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Last week, when Thankful Things Thursday rolled around, I wondered if people were eventually going to get tired of the “holiday.” But today’s comments blew me away! Seems as though being thankful just once a week is a hit, and I love you all for participating.

My day was further brightened when I sucked it up and went to yoga.

I kind of wasn’t in the mood to get all zenned out. My To Do list is growing by the minute, but I also knew that my limbs desperately needed a good stretch (and we all know I’m not going to do any stretching on my own time).

So off to the gym I went.

Today’s class felt fast. One second I was in downward dog, the next I was side angling, then I was chaturanga-ing until my triceps burned. I’m always surprised when I’m able to focus during yoga. My mind rarely wanders and I focus hard on all of the poses.

Maybe because I kind of suck at them.

Tonight I was definitely that girl in the room throwing everyone off during Warrior III because I was as awkward as Kate Gosselin on “Dancing With the Stars.”

I promise never to reference Kate Gosselin on the blog again. I’m sorry. It just happened.

I do not look like that when I’m in the pose.


To summarize: Yoga tonight was awesome. I even felt calm for at least two minutes afterward before the stresses of life kicked back in.

I’ve managed to make tonight productive. I went to the bank to cash some checks, I cooked dinner, I did dishes, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond (for more skirt hangers — I have too many skirts!) and I watered my little plant.

Tomorrow = big day. It’s the first day of JackRabbit’s New York City Running Show.

They’ll be announcing the six finalists in the Run For The Rabbit competition at noon. Duh, I’ll be there — let me know if you will, too!

No, I’m not nervous. I already did my part. Now it’s a waiting game. Regardless of the outcome, I can’t wait to learn all about the six finalists and the causes they’ll be raising money for. It’s an awesome opportunity!

Alright, time for a shower, some toenail painting and a lot of sleeping. This week has kicked my butt.

FINAL THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Who’s racing this weekend?! I’m running the New York Road Runners 4-mile race on Saturday. Rain is in the forecast, but it’s a short race so it should be fun regardless. Tell me if you have exciting weekend plans on the horizon!



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  1. Tip for the pedicures: get a few bottles of OPI or something else that’s decent quality. I used to treat myself to mani/pedis, but then I stocked up on a few different OPI shades, and the quality of the polish makes a HUGE difference compared to the “whatever’s cheapest at the drugstore” bottles I would pick up before. It made me start doing my nails a lot more often 🙂

  2. I always feel this way after yoga. The 90 minutes are some of my most important of the week and no matter how sore and tired I feel after, say, a long run, I always feel better recovered after yoga later that day.

    Good luck today with Jack Rabbit!

  3. Can’t wait to hear what happens with Jack Rabbit! Such an exciting opportunity!

    I’m not going to get to the running show, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting a recap from a fellow Ali 🙂

  4. I’m running the NYRR 4 miler too! I think I’ll be fine with some rain as long as it’s not cold! Other than that, lots of relaxing this weekend 🙂

  5. Good luck with the show! 🙂

    I have the same problem with yoga and meditation in that I find it hard to clear my mind of worries, or even just simple silly thoughts!

    I’m not racing this weekend but I have a half marathon next Sunday! 🙂

  6. I hope to run tomorrow (not in any race though) before the rain hits and after I go out to breakfast with my family! I’m just a newbie though….training for my first 5K. Have a great weekend….I really love reading your blog 🙂

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