Easter Sunday

I’ve never been a big Easter person. Growing up, my family wasn’t very religious, so we did the whole Easter basket thing and the big dinner thing, but we didn’t go to church or do much beyond the Hallmarky stuff.

We did eat a lot of Cadbury Mini Eggs though.

Going home to New Hampshire wasn’t an option this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I spent Easter alone. Lauren, one of my best friends from college, invited me to spend the day with her family in Westchester.

Despite getting no sleep last night (seriously…no sleep), Lauren, her boyfriend and I were off to Bronxville around noon.

The day was filled with awesome home-cooked food, great company and pretty dogs.

It’s so nice having Lauren’s family nearby, especially since mine is so far away and I don’t see them often. Lauren’s mom treats me like family — I have to help with dishes just like everyone else! — and she’s been so sweet through all the drama of the past few months.

After the massive meal, we were ridiculously full and happy to head back to the city.

I went for a relaxing 3-mile run along the East River when we got back. I couldn’t resist the beautiful 60+ degree temperature outside. It felt fantastic to run in shorts and a tank top. No more bulky layers (for now at least).

I can’t believe the weekend is over. It went by way too fast and I’m definitely not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

I am pretty excited to be asleep within the next two hours though…

Lastly, I’ve made a few goals/plans for the week ahead. Hopefully I can stick with them:

  • Pack my lunch every day. My apartment has a decent amount of groceries in it. There’s no need to spend money going out to lunch.
  • Take at least one day off from running. I don’t even want to say when the last time I took a running rest day was. Now that I’m officially marathon training, I know I need to ease up on the amount of running I’m doing just a bit.
  • Make another running date with a friend. NYCers, let me know if you’re interested!
  • Get new running shoes. I desperately need some new sneakers. Mine are in rough shape.
  • Be more mindful of what I eat. I’ve gone a little crazy lately with celebratory drinks, sweets and crap. I will not rule those things out entirely. No way. But I have found myself eating junk food at the office that makes me feel worse, not satisfied (like chocolate Crunch bars, which I don’t even like). I just want to pay better attention to what I’m eating so that the 3 pm “my eyes are closing and I’m going to fall asleep at my desk” lull gets better, not worse.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Any goals for the upcoming week? Large or small, I want to know!



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  1. I’m a fellow East River path runner as well. I’m sure we’ve passed each other at some point! I love all your pics in the AM. Would love to meet up for a run sometime!

  2. My goal for this week is not to binge on sugar just because I can again. Seriously, haha- this weekend I’ve just been hoovering the stuff, and it’s not a good habit to get into! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed Easter with your friend and her family. Sometimes my best friend’s family feels more like family than my own relatives. There’s always room for more people to love!

    I love your weekly goals. I am trying really hard to remember that my marathon was only a month ago and I can’t overdo it. Once I start feeling normal, I tend to do too much too soon.

  4. I looooove cadbury mini eggs!!

    I am a fellow NYCer and have been following your blog for awhile. Would be fun to meet up for a run sometime! 🙂

  5. Goals for this week are to finish my outlines for finals (I’m a second year law student) and try to not take my stress about school out on the people I care about most.

    I hope you have a GREAT week!

  6. That’s so nice to be able to spend Easter with a family meal! We are not a hugely religious family either, but we get very into our traditions. My youngest sister is 18, and we still need to do an Easter egg hunt every year 🙂
    Love your little goals for the week – eating more mindfully is a big one for me right now. I’ve gotten into the habit of not really thinking before I reach for something, or eating a whole meal while distracted, and it definitely doesn’t leave me feeling good. This week I want to really try to eat intuitively, drink lots of water, and take it easy on my injured foot. Hope you have a good Monday back at work, Ali!

  7. Happy Easter! It looks like you had a great day. I know what you mean regarding the office sweets and crap food. I’ve decided to limit sweets to the weekend so I don’t get back into the same habits.

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