My Brain Says Go, My Body Says No

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my own apartment, where I’ve set up shop for the day.

(Needless to say there will be no office bathroom outfit photo today — I’m wearing pajamas right now.)

My body is feeling pretty run down today. Between the recent stomach issues and a huge lack of sleep, I’m not feeling so hot.

Yesterday after work I went to the gym for some simple strength training. No cardio. Just a Chisel class. I actually felt totally fine during the class, and then I walked most of the way home, which was nice. Fresh air does a body good.

I also got my photos from the Brooklyn Half Marathon. In case you thought they’d be good, you were wrong.

So those entertained me for a while.

Will I be purchasing any for the keeping? Absolutely not.

I didn’t get great sleep last night, and when my alarm went off at 5 am I pretty much shook my head, said “No way,” and emailed my boss that I’d be taking a sick day. She wrote a very sweet response that may as well have said “I get it, you’re training for a marathon. Take care of yourself. Seriously.”

P.S. Don’t die.

It was amazing staying in bed for a few extra hours this morning. My body was pretty happy.

Coach Cane wanted me to run 5 miles today, including a warm-up, two laps of the Central Park Reservoir at my half marathon goal pace, and a cool-down.

After getting some extra rest, I actually thought I felt OK enough to run.

I’m not always the brightest.

So I suited up, and I went for it…in the heat.

The warm-up was OK. It took me a while to, well, warm-up.

The first lap of the Reservoir went surprisingly well. I maintained a 7:45 pace for most of it.

Then, like a shovel to the face (or something?), I got hit. Exhaustion took over. My second lap was not so speedy. It wasn’t my favorite run.

I ran in lots of puddles though, which is always fun.

Due to the humidity, I was a sweaty beast by the time I got back to my apartment.

Sometimes, like when I’m dripping sweat all over my wood floors, I think about how happy I am to live alone. Judgment free zone.

But I rewarded myself for getting the run done by putting my awesome new, white sheets on my bed. The Bed Makeover Project of 2011 is officially complete!

I’m big on the reward system. Yesterday I purchased a massage gift certificate for myself. I’ll wait until something awesome happens to cash in on it, though. Perhaps a PR at the Fairfield Half Marathon?

So now I have the rest of my day to relax. Naturally, though, I made a To Do list for my sick day, and it has roughly 21 items on it. If I’m home I may as well be productive right? There’s also a trip to the doctor’s office in order. Such a fun day, huh?!

I’D LIKE TO KNOW: Are you motivated by rewards? How do you treat yourself or reward yourself after doing something awesome?



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  1. I am the QUEEN of AWFUL race photos. AWFUL! I always look like I’m going to die!

    I’ve been feeling a little run down as a result of my marathon training too! Hope you bounce back soon and hope the stomach issues tame themself!

  2. Good for you for resting! I was missing you post this morning, I read my blogs in the morning and I was hoping you were okay! 🙂

  3. I think sick days/rest days/personal days are absolutely necessary for surviving a crazy schedule.

    And I promise your race photos are 100x better than mine – I look like I’m running in slow-mo (whilst drowning in sweat). Oh, Brightroom.

  4. I can completely sympathize with making a forever-long to-do list on sick days. It’s like you never have enough time to do it anyway, so you try to finish all of the loose ends while you’re hacking up a serious cough or are slightly feverish.


    Feel better!!

  5. PS – i forgot to ask ! what type of headband do you use when you run ?? I am trying to find one that doesn’t slip off my head !

  6. enjoy your day off ! you deserve it — i still can’t believe you went running! that is dedication. also, please send some (not all) of that warm weather to chicago.. we just experienced a 20 degree drop. apparently chicago can’t seem to make up it’s mind..

  7. Aw, so sorry you’re not feeling well. I am simply amazed at your pace even when you’re not feeling well. THAT, my friend, is why I “pushed” last time we ran… I am paranoid about slowing you down. Take it easy and lemme know if a neighbor can bring you anything. xoxo

  8. It never fails to amaze me that you keep going even when you’re not feeling too great. I’m a baby when I’m sick or too tired. Go you!

    Rewards: Going with the theme from above, I’m generally not disciplined enough to stick to doing the thing I would potentially reward myself for..and so when I do finally that stuff, I go hard on myself for not having been able to do it before.

  9. I find running in the heat to be so difficult. In the summer if I don’t leave my house by 6 am to run, I’m probably hitting up the treadmill because I am too much of a baby for those 70’s and 80’s temps!
    I really hope you feel better – sometimes when I get sick I realize it’s my body’s message to me to slow down. Hopefully a little R&R and you’re back to your usual self 🙂

  10. Rest up! I know it is very hard not to workout when sick, but really you win in the end! Do you run holding your iphone/ipod (thats what it looked like in the pictures)

  11. I looked for you this morning on my run, but you weren’t out then! Good call on getting more sleep and taking a sick day. I can’t believe you ran anyway though! It really was disgustingly humid today.

    Also, your race pics are awesome!! You look great and happy in them, why do you think they suck?

  12. I am jealous of your living arrangements. I still live in jersey with the fam,but i work in the city and would LOVE to move into my own apartment. However, it is just SO darn expensive that way. How did you find your place?

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