Sometimes I Think I Can Do Anything

Oh hello, Tuesday.

First, thank you all so much for the creative, original lunch ideas yesterday. For the first time maybe ever, I’m excited to go grocery shopping and stock up on some fun lunch things. You rock. I am grateful.

Today I would like to talk about a thing I like to call “Exercising Makes Me Superhuman” syndrome.

This is a real disease. It’s on WebMD and everything.

That’s not true. I’m sorry that I just lied.

But sometimes, mid-workout — whether it’s a long run, a spinning class or I’m in Tree Pose (one of the only yoga poses I can actually do) — I get these crazy thoughts in my head.

Last night, for example, I took a Chisel class at the gym. I sweat my face off, probably because the instructor had us kick off the class with 100 tricep dips off the edge of our steps (yup, we use steps — totally ’90s). After that class I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to stick around for the Cardio Tai Box class that followed.

Cardio Tai Boxing isn’t my favorite. It’s a lot of jumping around, and though I can keep the rhythm and remember the “choreography,” I am pretty sure I look like a traumatized idiot when I attempt a roundhouse kick. It’s not pretty. It’s definitely not graceful.

In the final 10 minutes of last night’s class, though, the instructor dimmed the lights in the studio. He turned up the crazy techno music and guided us through a super fast series of ducks, punches and jabs.

I stared myself down in the mirror and felt as badass as can be.

It should be noted at this time that I was wearing a lime green Lululemon tank top and still had makeup on from work. Hardcore? Sure, Ali. Sure.

Suddenly, I got this idea in my head that I should become a cage fighter.

As I went double time on the upper cuts, I seriously convinced myself that if someone put me in a cage with another woman, I could demolish her.

I left class feeling untouchable.

Anyway, apparently cage fighting is illegal or something, and many of my Twitter friends quickly let me know that it was a terrible idea.


So, you see, this is what exercise can do to you. Endorphins make you crazy. Sorry, Elle Woods. It’s true.

I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain with a side of thunder. But Coach Cane had a plan for me today, and I wanted to stick to it, rain or no rain.

The plan was to run 6 miles.

  • Mile 1: Warm-up
  • Mile 2: Half marathon goal pace + :15
  • Miles 3 & 4: Half marathon goal pace – :15
  • Mile 5: Half marathon goal pace + :15
  • Mile 6: Cool down

My half marathon goal pace is currently an 8-minute mile. I did that in D.C. in March and would love to be able to cling to that for dear life on Saturday at the Brooklyn Half — but we’ll see.

Despite the rain, I did an OK job this morning.

(This weekend I finally learned how to upload my Garmin stats onto my computer. I have been obsessing over every last number ever since. What a fun game.)

After staring at the numbers for a while, I sent them off to the lab (Coach Cane’s email) to be analyzed. I’m pretty sure that in addition to my “I Think I Can Do Anything” disease, I also have “Inability To Run Consistently” disease.

Good thing I have a coach for the second one.

Now maybe he knows someone who can help me out with my cage fighting.

So the run went well. I felt good and pretty beat up by the end. I was completely soaked.

A few people have inquired about what to wear for rain running. I don’t even own actual rain gear, so I usually stick with a Dry Fit/technical T-shirt. It’s light enough that you stay cool and can still breathe, but it doesn’t get weighted down by the water. It’s also fun to wring it out when you’re done. I also recommend wearing shorts or capris that are tight enough that they won’t fall down. Once my capri pants got wet today I was constantly yanking them back up onto my waist to avoid plumber butt crack running.

Yes, I invented that term. You may use it if you’d like.

Even on gross days, I still love Central Park.

After this run, I again came down with a case of the crazies.

This led to a dance party around the apartment.

By myself.

Which prompted me to leave really late to get to work.

“Sorry I’m late boss. Had an appointment…with myself…and the Book of Mormon soundtrack…”

Yeah, I don’t even dance around to songs that would make sense to dance to. I dance to wildly inappropriate Broadway show tunes.

On the walk to work I listened to “Unstoppable” by Kat DeLuna. In my head I was thinking, “Man, Kat DeLuna totally gets me. I am unstoppable. I can conquer the world!” The song is from the Shopaholic soundtrack so obviously it’s intense and hardcore.

Also on this morning’s playlist: “I’m Your Lady” by the love of my life, Celine Dion, and a catchy remix of “Thank God I Found You” by none other than Mariah Carey.

If those tunes don’t scream “I mean business,” then I don’t know what does.

Also screaming business/cowboy today is my outfit:

You may now judge me accordingly. Because I am clearly turning into a lunatic.

IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT? For instance, do you ever feel like you can conquer the world mid-workout? Or, if you know anything about cage fighting, feel free to talk about that, too.



36 Responses

  1. My favorite time to go for a run is right before a thunderstorm. As the dark clouds begin to roll in, this actually helps me pick up my pace and run faster! (and believe me, I really need to pick up my pace! haha)

    Question for you: Would you recommend eating before or after your run? Like you, I have a sensitive stomach so don’t know what’s the best solution when I need to eat something too to stay energized…otherwise my pace basically flat lines and I end up walking. No bueno!

    1. I usually run in the morning and if I’m doing anything less than 7 miles I go on an empty stomach. I have Crohn’s Disease so I totally feel you on the sensitive stomach issues! That’s the main reason I don’t run at night, actually. I can’t do it with a belly full of food.

