Thankful Things Thursday: Exciting Opportunities

Happy Thursday!

I’ll be honest, I’m in kind of a crappy mood at the moment. It’ll pass, because it’s all fueled from morning commute issues: I left the apartment late, the first train I got on was packed and had a crazy lady on it who screamed “Jesus! Jesuuuuuus!” all the way from 86th Street to 59th, then I had to wait forever to transfer to the 6 train and then got stuck walking behind a woman who loved blowing her cigarette smoke in my face.

But, the commute is over, I’m seated in my cozy desk chair and I’m ready to get grateful.

Here’s what I’m thankful for today…

I’m thankful I slept through the night! I passed out hard last night and didn’t wake up once to pee. (We’re past the point of over-sharing here, aren’t we?) It felt amazing to only wake up when my alarm went off.

I’m thankful for my new shorts. I wore these Saucony shorts this morning and they’re great. I love that they have a zipper pocket in the back, which is where I put my apartment keys. They’re a bit shorter than I’m used to, but they were still really comfortable and didn’t ride up too bad while I was running.

I’m thankful I took yesterday off from running. It had been too long since I’d taken a running rest day, and it made today’s run so much better! I was excited to wake up and bang out 6.5 miles. My legs felt great and the weather was perfect. I definitely prefer running when it’s overcast as opposed to super sunny. Sure the post-run tan is nice, but overcast weather is much more manageable.

I’m thankful for sweat. Obviously. I was a beast this morning and definitely dripped sweat all over my nice (eh, semi-nice) wood floors. Oops.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you of my sexiness.

I’m thankful for amazing opportunities. Last week I got to announce that I’m one of the finalists running the Hamptons Marathon for JackRabbit’s Run For The Rabbit program. I’m so humbled and honored and excited to be a part of this awesome campaign. It was a rush seeing the commercials on TV and now I get to really get started. The process began when 327 people applied for the program. From there, 60 were brought in for screen tests, then six were chosen as finalists. I am still shocked that I got picked as a finalist.

Today I have my first meeting with Coach Cane and I’m eager to get my training plan and to ask him millions of questions (hope he’s ready for that). From there I’ll not only start training, I’ll start fundraising for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

I’m definitely a little stressed out about the fundraising aspect of the competition (yes, it’s a competition — I’m competing against the other finalists to see who can raise the most money for their chosen charity). I’ve fundraised before, but this is on a much grander scale. And if you’ve been an Ali On The Run reader for more than a day, you know that I’m ultra competitive. I want to win this thing!

I’m thankful that you all know so much. I’ve thrown out a bunch of questions lately — about everything from underwear to compression socks — and your honest, helpful answers have been incredible. I can’t wait to keep using all of you as resources as I start training for the marathon.

I’m thankful for wardrobe staples. Honestly, I sort of hate my outfit today. It was lazy. But I’m still not sick of my white button down shirt that I got at the J.Crew outlet for $7. Score!

I’m thankful that tonight will include a glass (maybe more) of wine. This week has kicked my butt and I am ready for a drink (more likely three drinks).

I’m thankful for good friends. That one was easy.

YOUR TURN: Tell me what you’re thankful for today!



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  1. I’m thankful for bloggers who share honestly so I can learn from them and pass it on. I’m thankful for Thankful Thursdays because it’s so nice to hear positivity among all the negativity going around these days. I’m also thankful that the pool at my apartment complex is finally open again – here comes summer!!

  2. Today, I’m thankful for: getting a lot accomplished at work; when kids say the cutest things; and iced coffee in this warm weather 🙂

  3. Oooh you rocked those short shorts 🙂 Love your smiling, sweaty face after a run!! So awesome. I love reading what you’re thankful for. I am a huge believer in the power of gratitude and think it’s important to think about often.
    I am so thankful for my health care today – without it I would not have a doctor to help me, or resources to figure out whats wrong with my foot and how to fix it.

