Thankful Things Thursday: I Like Lime Green

We made it to Thursday! Has this week felt ridiculously long to anyone else? The days have gone by fast but man, the week has a whole has been a little brutal.

Still, today is a good day. Despite the fact that it’s a bit chilly (47 degrees when I woke up this morning? Ick.), the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it’s a holiday: Cinco de Mayo.

I’ve never been a big Cinco de Mayo person, but if someone hands me a sombrero today I’m not not going to wear it. That would be rude.

Anyway, on with the gratitude! Here’s what’s putting a smile on my zit-plagued face today:

I’m thankful for sleep—good, solid, pass-out-as-soon-as-I-lay-down sleep. Last night I crawled into bed with hopes of reading a few pages of Bossypants. But as soon as I pulled the blankets up to my shoulders, I was out. I didn’t wake up until my alarm went off this morning, at which point I actually thought it was my building’s alarm and that it was the middle of the night and I was about to die in some 90210-style fire. Luckily, as I mentioned, it was just my regular alarm…telling me to wake up.

I’m thankful to have a training plan. This takes the guesswork out of my daily runs! Some days I would wake up and not know whether I was going to run three, four or six miles. Now I know before I even go to bed. The Type-A in me (there is no Type B…) appreciates the structure of a weekly schedule.

This morning’s plan called for six miles — I actually covered 6.6 because I can’t seem to map out a route that ends evenly — and Coach Cane wanted me to time myself for the first three miles, then finish the last three miles at the same pace without checking my watch.


As always I went out too fast and then had a hard time maintaining that pace. I blame my running buddy.

On that note…

I’m thankful to have running buddies! I kicked off this week running with Megan (seriously, it feels like that was a month ago) and today I had another running date with my friend Katie.

Katie is the coolest because she runs with me and lets me take sweaty photos of her when we’re done running.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m proud of myself for finally accepting running dates. For a long time I refused, and now I see that I was only hurting myself. Running with other people is fun! It’s a great way to chat and catch up (though I really suck at running and talking and it’s embarrassing when I try to tell a simple story and find myself gasping for air like I’m in space without a fancy oxygen-wielding space helmet) and it makes the miles go by much faster.

But I’m not so good at being honest with my running friends yet. For example, on Monday when I ran with Megan (who is one of the fastest chicks I know), I definitely could have picked up my pace a bit, and I’m sure she could have done the same. But I didn’t say anything.

This morning, when Katie and I started, we were hauling ourselves pretty quick. At one point we had a 7:55 pace going, which I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep up or even want to keep up. I didn’t say anything though.

Note to self: be more vocal, in life and on runs with friends.

(Interesting that I couldn’t tell Katie I wanted to slow down, but the last time we ran together I had no problem letting her know I needed a restroom immediately or I would die.)

I’m thankful for lime green. How simple is that? It’s my favorite color and it makes me happy. Boom.

I’m thankful for the “Glee” version of “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.” I’ve been listening to it a lot. I love the message of the song, as lame as that might make me, and I think it’s a great mashup.

Another easy one. Boom again.

I’m thankful for my favorite outfit. Who’s getting sick of seeing photos of this dress? Don’t worry, I am, too. But I haven’t been able to go shopping in a while so I rely on the ol’ standby. This dress was the best investment ever.

I’m thankful for my health. Every time I get Remicade at the hospital, it’s such a welcome reality check for me. Yes, having Crohn’s Disease blows. I hate how inconvenient it is and I hate having to explain to people, especially beautiful men. But things could be worse. When I’m in the infusion suite getting my IV, most of the people around me are there for chemotherapy. Some of them aren’t doing so well, but most of them always find something to smile about. I’m so grateful that doctors are working toward a cure for Crohn’s & colitis and appreciate all the people who smile at me from their IV chairs across the room.

And of course, the competition is heating up over in Run For The Rabbit land, where I’m in fourth place with donations. I want to be in first place, obviously, and will hopefully get started with official fundraising business soon. In the meantime, here is the link to donate to CCFA. Right now I don’t have a list of people who have donated, so if you do make a donation, please please please email me or leave a comment so I can thank you!

