Thankful Things Thursday: Ali Runs With Friends

Happy Thursday!

I’m not sure why, but I’m in an excellent mood today. Perfect, considering it’s Thursday, which means is the day of the fake Ali On The Run holiday, “Thankful Things Thursday.” Onward with the positivity!

I’m thankful for many things today, including but certainly not limited to the following…

I’m thankful for wine. Yeah that’s right. That’s the first thing I’m thankful for today. It’s delicious and a glass — maybe two and a half glasses… OK, fine, three glasses — was exactly what I needed last night. It was such a nice night and after a grueling spinning class and weights session, I was happy to be at a bar with all the windows open,  surrounded by drunk happy people.

I’m thankful I actually like strength training. I feel like most people despise doing it. But I love getting in the weight room with all the cocky dudes and hauling some 15 pound dumbbells over my head. I’ve been pretty diligent about my strength training lately, and I think it’s starting to show! My arms feel toned and strong. Maybe someday I’ll post a photo of my biceps.

Probably not though.

I’m thankful for my new mattress pad. It’s really soft and my bed is amazing. Thanks, Mom. Great purchase. Though it doesn’t make getting out of bed any easier.

I’m thankful that I ran with a friend this morning. I know, I know. I’m the queen of “I only run alone,” but my friend Katie and I have been trying to get together for two years — no joke — and on Tuesday we made a running date. Thursday. 6 am. Be there.

It was awesome.

First of all, knowing Katie would be outside my door at 6 am meant I couldn’t hit snooze, even though my wine belly wanted to lay down for a little while longer.

Secondly, Katie’s an awesome runner. She’ll be running her 10th marathon this year, and her marathon PR is in the 3-hour range. She’s hardcore.

I’m apprehensive about running with other people because I worry I’ll either hold them back or I’ll go out too fast. I don’t want to mess with other peoples’ runs. I wore my Garmin so we could track our distance, and every so often I glanced down and saw that we were staying right around an 8:20 pace. Not bad considering we were chatting the entire time!

She also didn’t mind when I wanted to stop and take pretty pictures.

She’s a reader. She understands. Thanks, Katie.

I was surprised that I was actually able to talk and run. I’m excited to keep running with Katie because I know she’ll push me and I can’t wait to see if my endurance improves!

We ended up covering 6.6 miles mostly along the East River and down a few random streets to add mileage. It was the perfect way to start my day.

Well. It was mostly perfect.

I’m thankful for Starbucks. I’m not a coffee drinker. But I am a runner, and sometimes a runner needs to make a pit stop. My stomach issues kicked in full force midway through the run, and Katie was totally cool and understanding when I said, “Uh, I need to find a Starbucks.” Public restrooms are a blessing.

I’m thankful people in NYC are too busy to judge me. (At least that’s what I hope.) Like I said above, I’m in a good mood today. Good moods warrant singing. I was walking to the office this morning and didn’t even realize I was chanting “Judas-jud-ah-ah” as I walked to the beat of Lady Gaga’s new jam. My headphones were up way too loud and I had no shame singing along. Whatever. Karaoke commuting would be awesome. MTA? Care to get on board with this?

I’m thankful for my outfit. OK, that’s debatable. I think my outfit is kind of weird today, but I wanted to try mixing patterns like all the magazines are saying I should.

I paired my favorite polka dotted skirt (H&M) with my favorite patterned blouse (J.Crew). Then I threw on a belt (Ralph Lauren), naturally. I’m not sure it works together, but I’m proud of myself for trying it out.

I do know I like my shoes. No debate necessary.

These are my butt kicking shoes!

Now who wants to come give me a pedicure?

I’m thankful for yoga. I’ve been running a lot lately. I can’t wait to get my butt up in downward dog tonight. I’m not really sure how I’m going to fit it into today’s busy schedule, but I’m telling myself now that I’ll make it work. I need to be stretched.

I’m thankful for this beautiful weather today. The next few days don’t look so good, but I’m loving the sunshine and warm air today.

Not bad.

Lastly, I’m thankful I live alone. I’m planning to write a longer post on this in the future, but for now I’ll just say that I am so happy in my new apartment and love that everything that’s in there is mine. Unfortunately that includes the dirty dishes, but I can deal with that. I’m even remembering to water my cute new plant. (Though guaranteed I kill it within the next week. The poor thing will undoubtedly die of neglect.)