      I definitely eat after a run though, and if I do have to run at night or in the afternoon I make sure I stick with light, very basic/bland foods. Baby carrots, a Larabar or some pita bread and hummus are some of my favorite options.

  2. haha! Yes! I never feel more powerful, strong, and utterly unstoppable as I do when I’m high on endorphins. Those crazy things make me feel as though I could conquer the world. And who knows, maybe after one particularly challenging workout, I will 🙂

    Nice job on your rainy run!

  3. You crack me up Ali! Your humor comes through your writing. Love it! 😀

    Celine is always a win in my book… just don’t let my mom know. I always tell her that I “hate” listening to Celine in the car when I actually love her. I do a pretty mean impression too. 😉

  4. you crack me up! Cage fighting would be nuts. Sometimes when I’m running I feel pretty unstoppable though! I ran in the rain this a.m. too – it wasn’t so bad, and I always like feeling a little bit badass 🙂

  5. The cage fighting thing cracks me up…I was so confused when I saw your tweet!
    Running in the rain can be so fun and freeing – and you did a great job sticking to your splits! I bet your coach will be pleased. I like to wear a hat when I run in the rain because the feeling of rain hitting my face annoys me, and otherwise I dress pretty normally (drifit shirt or rain jacket if it’s cold).

  6. Omg. I just fell in love with the Book of Mormon music! I run to a mix of stuff but my roommate for sure thinks i’m crazy when the Broadway tunes come on. I run to the American Idiot recording a lot lately and some In The Heights and Spring Awakening tunes!

  7. You gotta lot of balls, and I respect that… I have, on occasion, ran outside in the rain, but I usually find myself on a treadmill….
    You are hillarious and do a wonderful job blogging! I commend you!!!


  8. I LOVE the tucked-in outfit! Wherever is that shirt from?! I want to guess JCrew but that’s only because that place gets more of my disposable income than any other retail store.

    I have been trying to win lottery tickets to see Book of Mormon for the last few weeks, but the Tony awards nominations did not help my cause (the crowd has now swelled to double the size). I refuse to pay full price for tickets when I’ve won tickets to almost every show in NYC. I work right by all the theaters, so it works well for me! Anyway, I’m dying to see it and subsequently download the music!

    Speaking of amazing Broadway tunes, have you ever tried In the Heights? It is my absolute favorite Broadway show ever (and here I thought nothing could replace RENT, which I saw six times).

    1. Thank you! And you’re right — the shirt is from J.Crew (outlet!).

      Book of Mormon is amazing and hilarious and I can’t wait for you to hopefully see it.

      In the Heights is, and always will be, my all-time favorite Broadway show. I saw it four times when it was on Broadway and I was heartbroken when it closed. “96,000” is one of my favorite running songs! We obviously need to get together to talk Broadway.

  9. I totally get the superwoman vibe in the midst of a great workout!! Lately, the feeling comes over me in the midst of my early morning spin class ~ I often call my husband once I get to work to brag about how far I ‘biked’ that day and suggest that we should become triathletes because I’m just that good ~ he thinks I’m totally nuts during these calls by the way 🙂 Good for you to run in the rain — maybe when it’s warm, but lately it’s been awfully cold here!!

  10. I totally get that unstoppable feeling after an awesome run. I’m strong! I could kick anyone’s ass! Um, probably not. What a great feeling, though!

  11. AhhI feel the same way in any sort of cardio boxing class. I don’t quite have the best rhythm when I am bouncing around and throwing random punches and kicks. It is fun nonetheless!

  12. I’d like to think that mid-weight workout or post weight work-out that I am badass. So, the running high is one thing, but lifting weights is another. I’m pretty sure it could be linked to adrenaline and dare I say, testosterone – females have a little. But then that creeps me out.

  13. Is there an “I’m your lady” (and other celine songs, too) remix I’m unaware of?! awesome.
    Usually when I finish a hard workout (usually in the form of a run) I catch a bit of that “i can conquer the world!” mentallity. Works wonders. (Though I do have to watch that I don’t start singing along to my music at that point…..)

  14. here’s the thing, ever since your whole Run for the Rabbit debut, I’ve pictured you kicking ass on some reality tv show like amazing race or america’s next top celine dion. I actually think you CAN do anything. keep listening to your endorphins, I’m excited to see where they’ll take you.

  15. Did you just use the software that came with your Garmin? I haven’t found out how to get my mile splits to show up in a “spreadsheet” like that.
    In answer to your questions, when those endorphins kick in, I come up with some crazy ideas sometimes, but usually that I can go home and reorganize the cabinets and closets. 🙂

      1. Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t know I could do that! The software that came on the CD is so lame!!! Thanks Again!!

  16. Music win = Celine is always a winner. In fact it usually ends in me singing both out loud and with my hands.

  17. You are so hardcore for running in this disgusting pouring thunder! I would definitely go to the treadmill on a day like today even though I can’t stand the treadmill.

    And.. I hate telling people what they “should” do, but … you really should take off your makeup before working out!

    Is that your backyard? My backyard is the best thing about my building. I had a fun party there last summer and I plan to do it again!

  18. You have a really cute view from your bedroom window! I think i’d be way tempted to spy on people a little bit from there:) Good luck having your stats analyzed- I hope it ends well for you 😉

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