on the Bridle Path chatting, sweating and maintaining a 9-minute mile pace. Totally comfortable and relaxed — and I realized that I’m getting better at running and talking, though the majority of what I contributed to the conversation was awkward grunting and heavy breathing. Being with these runners also served as a welcome distraction from my obnoxious stomach issues that continue to plague my life. Runner friends are best.

Right back at ya, Kelly!
Runners are the sexiest.

Speaking of runner friends…

I’m thankful a group of awesome runner-bloggers are coming to NYC this weekend. In mere hours (well, like 27 hours) Emily, Tina, Liz and Becky will arrive in this lovely city to hang out, have booze and, of course, run a race.

Runner friends in D.C. after the National Half (and full for some!) Marathon

I’m thankful for a purple wrap dress. There’s no way sweat is showing through this bad boy today. It’s foolproof, I swear. Also very comfortable.

It has pockets.

I’m thankful for my new work computer! It’s so pretty and so fast and I can already feel myself being more productive.

So shiny.

I’m thankful that I’m making progress on my To Do list. Last night was part productive, part fun. I picked two things to accomplish before I went to bed and I felt so much better getting to cross them off before getting sleep. I will beat you, stress.

I’m thankful tomorrow is a rest day. My legs are shot. I’m ready to put them up, or maybe have someone nice massage them. After a day of rest, I’m looking forward to going into Saturday’s race with Mrs. Coach Cane’s advice on my brain: “You want to go into the race feeling like a caged animal.”

She’s the coolest.

I’m thankful I’ve given up TV watching. The only show I’ll watch this summer is “So You Think You Can Dance,” and that’s more of a work obligation than anything else. Not watching TV leaves tons of time for other, “funner” things. I recommend it.

Alright, time to go play with the new computer, tackle the To Dos and get a little closer to an exciting weekend.



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  1. Um, I’m not going to lie… I’m sort of obsessed with Coach Cane. Granted that I’ve never met the guy, but I love the way you talk about him! He seems great! I wish I had him to coach me through my first marathon training! 😉

  2. I love your dress.
    I know what you mean about TV. I stopped watching (with the exception of Glee) several months ago. Now I have so much more time to sit and read blogs (counter-productive… but at least I’m using my brain!).

  3. Great post! Can’t wait to see you rock a new PR at the race this weekend.

    Interesting about giving up TV. I know I am SO much more productive when I don’t watch, but somehow I can’t completely cut the cord. I am pretty sure the Real Housewives are turning my brain to mush, though.

    I am thankful that I made it home and got the dog walked before tonight’s big storm! Small dog + leash + whipping winds = furry kite 😉

  4. Just found your blog, and I love it! It’s awesome that you live in NYC and having several running buddies. I live in the ‘burbs of NYC (in CT), but I’ll be coming in early Saturday AM for the Mini.

  5. Good luck at the 10k!! That is awesome that Coach Cane’s wife is pacing you. I am sure you will do great 🙂 Excited to meet you at the blogger meet-up after!

  6. I’m going to start stalking that puppy!!! Great to run w/you this morning, let’s make it happen more often! Will look for you on Saturday @the race

  7. I totally admire you for giving up TV – except for one show. I am not sure I could ever do that!

    I am thankful that the school I teach in is airconditioned.. I could probably tough it out without AC – but my students would definitley not be able to learn if they were sitting without ac!

  8. hooray, so glad we were able to run together this morning! that puppy made the heat and humidity (almost) worth it 😉

    cute dress! i think sleeveless is key in the summer, less chance of sweat stains, hehe.

  9. I am SO thankful I am coming to NYC to play with you and other awesome running girls this weekend!

    I am going out tonight in pursuit of a mini 10k appropriate outfit. I will be thankful if I find something that involves offensive colors, seasonally appropriate 80s accessories or sparkles.

  10. Um, I love this: “You want to go into the race feeling like a caged animal.” That statement will def be sticking with me for awhile.

  11. So many great things to be thankful for today!!! I’m so excited to hang out in the big city!!! Can’t wait to partyyyyy oh and run a race of course. Running buddies who push you to PRs are the BEST. I love them : )

  12. I’m thankful I did NOT run this morning – which is saying something since I”ve had such running mojo lately. But my legs were yelling at me and I want to be fresh for barre tonight AND oh yeah, it’s super-duper muggy and rainy here today. So I’m fine with it. I do miss my daily dose of runner’s high though. 😉
    PS. LOVE that dress, where is it from?

  13. Ooh I loved this post. And I really am envious you get to use a Mac at work! I used to when I was teaching, and now I’m stuck with the Windows computers here at work.

    I work on Wall Street, and I once LEFT work in short short and a tank top to go for a run. That gathered enough disapproving looks for me to not try that again. Although, to be fair, there are lots of girls here who kinda look like hoochie mamas on a daily basis. Like, put it away. Nobody neds to see that today.

    And! I’m thankful for:
    – Hopefully cooler weather for our 10K race!
    – Hauling myself out of bed and to the gym for spin this morning after a particularly hard battle with myself (see today’s post, ha!)
    – THE SECOND PART OF THE HIGH LINE OPENING TODAY! YES! New beer garden, new greenery, new sights to take in above ground? Don’t mind if I do. Checking it out today after work. So excited!

  14. I am thankful I canceled my class this morning and took a rest day. The extra sleep was so lovely and my entire back is so sore, I needed it.

    I am thankful for summer weather!!! I know you get very sweaty, but I don’t really.. walked to work yesterday and today without a drop. I LOVE this weather. So happy. It also makes my office’s dress code much more bearable (no pants allowed here).

    I am thankful for summer outdoor activities. Eating outside, drinking outside, CONCERTS outside — Black Eyed Peas in the park tonight!

    I would love to wear my hair up in a bun like yours but putting my hair up makes my head hurt so badly!

  15. I LOVE your thankful thursdays!!! Couldnt agree more with “you shouldn’t waste your time complaining about things you can’t change.” Right on lady! Glad you had a great run this morning. Havent met Megan or Kelly but Maria is a wonderful woman- love her! Enjoy the rest of your day in your fabulous purple dress 🙂

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