Remicade Day

Remember last night when I was all, “I’m going to get in that Remicade chair and be sooooo productive and awesome?”



That definitely didn’t happen at all.

My day started off with a comfortable 3-mile run per Coach Cane’s training plan.

I was so glad I wasn’t required to do more than three miles this morning because my legs felt heavy and my body was tired. I was glad I beat the rain though!

After my run, I got ready super fast and was off to St. Luke’s—Roosevelt Hospital for my Remicade treatment.

I’ve written about this before, but basically I get this IV infusion every eight weeks in an attempt to keep my Crohn’s Disease in remission. (Click here to read more about the process.)

To be honest, I’m still not totally sold on the process. I’ve been getting the treatment for a few years now and last year I still managed to have two really bad flare-ups.

But whatever.

Dr. Blank says to keep going, so I keep going.

I brought lots of work with me today, but as soon as I got comfortable in that chair and my IV was in, I passed out.

And I passed out hard.

I didn’t wake up until two hours later, when the nurse said I was all done and could go to work.


Luckily I did some To Do list tackling once I got to the office.

But I’m pretty sure my deep sleep was a sign from my body.

“Get more stinkin’ rest, Ali.”


The remainder of my day went just fine. Work was busy, busy, busy, and after work I went to the gym for some weights and spinning.

Spinning felt oh-so-good.

Lately I’ve been using spin class less as a major cardio effort and more as a recovery period from all the running. It feels good to stick at a moderate resistance instead of pushing it too hard, and to basically just flush out my legs for 45 minutes.

And yet, I still manage to sweat like a beast.

Attractive Ali. No no one calls me that… It’s not surprising, since I spin for 45 minutes and my face is red for the next 48 hours.


I went out to dinner tonight and chowed down on a burger and sweet potato fries. You know what the best part of marathon training is going to be? Carb loading, from now until September.

Confession: I’ve been carbo loading since I was born. Marathon training is just an excuse to make it seem more acceptable.

In other news, my toilet keeps flushing itself, so I’m off to channel my inner plumber (or just turn my music up so I can’t hear it) and get into bed with my latest obsession: Tina Fey’s Bossypants book. It’s hilarious. I’m only about 50 pages in and have already laughed in public no fewer than eight times.

IT WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW: What’s your carbo loading food of choice? I’m usually a pasta girl, but that big, juicy burger tonight really hit the spot.



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  1. Hi Ali, I found your blog through Liz’s. I just wanted to comment because I love how open and forthcoming you are about Crohn’s. My dad has Crohn’s disease and there aren’t many people I know who really know about it. I kind of did a double-take when I saw you mention Remicade because I only ever hear that name from my dad so it’s funny to hear it from someone else. I don’t talk about Crohn’s too much with my dad, so I don’t know too much about the infusions other than that he goes there periodically and sits in a chair for a few hours. I’m actually kind of wondering if you and he go to the same place (I’m originally from NYC, my parents live there), that would be funny. It’s always hard when he has a flare up or goes through any sort of rough patch, so it’s nice to hear from someone else who knows what it’s all about. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Bagels, man. Always a bagel for carbo-loading. And ONLY from this amazing local bagel shop near my house. Those things are like crack, I swear. An everything bagel with light cream cheese and an iced coffee? My idea of heaven. MMM.

  3. Since the past year has been a cycle of training, recovering, and training again…I use any excuse to eat pizza. It’s my very favorite carbolicious meal! And plenty of desserts. We all have a vice.

  4. Crohn’s can be a real pain… Enjoyed reading about the Remicade treatment… Hospitals are not a pleasant place to be..
    Carbo loading for me, is usually anything I can get my hands on!


  5. I was disappointed with Bossypants. It had its funny moments but it wasn’t what I expected from Tina (who I WORSHIP) and I’ve read much funnier books. I think her talent is writing and performing for the screen. Or maybe she just didn’t have much time. Still a good read!

    Glad you could use your Remicade time to catch up on sleep!

  6. The whole IV process you go through was definitely interesting to read about. Thanks for being open and sharing! I LOVE sweet potato fries! LOVE THEM:)

  7. I’m definitely downloading that book for my upcoming long runs! Next weekend’s 7 miler will be fabulous with the addition of her humor!

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