Royal Friday

Writing a blog about my life seems so silly when there are royal lives and weddings to obsess over!

I didn’t think I cared that much about the Royal Wedding, but I definitely got sucked in this morning.

Let’s go back in time. Stuff happened yesterday, and now I will talk about it.

After work I had my first meeting with Coach Cane to talk about how I’m going to train for and run the Hamptons Marathon in September. It was nice to get some one on one, off-camera time with him, and he gave me some great advice.

The most important thing he stressed with me is that I need to shift my focus away from such homogeneous workouts. He asked what I’ve been doing for workouts lately and I explained my “run too much, then go to the gym at night” schedule. He says that I’m fine sticking with morning and evening workouts and that it’s important to keep cross training. But he said that instead of just “going out for a run,” I’ll need to start adding speedwork and tempo workouts to my routine. He wants some of my workouts to be “really easy” and some of them to be “really hard.”

Coach Cane also emphasized the importance of making me into a “smarter athlete.” He wants me to be really aware of my body, to be able to recognize an oncoming injury and to talk to him as much as possible. He reassured me that there’s no such thing as communicating with him “too much,” so I hope he knows what he just did…

Get ready for hourly updates, Coach Cane.

Sometimes the emails will include jokes.

Oftentimes they’ll include things like, “I just sneezed so I obviously have Anthrax and SARS and the marathon is four months away so WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???”

Get excited, Coach Cane. Get excited.

We chatted for about 40 minutes and I left feeling energized and excited to get started. I still can’t believe I’m going to run a marathon in a few months. Didn’t I used to hate running?

More on that another time.

After our meeting, I walked around the city for a while. Usually when I’m in Central Park it’s on the main road, running my little heart out. It was nice to walk by and just appreciate the park without covering it in my sweat.

Last night involved the wine I had been hoping for. It also involved me being at a bar, seeing a guy that looked familiar, and then realizing that it’s my cousin’s husband’s twin brother. We were both in my cousin’s wedding. He did not remember me… But crazy, right? This world is small.

Despite a bit of a hangover, I woke up early this morning.

Maybe because a certain someone texted me at 4:15 am with, “Are you up?”

Uh, no. But I guess I am now.

I put the Royal Wedding coverage on while I did some slow, pathetic sit ups. I sort of stretched. Then I figured I’d put on sneakers.

Even though I was hungover.

Even though my allergies are preventing me from breathing like a normal human.

And even though there was history happening on TV.

Guess what, though? The run was really pretty.

I ran 4 miles. I got a little bit of mucus on the East River path. I sweat out Pinot Grigio.

I did another homogeneous workout.

Sorry, Coach Cane. Let’s start on Monday, OK?

On my way home, I stopped at “certain someone’s” apartment — we’re neighbors! — to watch some Royal Wedding coverage. I got sucked in.

I also needed a glass of water. Thanks, Lauren.

Watching all the coverage meant I had to rush to get ready for work, but I still made it in.

I will not be posting my outfit today. (Though I can tell you it’s the usual hangover outfit.) There is only one outfit that matters today, and it’s a flawless one.

I loved Kate’s dress, loved Pippa’s dress and definitely wouldn’t mind looking like either one of them for a day. Total babes.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: We don’t need to talk about the Royal Wedding. Unless you want to…

OK, let’s talk about it. May as well indulge. Did you watch? What did you think of the coverage? (I could have at least used a little temperature reading in the corner — thanks for nothing, NBC.) Did you adore Catherine’s dress? (I did!) Do you have a girl crush on Pippa? (I do!) Do you think Prince Harry wants to meet me? (Duh.)

Happy Friday!



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  1. My Friday morning sounds pretty similar, got sucked in to the wedding of course. rushed around to get to work but worth it! Its awesome that you have what sounds like a great coach and congrats on the 14 plus miles, awesome pace and length! sounds like a nice run too, so beautiful

  2. I didn’t want to like the coverage of the wedding, but they won me over. It is kind of amazing how the morning news completely was replaced by the wedding coverage. I thought that everything looked beautiful and that the couple really seem to be in love. I’m a romantic at heart.

  3. It’s so wonderful to see pics from your runs because we might move to NYC and I’m nervous about living in the BIG city. Weird because I live in Chicago now 😛 As long as there are pretty places to run I’ll be okay 🙂

    I didn’t watch the wedding bec we don’t have cable! But I do love to see the pictures!

  4. coach cane sounds awesome! love that you can go to him for anything, even the little stuff! i did not get up at 5am to watch the wedding (or go for a run….fail!) but i am obsessed with 2 complete strangers and all of their pictures. it doesn’t seem real that a wedding could be so perfect…

    have a good weekend! are you coming to the blogger meetup? xoxo

  5. Well, I didn’t want to get sucked in, and although I think the obsession is ridiculous, I must admit that I did watch the wedding. Loved both Kate and Pippa’s dresses, and thought they looked beautiful!