I’m thankful for pad thai.

I’m thankful for oyster crackers (they’re pretty much the only reason I ever eat soup).

I’m thankful for the carpeted floors at my office. It makes walking around in heels way more comfortable.

I’m thankful that my toilet stopped flushing itself last night. That was annoying.

NOW YOU GO: Tell me what you’re thankful for on this beautiful Thursday.



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  1. What a great post! I love the part about health and you have such a great attitude toward it. Having been in the oncology unit with my late dad for many of his infusions I definitely know the effect it can have on gratitude for each day.

    I am a big pad thai fan too and I love that dress! 🙂

  2. Hi Ali,

    So I was wondering what your training plan for your long run is on June 4th. I know it is a long way away but i am coming to NY/NJ to visit family and do my long runs on saturday and love the idea of running through NY. I have never gotten to do so before, so if you have space for me I would love to come tag along…


  3. Ali, I apologize for messing up your pace! I just think of you as so fast, and I am paranoid about slowing you down. Next time, we have to communicate better! 🙂
    I am thankful for my new fun running buddy Ali, (;)) for friend dates at Auction House, for the BEAUTIFUL weather, and for the fact that Starbucks has brought back their coconut mocha frappuccinos! Heaven!

  4. It’s wonderful to be able to say “I’m thankful for my health” even when our health isn’t perfect. While Crohn’s no doubt is terrible and unpleasant, you are thankful that you can run, work, socialize, be active and happy, which I think is a great way to look at it! I know some people who really struggle with this, and will always focus on the negatives of their health, no matter how many positives there are. Of course everyone is allowed to feel however they feel, but I think it leads to much more satisfaction when you can (most of the time) step back and say, “hey, I may struggle with this and it’s annoying, but at least I can do X, Y, and Z and I don’t let my health problems hold me back!”
    So glad your treatment went okay yesterday and you’re feeling upbeat today 🙂

  5. Love the Thankful Thursdays!!! Good timing, too…since obviously we’re all thankful that tomorrow is Friday.

    I’m thankful that I get to run with my baby brother this afternoon (k, he’s 19 now, but still the baby)…thankful for poppy/coral colors that let me get away with wearing “orange,” and thankful for all your updates. Totally love this blog. 😀

  6. I’m thankful that while I can’t run bc of my knee, I can still cross train. It really makes no sense that I can jump, lunge & squat my way through the Insanity DVD but a stupid 3mi run makes me want to cry. Whatever. I’m thankful I can at least do some kind of working out.

  7. I love this post! I completely know what you mean re: your treatment and seeing others getting chemo. Whenever I go to my hemotologist, a lot of patients are there for chemo and I’m always reminded that my condition isn’t so bad compared to theirs. Always puts things in perspective. So I’m thankful for my health today, too 🙂

  8. I am thankful that I was able to run again today! I had to take 3 days off because I had a little knee pain. but my run today was FANTASTIC. I think I was getting a little burned out because my pace over the past few weeks was slower than I wanted it to be….but today, I was super speedy! 😀

  9. I am thankful for the SUN. It’s finally showing itself around Pittsburgh today. haha.

    I am thankful for my wonderful family, especially my beautiful and talented sister and my wonderful and loving mother.

    I am thankful for fruit. Yum. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Especially in smoothies. And Shakeology.

    I am thankful for Shakeology. haha

  10. My bathroom in my parents’ house is lime green. It kind of hurts your eyes, it’s so bright. And I love it!!

    Today I’m thankful for the fact that my parents paid for my college education. I was just talking to a friend this morning about her student loans, and I am so, so grateful for making the sacrifices they did so that I could start my adult life without that burden.

  11. Today I am thankful for wonderful opportunities – like the Barre N9NE “transformation” that awaits me (eek!). And for beautiful sunny days like the one forecast for tomorrow in Boston. Beautiful day for a run, I hope!

  12. I’m thankful for my fiance and thankful for my ability to run! Now that I’ve convinced him to sign up for his first half, I’m thanful that the two fit so well together!

