Black & White & Rainy All Over

My body is hurting today!

Turns out, marathon training — even in the early weeks — is kind of hard. After yesterday’s stellar run, I proceeded to sit at a desk all day.

I prefer a more active recovery, but what can you do? I have to pay my bills.

I did enjoy a lovely homemade lunch though!

Of course, eating it while sitting at my desk wasn’t ideal, but whatever. Stop judging me.

After work I headed downtown for the FITiST launch event.

The event was pitched as two hours of exercise, broken down into eight 15-minute mini classes. The classes included yoga, Pilates, boot camp and Flybarre.

The space was gorgeous and the snacks were delicious.

I definitely worked up a sweat and the teachers did not stick to their 15-minute limits. So needless to say I got plenty of exercise in my day yesterday.

My favorite classes were the boot camp class and the boxing class. Barre classes really just aren’t my thing. I’ve tried to get into them and I absolutely see the value in them. But there’s something about two dudes in camouflage screaming at me to drop and give them 15 that really gets me excited.

You’re judging me again. I can feel it. Stop.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t say the event was a total success. I’m happy to have left with a goody bag including a lime green foam roller, but I still have no idea what FITiST actually is.

No one explained the website to us and there wasn’t really anyone overseeing the whole evening.

But two hours of free exercise from awesome teachers? Yeah, I’ll take it. Thanks. Plus it was good to catch up with Dori and Melissa, and to meet some new fitness fanatics. We were all sweaty beasts by the end. (I embraced the beastly look. Dori still managed to look cute. Dang her.)

And if I did learn one thing, it’s that there are two moves that everyone swears by: planks and push-ups. We did some variation of them in almost every class. Embrace what works, right?

This morning I woke up to another beautiful day in NYC:

I’m especially pumped about that little thunderstorm icon next to Saturday — the day of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Oh well. It’ll be an experience at least, right?

Coach Cane wanted me running three “recovery miles” this morning.

So that’s what I did.

Even though it was pouring.

The rain didn’t come down too hard for too long and it wasn’t nearly as brutal as yesterday. Every now and then a nice run in the rain does a body good.

I really need to work on my puddle jumping skills if this is going to continue. My poor sneakers have taken a beating this week.

I’d love to tell you that I put on something bright and cheery to liven up this icky day, but I didn’t. Black and white was about as creative as I could get.

I do not love the boring-ness of this outfit. I also don’t love what is happening with my hair.

I do, however, love my necklaces today.

I am so pale.

About the necklaces: They’re actually long and I have them double-wrapped. I bought them at a market in St. Kilda when I was studying abroad in Australia. I love them and I will probably be twirling them and playing with them all day.

Just kidding. I’ll be doing work…obviously… (Hi, coworkers who read my blog.)

So now that you’re caught up on my life, I can share the exciting news that as of yesterday morning I was in first place in the Run For The Rabbit fundraising race! It’s pretty neck and neck right now, but I want to hold onto the lead right up until the end.

I am so grateful and deeply appreciative for all the donations I’ve received so far. I’m humbled by the fact that so many people who I don’t even know personally have reached into their wallets to throw some money at the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

I’m also going to be working on some exciting raffles, giveaways and other incentives that I’ll be promoting on the blog, so stay tuned.

Wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if they could find a freakin’ cure for Crohn’s Disease soon? I think so.

I leave you with this: a pretty picture of the Empire State Building.

Oh wait. You can’t see it.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight = my favorite spinning class. Life is good. I don’t care about the rain.

CHAT TIME: What’s your favorite kind of fitness class, if you’re a class person? Obviously my favorite thing to do is run, but I love love love a good, sweaty spin class. I do not, however, love barre-based classes (hilarious, since I was a dancer for 17 years). I’d love to hear about some of your favorites!



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  1. This may sound super strange to you, but I actually get anxiety about group classes. I have a fear of not being able to keep up, or doing all the moves correctly, or maybe I just don’t want to stay the whole time, but I feel like I have to!