  4. I’m thankful for …

    – taking the week and planning all fun summer things! (Crawfish NYC Boil, Thrillist Memorial Day Weekend Fest on Governor’s Island, Katy Perry concert, Lollapalooza in Chicago)
    – not getting into the 2011 NYC Marathon and thus propelling me to diligently plan out my 9+1 races to guaranteed entry in 2012
    – getting tickets to the Five Boro Bike Tour this Sunday … 42 miles, here I come!

    And I, too, am always thankful for wine (and good girlfriends to share it with!).

  5. This one is easy — I am thankful that people are GOOD!

    This week I lost my cell phone and my wallet (separately) — and both have come back to me! (Well, my wallet is on its way…). Clearly I am a scatterbrained mess, but there are other people out there who are good and kind, and I am so grateful. I always work hard to do the right thing and send positivity out into the universe, and I am thankful that I got to be the recipient of some of that coming back this week.

  6. I live right by you! I take the 86th St. subway too. I’m always “thankful” when I get to work because the darn train is ALWAYS delayed 🙂 I’m also thankful to be living in a place where I can run and watch the most beautiful skyline in the world whenever I want. I heart NYC 😉

  7. I’m thankful that today is my last day at my job in NYC (moving tomorrow!) and the bosslady says I can skip today’s sales meeting. Instead, I get to take a long lunch to go to a Saucony press event and get some free gear. Yessss.

    I’m also very thankful for my dad, who is meeting me in Texas to help me go car shopping, because I don’t know the first thing about it. Best dad ever.

  8. I’m totally with you on being thankful for answers and support from the blog community. I just decided I want to lose 3″ off my waist/hips in 5 weeks. I wasn’t sure that was possible, or really how to accomplish it, and I got such AMAZING and knowledgeable advice from my bloggies. It warms my heart.

  9. Love your list – it always makes me stop and think about what I’m grateful for, so thank you! Today I’m grateful for your blog for reminding me of that. I’m grateful for a super-cute White House Black Market dress that made getting ready for work today SUPER easy. I’m grateful for warm temps (it’s nearly 70 in Boston!). What I’m not grateful for but trying to be? That today was a rest day…I REALLY wanted to ignore it and run today but I forced myself to stick to my guns and sleep instead…especially since I am super sore this week so clearly I needed the rest. Just HATE when it’s gorgeous out and would’ve been a perfect running morning!!

  10. Today I’m thankful for the efforts I’ve made to branch out a bit and the fun times that have come as a result 🙂

  11. i’m thankful for short shorts. and I’m thankful you got a hott pair.

    i’m thankful for our mutual love for Center Stage and the inevitable reenactment that will occur the moment I set foot in NYC.

    i’m thankful that I took a rest day yesterday (okay, not really, but I am thankful it is over and I can get my sweat on again today.)

  12. At the moment, I am so thankful for my mother because she is picking up my contacts for me while I’m stranded at work so I dont have to wear my awful glasses to see my boyfriend! Random, I know 🙂

    Those shorts look super cute on you. I am so scared to wear tight spandex shorts when I run. I’m also thankful for running shorts with pockets. The more pockets the better.

    I watched your Run for the Rabbit intro yesterday! You are awesome on camera!

  13. Awesome run! Whoohoo for overcast skies; I live in Central FL, so I can appreciate a no-sunshine sky for running.

    I actually just wrote a “Thankful Thursdays” post, but it’d be boring to simply recap what I just wrote, right? So, in addition to what I posted, I’m also thankful for blogging. What a great way to connect people across the nation (and across the globe) who share similar interests and would not have otherwise known one another. 🙂

  14. Can’t wait to follow your progress Ali! I thought once I ran Boston I would get rid of the marathon bug…. but for some reason training for halfs isn’t challenging me enough and I’ve signed up for another marathon in NH this October (if anything it’s right before my wedding so hopefully it will keep me fit lol!) Anyway, I’m thankful you posted on compression socks… because I’ve been anxiously pondering whether or not to get them! Let me know where you end up purchasing… I’m leaning towards hot pink 🙂

  15. Cute shorts!!! I want to hear more about just how much JackRabbit is hooking you up!

    I am thankful for good things that come when least expected. I am thankful for egg and cheese sandwiches (I think I have used that one here a lot). I am thankful for having a talent.

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