  6. First let me say that for the past few months I have not been into the royal wedding AT ALL and was getting tired of the coverage. When I turned on The Today Show this morning after my morning run, I was sucked in!!! I couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing (what can I say, I’m a girl, wedding dresses intrigue me!). I was pleasantly impressed by her dress. I assumed a royal dress would be daunty, but she managed to keep it slightly contemporary, while still having that “royal” (let’s say it – matronly) flare. The silhouette was perfect for her body too! She looked beautiful.

    I thought the kiss was kinda weak, but cute, they looked embarrassed, which made you see that “hey they are real people.”

    On a different note – I’m excited to hear about your non-homogeneous workouts! I suffer the same problem as you. I just like to run and go as far as I have time/my body will take me.

  7. That’s so exciting that you met up with a coach to train up for the marathon! I’m looking for a spring 2012 one right now myself. 🙂

    The only part of the wedding I cared to see was her STUNNING dress. It’s beautiful and I want one just like it. I’ll even take the royal title that comes with it–hey a girl can dream!

  8. I didn’t wake up specifically for the wedding but watched as I got ready for work. Everyone looked so pretty!!!!

    I signed up for my first marathon yesterday and told my roommate “I apologize in advance but I am probably going to think I’m seriously injured and or have a deadly disease about 25 times over the next 6 months.”

  9. I didn’t think I cared about the royal wedding, then I woke up this morning and got totally sucked in. Gorgeous!

    I think Coach Cane is going to be such an asset to your marathon training. Please feel free to share all of his tips and tricks along the way!

  10. I ate up the whole wedding. And why not? It’s got nothing to do with me, but it’s really nice to celebrate a happy thing and see so many people smiling. There are too many downers out there, and too many sad and frightening things. Everyone can always toast to love. 🙂

    So envious of Coach Cane! Can’t wait to hear more about everything you learn.

  11. I would say your coach is right! Tempo runs and speedwork are so important. Once you start doing them and see how big of a difference they make in your speediness and overall fitness, you will be addicted 🙂
    I really wasn’t too into the royal wedding either, but it was on every TV at the gym this morning, and it was pretty amazing to see! And obviously she was stunning in her dress, it was hard to look away!!

  12. Am i the only one who thinks the princes have deteriorated in looks? Remember when they were HOT? I do. And they’re just not anymore…I mean, i wouldn’t kick Harry out of bed in the morning, but still, rewind to 2002 and we’ll talk.

  13. OMG, this post is hilarious. I love that you barely slept and still got your run in.

    How nice that you have a coach to give you solid advice and help you motivate. You’re gonna rock that marathon!

    Kate/Pippa look amazing. I would LOVE to walk in those shoes and that dress wooooow.

  14. Hahaha. “certain someone”. Whatever, you live for me early morning texts!! I like when you come over in the mornings. Even though we woke TBW up, and you sweated all over my leather couch. That’s what friends are for. I’ll give you water anytime!!

  15. I loved reading Coach Cane’s advice to you.. thank you for sharing it. I thin it is helpful to all of us to hear the wise words of a professional. I am not into the Royal Wedding thing.. no. I am serious. I watched it this morning for about 10 min.. only because they were showing coverage on the local news station. Kate did look stunning though…

  16. Very pretty pictures of Central Park! Love them!

    Uhm… I may have gotten up @ 4:30 to watch the Royal Wedding. I can’t believe I watched that for 4hrs. Ridiculous.

  17. I totally got sucked in this AM too. I really didn’t expect to!
    I am so intrigued by Coach Cane’s recommendations and am really excited to hear more about your training with him. Such a cool experience for you!

  18. I SO did not watch this morning. I got yelled at by “friends” for my “bad attitude” because i wanted to run then watch PVR’d tv from last night.

    But thank you for posting the photo of the dress. Both are gorgeous.

  19. SO excited to hear about your training with Coach Cane. What an amazing first marathon experience you’re about to have!!

    I didn’t really care about the wedding until today – just spending hours of time speculating what would happen without any real info seemed silly to me, but boy did I love this morning! Loved the dress, thought the 3 year old bridesmaids were adorable, and in general, I love all of the formality and traditions of events like these. Although, part of me felt kind of bad for Kate’s parents – I feel like they kinda got stuck in the back seat on this ride, when usually thats not really the brides parents role. I can’t imagine any parent wouldn’t be thrilled to have their daughter now be royalty, but when I saw Kate and her father this morning (and her mother sitting alone for a while) something inside me thought for a moment “is this how they always thought this day would be for their little girl?”. But, thats probably just me being silly.(Although i did think it was funny that Kate’s dad said to Prince William “I thought this was going to be just a small family affair” before handing her off. ha)

  20. 1. The only Pippa I care about is my mom’s canary bird.
    2. You are very lucky to have Coach Cane!
    3. I can recognize Central Park South in my sleep. I have spent way too much time at exhale over the last 16 months!
    4. You should have mentioned that we ran into each other on the bus!!! How crazy was that!

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