    That being said I generally avoid group classes, and also due to timing. However, if I can bring myself to take time to “relax,” I do enjoy a good intense yoga class. I used to do Bikram Yoga a lot and loves the sweat and the deep stretch.

    I think if me and my friends all went to the same gym and took the same classes I’d have more motivation to do classes, but going on my own seems daunting sometimes and too easy to come up with an excuse haha

    I’m inspired by your run in the rain! I’m getting a little sick of this weather, I may have to give it a shot tomorrow AM.

  2. i’m a slave to spin. i think because you’re sitting part of the time, and real me is a LAZY girl! i’ve been trying to take more conditioning/weight classes, because i miss having a trainer, and do love to workout with weights. sadly, at NYSC, a lot of the conditioning classes are at the same time as spin, and spin always wins 🙂

  3. That class sounds AMAZING! And Quinoa brownies?! SIGN ME UP! YUM! I really love Core Fusion, which is a Barre type of class, but I find the bar beyond painful, more mentally than physically! I don’t know what it is, but something about perching on your tippy toes and squatting and holding a bar just doesn’t get me in the mood. Luckily the rest of the class is AWESOME. They also have a few different interpretations of the class, Core Fusion: Yoga, Cardio and Sport. Sport is my absolute favorite, and I definitely recommend trying it sometime! There isn’t any bar work and the majority of the workout is centered around a med ball, fun fun!

  4. Is that hummus pita lunch filling? Because it looks delicious and I’d love to try it for my next packed lunch, but I’m afraid I’ll get hungry again. I literally have to hunt down lunches that will leave me feeling full for hours (although I constantly snack) because what I really want for lunch every day is a great steak.

    And then a nap.

    Do you want to hit up a SoulCycle class with me in the near future? I’ve only gone once before because it’s so prohibitively expensive, but I’ve been getting the itch again.

    In The Heights Lover

    (Did you see that Lin Manuel Miranda was a guest star on last week’s Modern Family?! I’m dying to watch the episode now — since I don’t follow a ton of TV, I only realized it today!)

  5. Right now I’m into Pilates, but after I keep reading about your love of spinning, I actually got motivated and signed up for a sample class tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation! Also, great job with the fundraiser. A lot of people in my family suffer from Chron’s so I’ll be sure to donate. Let’s cure this thing!

  6. Spin is still my favorite group workout. I’m usually not a fan of the dancing-type workouts…I think I’m too uncoordinated to actually work up a sweat! But running is still my favorite workout, hands down

  7. I have (and will) run in light rain. I find it kind of…invigorating and relaxing.

    My favorite class at the gym would be Zumba. Although I don’t have a dance background, I loved the way the class made my muscles feel like PUTTY when I stretched.

  8. I loooove hot yoga classes and a good spin class is great. I’ve done body pump once and it killed me. I’m just not too into the whole weight lifting thing.. but a great workout nonetheless.

    Love the outfit. Necklaces are adorable!

  9. That’s a really cool event (even if you aren’t sure what the company is all about!). I love boot camp, kickboxing and zumba classes. I usually love spin but I just came from a class with a very intense instructor. And not intense in a good way.

  10. Sounds like a fun event!

    I have to say that I can’t believe I’ve grown up to love barre classes. Boot Camp, boxing and yelling were totally my thing. I guess I just got tired of those types of workouts. While I do still enjoy them from time to time they just don’t challenge me the same way the barre classes do. In fact I think I like barre classes because they are so different from everything else I’ve done my entire life, which would make sense as to why you don’t prefer them.

  11. I’m a spin fanatic myself too! I know you love the classes at Crunch, but have you tried Soul Cycle? Yes, it’s stupidly expensive but I’m totally addicted.

