Short Shorts Shopping Spree

Monday = done.

Go team.

I think I may have forgotten to breathe today. It was one of those crazy busy days where 4 pm comes way too soon and you have a panic attack because there aren’t enough hours in the day.

One thing that kept me smiling all day was all of your great marathon advice. I’m already convincing myself that I’m on the cusp of an injury, which terrifies me. Shin splits? Obviously I have them. A bum knee? I’m developing that, too. Shingles? I’ve had it before, I’ll probably get it again.

Seriously though, my biggest fear as I enter marathon training mode is that I’ll get injured. So I know I have to really pay attention to how everything feels and not overdo it.

Coach Cane knows that, too. He won’t let me go crazy. He’ll reel me in.

I actually have my first sit down meeting with Coach Cane this Thursday. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of training plan he puts together for me.

Work today was pretty insane, but it was one of those great days where I don’t just start projects, I actually finish them, too. My work To Do list is looking good.

My personal To Do list, not so much.

All in due time…

After work, I went to the gym for a Chisel class. The class flew by, just like the rest of the day, but I didn’t love it. All the moves felt too fast and just when I started feeling the burn, we moved on to the next exercise. I definitely broke a good sweat though!

Then it was shopping spree time!

I went to the JackRabbit store located conveniently near my apartment to pick up some goodies.

I purchased two new pairs of shorts (Saucony), a pair of Feetures socks and new sneakers.

I can’t to start running in new shoes. Walking around the store in the new ones made me realize just how broken down my were. The new ones felt like clouds! (They’re the Brooks Adrenaline 11s — I ran in the 10s before, so we’ll see how they work out.)

I’m technically still on the clock for work right now because I’m Live Tweeting “Dancing with the Stars.” I know you’re jealous… Ugh. (Let’s just say it’s not my favorite dance show.)

SOMETHING I WANT TO KNOW: Are you brand loyal when it comes to your running shoes? Ever since I bought my first pair of Brooks, I’ve been hooked and haven’t strayed. They work, so why change it up? Do you like trying new sneakers or do you stay with what you know?



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  1. I’m a huge Brooks loyalist, running in both the Glycerins and Ghosts. I’d stray without thinking twice if something changed and/or there were another pair that were better for me, but since these have worked so far I’m not that eager to do anything different!

    PS – Center Stage is awesome. I can’t hear that Jamiroquai song without thinking of it!

  2. I think it’s better to have a few pairs of (different) sneakers, which help correct any imbalances. Plus, if one sneaker company ever goes under or totally changes their shoes, you have a backup! I use the Brooks Adrenalines (GTS 8s were my favorite but those are long since retired for a new model) and the Asics GT-2100 series.

  3. I have a very serious question: what is your feeling on Center Stage? I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with the movie/stalked one of the dancers and also stole Center Stage 2 straight to video release from a Red Box (and by “stole” I mean they charged my credit card 30 dollars.)

    Hopefully our friendship is not over with the posting of this comment. I eagerly await your dancing expertise based response.

    1. Psh. Come on now. Center Stage is obviously my favorite movie. Not a fan of the second one, though.

      I work at a dance magazine. How many times a day do you think Cooper Nielsen gets quoted? Answer: A MILLION.

      Our friendship has only just begun…

  4. Brand loyal to ascics 2100 series!!! Love! Excited for you about the marathon. It really is a rewarding experience. if you are worried about injuries them my biggest suggestion is just allowing enough recovery!

  5. I used to be an asics girl and then I switch to new balance and now I’m all about the brooks! Brooks are awesome. Super light weight but still have great support.

  6. Nice gear! I am such a sucker for running stuff. I think I have more expensive running clothes/shoes than I have work clothes. I am a Brooks Adrenaline girl, too. I’ve been wearing them since the 9’s and now I’m in the 11’s. Love ’em!

  7. Asics are my go to shoes. I used to wear nikes and had horrible knee problems. When I made the switch (it was completely random) my knee pain vanished. It has been 2 years and it hasn’t returned!

  8. I feel like I’ve been all over the place with sneaker brands, but that’s nit really true. I used to only wear Nikes, but then someone told me I needed more support. I then started wearing Asics. I went to more and more built up shoes with more and more motion control. I added insoles — everything. My feet would bother me in varying degrees after runs. They always felt tired, in a weird way. For the last 7 months, I’ve been running in Newtons and I love them. I feel like I can run on and on with them.
    I found that I suffer from some plantar fasciitis in my right foot that I attribute to building too many miles too quickly. Now that my mileage has stabilized, the plantar fasciitis has been greatly relieved.
    I’m so glad you get to Run For The Rabbit. I’m running ING NYC Marathon and look forward to your blog and training to inspire me to get out there and do my training. Other than my plantar faciitis, since I got my marathon entry, I’ve worried about all sorts of illness or injury befalling me just as the marathon approaches! I’m knocking on wood fir both of us (and all the runners out there)!

  9. I’m totally brand loyal–to Asics–and have been for at least 10 years. I used to get terrible shinsplints–even tibial stress fractures–but for some reason I fared much better in Asics shoes. I can’t say the shoes made all the difference, but I found no reason to try another brand.
    Meanwhile, looking forward to details about your marathon training. JackRabbit made a great choice in picking you for the team. You’ve got the Right Stuff!

  10. I am definitely not brand loyal. I started in Asics which gave me horrible knee and shin pain, switched to Mizunos but because they updated the wave rider 13s in a weird way, I had to try another brand. Now I’m running in Newtons which I love and I’m hoping this is a brand I can stick with!

    Don’t stress too much about injury. Just really listen to your body and take rest days! You will do awesome. Congrats again!

  11. I used to run in Nike Shox until I realized running wasn’t just about the cool looking shoes/outfits (even though it really is if you ask me). I’m a loyal Asics wearer… I’m just a little nervous to stray from the brand that’s never given me any trouble! I’ll try any pair, as long as they are in that family.

  12. I have really bad feet (bunions, have broken one foot twice) and running used to be painful, but I’ve found one pair of Asics that I love! I also have orthotics that I run it, so that helps too. Can’t wait to hear about your marathon training!

  13. I’m loving this jack rabbit stuff! You are so going to rock marathon training! I had to laugh at your injury assessment…. I’m the same way. In fact I just called my parents and told them that I think I have a stress fracture in my foot. Highly unlikely since I just started really training last week. Ha 🙂

    And I’ve been wearing the same Asics since high school! Welllll not the same pair, but the same model! I’ll switch it up in the off season to see if I like another model or brand, but I keep coming back to old faithful!

  14. I’m very brand loyal to nikes. It’s what I started in and I know I can count on them to work for me now.

    BTW, I’m a new-ish reader and I think this Run for the Rabbit is soo cool. I read your story about Chron’s disease on your about page and I think you’re truly inspiring. Best of luck to you on your Marathon journey!!

  15. I’m also brand loyal to Brooks, but I had been wearing Adrenalines and just upgraded to the Trance on Friday – I also bought mine from JackRabbit! I took them for my first run this weekend and LOVED them. I tried on Asics and New Balance for fun as well, but didn’t love them and felt more confident sticking with a brand that I’ve been happy with for my last two pairs.

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