Sweaty Saturday

I’m in love with this warm weather! Sure, it means I get that sexy upper-lip sweat by the time I get to the subway in the morning, and it requires me to wake up beyond early on the weekends to run before the heat hits, but it’s worth it.

Sunshine = happiness.

After work yesterday (at 12:30 pm!) I went to the gym to start my weekend with a sweat session. A little spinning and I was a happy girl.

I walked home leisurely, strolling through Bryant Park where I was beyond excited to see these new signs posted:

Fresh air = Happy Ali.

I ran a bunch of errands all afternoon, which included a stop at a bar near my apartment for a 4 pm glass of vino with a friend.

And then I was a little drunk.


A few hours later I joined a friend for dinner (burgers at Shake Shack) and a movie (The Hangover Part 2). I dressed like a cowboy for the occasion.

The burgers were delicious and the movie was funny. I definitely didn’t love it as much as the first one, but I giggled a lot.

After the movie and a long walk along the river (so nice at night!), I was ready for today’s early wakeup call.

You know you’re a runner when you wake up just as early on the weekends as you do during the week — or earlier.

My alarm this morning was set for 6:30 am so I could go running before it got too hot.

Coach Cane wanted me to run 8 miles: the first 6 slower than my half marathon goal pace, and the final two at my half marathon goal pace.

I came pretty close to nailing it!

For the most part I felt good while I was running. I did make a bathroom stop around mile 4, but it wasn’t urgent. I was just near a bathroom and figured I’d use it.

The 8 miles flew by. Central Park was vibrant this morning and filled with happy, athletic people out sweating their faces off. Great people watching, as always.

As soon as I finished running I jumped on the subway to head downtown. I don’t normally spin after I run, but my favorite class was happening and I felt strong enough after running that I knew I could handle it.

The class, as always, was awesome. Tons of energy. Matt, the instructor, was shocked that the class was filled on a holiday weekend, and at one point someone shouted back to him, “It’s because we love you!”

True story.

Once I finished spinning, I was disgusting.

Really sweaty.

Pretty smelly.

In desperate need of a shower.

And yet I didn’t go straight home.

Sorry, NYC pedestrians.

I swung by Whole Foods to pick up some goodies before finally making it back to my apartment and taking a cold shower.

Cold showers on hot days = therapeutic.

Now I’m home getting a few things done, and soon I’ll shower and get ready for the fun night ahead.

Two of the most amazing people I know are getting married tonight. I cannot wait to be at their wedding. I’m going to cry like a baby I’m sure.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!



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  1. yowsa! great run — plus a spin? that’s awesome. haha, you’re so not the only one to run errands on the way home from a workout. i always feel so bad. but not so bad i won’t do it again, haha.

  2. “I don’t normally spin after I run” — I think you did the last two weekends in a row before this. So it kind of is your normal! You are awesome with this energy… so envious. Great weekend!

  3. I kind of envy you living in New York, with the perfect weather and the pretty parks and the ability to jump on subways. Sounds like a great weekend so far, am totally in awe of you spinning after running!

  4. Yeah, I have done the post-workout grocery run. Grocery shopping in NYC is practically a contact sport, so I think it’s all good 😉 And if the good people of Trader Joe’s would prefer to not be too close to me and let me move to the front of the line, so be it!

    Also, spinning after an 8-mile run??? You are amazing!

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