Alright there’s lots more I’m thankful for, but I have to get a move on.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO: Tell me what you’re pumped about today! Having a good hair day? Found a public bathroom just at the nick of time? Slept in? Pulled an all-nighter? Made a new friend? Whatever’s good, let me know.



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  1. Thankful for my two fabulous fitness classes tonight, followed by a work call that went wonderfully! Thankful for a birthday celebration at work for two-workers with good chats, good bagels & the creation of a fun fundraiser for our organization next week!

  2. I’m thankful my stress fractured foot is starting to feel almost healed! I’ve been completely pain free a few days now….I’m thinking next week I’m going to go for a short run/walk. Can’t wait!!

  3. I love this post! We are alike in sooo many ways!
    I am also thankful for wine…although I’ve been on a beer kick lately…which is weird because I usually hate beer!
    I am also thankful for strength training! I used to hate lifting weights, but now that I’ve been doing it consistently, I am loving the way I look and feel!
    I have never ran with a friend before…but I would like to try it. I feel the same way, I don’t want to hold them back or I don’t want them to hold me back. It would be nice to have the company though!
    I am also thankful for my dog. She is adorable and makes me smile a million times a day!!!

  4. Love your thankful Thursday post. I’m thankful for…..long holiday weekends off from work; positive people that I work with; sunshine; and smile/laughter from kids!

  5. I am thankful that I did my first training walk with my teammates today for the Susan G. Komen 3 day for a cure! I’ve already raised 2500 for the cause, and kind of lost my mojo about it. But now.. I am super motivated again.. on walking, helping my teammates reach their goal. and fighting breast cancer! I am a runner, so I thought the9 mile walk we did today would be tough to get through..that i would just want to run run run. but it ended up being so much fun walking, chatting, brainstorming about fundraising!

  6. I’m thankful for wine, living close enough to work to walk to the office every day, new clothes and shoes (even when I accidentally buy shoes 1/2 a size too small) and that spring FINALLY seems to be arriving in NYC.

    Also! I definitely think the outfit works! I’m obsessed with those shoes. One thing to keep in when mixing patterns is to keep the size of the patterns similar so it’s easier on the eyes. That said, I love your combo today!

  7. I’m thankful that the sun is FINALLY OUT in Chicago and I got to enjoy a glorious run along Lake Michigan before work!!! Such a great way to start the day 🙂

    PS – I agree, living alone rules! So glad you are liking it!

  8. Yay for the good things in life! (BTW, I’m one of those creepy people who reads but doesn’t comment often.) I, like you, am thankful for yoga, in addition to having a job and food and love and air and all those things that are so easy to overlook. 🙂

    Nice run today, by the way — and what a beautiful sunrise!

  9. Hooray for running with buddies! I was super thankful to run with a few of them this morning. I’d be down to meet up for some miles one morning if you’re looking for another buddy 🙂

    Always thankful for Starbucks or the random bathrooms in CP for needed pit stops, and even more thankful for immodium for preventing the pit stops in the first place. Yeah, that’s probably TMI…

  10. i am thankful for how unbelievably awesome/motivating you were before the Boston Marathon. Can you believe you are the ONLY person who was confident I would beat Kara? Shocking, I know, but thanks for that.

  11. I love your Thankful Thursday posts 🙂 It reminds me to savor the little things. This morning I was so so so thankful for my iced coffee post run (caffeine!!!!) and a sunny, cool morning in Central Park.

    p.s. Let’s be running buddies sometime soon. Maybe next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday??

  12. I’m super pumped about yesterday’s steamy temps getting replaced with something more seasonal this morning. I’m also really excited about the marathon next weekend – that will be enough to keep me going for days!

  13. 1) I did a post on things i’m thankful for right now so maybe the holiday isn’t so fake 😉 (although, I didn’t come up with the clever name)

    2) I <3 strength training. I'm a slow runner but super strong so all my runner friends who beat me in races, I can lift WAY more than them.

    3) I love running with friends and while i get nervous about my fast running buddies, they usually wont' agree to go with me if they're trying to push themselves running. they like the company like i do!

