No Stress, No Crohn’s

Good morning!

I’m pleased to report that I’m feeling good today. I got a solid 5 hours of sleep (I know, I know, not enough — but it was good, air conditioned sleep) and woke up today rested and ready to kick off a 3-day work week.

In case, like me, you went mostly unplugged for the weekend, here’s what you missed:

And now here we are.

The trip back to NYC was super smooth last night. We sat on the runway at Logan Airport for a while, per usual, but the 40-minute flight flew by and I was spoiled by having a friend pick me up at the airport. I saved the $50+ on cab fare and didn’t have to sit in traffic with a smelly driver.

My friend was not smelly.

Just very kind.

I unpacked as soon as I got home, eventually got some rest and was excited to wake up and kick off today’s week of training.

When I woke up this morning at 5 I felt good. I didn’t feel tired. My stomach didn’t hurt. I just felt good.

I suited up, did my usual morning things, then headed to Central Park. Coach Cane had me doing three laps of the Reservoir (one lap is about 1.6 miles). I did the first mile of each loop at my half marathon goal pace then jogged the rest of the loop.

(I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of missing all of my river sunrise photos. Anyone else? No. OK.)

I am pleased to say that I finally had a great run today! Redemption!

My pace was solid. I was lagging in the past few weeks, but today I cruised, sticking at a sub-8:00 mile pace. My second lap even clocked in at 7:45. It was such a good feeling.

After weeks of being frustrated by my miserable stomach and my heavy legs, it was so reassuring to get out there today and feel like a runner again.

I smiled a lot this morning.

So here’s the thing: While there aren’t a ton of definite answers about Crohn’s Disease, most doctors (and my mom) agree that flare-ups are brought on by stress.

I find it interesting that during the past few weeks (ugh, and months) when I’ve been stressed to the max (not The Maxx where Zack Morris hangs out, just the maximum amount of stress…different things) my stomach basically fell apart.

Yet after one weekend of blissful relaxation, I somehow got through today’s run — plus a long bike ride yesterday and a speedy run on Sunday — feeling great.

So yeah, doctors, I think you’re pretty spot on when you say stress = Crohn’s. This weekend I didn’t think about work, I didn’t think about my To Do list and I didn’t worry about blogging, Tweeting or anything social media related. I just enjoyed life and spending time with loved ones. I very rarely get into that mindset and obviously need to try zoning out more if I want to live healthier.

Note to self: Be less stressed. Somehow.

Perhaps one way to live stress-free is to wear very bright clothing. Because it makes you happy…or something.

One of the best things on a hot day — other than a cold shower, such as the one I took this morning — is the simplicity of a cotton dress.

I bought this hot pink little guy yesterday at the Banana Republic outlet. Getting dressed took roughly six seconds this morning. I also threw on a lot of bling in an attempt to make it look more office-y and less beachy.

I’m hoping my stomach stays chilled out so I can enjoy this sure-to-be-beautiful week.

TELL ME: In the spirit of catching up, tell me the BEST, most exciting part of your weekend.



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  1. Brava on the Saved by the Bell reference! People should use those more often!

    This weekend I had some girlfriends over for some grilling and some old school kids-having-fun fun! There may or may not have been some dancing to Disney music, (although we didn’t do “the sprain” a la Lisa Turtle), and playing the late 80s game of Girl Talk…

    Please don’t judge me…

  2. The most exciting and fun part of my weekend was literally the WHOLE weekend. I spent it in Oklahoma with my fellow NDA (National Dance Alliance) staff members and even though I hadn’t seen most of them since last staff meeting a year ago, it was like we never left each other’s sides. Truly incredible. And the 3 days of nonstop dancing didn’t hurt either!

    xo – Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  3. Ali, I feel weird being the only dude to comment, but I find all the running you do with Crohn’s quite impressive. I had to quit cross country in high school when I was first diagnosed.

    My weekend was spent trying to get my chill on, I feel like its been forever since I penciled in some me time.

    I am positive that stress plays a HUGE role in how good I feel with the Crohn’s. Why can’t the GI doc just prescribe a vacation to the Bahamas?

    Your positive outlook is contagious. Keep it up!