  12. Agree with Dori – give CF a second shot! It took me a few tries before I decided I loved it and now I’m totally hooked on all things Barre! That is, barre AND running – which I’ve discovered make a great companion. PS. I need to grow a set and run outside in the rain this week…I did it the other day but it was only sprinkling, I avoided it today because it was legit raining but I will NOT do that on Friday. I will be a big girl and run in that damn rain! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Very cool that you got to try a bunch of different classes. Boot camp and boxing classes sound more like the types of classes that would be my style too! And a foam roller as a gift? TOTAL score!

  14. My favorite class is called 50/50. It’s 50% spinning and 50% total body conditioning. It totally kicks my butt everytime. The teacher is this totally hot, super nice gal who is totally not afraid to call you out if she thinks you’re slacking. (She also totally good about compliments which balances.) I live NOT to get called out.

  15. I always eat at my desk – no judgment here! 🙂
    I really enjoy classes that involve weight lifting (cause I’m not great at doing it on my own) and the old fashioned Step classes are awesome…I find myself so focused on the moves and getting into a rhythm that I do not think about anything else at all and am truly in the moment. Running/other cardio can be like that for me too, but more often than not my mind thinks/wanders when I run, but those classes require so much focus that I really just think about what I’m doing, which I love.
    Hope all this rain stops soon!!

  16. I would have gone for the food and wine! I love recovery runs… You will too!
    Awesome outfit as always
    You must be sending your fog up this way?


  17. I tried hot yoga for a week and really loved it! I need the right combination of challenge – one that I can do some of it, but makes me want to come back to master other parts. Not sure if that makes sense?? ha.

  18. I ran in the rain today too. I was celebrating because I learned that my ankle is indeed not seriously injured. WOoo hoo! I kind of love running in the rain – I was in Central Park and thinking, “Hmmm wonder if Ali is here.” My favorite class in the whole world is Powerstrike at Equinox. The instructor, Ilari, kicks my butt!

  19. it’s raining here in chicago also !! blah blah. what is with this rain? it makes it impossible to get out of bed. HOW DO YOU DO IT, especially to go RUN in it?? you are amazing.
    i actually like your outfit though, and don’t think it’s boring at all – black and white is sort of my jam though. mixed in with a little grey for a little excitement.

  20. I love running and hot yoga classes. My old gym had a fantastic class called IRON REPS -think step class barbells free weights. I miss it and haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement.

  21. You did look cute! The only reason I wasn’t sweatier is because I took it easy during the classes because I didn’t want to sweat with makeup on and make myself break out. Agree with the planks and push-ups! Love them. And yes, I judge you for loving bootcamp. So not my thing!

    You NEED to come to Core Fusion Cardio. You will love it.

  22. I love to run more then anything, but I do like to fit in a yoga class every week. I also used to do kickboxing at my old gym, but that’s definitely not my thing anymore.

    Also, I was going to run the Brooklyn Half this weekend since I’ll be in NYC, but I didn’t sign up in time! But I am going to run the Queens Half at the end of July!

  23. You are one brave girl to run in that rain…TWO days in a row. I really admire you for that. I’m training for my first marathon, too, but on rainy days I just jump on a treadmill. I will just have to hope it doesn’t actually rain on race day! I’m pretty sure I’d melt in the rain!!!

  24. I am a dancer (ps.. I think we might’ve competed against each other at some point…) so almost any dance class is something I’d sign up for. Other than that, I love barbell strength classes, kickboxing and HOT yoga. Like hot hot. Like sweating in the first 2 minutes hot. I’m not a spin fan but at my gym, they have a Spin/Core/Yoga class that I do like.

    xo – Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  25. ooh, those classes sound like so much fun! It would be nice to get a sampling like that instead of waste your time in an hour + class that you don’t even like. How did you discover that? Through work or through your blog?

  26. I am definitely a hot yoga class kinda girl.. I can deal with pilates too….But I dont have a gym membership anymore because I just dont really enjoy gyms.

    I have a really really hard time paying attention in pretty much every other group fitness class no matter how hard I try. Maybe I should try a boot camp class? They have them outside here in Virginia during the spring, summer, and fall.

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