    4) i'm not a fashion expert, but they say when mixing patterns, the key to stay in the same color family and to keep one print smaller than the other. I think you did both and your outfit is cute!!

    Thanks for your blog.

  14. Happy Thankful Thursday! I so agree about people in NYC being too busy to judge. I love that. I love how I can walk down the street and do my own thing and feel like no one really cares. They are too busy 🙂

    I’m thankful today is my last day of work this week since I’m going to a wedding this weekend. I’m also thankful for vino like you…because I hate to fly and vino makes it betta!

  15. Thankful Thursdays!

    I’m thankful for …
    – it being the last work day of the week! We hardly observe any holidays over here in investment banking land, but tomorrow is off. Yay.
    – my trip to New Orleans tomorrow morning! I’ve never been and have been dying to go. I’ll be heading there with my college roommate.
    – having remembered to pack leftovers for lunch. I love you, Pio Pio.
    – my extreme Excel skills, which are not being put to use doing anything finance-y, but instead, to make a very detailed and organized packing list for the weekend.
    – having bought the Living Social NYC pilates reformer deal yesterday! I’ve never done it, but love trying new things. Five classes for $50 – excellent.

  16. I’m thankful my neighbor drove by while I running last night and picked me up. My IT band was being so cranky and running back to the house was not happening.

    I’m thankful for the little circuit workout I got in this morning. It was better than doing nothing at all.

    I’m thankful it’s Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday, and then it’s beach day Saturday! (yay!!)

  17. Great post to start my day off!

    Love the last one, this past week I was by myself at home and loved it! I’m thankful I have off of work tomorrow.

  18. I am having a good morning to day too! I was thinking that in the elevator at work then I remembeed, “oh! it’s thankful thursday!” And I ran to my desk to read your blog post. Today, I am thankful for it being my “friday” this week because I’m going home to Syracuse tomorrow for a visit!
    Also, I am totally on the same page as you with strength training. Whenever, I use my boyfriends gym in his building, I am always the only girl in the weight room. It is strangely satisfying. But I do think more ladies should get out there a lift!

  19. I will never get sick of your morning sunrise pics. Jealous, for sure, but never sick. Love. Also, if you get the MTA on board re: Karaoke commuting, I’m totally there! (I also secretly think a sing along cardio/weights class of sorts would be AWESOME….)

    This week I’m thankful for….
    -the artwork my co-workers 7 year old daughter left on my desk for me
    -time I spent with my extended family the past few days (and the cute things that 4 year olds say)
    -today being my “friday”!

  20. I had to comment and say that this blog made my day. I am thankful for YOU and your sunny, fabulous company early this morning, and your mega ego boost with this blog just now. 🙂 We’re doing it again soon. Another meeting at 6 AM shart. Excuse me, SHARP. 😉 xoxo

  21. Looks like you are off to a great day! 🙂 I wish I was as diligent with strength training… I used to do it 2x a week in college with a set routine and liked that we had set time allotted for it, but it’s hard to do on your own especially when you finish a run and just want to get back home and shower. Definitely a point of improvement, for me.

    I am thankful for great weather this morning, a delicious smoothie for breakfast today, and thankful that I think I can get out of work tonight to make it to a workout in Central Park. Hopefully the rain holds off- what a depressing forecast!

  22. LOVE your list, especially the WINE mention and the strength training – good for you!! I think weight training is so important for women, and so many women shy away from it. I love that you’re into it. Awesome!

    I’m thankful I get to go to a Core Fusion class with Fred DeVito (founder of Core Fusion) tonight, I took his class once before and it was literally life changing. Amazing experience. I cannot wait!

  23. I love living alone and I’m trying to savor it for a few more days. I am getting a roommate for the summer so it will be quite the change. :/

    I am pumped that after Monday, I will be done with the semester! Only one more to go!

  24. I am pumped for my volleyball game later today and I’m pumped I got to see your lovely face briefly at the gym yesterday. =]

  25. Living alone is the BEST. What a great run you had today, I couldn’t do that after 3 glasses of wine! Sexy shoes! And your outfit does work on you. On me, ridiculous, but on you, awesome!

    I am thankful for rest days. I am thankful for amazing people who want me to exercise without getting injured and help me get there.

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