  13. Morning, Ali! 🙂 I’m thankful that my HOT PINK compression socks and five-finger toe socks arrived in the mail yesterday just in time for the Alton Bay half marathon this Saturday… which I’m also thankful to be running!

    I am also thankful that a Frozen Yogurt shop is opening in North Conway soon called “Yummy Yummy” so I can finally get my fix of fro-yo since I’ve been missing that since we moved up here! Have a great day!

  14. i want to live in nyc so i can run with you! (or you in dc…whichever, just make it happen.)

    today i am thankful that my mom is selling the car that has been sitting in my parent’s yard for a year and a half. 1800 dollars is a lot of race entry fees.

  15. I remember you had a post a couple of weeks (months?) ago about getting through your breakup. I mostly remember your “you’ll be okay” post-it photo.

    I’m thankful for that entry and seeing how well you’ve come through, because I am going through something similar as of Tuesday night, and it feels really awful. But I’m thankful that although it is super painful right now, I know that I have a great family, great friends, and a great city to live in. And that great city provides many fun distractions (Self Workout in Central Park on Saturday, anyone?).

    Thanks for having TTT … there really are things to be thankful for even when you’re down!

  16. i just stumbled across you blog and i have been reading it all morning ! this is such a great post — thanks for sharing ! it’s also great to see how positive and upbeat you are about having crohn’s — i did research on it all summer and i know how difficult of a disease it can be to live with! it’s really inspiring!
    also, LOVE that dress !

  17. Ever feel like there are SO many things to be thankful for.but you can’t quite pick one out. That is what I am feeling right. Total thankful block! I will go the not so serious thankful route today.. I am thankful for peanut flour. All 6 lbs that arived on my doorstep on Tuesday.

  18. I love your oyster cracker comment! I totally agree. I actually snack on them quiet a bit when I have a box in the house.
    Also, how is the allergy thing treating you? I have been getting these weird congestion headaches the couple weeks, along with runny nose and my eyes are bothering me. I wonder if it is also allergies. I actually tried an over the counter, Clarition 24 hour this morning. 3 Hours in a I feel an improvement, not 100% yet. Have you tried any meds? I usually avoid all medications.

  19. love your thankful thursdays 🙂
    i am scared of running with someone & still can not get out of bed in the mornings to run…. so i like…. need your blog for motivation on a daily basis.

    thankful for having 2 amazing froyo places on the ues….. 16 handles & pinkberry 🙂


  20. I am thankful for, wait for it….Ali on the Run.

    I love reading your take on life. You’re very upbeat and positive, funny, and refreshingly honest.

    I am also thankful for my wee kitty, Diablo, who is a great friend even if he is a little hyperactive or sound asleep, depending on his mood.

    Diane 🙂

  21. I donated $25 the other day! Even though we never ended up meeting before I left NYC, I feel like I know you. I want you to win!!! 😀

    I’m thankful for my new life in my old stomping grounds. I started a new job in Houston this week, and everyone has been super nice and welcoming. And I have my own office with an amazing view!

    I’m also thankful that I will be getting a car tonight and extra-thankful that my dad flew here from Oregon to help me with the car shopping process.

    1. Emilia! Thank you so much! You are so sweet, and I can’t believe that we worked in the same building and never met—or at least bumped into each other in the brutally slow elevators. Hope Texas is fabulous!

  22. Way to match the cup to your shirt! (on purpose?- so coordinated!)

    Today I am thankful …..
    -that my big presentation went well yesterday (even though I continue to over-analyze it…)
    -for the big steak dinner that followed the aforementioned presentation (which I’m counting as an increased dose of my iron supplement…it makes me feel better that way)
    -for post work cinco de mayo margaritas! this week has been pretty stressful and I’m in need of some cinco de mayo style celebrations, for sure!

  23. I didn’t realize you don’t have a list of who donated. I guess now would be a good time to tell you that I donated to you last week!

    I bought a lime green tank top last summer and really like it! It is a darker lime green if that makes sense. Too limey is not good with my ghostly complexion.

    If you ever need or want to do a slow (for you), relaxing run, I will gladly be your running buddy because . . . I am running again! And THAT is what I am thankful for today!

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