  4. Great news re: feeling a lot better! I was getting worried about you, but am happy to hear you’ve had a great, restful weekend.

    Best part of this weekend? Too many to count, but freshly, perfectly grilled corn on the cob with adobo spices, lemon, and butter spray … that really was the icing on the cake!

  5. happy to hear you feel back on track!

    hmm… my favorite part of the weekend was going out on sunday night knowing that i could sleep in on monday morning. amazing.

  6. I totally laughed out loud at the Zach Morris at The Max comment. Gosh, I miss that show!

    The best part of my weekend was all of the nothing that I did yesterday. It was nice to have one day without a single obligation!

  7. So happy that your stomach has calmed down and you’ve been able to have more enjoyable workouts! It truly is amazing how stress can affect the body – it must be pretty remarkable to see that in such a profound and clear way with the effects of Chron’s and how they alleviate when you’re relaxed and not stressed out. I think being with my family always puts me in stress-relief mode.
    Best part of my weekend was taking a day trip with Ben and taking 2 hot yoga classes – both helped me totally escape the everyday stresses and worries. It was a great feeling.

  8. So glad to hear that your stomach is feeling better. My moms Crohn’s is acting up horribly lately. :/

    That dress is to die for.. want it so bad!! You look beautiful =)

  9. Ali, I so relate to your stomach issues, although I’ve never been diagnosed with Crones, I definitely know my pain is totally brought on by stress. I’m so happy you had a relaxing weekend and great running!!! See you soon! xo

  10. So glad you arenfeeling better! Yay! This weekend the best part was running my half even though it was painful….meanwhile if you need a running buddy next weekend I will be in town…

  11. just came across your blog for the first time – i was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and stress DEFINITELY makes it worse! here’s to a stress free and flare up free summer!

  12. Yay for a good run! I love it when that happens 🙂 You are sooooo fast…I wish I was that fast!
    P.S. I love the necklace…and shoes…and dress.

  13. I love the red dress! I never see anything like that whenever I’m at Banana Republic.

    I also want to say that I agree with Wendi’s comment- it may be worth trying out meditation. I have seen it work wonders for close friends who were dealing with stressful situations. It is hard to get into for a lot of people but once you do it can be really helpful.
    Enjoy the 3-day work week!

  14. i love that dress from banana !!! it looks great on you — and the cut/color are amazing. i might have to do an emergency trip to the nearest banana outlet.. and the necklace goes great with it.
    i’m so glad to hear you are feeling better !
    also, what a gorgeous picture of central park and the city! it reminds me that i need to plan a trip to NYC asap.. i haven’t been there in forever !
    my weekend was boring boring because i am studying for this step 1 exam, but (!) the best part was probably taking a shopping trip to REI to cash in on their massive sale. even got some new running capris 🙂

  15. So glad you are feeling good today, Ali! I keep saying that I think I have a bug because I haven’t been feeling great, but my parents are convinced that it’s stress-related. It’s amazing how stress manifests itself and affects our physical health. “Keep calm and carry on.”

    Adorable dress! Hope you have a great day!

  16. Maybe you should try meditation. It’s a great way to help reduce stress in the midst of stress. It helps you to live in the moment vs being worried about future, how you’re going to fit in all in, etc.

    I know in NYC they HAVE to have some meditation classes, so give it a try. You can also search on iTunes, relaxing meditation or stress relieving meditation or something like that and find some free podcasts. It’s really helped me because I’m in all commission sales and it’s easy to get stressed!! I have IBS (which is obviously not as severe as Crohn’s but similar in the aspect that both can be brought on by stress), and it’s helped.

  17. I am SO glad you are feeling well this morning, Allie. I think all you do is so admirable – especially with your tummy problems!

    The most exciting part of my weekend… was actually an 8 mile run.. PDR for me!

  18. LOVE that today was a great run for you – the weather was GORGEOUS this morning for it, wasn’t it?? I LOVED it. I also love your dress, I’m a sucker for a cute dress in the summer, so much easier than matching a shirt and pants, ya know, the tough stuff. 😉 Try to stay stress-free this week, mmk?

  19. So many fun parts to my weekend! I’d say the best was the delicious outdoor brunch and subsequent napping in Central Park. Glad you are feeling well, the dress is adorable!

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